TNA IMPACT 03 14 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: March 14, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package concentrating on Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan from TNA Lockdown. It shows their sit-down talk as Hogan wants to see Ray succeed. He wants to see Bully be remembered in the world of wrestling. The match begins and it is back and forth. High bumps and hard punches. Aces & 8s surround the ring. They enter the cage. Devon throws Bully the ball peen hammer and smacks Jeff in the back. He wins the title. He used Hulk. He screwed Brooke. He is the president of Aces & 8s and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

The camera shows the arena in Chicago, Illinois and the crowd is huge for an Impact zone. They are on their feet. They are cheering and clapping. We see Taz, Todd Keneley, and Mike Tenay. We will hear from Brooke tonight as well as AJ Styles. Bully is the new champion. It’s a big show. Music hits and here comes Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. They walk down the ramp as he crowd pops. They make their way to the ring as the tag team titles will be on the line. They are in the ring and Aces & 8s quickly enter the ring.

They attack the team. There is no hope for these two. The group is all over Chavo and Hernandez. Hernandez is held while the members give their own punches to the gut. They throw Chavo and Hernandez out of the ring. The group stands in the ring and raises their arms. Devon has a mic. Devon tells the Chicago fans to sit down and shut the hell up. This is the group he told us that will take over TNA. This is the club that will dominate. We aren’t going to wait anymore. Let’s have the TNA World Champion… Devon’s brother… Bully Ray! Music hits, Aces & 8s music, and here comes the champ! He has the title over his shoulder. He walks through the crowd slowly. He looks around and then continues to walk toward the squared circle. Taz stands up and hugs Ray. Ray hugs him and then walks up the steel steps. He looks around again and then gets in the ring. He hands the title to D-Lo and joins hands with Devon. Ray turns his back and a member puts the Aces & 8s jacket on Ray. He turns and they all raise their arms in unison. He grabs a mic and takes his title back.

“Do you know who I am?” He is Bully Ray. He is the president of Aces & 8s! He is also the TNA World Champion! The crowd boos him the entire time. He is the guy that used Sting. He screwed Brooke. He is the guy who made a fool out of Hulk Hogan. Some fans cheer him for those last two statements. He also made a fool out of every single one of us. For 9 months, we bought into it. They fooled us. We all bought it. Ray turns to Devon and says he is proud of him and the brothers when they climbed the cage and came into the ring at Lockdown. He is glad Devon gave him the hammer so he could drill Jeff Hardy in the back. It wasn’t supposed to go down that way though. Remember when Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff entered the cage? That was when it was supposed to happen. He was going to leave the ring. He didn’t though because of Hulk Hogan. Hulk and he sat down an hour before the match. Hogan gave Ray advice of what Andre the Giant gave to Hogan long ago. Ray could care less. Ray did something in one night that the nWo never did! Hulk, if you have the bulls… come out and fire the group. Ray says it won’t happen. He won’t fire them. The crow chants, “Hogan.” When you ride with Aces & 8s, you never walk alone. Music hits and they raise their arms again.

Sting is pacing backstage. Sting says Ray drove the sword through his heart. Ray is in the fast lane. He needs to talk to Hulk. He needs to get a hand on this. Sting throws something and then asks someone, “What are you looking at?”


Video plays showing video footage from the Knockout match from TNA Lockdown. Taryn Terrell attacked Gail Kim and it led to a Velvet Sky win.

Christy Hemme is in the ring to introduce this match. Gail Kim walks out first. As she comes to the ring, a small screen shows Gail talking from earlier today. She gives her sympathy to Brooke and then thanks her for putting Taryn on probation. Tara comes out next and Jesse is at her side. Jesse lifts her up and then let’s her down. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Mickie James comes out and gets in the ring. Velvet Sky is the last one out. She holds the Knockout Title as she enters the ring.

Gail Kim and Tara vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky

Gail and Sky start the match. Sky applies a headlock but Gail tosses her in the ropes. Gail knocks her down, but Sky gets up and does an arm drag. Gail gets in and Sky knocks her down. She drags her to the corner and tags Mickie. Both are in and do a double flip and then a double dropkick. Mickie gets Gail up and puts her in the corner. She kicks her and then climbs to start punching her face. Tara runs over, but Mickie knocks her off the apron. Mickie takes Gail out and plants her on the mat. She covers but Gail kicks out. Both get up and Gail is able to whip Mickie in the ropes. Mickie bounces off the ropes, but Tara kicks her right in the back. Mickie quickly falls in pain.


The show returns and Tara has Mickie in the ring. Tara brings Mickie to the corner and hits her shoulder in the gut. Mickie comes back as she hits Tara and Gail back and forth. Tara comes back and climbs the corner and does the tarantula. Tara brings Mickie to the center and knocks her down. She covers but Mickie kicks out. She tags Gain. She enters and they do a double suplex. Gail covers Mickie but she kicks out. Gail puts Mickie in the corner and chokes her with her foot. Gail turns and smack talks Taryn. She turns to Mickie and Mickie does a snap hurricanrana. Gail gets up and they both hit each other with a closeline. Both make their way to their corner for a tag. Sky and Tara enter and Sky knocks Tara down multiple times and then knocks Gail off the apron. Tara tries to grab Sky, but Sky spins around and hits a side Russian leg sweep. She covers but Gail breaks it up. Gail and Taryn yell at each other. Gail pushes Taryn down after a big smirk. Taryn gets up and slaps Gail in the face. Mickie flies off the top and knocks Gail down. Mickie gets up and Tara hits her with the Widow’s Peak. Mickie rolls out of the ring. Sky gets up and hits the In Yo Face to Tara. She covers and wins.

Winners: Velvet Sky and Mickie James

Video plays from earlier in the episode where Bully Ray spoke in the ring with Aces & 8s. He called out Hogan to fire them, but he never came.

The camera shows the group backstage around a table. They are all drinking and having a good time. Ray interrupts them. He says he doesn’t think Hogan has balls to fire them. The others don’t think he will, but if he does, Ray wants to thank all the people who stuck with him for 9 months. He wants to thank Aces & 8s. Ray goes on to say that he hasn’t talked to his wife in a while. He pulls out his phone and calls her. It goes to voicemail. He calls her honeybun and asks why she hasn’t called him back. He puts the phone on speaker so all of the guys can say, “Hello.” They all laugh. Ray tells her to call him back. He hangs up and they cling their beer bottles.


Hulk Hogan is backstage. The cameraman walks up to him and asks if he will fire Aces & 8s. He doesn’t answer. The camera guy asks him about Brooke. He says, “Not now.” He closes the door to his office.

Robbie E’s music plays and he makes his way down the ramp with a cocky smile on his face. As he gets in the ring, video footage from 2 weeks ago when Robbie T turned on Mr. E. Music hits and here comes Rob Terry! Mr. T marches down the ramp and into the ring.

Robbie gets out of the ring and grabs a mic. He tells him to wait a second. Bro, what happened at Lockdown was a fluke. What happens tonight, OH… Rob will not be so lucky.

Robbie E vs. Rob Terry

Robbie gets right in and punches Terry in the gut and chest. He then bounces off the ropes and comes to Terry, but Terry pushes him right down. He gets him up, whips him in the ropes and tosses him in the air. Robbie falls right on his chest and face. Terry gets him up and puts him in the corner. He attacks him and then lifts hi up. He drops him right down in a suplex. Rob gets him up, puts him in the position for a spine buster and then slams him down. He pins and wins. Music plays and let the dancing begin. Rob starts pumping up and then flexes. He does a reverse summersault and then a one arm push-up.

Winner: Rob Terry

Sting is walking backstage. He comes to a door and knocks softly. He slowly opens and it shows Hulk Hogan on the toilet….NO! It shows him sitting at his desk reading papers. Both of them stare directly at each other. Hogan does a deep sigh.


Aces & 8s are backstage. They have a huge amount of TNA merchandise. Ray starts yelling as he asks where the Aces & 8s merchandise is. They stands didn’t have any. Ray is mad. They should be selling it. Ray hands a book to D.O.C and tells him to open a page up and that is the person that will pay for this. He opens a book that has the full roster on it and Ray’s eyes light up. OHHHH! They show the other members and they get excited. Have fun!

Sting is in the face of Hulk and says they need to talk. Hulk asks him why. Hulk has one breath in his body. Now what? Hulk throws his crutches into the window. Sting wanted Ray around the entire time. He said he was a good guy. Hogan now is in a corner. His daughter is ruined. Sting tells Hogan not to fire Aces & 8s. Don’t fire Bully Ray. Sting tells him to trust him. Hogan says no. He said the same thing, “Trust me,” months ago and he listened. No more. TNA is run by a group and his daughter got screwed. He is finished with Sting. Don’t talk anymore and get out of the office. He tells Sting that he is disgusted with him. Sting and Hulk stare at each other. Sting turns and slowly leaves.

Taz, Todd Keneley, and Mike Tenay are shown. They talk about the recent segment and then bring up AJ Styles. A video plays showing AJ on video last week. It then goes on to him being in the company for 10 years. He had a rough year. We haven’t seen him in months. His wife doesn’t know where he is at. Is he drinking or doing drugs? His friend doesn’t know who he is. AJ finally returns to his house and sees the TNA cameras. He quickly zooms away on his motorcycle. AJ Styles returns next!


Impact Wrestling returns and we see camera angles in the city of Chicago. What a beautiful city!

Sting is walking backstage and he meets up with Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. They are excited to see him. They say the guys are talking about it. They tell Sting that people told him in the past that Ray wasn’t good. He didn’t listen. Sting is the reason why Aces & 8s have control. Sting is the reason why Roode and Aries can’t fight. Aces beat up Hernandez and Chavo. Roode and Aries were going to give Hogan and Sting a title shot. Sting says, “ENOUGH!” He says he is tired of talking and wants to fight. Roode slowly walks backwards away from the scene. Austin says Roode can take Sting any day of the week. Austin turns to confirm but Roode isn’t there. He turns to Sting and Sting brings his hand up and pokes Austin’s forehead.

Christy Hemme is in the ring. She introduces the return of AJ Styles. The crowd does a huge pop. His music hits but he does a no show. Daniels and Kazarian’s music plays and they come out. They are dressed up like Road Warriors. They get in the ring and taunt. Kazarian grabs a mic. He says this isn’t just the first live Impact on the road and it isn’t the first time AJ disappointed the fans. Daniels and Kazarian are bringing back Throwback Thursday! Since they are in Chicago, they are going to honor the second best tag team in wrestling history. Kazarian does his best Warrior force. Daniels gets the mic and does his Warrior force. He says the Warriors are fake stuff like AJ Styles and like the crowd. Daniels and Kazarian are the real leaders and the legion of boom! Oh….what a tush! Music hits and here comes James Storm. He enters the ring and grabs a mic. They exit the ring. They mock AJ and the Warriors and AJ can come out to fight back. Warriors, however, are bigger and more over than Daniels and Kazarian will ever be. They aren’t even from Chicago. He asks them who wants to get beat up? Kazarian drops off the apron and Storm swings Daniels in the ring as he lands right on his back.

Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm

Storm has control for the beginning as he took Daniels off guard. Storm turns around as Kazarian stands on the apron. Storm turns back and Daniels runs. Daniels hits Kazarian off the apron by mistake. Storm does a roll-up, but Daniels kicks out. Both get up and Daniels comes back. He sends Storm in the corner and attacks him with punches and kicks. He takes Storm down and then wraps his arms around Storm’s gut. He let’s go and keeps Storm on the mat. Daniels jumps up and plants his knee into Storm. He chokes James. Storm slowly gets up. He fights back. They go back and forth, but Storm continues to come back. He whips Daniels in the ropes and then does an atomic drop. He knocks him down and then picks Daniels up as he stands. He goes for the Eye of the Storm, but Daniels slides away. He lifts Storm up with one arm and drops him down. He goes for the DME, but Storm moves out of the way. Storm hits the double knee head breaker. Storm goes for the Superkick, but he turns and knocks Kazarian off the apron. Daniels runs over, but Storm comes back with a double knee backbreaker. He covers and wins.

Winner: James Storm

Kazarian enters the ring and starts attacking Storm. Daniels gets up and they both stomp on him. All of a sudden, AJ Styles walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring. Kazarian stands and AJ punches him. Kaz falls right down. Daniels gets out of the ring while Kaz rolls out. AJ looks on. Storm gets up and goes behind AJ. AJ turns and closelines Storm down. AJ turns and exits the ring.

Video plays recapping the Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle Steel Cage Match at Lockdown. It was a big, hard-fought battle. Big bumps, but Aces & 8s get involved and Wes escapes.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. He is determined. Wes pops up behind him. He calls Angle out. Angle turns. Wes tells him, “Let’s go.” Kurt starts walking toward him. Aces & 8s come from behind and knock Kurt down. They stomp and tear him apart. Kurt is on his hands and knees. He receives one more kick and Kurt rolls over. They leave him there.


A graphic shows upcoming Road to Slammiversary shows for the next month.

Video plays that just aired moments ago when AJ Styles returned.

Music plays and here comes Joseph Parks! The crowd cheers and he is honored. He makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and looks around at the fans. He says it is an honor to be standing in front of all of them tonight. It’s no secret that he has had a wild couple of weeks. He won at the United Kingdom, getting his first W, and then won at Lockdown. He recently took a look at his life and where things rank. The first thing is graduating law school at the top of his class. The next thing is being part of Park, Park, and Park. He says hello to his coworkers way up in peanut heaven. He doesn’t have much power yet to have them sit at ringside. He then talks about being part of Chicago. One thing strikes a nerve with the crowd but he makes it up to them by mentioning Chicago Blackhawks. He says this moment right her is one of his favorites. Matt Morgan’s music plays and he comes down the ramp. He gets in the ring as he ruins Park’s promo. Matt has a mic and brings Hogan up. He laughs at Hogan for making mistake after mistake. He made the mistake of trusting Bully Ray. One of the biggest mistakes he made was signing Joseph Parks. It is one of the worst things he has done in the sport of wrestling. Look at Parks! Matt says he will be eliminating Hogan’s mistakes. The first one is Parks. If Parks doesn’t want his teeth knocked down his throat, he should leave Matt’s ring now. Parks looks around and then turns to exit. Matt backs up. Parks slowly goes through the ropes, but Matt says he is a fat boy and he should leave this dump city Chicago forever. Parks turns back. He grabs his mic. He says Chicago never backs down from a fight. The crowd is behind him. Matt stars to smile. He wonders if he is serious. Parks takes off his jacket. Matt says he doesn’t do things on Park’s time. He does things on his own time. Matt turns away and goes to leave. Parks turns too. Matt turns back and stalks Parks. Joseph turns and Matt gives him a big boot. Matt grabs a mic and says his time is next week. He slams it on Parks’ chest.


Aces & 8s are back at their table. Bully Ray says he feels good about taking out the Olympic Gold Medalist. He turns to the camera and asks if Hogan will fire them. Just look… they destroyed Chavo and Hernandez and now Kurt Angle. Does he have the balls? They can destroy the show. In fact, let’s do this. Ray tells them to get up.

A video package airs recapping Bully Ray’s turn on Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan. He joins Aces & 8s as he is the president of the group. Brooke freaks out about this. She doesn’t want to be there anymore. Where is her dad? She can’t believe Ray did this. She can’t trust anyone. They loved each other.

Music plays and here comes Austin Aries. The TNA Tag Title is around his waist. He is joined with Bobby Roode. Roode comes with the title around his waist too. They get in the ring and taunt. They show off their shirts that say, “Dirty heels.” Sting’s music plays and the crowd roars. He looks around. WOOO! He gets in the ring.

Austin Aries vs. Sting

They move around the ring. They lock-up and Sting pushes Aries in the corner. Sting let’s go but Aries pushes him back. Sting pushes back. Aries climbs the corner and sits on top. He comes off and they move around again. They lock-up. Aries goes behind him and then applies a headlock. He drops down and takes the legs out from under Sting. He circles around Sting’s back. Aries gets up and lays across the top rope. Sting stands and stares at him. They move around the ring again. They go to lock-up but Aries kicks him in the gut. He applies a headlock. Sting picks him up and puts Aries on the top rope. He let’s go and Aries taunts while lying across. Sting smacks Aries’ gut and then pounds on his back and then kicks Aries in the gut. Austin flings up and goes to the outside. Roode gets on him and then calls a “Time out.” Aries gets back in the ring. They meet and Sting takes control. Sting has Austin down. He exits the ring and attacks Roode. He whips Roode in the steel guard rail. Sting runs, flies and hits the Stinger Splash. Roode comes forward holding his back. Aries is on the top rope and jumps. Sting moves and Aries lands right on Roode. Sting grabs Aries and whips him hard into the steel guard rail. It moves from the momentum. Austin is down. Sting gets on the apron and raises his arms. The fans are going crazy. Sting gets down and goes after Aries.


Sting is taking to Aries with multiple punches to the head. Aries falls each time. Sting focuses on Roode as he talks to him from the ring. Aries gets up and hits Sting from behind. Aries gets Sting up and punches him in the face. Sting comes back and tosses Aries out of the ring. Roode gets on the apron. Sting turns and goes afar him but Roode ducks. Roode gets on the ramp. The referee goes to Roode and sends him to the back. Roode is furious but he has to go. Sting was going to go to the ramp, but stops midway out. Aries gets in and kicks the rope into Sting’s crotch. He takes Sting down and takes him out of the ring. Aries hits a great suicide dive on Sting. He brings him back in and covers. Sting kicks out. Aries chokes Sting with his knee. He gets up. Sting stands also and goes to the corner. Aries goes toward him and punches him. He does a snapmare and then climbs to the second turnbuckle. He does a missile dropkick to the back of Sting. He covers but Sting kicks out. Austin continues with kicks and shots. He covers again. Sting kicks out. Sting gets up and Aries punches him in the face. Sting goes in the corner. Aries continues with the punches. Sting fights back with chops. They go back and forth. Sting comes back full force. Aries backs up and then does a dropkick to Sting’s knee. Sting falls. Austin now works on the knee. He lifts the leg up and smashes the knee into the mat. He covers Sting but he kicks out. Sting stands and Aries claps the hands to hurt the eardrums. Sting does the same thing. Sting whips him in the ropes. Sting goes for a dropkick but Aries holds onto the ropes. Sting falls on his back. Aries goes for the Scorpion Death Lock, but he can’t figure it out. Sting pushes him back with his legs. Sting stands and knocks him down with multiple closelines. He goes for the Death Lock, but Aries slides away. He then chokes Sting on the top rope as he slide to the apron. Aries climbs the corner. He does a missile dropkick as Sting gets up. Sting gets right back up. Aries mocks Sting with those famous chest bangs and the WOO! Aries turns and Sting is right there. Sting knocks him down. Sting puts Aries in the corner, but Aries changes it around. Aries does the running dropkick in the corner. He does a Stinger Splash and then goes for the Brainbuster, but Sting slides out and hits the Scorpion Death Drop. Aries slowly gets up and Sting puts him in the corner. Sting does the Stinger Splash. He knocks him down and goes for the Scorpion Death Lock. Here comes Aces & 8s!

They run out and attack Sting and Aries. Aries quickly is gone as they focus on Sting. They hold him up as Ray has a mic. He tells Sting that he used him. He asks Hogan if he is going to fire them? Do you remember him now, Hulk? Where is everyone’s hero? They stand in the ring and wait.


Aces & 8s are still in the ring. Ray is on the mic. He wanted memorable… he got memorable! Where is the hero? Well, here he is! Hulk Hogan’s music plays. Here comes Hulkster! He comes out on crutches. He stands on the stage and looks around. Aces & 8s all look at him. Hulk has a mic in his hand. “You know something, brother?” Firing Ray will be too easy. It will be the easy way out. Ray did too much to his family and Sting. Every dog has his day. It may not be today or tomorrow but he will have his day. Hulk is powering every woman and man in the back to join and fight against Ray and his team. They will take them out once and for all!

Jeff Hardy’s music plays. Here comes the TNA roster! Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Parks, Magnus, Hernandez, and Jeff Hardy come out. They all attack the group. The group slowly comes back. They knock Kurt out of the ring. Ray attacks Kurt on the outside while Wes comes to help at the last second. Aces & 8s slowly beat up Parks and Hernandez. They take down Jeff and Joe. Magnus is down on the mat too. The group is too tough. TNA needs more help. They still attack each member. Ken Anderson goes after Kurt as he came back in the ring. Chavo fights Wes but members come and attack Chavo. Joe is fighting back now. Kurt is too. Hernandez fights back but the members take care of them. Ray hits Kurt in the head with a microphone. He goes down. Ray gets on the mic and asks his dad if this is memorable. How about his for memorable you old b@stard! Ray attacks Kurt and other members with his long steel chain. He swings it to Kurt’s back and to Magnus’ head. Ray gets out of the ring and stands on the ramp. Hogan’s cavalry got knocked down by Aces & 8s. They are destroyed. Now what is Hulk going to do. “Now what are you going to do, dad?” The show fades.