TNA IMPACT 04 18 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Date: April 18, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts out with a little picture of Boston with a little sympathy comment in regards to the tragedy in the city from this past Monday. They are in our prayers.

A video package shows the whole storyline with AJ Styles and how he can’t decide which side he is on. He will face James Storm this week. The video goes to the Tag Team Title match from last week. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez won. Who will fight them next? It switches to Joseph Parks and Devon. Parks has the papers where Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan can have a divorce. Devon rips the papers up and then attacks Parks. The video finally switches to the Full Metal Mayhem match. Bully wins and keeps the title against Jeff Hardy.

The camera shows the audience and then Taz, Todd Keneley, and Mike Tenay. They talk about this week and then focus on Aces & 8s and how they can’t be stopped. Bully Ray won the match last week. Jeff Hardy was taken out on a stretcher. A video package of the final moments plays. It then shows Hulk Hogan backstage saying he is so, so sorry. Jeff is taken in an ambulance. It drives away.

Aces & 8s are backstage. Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff, and Devon are together. Devon asks Garett and Wes if they know what is at stake. He asks if they have this. Wes’ shows his cocky side and says he already beat Kurt once. Now it’s two of them. Devon tells them that they shouldn’t take Kurt easily. They need to get the job done. Get it down the Aces & 8s way. Devon is firm about it. There’s no messing around.

Music plays and here comes Aces & 8s. Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces this first match. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff come through the crowd slowly. The crowd boos. As they get in the ring, a video package plays showing how all of this happened. Kurt Angle was attacked backstage by the Aces & 8s. He wants them. He brings Garett and Wes in to help him. He was their mentor. He wanted to make them big. Aces kept attacking Kurt though. It was revealed that Wes and Garett were part of the faction. They attacked Kurt. Kurt can’t trust them anymore. Do not mess with Kurt. He challenges Wes and Garett 2 on 1. He will show why he is the best SOB in wrestling.

Kurt Angle’s music plays. Kurt comes out through the curtain and the crowd pops. Kurt walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff vs. Kurt Angle

The match starts with Wes in the ring and Garett on the apron. Kurt is on the opposite side of the ring. They move around and then lock-up. Kurt goes behind Wes and hits him in the back. Wes walks to the corner. Kurt kicks him in the gut and then chokes him with his foot as Wes slides down in the corner. Kurt brings him out and starts punching him. He puts him back in the corner as Wes goes face first into the top turnbuckle. Kurt whips Wes in the opposite corner. He falls from the hard whip. Kurt turns and attacks Garett. Kurt goes to Wes and kicks him in the gut. He then gives him a snap suplex. Kurt brings him up and puts Wes in his own corner. Garett tags. That is what Kurt wants. Garett runs to Kurt, but he does a hiptoss. Kurt then punches Garett in the face as he gets up. Kurt puts him in the corner and does a chop on the chest and then punches him. He kicks him and Garett slides down in the corner. Kurt whips Garett in the ropes and elbows him in the face as he comes back. Wes gets in and Kurt takes him right down. Wes gets up and Kurt tosses him out of the ring.


Kurt punches Garett in the corner multiple times. Kurt backs up and Wes crawls up behind him and does a low blow. Kurt falls instantly. Wes slides out. Garett comes out of the corner and starts stomping on Kurt. He brings him up to his feet and punches him. Kurt goes in the corner. Garett brings his shoulder into Kurt’s gut. He takes him out of the corner and continues the attack. He does a suplex and covers. Kurt kicks out. He tags Wes. He comes in and double whip Kurt in the corner. Garett whips Wes into Kurt. Kurt comes out and they knock him down. Wes covers but Kurt kicks out. Wes brings Kurt in the corner. He punches him in the face multiple times and then closelines him in the corner. He brings Kurt down and covers. Kurt kicks out. Wes applies a headlock. Kurt gets to his feet, lifts Wes up, and does a back suplex. Both are down on the mat. Kurt goes to the ropes and gets up. Wes tags Garett. He runs but Kurt closelines him. Wes runs to him too, but Kurt knocks him down. He puts both of them in the corner. Kurt runs to them, but Wes kicks him in the face. He runs out but Kurt does a belly to belly suplex. He then does an Angle Slam to Garett! He gets up and does 2 german suplexes to Wes. Wes grabs onto Garett. Kurt does a german suplex to both men!!! He covers Garett but Wes breaks it up. Kurt tosses Wes into the steel post shoulder first. Kurt applies the Ankle Lock. Aces & 8s members run out. Mr. Anderson and D-Lo. They distract the referee while Garett grabs the chain from a member. He hits Kurt in the back of the head with it. Garett covers and wins.

Winners: Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco

The members enter the ring. They celebrate. Garett and Wes get Kurt up. Wes has Kurt on his shoulders and powerbombs him down with the help of Garett. Mr. Anderson grabs a mic and says this is how things are going to go. Sting, who has been with Hulk for awhile, is now gone. Jeff Hardy is taken out of action. Now our Olympic Gold Medalist is beaten. You better be wearing aces & 8s gear tonight. Oh yeah, AJ Styles… we are rooting for you tonight. Aces’ music hits and they celebrate again.

Petey Williams is backstage talking about the X-Division Match. He says you have to scout two people now in the match. He should take out one real fast and then the other. He hopes no one is scouting him. Just watch for the Canadian Destroyer. Zema Ion is shown and he says he likes how he doesn’t have to be pinned to get out of the new system but he can be pinned and lose the title.


Music hits and here comes Zema Ion! He comes down the ramp with his cocky attitude and hairspray. As he comes to the ring, they hype the One Night Only X-Division PPV. Petey Williams now comes out. He gets in the ring. Footage plays from “Last Thursday” on how he is part of this match. Actually, that match did not happen last week. Kenny King comes out with the X-Division Title around his waist. He shows his cocky side too.

Zema Ion vs. Petey Williams vs. Kenny King (Champ) for the X-Division Title

King goes right after Ion and Petey. He knocks Ion out of the ring quickly with a closeline. He goes after Petey now. He tosses him in the ropes, but Petey trips him up. King lands on the middle rope. Petey does a dropkick to King’s back choking him on the ropes. Ion is on the top rope and flies. He lands right on Petey. Both are in the ring battling it out, but Ion is tossed out again. Petey does the Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere on King. He covers but Ion breaks the count. He goes after Petey now. Both of them battle. Petey is put on the top rope. Ion goes to him, but Petey does a hurricanrona. He covers but Ion kicks out. Both get up and Ion does a neckbreaker. He covers but Ion kicks out. Ion stomps on Petey and then puts him in the corner. He shoulders Petey in the gut. He takes him out and then takes Petey down and has a variation of the half boston crab. Petey crawls to the ropes to break it. Ion stomps on Petey again. He lifts him up but Petey lands on his feet. They punch back and forth. Petey runs into the ropes. Ion does a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Petey lands on his feet and does a side leg sweep. He covers but Ion kicks out. Petey motions for the Canadian Destroyer but Ion does a chinbreaker. Petey goes into the ropes. Ion moves and Petey does a suicide drive on Kenny on the outside. Ion goes for the same but Petey lands on the apron and shoulders Ion in the gut. He takes him out. Petey does a hurricanrona on King on the outside. He gets in the ring again. He goes to Ion who is on the apron. Ion chokes Petey on the top rope and then does a tornado DDT. He covers but Petey kicks out. Ion goes for a moonsault from the top rope, but Petey brings his knees up. He goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Ion counters with a pin. Petey gets out of it and applies a sharpshooter. King gets in and does a dropkick to Petey. Petey flies into the ropes. He leans on it and King pins Ion. He gets the win.

Winner and Still X-Division Champ: Kenny King

A recap of the match plays.

Magnus is shown backstage. The cameraman walks up to him saying that he has a big night with Devon for the Television Title. Magnus says there is a lot of history. He finds it funny that Aces & 8s say they are going to take out everyone. The only thing that will be taken is the Television Title. Magnus has been waiting for the title for 5 months. Magnus walks away.


Brooke Hogan is backstage with Christy Hemme. They are talking about the new Knockout website. The knockouts will have a new site with new pictures as well as merchandise. Brooke says the site looks great. She then calls Ms. Tessmacher and Mickie James into the room. Christy leaves. She says it should be a great match and she doesn’t even know who will win and face for the Knocout Title. Mickie and Tessmacher are friends and hope the best person wins. No hard feelings. They compliment each other’s look. Mickie leaves. Tessmacher then tells Brooke that she is here for her. Brooke says Bully is a jerk. Tessmacher tells Brooke that she is here for her if she needs anything.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. Aces & 8s music plays and Devon walks through the crowd. He has the Television Title. He gets in the ring. Magnus’ music plays and he walks through the curtain. Doc comes from the side and attacks Magnus. Magnus fights back. He does a big boot and it knocks Doc down. He turns and Knux is there. He spears Knux and punches him in the face. Doc comes back over and attacks Magnus. Devon runs up the ramp and fights him. Doc and Knux hold Magnus. Devon has the chain wrapped around his hand. He punches Magnus in the gut. Doc and Knux do a double chokeslam to Magnus on the ramp. They hover over him. Samoa Joe runs out. Aces back up. Joe wants to fight. They walk backwards. Joe checks on Magnus and then stares directly at Aces. Officials come out and check on Magnus.


Video plays showing the Aces attack on Magnus moments ago. Joe came out to save the day.

Samoa Joe is backstage. He is furious. He yells, “Cowards!” That is what they are. They are chumps. They aren’t champions. They put the title on the line and don’t even go through with it. He told the powers at be and they granted it. Joe is coming to collect. Devon, see you in the ring.

A video promo plays about AJ Styles. He has been here for 10 years. He is at his greatest when his back is against the wall. He hasn’t had a spectacular year though. His family doesn’t know about him anymore. AJ is hiding from anyone. He is a man of few words. Aces wants him. Hulk wants him but he wants the right AJ. Bad Influence also wants him. AJ says nothing. He fights James Storm tonight.

Two weeks ago, Velvet Sky was injured in her match. It is her knee. A video shows her backstage talking about her leg. She says she feels unstable. The knee feels numb. It feels like it is going to blow up. It feels dead.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. Ms. Tessmacher comes out and gets off the stage. She goes around the ring and then on the apron. She gets in. ODB is seen as she is the referee. Mickie James’ music hits and here comes the country girl. She comes down the ramp and gets in the ring.


Ms. Tessmacher vs. Mickie James in a #1 Contenders Match for the Knockouts Title

They lock-up and Tessmacher takes Mickie straight back to the corner. Tessmacher moves back to break it up. They lock-up again. Mickie puts Tessmacher in the corner now. Mickie moves back now. They are even. They lock-up again. They want to put each other in the corner but Mickie does a little toss. The lock-up is still in affect. They get up and Tessmacher does a whip. The lock-up is still in. Mickie does a bridge and then grabs the ropes. The lock is released. They get up and start pulling ODB. ODB backs up and wants them to fight. There is a quick roll-up but it is broken. They get up and Mickie grabs Tessmacher’s arm. She works on it and then takes an armlock takedown. Tessmacher gets out of the ring. Mickie starts to talk to ODB. Mickie then gets out and locks-up with Tessmacher again. ODB gets out and tells them to break it up and get in the ring. They slowly break it and slowly slide in. They start punching back and forth. Mickie whips Tessmacher in the corner. Mickie runs but Tessmacher moves. She climbs it and then does a face buster right to Mickie. She covers but Mickie kicks out. Mickie gets up in the corner. Tessmacher runs and smashes Mickie. Mickie slides down. Tessmacher does the stink face till the 4 count. Tessmacher goes back to Mikie and flings her out of the corner. Mickie lands on the mat back first. Tessmacher covers but Mickie kicks out. She does it again but it has the same result. Both get up. Tessmacher takes Mickie to the turnbuckle face first but Mickie blocks and takes Tessmacher in the corner and then the opposing corner. She then hits the flapjack. Mickie gets on the top rope and flies. She lands right on Tessmacher. She covers but Tessmacher kicks out. ODB tells Mickie to stop. Mickie gets up and questions her calling. Mickie turns and Tessmacher runs to her. They do a double closeline. Both are down and ODB counts. Both get on their knees. They start slamming each other’s face into the mat. Both get up. Tessmacher twists Mickie’s arm, but Mickie rams Tessmacher face first into the middle turnbuckle. Mickie goes for the DDT but Tessmacher reverses it and goes for a cover but Tessmacher counters the counter and covers Tessmacher. She gets the win.

Winner: Mickie James

AJ Styles is backstage. He is warming up for his match. He turns and sees Daniels and Kazarian. AJ turns and walks away. Bad Influence walks behind him. They turn to the camera and says they just seen it. The 3 best friends are back together. Both start signing as they walk away.

Joseph Parks is in the restroom. He is on the phone talking to the right people about Brooke and Bully. Devon comes around the corner as Parks turns around. Devon takes his phone and tells him to stay out of the family business. Parks says he is with Brooke and wants to help her. Ray attacks Parks from behind right to the head. He falls down. Devon wraps the chain around Parks’ neck. Ray tells Parks one last time that he better stay out of family business. This is Brooke’s husband talking here! Devon gets him up and slams him against the shower wall. He falls. Devon turns on the shower. Ray and Devon start asking if Parks is going to cry. Go cry you baby! They laugh and walk away as Parks holds his head in pain with water ruining his suit.


Mickie James is backstage. She says it feels good to be #1 Contender again. She thinks people forgot what she is all about in this business. She is going to show what she really is capable of. She feels bad for Velvet Sky. She knows what the pain feels like. Mickie feels like she been pushed to the side for the past year. It’s about time she is getting recognized.

James Storm is backstage. The cameraman asks him about AJ Styles. James says it has been a month since this has been going on. He hopes to knock some sense into him with The Last Call Superkick. Hopefully AJ will come around.

Video plays showing the winning moments of Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez last week. They won the TNA Tag Team Titles.

Music hits and here comes Bad Influence! They start dancing down the ramp to the hip style music. They get in the ring and slap their hands. They taunt and then strut. Daniels grabs a mic. The year of Bad Influence continues! It is great to be them. The fans love them. They have sweet new shirts available on ShopTNA. Great news! The Bad Influence movie is in production. Morgan Freeman is being discussed to play Dixie Carter! They are real close to convince AJ Styles to join the band and be with them one more time. Kaz grabs the mic and says they have AJ’s shirt ready. It is black and yellow like Rocky Balboa. Kaz moves onto Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. As soon as they have the eggs to give them the title shots… they will win them. Everyone has permission to worship them. Music hits and here comes Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Roode has a mic. He calls them dumb and dumber. They continue down the ramp and into the ring. Roode says that they must have not gotten the email, tweet, or text. They aren’t the contenders. Chavo and Hernandez cheated last week and they get a rematch. Daniels gets on the mic and says Roode’s opinion would be great if he wasn’t Canadian. Austin says he makes up 2/3 so it equals up. Kaz brings up Aries and how he is a vegan. Kaz eats animals. Dirty meat! They start yelling back and forth. They mention each other’s tights and how they match. They start cursing at each other. Daniels and Kaz start to back up as they say they are done. Really, Chavo and Hernandez come out and into the ring. Daniels and Kaz leave. Roode and Austin turn around and Chavo attacks Aries and Hernandez attacks Roode. They toss them out of the ring. Chavo says they are better because they have the TNA Tag Titles.


A video package plays showcasing people’s reactions towards Aces. Kenny King is shown talking about Aces and how they cheat to win. They don’t have respect. Gail Kim is also shown. She doesn’t like what she is seeing. It’s heartbreaking. Next is Roode. He says it is a dangerous situation. It is sad. Aces could be in control of the whole company. Hardy is out. It’s scary.

Video plays from earlier tonight where Aces attacked Kurt after his match as well as Magnus before his match.

Magnus is backstage. He says there are tons of mistakes involving Hogan recently. First is him not naming Morgan as the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. Next is having Bully marry Brooke. Third is Sting defriending Hogan and the fourth is naming Hardy and having him taken out. It could have all been avoided.

Aces’ music hits and here comes Devon out to the ring. He comes through the crowd. Samoa Joe’s music plays and he gets right in the ring.

Devon (Champ) vs. Samoa Joe for the Television Title

Devon attacks Joe from behind and puts him in the corner. He walks around the ring and goes back to Joe. Joe puts Devon in the corner and punches him multiple times. He then whips him in the ropes and kicks him down. He gets him up and then does a snapmare. He slaps Devon’s back, kicks his chest and then keeps him down for a pin. Devon kick sout. Joe goes for the Rear Naked Chokehold, but Devon slides out of it. He puts Joe on the bottom rope and chokes him. He gets Joe up but Joe punches back. Devon rakes the eyes of Joe. He has him in the corner. He starts kicking the chest. He does a snapmare and then drops down on Joe. He does a snapmare and applies a headlock. Joe gets to his feet and elbows his way out of it. He punches Devon and then whips him in the corner. He smashes him and then hits the enzuigiri. He takes Devon up to the top rope. He turns and Wes and Garett are out there. Joe turns and knocks Garett down while he misses Wes. Joe goes to Devon for the Muscle Buster. The referee is distracted with Wes and Garett. Mr. Anderson enters and hits Joe with the brass knuckles. Joe falls quickly. Devon covers and gets the win. Aces enter the ring and celebrate.

Winner and Still Television Champ: Devon

Devon holds Joe from behind. Mr. Anderson has the knuckles. He sets it up and punches him right in the face. Joe screams in pain. He starts rolling all over the ring holding his face. He is hurting. Aces’ music plays again.

AJ Styles is shown walking backstage. It switches to James Storm as he is walking too.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the stars for this match. James Storm’s music plays and he comes out. He gets in the ring and climbs the corner. After, AJ Styles’ music plays and he walks out. He has his tights on but comes with a black leather jacket with a hood. He walks slowly down the ramp.

AJ walks backwards but Storm is not going to have him leave. He meets with him on the ramp. They starts to fight. Storm goes for a power bomb or Eye of the Storm, but AJ slides out and turns around and nails James in the face. James stumbles and then does a huge punch to the face. AJ falls through the ring. Storm gets in.

James Storm vs. AJ Styles

They start to fight back and forth. AJ goes into the ropes. He ducks the first time but Storm hits him the second. Storm goes on top and punches him. He brings AJ up, but AJ turns it around. He closelines Storm down a few times. Storm is slow to get up. AJ walks over to him.


AJ has Storm in the corner and gives him a huge punch to the body. He takes him out and gives him a huge suplex. He stands and kicks Storm in the gut. AJ applies a chin lock from behind. Storm gets up and punches his way out of it. AJ punches back. They start going back and forth. AJ whips Storm in the ropes but Storm knocks him down. AJ Stands and Storm does an atomic drop and then a back body drop. AJ gets up holding his back. Storm lifts him and then spins him to plant him face first into the mat. He covers but AJ kicks out. Storm gets AJ up and puts him in the corner. He does a knife edge chop. Storm lifts AJ up to the top. Storm starts punching him in the face. AJ almost falls off. Storm climbs the corner. He sets up a superplex. AJ is fighting his way out of it. He slides through Storm and then hangs Storm upside down in the corner. He runs and does a dropkick to the gut. He covers. Storm kicks out. Bad Influence walks out and stays on the ramp. AJ sees this. He grabs Storm, but Storm goes behind AJ and does a double knee backbreaker. AJ bounces up and lands on the ropes. Storm does a closeline. Both go over.

Storm gets up and breaks the count. He gets AJ up but AJ rams Storm back first into the apron and then steel guard rail. He rolls Storm back in. AJ gets in and waits. He goes for a big boot when Storm stands, but James side steps and does a double knee face breaker. Storm gets ready. AJ stands and Storm goes for the Last Call Superkick, but AJ grabs the leg. He slides around Storm, strips him up and applies a new submission to trap Storm’s leg/knee. Storm taps out.

Winner: AJ Styles

Bad Influence is thrilled. They enter the ring. They raise AJ’s hand. AJ cracks a smile but then closelines Kazarian and hits the pele on Daniels. AJ turns and Storm slowly stands up. They stare at each other. Storm starts walking towards him but AJ always away. He gets out of the ring as Aces & 8s enter. They attack Storm from behind. They start attacking Daniels and Kazarian too. AJ leaves the area. They finish the attack and Bully Ray grabs a mic. He asks the fans if they know who he is. Do you know who we are? They are Ace & 8s. They are the main responsible for destroying all of their heros. He is the man responsible for taking out Jeff Hardy. His brothers are responsible for taking out the three trash stars that are in the ring. The fans don’t have any heroes left. Look around. They are all victims. One man is there to blame. You can blame this on Hulk Hogan! Hulk Hogan is the reason why all of our heroes are victims. Ray asks Taz and Taz agrees. Next week, live on Impact, Ray is calling out Hulk Hogan. He wants to look dead into Hulk’s eye. He wants to look dead into his soul. He will tell him that he is the reason why all of our heroes are victims. When you are with Aces, you never walk alone. Ray stomps on Storm. Their music hits and Aces raise their arms. The group has never been more dominant. The show fades.