TNA IMPACT 04 25 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Indiana, PA
Date: April 25, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

James Storm comes out to the ring as we see clips of AJ Styles beating him last week, and he says that he wanted to fight AJ and he brought the fight. Storm spots AJ in the crowd and says that his new finishing move hurt like hell and AJ was the better man last week, but he’s not going to cry over spilled milk because he’s a beer drinker. Storm says he’d rather deal with the Aces & Eights idiots who jumped from behind, and if they wanted to fight, all they needed to do is call him, tweet him, or whatever. Storm says he knows that if he calls one of them out, they’re all going to come out, but they can bring as many out as they want because he’ll take one or two of them out in the process. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian come out and Daniels says they want to weigh in on the matter since they were also victims of Aces & Eights. Hogan doesn’t have an answer to the Aces & Eights problem, but the two smartest men in the room know the answer to the problem, because Aces & Eights has been playing the numbers game, but they know the magic number and it’s four. Not just any four, but Fortune. Kazarian says that all AJ needs to do is forgive himself for giving them cheapshots last week because he forgives them, then get away from the fartknockers in the audience and get in the ring with his boys Bad Influence and reform Fortune tonight since it’s the right thing to do. AJ doesn’t respond, but Storm says everyone wants them to shut up, so Kazarian tells “Travis Tritt” that the fans don’t concern them and Storm is irrelevant, and this leads to Storm jumping Daniels and getting laid out 2-on-1 while AJ watches from amidst the fartknockers. Daniels and Kazarian leave as Aces & Eights comes out to the ring and surround Storm, Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco get a table out from under the ring and set it up so Anderson can powerbomb Storm through it, but Joseph Park runs out and gets a couple of shots in before the gang overwhelms him and he gets laid out as well. Doc and Mike Knox get ready to double chokeslam Park through the table, but Bully Ray tells them to stop so he and Devon can give Park 3D through the table. In a nice touch, Park’s hand is twitching as he lays on the mat with Aces & Eights standing over him as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Aces & Eights are still in the ring as Joseph Park is being carried out, and Bully Ray tells the crowd they said they weren’t screwing around. He tells the fans to look around because there ain’t no heroes left: no Samoa Joe, no Brutus Magnus, no James Storm, no Joseph Park, NOBODY. Last week, he called out one man (crowd chants for Hogan), and Bubba says that’s right, he called out his next victim, Hulk Hogan. He tells “Dad” that he has until the end of the show to answer his challenge, because when you ride with Aces & Eights, you never walk alone.

We go to the announcers, who tell us that Hulk Hogan was here, but he left hours ago and we don’t know why. Todd says we don’t know if he’s coming back, and Taz says there’s no way because he’s not dumb enough to show up.

We go to a video package that recaps Mickie’s path back to a title shot, and she feels sorry for Velvet because she has to fight through an injury, but she needs to remind everyone of how good she is and it’s her time to shine.

Taryn Terrell makes her way to the ring, and she faces Tara…NEXT!

Hulk Hogan returns to the building and the annoying dumbass with the camera tries to get some answers about where he went, but Hogan says to let it go and walks off.

Taryn Terrell vs Tara

Terrell goes nuts on Tara, beating her into the corner, hitting a rolling neckbreaker, and then a series of hairtosses. Terrell goes back after Terrell in the corner, but she gets hotshot off the top rope and Tara starts putting the boots to her and rams her face into the mat. Now Tara hairtosses her across the ring, ODB gives her a laying down of the law before Tara gives Terrell a catapult into the corner. Tara gets Terrell in a version of the Muta Lock and then snaps back on the knee and covers Terrell for a series of two counts. Terrell tries to mount a comeback, but Tara lifts her in the air by the neck and chokes her for a 4 count before just dropping her to the mat. That’s some good power there by Tara. Tara is just toying with Terrell and doesn’t even really seem to be trying too hard to cradle her on the pin attempts. Tara catapults Terrell into the bottom rope this time and gets another couple of 2 counts, but Terrell moves out of the way of a slingshot rolling legdrop and finally starts that comeback with a series of clotheslines and a verticla suplex. Terrell goes to the top for a flying bodypress, but she takes too long and Tara moves out of the way. Terrell hits hard and Tara trash talks her instead of going for the kill, and I justr KNOW that’s going to come back to bite her. Tara picks Terrell up and hits a twisting side suplex, but again passes up the pin, takes her time to do the ass shaking moonsault, and gets rolled up for 3.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

I liked this match, I thought they told a good story of the veteran taking the rookie too lightly and getting caught because she screwed around instead of going for the kill.

Robbie E is backstage and tells Jesse Godderz that Rob Terry always said he knew Jesse had bigger arms and pecs than him, and when he beats Rob Terry tonight, he’ll be on his way to becoming a bro on the level of George Washington, Al Bundy, and Oprah Winfrey. Jesse flexes and says he doesn’t need Robbie’s help…bro.

Robbie E is backstage and tells Jesse Godderz that Rob Terry always said he knew Jesse had bigger arms and pecs than him, and when he beats Rob Terry tonight, he’ll be on his way to becoming a bro on the level of George Washington, Al Bundy, and Oprah Winfrey. Jesse flexes and says he doesn’t need Robbie’s help…bro.

Rob Terry vs Jesse Godderz

Jesse flexes at the crowd, then turns around and gets his head taken off with a trilogy of clotheslines. Terry gets distracted briefly by Robbie E, but gets Jesse by the neck and tosses him across the ring by the neck. Robbie E distracts Terry again and this time Jesse is able to capitalize and blindside Terry by clipping his knee. That advantage lasts about thirty seconds before Terry goes back to manhandling Jesse. Jesse dropkicks Terry and gets him in a camel clutch while hammering forearms into his chest, he covers Terry but only get 1. Jesse comes off the middle rope, Terry catches him and pops him up into the powerslam, but Robbie E pulls the ref out of the ring at 2. Terry goes after Robbie E, Jesse tries to blindside him again, but Terry sees him coming and just LAUNCHES him into Robbie E, then he press slams Jesse into the ring, hits the spinebuster, and Jesse is out as Terry covers for 3.

Winner: Rob Terry

Terry reigns supreme again as Robbie and Jesse seethe at him from the top of the ramp and wonder what it will take to stop this monster.

Velvet Sky is backstage, and she’s…uh…JUTTING!

Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels catch up backstage with Bobby Roode and asks him if he wants to reform Fortune. They say to forget about Storm, but if the three of them stand together, Daniels knows AJ will rejoin them. Roode seems to be considering it as Daniels and Kazarian leave, and we see Aries peeking around the corner with a knowing look on his face as he eavesdropped on their conversation. We look back at two weeks ago when Bully Ray defeated Jeff Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem to retain the TNA World Title, and Mike Tenay says that there are rumors that Jeff Hardy is thinking of walking away from the business. Taz says that comes as no surprise and tells Hardy do the smart thing and take his ball and go home.

We see a video package hyping the return of Chris Sabin, who will be back in the ring next week after two ACL tears put him on the shelf for the better part of the last two years. Great video package that got me psyched to see him come back.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr & Hernandez come out to the ring, and they’ll defend the title against Bobby Roode and Austin Aries…NEXT!

Austin Aries comes up to Bobby Roode and says that if he wants to reform Fortune, that’s his business since they’re not really friends, just two dominant World Champions who make a dominant team. He asks how Daniels and Kazarian are such great wrestlers if Aries was the one who beat him for the title, and why Fortune disappeared if they were so awesome. Aries says he wants to be a World Tag Team Champion and wants Roode to do that with him, and if Roode screw him tonight, he’s just screwing himself.

Speaking of Daniels and Kazarian, they join the broadcast team for our next match…

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Chavo Guerrero, Jr & Hernandez vs Bobby Roode & Austin Aries

The crowd is solidly behind Aries as he locks up with Chavo and they trade some basic chain wrestling to start the match. Chavo finally has enough and starts pounding on Aries with right hands before planting him with a back suplex for 1. Aries tags Roode in and yells at Roode to get to it when he stops to glance down at Daniels and Kazarian. Roode comes in and immediately gets flattened by Hernandez, who bowls him over with a shoulderblock and a big splash for 2. Hernandez gets a delayed vertical suplex on Roode, then he no-sells Aries when he runs in and tries to chop Hernandez, who just pumps him up into the air and press slams him, Hernandez goes up the rampway and charges down for the flying shoulderblock, but Roode and Aries see him coming and dodge the shot, and Roode covers Hernandez for 2. Roode puts the boots to Hernandez and hits a vertical suplex so Aries can slingshot in with a rolling senton for 2. Now Hernandez is in the wrong part of town, as Roode hits a series of running kneestrikes to the gut and a Canadian legsweep for 2. Hernandez evades a double team attempt, clotheslines Roode, tosses Aries onto the corner, and tags in Chavo to clean house and hit some of his Amigos and a rolling front kick on Aries for 2. Chavo with a DDT on Roode for 2, Hernandez dumps Aries to the floor and sets Roode up for the Border Toss, but Daniels and Kazarian interject themselves and allow Roode to hit Hernandez with a psinebuster. Aries goes for the 450 splash, Hernandez kicks Roode into the corner and knocks Aries to the floor, then Daniels distracts the referee while Daniels tries to nail Hernandez, but Hernandez moves and Daniels accidentally lays Roode out. Chavo goes up top and hits the frogsplash for the win.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero, Jr & Hernandez

Chavo and Hernandez retain the title, even though Todd seemed to think Roode and Aries were the champions through the whole match. The seeds of dissension are sown between Roode and Aries…though they never really trusted each other to begin with.

The cameraman catches up with Matt Morgan and asks him what he thinks of tonight’s confrontation between Hogan and Bubba. He says Hogan’s signing his death warrant, but he’s headed out to the ring right now to tell everyone what his solution is, and he wants everybody to pay attention and learn something.

We see Hulk Hogan appearing at the press conference in Florida where he got heckled while announcing that Impact was coming to town, followed by a video package of the recent history between Hulk Hogan and Matt Morgan, and then Morgan comes out to the ring to address the crowd. He says that the last year and a half of his career have centered around mistakes by Hulk Hogan, mistakes like taking Sting‘s adevice and trusting Bully Ray, not naming Matt Morgan the #1 contender at Lockdown, and giving Bully Ray the title shot so he could steal the title and make Impact Wrestling implode. Hogan ejected Sting, his best friend for 20 years, and nobody’s seen him since. Jeff Hardy tried to regain the title for Hogan and TNA, and he got stretchered out of the arena because of Aces & Eights. The crowd chants for Hogan, and Morgan says he’s with them because he’d like to ask Hogan down to the ring so he can present him with the answer to all of his problems. Hogan takes his time, but finally comes out to face Morgan, who says that he doesn’t want to BS each other: Hogan has no more horses in the race and no backup when he comes out to face Bubba later tonight. Everyone knows they’re going to eat him up and spit him out, they’ve done it to everyone else on their roster, and he has nobody left. Morgan offers the ultimate solution: seven feet and 300 pounds of “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan. Nobody wants it more and nobody has begged for the shot more than Matt Morgan, and nobody’s more able to eliminate them than he is, and he is Hogan’s seven foot knight in shining armor, and if given the opportunity, he’ll take Bully Ray’s watermelon head and Carbon Footprint it into the fifth row…for a small price, of course. Morgan says he’ll handle the Bully Ray situation if Hogan gives him the title shot at Slammiversary right now, and he asks Hogan what he thinks. Hogan stops to look out at the crowd and gauge their reaction, and the fans seem into the idea. Hogan tells Morgan that a lot of what he says is true and he has the goods to get the job done, and Hogan says he probably could, but with his hopes at an all time high, he was hoping Morgan would do the right thing. Hogan put up with all of Morgan’s crap because he was hoping Morgan would finally become the guy we all wanted him to be, the second coming of the Mania, BROTHER, but at the end of the day, Morgan will only do it for a price. If Hogan gave him the title shot now, it would be a bigger mistake than Bully Ray, and he knows he caused all this trouble with Aces & Eights, and even if he’s not capable, he’ll go out there and take what he needs to take for the sake of the company and he’s not going to hand anything over to Morgan. And by the way, he never saw Andre the Giant come out here and whine like a little bitch. Hogan drops the mic and storms off as an irate Morgan stands in the ring in shock that he didn’t get his title shot.

Mickie James and Velvet Sky are backstage, and they’re…WALKING!
Aces & Eights are in their satellite clubhouse laughing over the idea of Hulk Hogan facing them alone after like 20 knee surgeries, but Bully Ray makes the rest of the gang promise not to get involved and let him deal with his father-in-law by himself.

Knockouts Title Match: Velvet Sky vs Mickie James

Mickie looks like she’s worked hard to get herself into great shape. They do some basic feeling out before Velvet snapmares Mickie and hits a basement dropkick for 2. Velvet hits a leapfrog and tweaks the knee she injured a couple of weeks ago, and Mickie hesitates for a moment before going for a cover. She only gets 2, so she gets a spinning toehold, a very legitimate submission hold that could end a match after someone suffers an injury like Velvet did…and we choose now to go to commercial.

We’re back, and Mickie is still relentlessly working Velvet’s knee over. She catches Velvet in an STF, Velvet makes it to the ropes to force a break, and she suddenly starts firing back at Mickie after getting a second wind. Her knee is still giving her a lot of trouble as she unloads on Mickie, but collapses when she gets fired into the ropes and goes down in a heap. Mickie hesitates again, and it costs her as Velvet hits a Russian legsweep for 2. Mickie hits a leaping enziguiri and goes to the top, and she connects with a top rope Thesz Press that Velvet just barely kicks out of. Mickie backdrops Velvet out of In Your Face and sets up for the DDT, but Velvet shoves her off so Mickie dropkicks the injured knee out from under her. Mickie again gives Velvet time to recover and Velvet catches her in a small package and she grabs the damn jeans to get 3!

Winner: Velvet Sky

I don’t think Velvet actually was supposed to cheat to win the match, but they were close enough to the ropes that I guess she had to do something to hit the finish and it was one of those things that just kind of happens.

Bully Ray and Devon are backstage gloating over being the most successful tag team in history, and now they hold the TNA World and TV Titles, and they lead a pack of wolves and nobody is going to stop them. Bubba’s going out to face his father-in-law, and he’s going to be the man to put the final nail in the coffin of Hulkamania.

We then go to Brooke Hogan, who is scared to death for her father as he goes out to face Aces & Eights. She knows she sounds like a hypocrite because she wanted to face Bubba alone too, but she has bodyguards. I guess Hogan can’t bring Atlas Security to the ring with him? Anyway, Hogan says he made this problem by putting Bubba in the position to win the title, and now he has to go handle this situation. Brooke leaves, Hogan asks himself what he’s getting himself into, and he goes back to taping up his wrists.

Bully Ray comes out to the ring, takes a piece of paper out of his back pocket, and reads off a list of names: Sting, Brutus Magnus, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, the Pope, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Joseph Park, James Storm, and he asks what all those names have in common. He says they were all victims of Aces & Eights, and there’s only one victim left. He tells Hulk Hogan to get out there right now, and Hulk himself comes out with his business tape wrapped around his fists. Bubba yells to have his music shut off as he asks a very angry looking Hulk Hogan how his recently-reconstructed knee is doing. Bubba says Hogan is raring to go and he bets Hogan can’t wait to just punch him in his face, hit him with the big boot, and drop the big leg on him, but it ain’t gonna happen. Hogan can walk down the ramp, step in the ring, and try to fool the fans, but he’ll never in a million years fool Bubba. He can look in Hogan’s eyes and see one and only one thing: pure fear. Hulk Hogan fears Bully Ray, and he fears him because he reminds Hogan of himself, he’s the last of a dying breed, Hogan’s breed. Hogan asked if he ever thought he would see Bubba standing there, and reminds Hogan that he’s the President of Aces & Eights, the TNA World Champion, his son-in-law, and the man who’s going to put an end to Hulkamania. Hogan says Bubba can’t put an end to Hulkamania because Hulkamania will never die. They throw down their microphones, Bubba turns his hat around backward as Taz cheers for Bubba to go after his knee, but instead Bubba just spits in Hogan’s face. Hogan stops and shakes his head and starts to walk away, but then he gets the look of the Hulkster, tears his shirt off, and does YOU! at Bubba. Bubba goes YOU back at him and they stare each other down until Bubba takes a swing at Hogan, who blocks, whips Bubba to the ropes for the big boot, but Bubba grabs the ropes and pulls himself out to the floor. The rest of Aces & Eights comes out and surrounds the ring, and things are looking really bad for Hogan…but the lights go out, and when they come back up, Sting is in the ring and is pointing his bat at Hogan. Bubba looks really excited, but we all know what’s going to happen next. Sure enough, Sting turns around, nudges Bubba’s hat off with the bat, and starts laying out Aces & Eights with the bat while Hogan knocks a few off himself. Aces & Eights heads for the hills, but instead of giving Hogan a big, sloppy hug and kiss, he points his bat at Hogan and then walks off without saying a word. Sting is back to help TNA, but it looks like he and Hogan still have a ways to go as a bewildered Hogan stares out at the crowd as we call it a week.