TNA IMPACT 05 02 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Indiana, PA
Date: May 2, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Hulk comes out to the ring and calls Sting out to talk to him and see what’s up. Hogan says that last week wasn’t a pretty picture, but he knows when he’s right and when he’s wrong. Really? He seemed to get suckered in pretty good by Bubba. Hogan says he confused business and personal and he was wrong, he ran off his friends and wants to apologize to Sting because he was Hogan’s biggest mistake. Sting shakes Hogan’s hand, and Hogan says that one of the biggest mistakes was instead of pushing him away; he should have been pulling them closer together so they can take care of this Aces & Eights thing together. Sting says they’re together right now and all is good, and he wants to ask Hogan for his permission to put a team together and face Aces & Eights next week. Hogan green lights Sting’s idea, then says that he needs to figure out who’s going to face Bully Ray at Slammiversary. Matt Morgan comes out to the ring and says we all know that this is the part where Hogan hands “this jerkoff” another title shot, and asks if Hogan has learned anything. Hogan says he’s learned from his mistakes and there’s going to be no handouts, and anyone who gets a shot has to earn it. The title shot won’t be handed to Sting or Matt Morgan, the title shot will be handed to the guy who wins tonight’s main event between Matt Morgan and Sting.

We go to a video package of Chris Sabin talking about what it was like to come back from a torn ACL and two torn meniscus, only to tear his other ACL in his first match back and wind up on the shelf for another year. He got into this business to be the best and be the World Champion, and that will be his goal from here on out.

Kurt Angle is backstage saying how Aces & Eights has taken over the company and took the title, and tonight he’s got an open challenge out for any member of the group to face him in the ring. They can hurt him, they can beat him, but they won’t stop him.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion vs. Chris Sabin

This is Sabin’s return to the ring after an almost solid two years on the shelf with knee injuries. Ion gets dumped to the floor fairly quickly, and after a bad edit, Dutt hits the ropes and takes Sabin out with a flying headscissors. Sabin uses his extraordinary agility to slip out of Dutt’s grasp and drill him with a leaping enziguiri. Ion sunset flips Sabin to make him German suplex Dutt, then puts Sabin on the ropes and hits a double kneestrike to the back. Ion hotshots Dutt, then Sabin takes Ion out before taking a tornado DDT and a running shooting star press from Dutt for 2. We get some shots from the Ref Cam as Dutt and Ion go at it, then Sabin lays Dutt out, gives Ion a Death Valley Driver onto him, and hits a baseball slide on Dutt before hitting the Cradle Shock Driver on Ion for the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Sabin looked great in his return to the ring, he’s in great shape and looks determined to make up for the two year layoff.

Robbie E and Jesse Godderz are backstage trying to figure out how to handle Rob Terry, and they compare their situation to a Friday the 13th movie as Jesse says that Joey Ryan can be their third guy. Wait, doesn’t that mean that they need a third guy to get killed? Sounds like a bad plan to me.

We go back to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where Bully Ray is screaming that he wants Kurt Angle taken out tonight and asks who it’s going to be. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff both say they’ve beaten Kurt Angle and they want to be the one to take him out, but D-Lo Brown steps up and says that he’s going to take him out. They all know what he can do in the ring, and Bubba asks if he’s going to swear his colors on it, and D-Lo says he is indeed going to swear his colors on it.

Joey Ryan, Jesse Godderz, and Robbie E vs. Rob Terry

Robbie and Jesse throw Joey to the wolves by making him start the match, and Terry immediately begins pummeling him with forearms and a running elbow in the corner. Terry backdrops Joey into next week, but Joey’s partners distract Terry so Joey can clip the knee and switch the momentum. Joey, Jesse, and Robbie argue with each other as much as they beat Terry up, and finally the Warlord has enough and swats all three of them off, suplexes both Robbie and Jesse by himself, and hits the Beast Bomb on Joey for the win.

Winner: Rob Terry

Robbie and Jesse cower their way up the ramp as Terry makes angry faces at them.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are backstage, and they’re…WALKING!

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries come out to the ring, and Roode says that Daniels and Kazarian succeeded in getting into his head with the talk about reforming Fortune, but they cost them the World Tag Team Title and Roode knew it was all just a ploy. Aries says that Daniels and Kazarian may be best buddies, but he and Roode aren’t friends and they don’t even travel together. They’re a team of World Champions, and they’re together to be the World Tag Team Champions. Daniels and Kazarian come out to the ring and Daniels says Roode and Aries aren’t the next tag champs because they’re in the shadow of the best tag team in the BIZ-I-NESS. They’re facing each other next week, and the winners get a shot at the World Tag Team Title, and the West Coast Boogeymen are going to be those guys. Roode says he’s the guy who broke a beer bottle over his best friend’s head to be World Champion, but Kazarian says that they can cheat all they want, they can’t “out-us us” because they just come off like cheap imitations. Chavo and Hernandez come out and say that they’re tired of the talking and it’s time for action. Chavo says he talked to Hogan and said that there’s going to be a special referee next week, and it’s not one of them, it’s a guy who counts in sixes…six packs and twelve packs, that is. James Storm comes out with a six pack and a great t-shirt that says he drinks beer with your mom while your dad watches. Sting catches up with Kurt Angle backstage to see if he’s ready for tonight, then tells the cameraman he needs a minute with Kurt and closes the door behind him.

Tara and Gail Kim are backstage bitching to each other about Taryn Terrell and agree to embarrass her and Mickie. Tara walks out, and Gail says she’s going to make sure she gets the fall on Mickie.

Chris Sabin is backstage saying he’s spent the last two years in his basement (did he become an internet wrestling writer?) and it’s been the greatest feeling in the world to be back in the ring.

Before our next match, D-Lo Brown tells Kurt Angle that he told his brothers that he was going to beat him in the middle of the ring, but that’s not going to be good enough, so he’s making this an I Quit Match so he can humiliate him.

I Quit Match: Kurt Angle vs. D-Lo Brown

D-Lo sucker punches Angle to start the match, but Angle takes D-Lo right down and puts him in an STF. D-Lo refuses to quit, so more members of Aces & Eights come out through the crowd to try and distract Angle. It doesn’t work, and Angle snap suplexes D-Lo and makes him roll out to the floor to try and catch a break. He drags Angle under the bottom rope and tries to nail him with the hammer from the ring bell, Angle dodges that but D-Lo nails him and rams Angle’s arm into the ring post. Angle won’t quit, so D-Lo brings him back in the ring and does more damage to the arm. Aces & Eights seems rather casual as they watch D-Lo work Angle over and get him in a cross armbreaker. Angle still won’t quit, he escapes and tries to reverse to the anklelock, but D-Lo kicks Angle off and lays him out with a clothesline. D-Lo catches Angle in the Cobra Clutch, but Angle slips out and hits a series of rolling German suplexes. D-Lo refuses to quit, so Angle hits another German suplex and then pulls the straps down. Angle goes to the anklelock, but D-Lo again powers out and pops Angle in the air to hit a Samoan Drop. D-Lo goes for a powerbomb, Angle slips out the back and goes back to the anklelock, D-Lo tries to pound on Angle’s arm to stop the reversal, D-Lo fights like hell to hang on, but finally is forced to quit.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Aces & Eights just stood there watching D-Lo as he lost, then Christy Hemme interviews Angle on his way to the back. Angle says he knows AJ Styles is in the ring and calls him out to talk to him, and we’ll find out what AJ does…NEXT!

We’re back, Angle is still calling AJ out and Styles finally comes out to the ring and goes nose to nose with Angle. Angle says that AJ looks like he wants to take his head off like he did to James Storm a few weeks ago, but before he tries that, he wants AJ to look around and see his people in western Pennsylvania, and says AJ won’t get very far if he tries that. Angle knows what it’s like to take the easy way out, he’s done it a lot but it’s not AJ’s style. He made a funny! Angle says he came to TNA because of AJ Styles, but he’s going to war with Aces & Eights next week and wants AJ on his side. It’s all cool if AJ’s on their side, but if he’s on the Aces & Eights side, they’re going to have some problems. Angle says he’s got until next week to make a decision, then drops the microphone and leaves as AJ stares a hole through his skull.

The dumbass cameraman catches up to Matt Morgan backstage and says that he’s been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, Morgan punches a wall and says waiting isn’t the word, he’s been demanding it. He’s going through Sting and then he’s going to become the World Champion.

Gail Kim and Tara vs. Taryn Terrell and Mickie James

Terrell beat up Gail as soon as the bell rang, Tara tried to nail her from behind but Mickie comes in to even the odds and drive Gail and Tara out to the floor. Terrell tosses Gail back in and continues the assault, then Mickie tags in and dishes out some punishment of her own and rolls Gail into a cross armbreaker. Gail escapes that, so Mickie takes her to the mat and hits a basement dropkick for 2. Gail dumps Mickie out to the floor and works her over out there before tossing her back inside and finally tags Tara in to do some of the work. Tara gets a hangman’s noose with the hair and then drops Mickie and covers for 2. Tara gets a bridging Muta Lock, but Mickie escapes and gets the headscissors out of the corner. They collide mid-ring and Mickie makes the hot tag, and Terrell comes in and cleans house. She comes off the top with a flying bodypress to Gail for 2, then she rolls Tara up and gets the win.

Winners: Taryn Terrell and Mickie James

Tara and Gail attack Mickie and Taryn after the match, Tara and Mickie fight their way out to the ramp as Gail lays in a roaring elbow and hits Eat Defeat. Gail starts slamming Terrell’s head into the mat, then drags her to the corner and gives her the ring post figure four. Taz says he thinks Gail is going a little far, which I find odd coming from a member of a gang known for assaulting people with hammers.

Sting is backstage, and he’s…STRETCHING! He faces Matt Morgan for a TNA World Title shot…NEXT!

We look back at earlier tonight when Angle forced D-Lo Brown to quit, then we go back to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where Bully Ray is stunned that D-Lo quit. Someone says this was after he pushed Wes and Garett aside, but Bubba says he may have been a douche to them, but that doesn’t mean they can be a douche back. He’ll deal with D-Lo next week, and next week he’ll team with Devon and Anderson to face Sting’s team.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are backstage, and Roode says that Daniels and Kazarian are two guys who were never good enough to be the World Champion, and they’re coming to Tupelo next week to become the #1 contenders. He tells Chavo and Hernandez that they can’t hold a candle to them, and they’re coming for their title.

#1 Contender Match: Matt Morgan vs. Sting

Morgan comes out wearing the cape Hogan wore when he faced Andre at Shea Stadium in 1981, and he looks even bigger than he did last time I saw him in the ring. Morgan takes Sting to the corner and unloads with knee lifts to the gut, right hands, and headbutts. Sting is down and in trouble less than thirty seconds into the match as Morgan chokes him with his boot. Sting fires back with a couple of kicks, but Morgan shrugs them off and clotheslines Sting into next week. Morgan chokes Sting in the corner, Sting lays in some more shots but Morgan easily shrugs that off as well and chokeslams Sting for 2 as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Morgan is dishing out more punishment to Sting on the floor, Sting rams Morgan’s face into the ring steps but again fails to do any discernible damage to Morgan, who quickly shuts him down with another shot to the ring and hits a guillotine leg drop on the apron. Morgan misses a second guillotine leg drop, and that finally creates an opening that allows Sting to lay in some good shots and ram Morgan into the barricade, then the steps, then roll him back inside. Sting whips Morgan toward the corner, but Morgan reverses and yanks Sting into a side suplex for 2 before going back to choking him. Morgan motions that he’s going to win the title as he vertical drops onto Sting’s back, then he does the Hogan ear wave before covering Sting for 2. Morgan shuts down another comeback attempt with a big body slam, but he misses an elbow drop and Sting again unloads with some right hands and a flying clothesline. Sting hits a Stinger Splash, Morgan no-sells and chokeslams Sting into the corner and hits the machine gun elbows, but Sting fires up and hits a clothesline in the corner, he tries another Stinger Splash but runs right into the Carbon Footprint. Morgan makes a cover and Sting BARELY kicks out at 2, a frustrated Morgan goes for another one in the corner but misses and jams his knee. Sting kicks Morgan’s leg out from under him, blatantly uses the ropes to turn Morgan, and locks him in the Scorpion Deathlock. Morgan refuses to quit and fights through the pain to get to the ropes, Sting drags him back out to the middle of the ring and reapplies the hold, Morgan still refuses to quit and ends up passing out from the pain, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: Sting