TNA IMPACT 05 16 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Tupelo, MS
Date: May 16, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package. It shows Kurt Angle asking AJ Styles to join him and Sting to fight Aces & 8s. Instead, Kurt and AJ brawl. Hulk Hogan got a call from a wild card. They weren’t going to take any chances. They pick Magnus. Magnus got attacked backstage before the match. As the 6 man tag went on, Abyss returned and destroyed Aces & 8s. He is back!

The camera shows the arena in Tupelo, Mississippi! The fans are on their feet. They are cheering. Music hits and here comes Hulk Hogan! The fans roar as he comes out. He does his famous taunts. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic as they chant, “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan.” He says he is shocked that Hulk-a-mania is this crazy in Tupelo. He is also shocked how AJ walked away from Kurt and Sting last week. The all-American hero, Kurt Angle, took the fight to AJ on the stage last week. Go ahead keep doing what you are doing AJ because Kurt will be following him all the way to Slammiversary! At the PPV, it will be Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles. We will have a contract signing between Sting and Bully Ray tonight for their match at the PPV. Hulk says TNA has been under the microscope and now Abyss returns to save the day. Hulk calls him out so he can shake his hand. Music plays, Abyss’ music, but he isn’t showing. There’s no sign of him. Hulk wants to thank him man to man. Abyss’ music plays again. Joseph Parks comes out instead. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He sat at home last week and watched Abyss, his brother, return to Impact. He couldn’t believe it. He has been looking all over for him. Chris was resting after the attack from Aces. Joseph can’t believe his brother was here. Hulk says they aren’t playing. They need him now more than ever. His brother will know where he is at. Just then, Aces & 8s music plays and Devon with D-Lo Brown come out. Devon grabs a mic and they get in the ring.

Devon says they want Abyss too. He ruined Aces’ mentality last week. Plus, that wasn’t a pin last week. He wasn’t the legal man. Devon asks where Abyss it because they want him. Parks grabs a mic and asks who Devon is for talking to Hulk like that. Devon calls Parks a fat boy. Parks said he wouldn’t have to look for his brother if it wasn’t for Aces. Parks is getting quite furious. He had enough of them. Let’s do this right now. Parks vs. Devon right now. Parks takes his coat off. Devon mocks Parks and tells him to shut up. Devon is the Television Champion. Parks doesn’t make matches around here. He has to prove himself. D-Lo grabs Devon and says he wants to beat Joseph tonight. Hulk tells D-Lo to watch it because it will be Parks vs. D-Lo tonight. Devon says he has faith in D-Lo. He tells Parks and Hogan to tell Abyss that he will take him down when he finds him. Hulk says when Parks beats D-Lo, he will give the green light to have Parks beat up Devon. Aces will have the whole Parks family after them. Testify to that! Hulk’s music plays.

James Storm is squatting backstage. The camera man asks him about getting revenge. James gets up with a beer bottle in his hand. He doesn’t say anything. He walks up to the guy and says, “Watch, just watch.” He walks away.


A video plays concentrating on Christian York. It shows him coming into TNA as he won Gutcheck. He faced off against Jeff Hardy and other stars in the company. He put hard-work into his career for 16 years. He will prove himself.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the stars for this match. Bobby Roode’s music plays. He slowly walks out to the ring. He taunts in the corner. Music plays and here comes one half of the World Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero. The crowd cheers for him as he comes to the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero

They lock-up. Roode wraps around Chavo with an armlock, but Chavo is able to get out of it and knock Roode down. He gets up and they lock-up. Roode applies a headlock. Chavo pushes him. Roode comes back and knocks Chavo down with his shoulder. Roode runs into the ropes. Chavo is able to take Roode down. He gets up. Chavo applies a headlock. Roode pushes Chavo into the corner. Chavo bounces up and does a head scissors. He flings Roode through the ropes to the outside. Roode stands. Chavo jumps over the ropes but lands on the apron. Roode takes the legs out from under Chavo. He then throws Chavo into the steel guard rail. He brings Chavo into the ring. Roode does a body slam and a cover. Chavo kicks out. Roode chokes Chavo on the second rope. Chavo gets up in the corner and kicks Roode in the gut. Roode does a snapmare and then a neckbreaker. Roode stands and taunts. He gets Chavo up and punches him in the face. Chavo punches back. They go back and forth. Roode knees him in the gut and whips him in the ropes. Roode goes to toss Chavo over the ropes, but he lands on the apron. Chavo does a shoulder block as Roode goes toward him. Chavo jumps over the ropes and hits Roode. Both get up. Roode is able to grab Chavo and put him on the top corner. Chavo goes for the tornado DDT, but Roode pushes him back. Chavo does the three amigos instead. He climbs the corner for a frog splash, but Roode gets up and hits the ropes. Chavo falls on the ropes and then falls to the outside. James Storm walks out to the ring with a beer bottle in his hand. He takes a swig, turns Roode around and spits it in his face. The bell sounds.

Winner by DQ: Bobby Roode

Roode can’t even stand up. He can’t see as he tries to get the beer out of his eyes. James holds the beer bottle getting ready to strike. Roode rolls out of the ring. James’ music plays and he walks to the ramp.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. He is calling out AJ Styles next.


A video package plays showing AJ Styles and how everyone is trying to recruit him to join their group… either Team TNA or Aces & 8s. AJ doesn’t answer. He just walks away. Kurt had enough with him last week and brawled with him on the entrance ramp. Kurt now as a match with him at Slammiversary.

Kurt Angle’s music plays. He walks out on stage and gets in the ring. The crowd cheers. Kurt grabs a mic. He says Aces have been going on for about a year now. You can’t trust anyone. AJ Styles even walks out. He (Kurt) never walks away from a fight though. AJ walked away from him and it got Kurt mad. Hulk granted the match between them two. One more time! He doesn’t want to wait till the PPV. He wants to do it right now. Come on AJ!!! Music hits and here comes Mr. Anderson. He comes through the crowd like the Aces always do. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Ken says Kurt sounds like a woman. Kurt needs to get it that AJ is not his boy. He has to tell him and all of the idiots in the crowd that… next Thursday from Tampa… will be the official patching of AJ Styles. Kurt says he doesn’t want to wait. He takes the legs out from under Ken and gives him punch after punch in the face. Ken rolls out of the ring. Just then, AJ Styles jumps over the railing from the crowd. He gets in the ring. Kurt turns and meets AJ right in the face. Kurt starts yelling at him. AJ does a pele right to Kurt. He gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp as Ken claps from the outside. Kurt is out.


Video replays showing the confrontation between AJ and Kurt and how AJ kicked him right in the head.

A video plays showing Jay Bradley. He talks about OWV and how he has been training for quite some time. He gets paid to do what he loves. He watches tapes to study and learn. His life revolves around wrestling. He will do whatever it takes to make a name for himself. Take notes!

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Jay Bradley’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. Christian York’s music hits and he comes out to the ring. He taunts from the corner. The crowd cheers for him.

Jay Bradley vs. Christian York

They lock-up and Jay pushes Christian right into the corner. Jay backs up but pushes York in the guest. York pushes back. York rolls around him for a roll-up. Jay kicks out. Both get up and York does an armlock Jay goes for a body slam, but York pushes him in the ropes. They go for strikes with punches and kicks but none can connect as each block. York runs into Jay but Jay lifts York up and he falls on his face and chest. Bradley covers but Christian kicks out. Jay hits him in the face and back with punches and elbows. York fights back with punches in the gut. Jay knees Christian in the gut and then applies a chinlock. York gets to his feet and takes Jay over. Jay goes for a closeline, but York ducks, does a springboard elbow. Both get up and Jay takes York down. He adjusts his elbow pad. He goes to run at York, but York moves to the corner. Christian and Jay exchange words but York kicks him right in the face and then takes Jay down into the middle turnbuckle. He has Jay sitting in the corner. He does a summersault into his chest. Both get up. Christian goes for his finisher but Jay reverses for his. Neither can get it. York kicks Jay in the chest and puts him in the corner. York runs to him but Jay holds onto him and puts him on the top rope. York fights him off. York flies in the air, but Jay moves out of the way. He hits the Boom Stick (closeline) and gets the win.

Winner: Jay Bradley

Christy Hemme meets up with Jay on the ramp after the match. Jay says he is one step closer to the Bound for Glory Series and one step closer to be our TNA World Champion.

Gail Kim is walking backstage. The camera also shows Velvet Sky walking backstage. They fight next.


James Storm is backstage. He is coming out of Hulk Hogan’s office. The camera man asks about what went on. James says Hulk said there will be actions for his actions. James doesn’t get it because they attacked him but he can’t fight back? The camera man asks what he is going to do. James tells him to watch.

Aces & 8s are backstage. Mr. Anderson is fired up for next week. He said it is going to be great. Anderson then turns to D-Lo and asks if he knows what he is going to do. D-Lo knows and will beat Parks up to get his cut back. That’s the answer. Ken leads the group away.

Gail Kim’s music plays and she comes to the ring. Velvet Sky’s music plays and she has the title over her shoulder. She gets in the ring after letting the pigeons loose. ODB is there as she is refereeing.


Brooke Hogan and Mickie James are backstage. Brooke talks about Mickie’s new CD is out. Mickie says she would love to have some more time on Slammiversary. Brooke understands but the division is clogged up. She makes Mickie vs. Velvet Sky for the title next week. Mickie likes that. Bully Ray enters the camera shot. He scares off Mickie.

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

They go to lock-up but neither can effectively get a lock-up. They just go all out and do punches and kicks toward each other. Gail is sent into the ropes. Sky is able to take her down. Gail crawls to the corner. Sky stomps on her till ODB pushes her away. Gail gets up. Sky runs into the ropes. Gail grabs her but Sky does a hurricanrana. Both get up. Gail sends Sky into the corner. Gail runs to her. Sky goes for a kick to the face, but Gail grabs the leg and then does a leg breaker over her shoulder. Sky falls down. Gail now works on the leg and knee as she elbows it and then hits it off of the edge of the ring. Gail gets back in the ring and stalks Sky. Sky gets up and fights back with punches and a kick, but Gail grabs the leg and takes Sky down. She works on the leg again. Gail puts Sky in the corner and wraps the leg around the rope. She then jumps up and comes down on it. Gail drags Sky to the middle of the ring and kicks the back of the knee. Gail grabs the legs and locks in a version of a half Boston crab. Sky is able to grab the ropes. Gail grabs the leg and wraps it around her own head. Sky is in severe pain. Sky reaches and grabs the ropes. Gail gets up and talks smack to ODB about the hold. Sky slowly gets up. Gail puts her in the corner and chokes Sky with the boot. Sky is able to reverse a whip. Gail is able to elbow Sky and then climbs the corner. Sky comes to her and pushes her off. Gail sails in the air and falls on her back. Both are down. Both get up. Sky closelines Gail multiple times. She then kicks Gail in the gut and head. She falls down as she twists the leg the wrong way. She gets up, kicks Gail in the gut and goes for the In Yo Face, but Gail drops down and does a knee chop. Gail goes for a leg lock, but Sky pushes Gail into the corner. She bounces back and Sky does a roll-up.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Sky stands up and ODB raises her hand. Gail gets to her feet and does a chop to the back of Sky’s knee. Gail drags Sky to the ring post and does the sharpshooter type move. Gail pushes ODB away. ODB gets back and breaks the hold. Gail gets up on the ramp and walks away.

Chris Sabin is backstage in a taped video as he says Kenny King is not a king of anything good… maybe the king of male strippers. King is shown and he says he is champion and Chris will never get the title. Who is Chris anyway? Petey Williams is shown and says it looks like King has a plan. Well, Petey may know what he needs to do.


A video package shows Suicide. He is returning to Impact Wrestling next week!

All three men are in the ring already. Christy Hemme announces all three stars.

Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin vs. Kenny King (Champ) for the X-Division Title

All three move around the ring. King quickly slides out of the ring. It leads to Petey and Chris. They lock-up. Chris does a headlock. Petey does a headlock. He gets out and they work on each other’s arm. They do arm drag and arm drag. Both get up. Chris runs to Petey, but Petey trips Chris to the middle rope. Petey runs into the ropes, but King trips Petey, takes him out of the ring and pushes him into the steel guard rail. King gets up. He goes to Chris, but Chris catches King’s leg and trips him. King gets up. Chris does knife edge chops. He does his kicks. King goes into the ropes. So does Chris. Chris applies the breaks and King does his kick to the face of Chris. Chris falls. Petey jumps over the top rope and hits King with a double knee to the chest. He then does a dropkick to Chris’ back. Chris goes out of the ring. King meets with Petey and takes him down. He covers him but Petey kicks out. King puts Petey in the corner and chokes him. King does a baseball slide to Chris. He falls down on the outside. King whips Petey in the opposing corner. Petey falls down. King does a body slam. He does a springboard and a leg drop. He covers but Petey kicks out. Kenny applies a headlock. Petey gets up and elbows his way out of it. King knees him, jumps over the top rope and chokes Petey on the top. He gets on the apron, jumps on the top rope, but Petey moves. King lands on his feet. Chris gets in the ring and closelines King down. He does a back suplex and then a bridge pin. The cover is broken as Petey grabs Chris and puts him in the corner. He takes Chris out of the ring and does a suicide dive. He gets in and goes after Kenny. He does a crucifix pin but King kicks out. Petey takes out King and now sets up for his Canadian Destroyer. Chris gets in and closelines Petey down. He goes to the corner with King and goes for that tornado DDT, but King keeps Chris there and does a huge kick to the chest. Petey runs and King does a spin kick to the face. He covers Petey but he kicks out. Petey gets up and goes to the top rope. He jumps but King catches him and does a backbreaker. Chris comes back and does a spin kick to King. He does an enziguri and then places King upside down in the corner. Petey grabs Chris and does the Canadian Destroyer but Chris gets out of it. He has Petey up in the fireman’s carry and drops Petey right on King. He takes Petey down but King comes back and attacks Chris. Chris is down and out of the ring. King takes Petey out and gets the win.

Winner and Still X-Division Champ: Kenny King

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are backstage. They are talking about James Storm. He costs them the tag title shots. Chris is drinking his martini. He needs his helper out there tonight as he takes on Hernandez. Kazarian says James is afraid of him. He will be there. Chris says his drink is good. He finishes it.


D-Lo and Mr. Anderson are backstage. D-Lo says it is getting scary. He says things are spiraling out of control. Anderson asks why and when it started. He tells D-Lo when he pushed Garett and Wes to the side. They are the young stars and D-Lo took it for his own hands. D-Lo understands. Ken leaves him there.

Music plays and Bad Influence, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, dance down the ramp. They get in the ring. Music hits and here comes one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions Hernandez. He has the title locked onto his chain around his neck. He gets in the ring.

Christopher Daniels vs. Hernandez

Both move around the ring. They lock-up and Hernandez pushes Chris right in the corner. Daniels pokes the eyes and puts Hernandez in the corner. He kicks him in the gut and then chokes him. He pounds on Hernandez’s back. He takes him to the middle of the ring and goes for a body slam, but Hernandez is too heavy. Hernandez lifts him up for a suspended vertical suplex. He drops Chris right on his back. Chris gets up. Hernandez kicks him in the gut and then puts him on his shoulder. He drops him right down. Hernandez goes on the entrance ramp. He runs back, jumps over the ropes and takes Daniels out. Both get up. Hernandez kicks Daniels in the gut and he goes in the ropes. Kaz trips Hernandez. Daniels distracted the referee as Kaz did so. Daniels stomps on Hernandez now. He gets him up and does a neckbreaker. He covers but Hernandez kicks out. Daniels kicks Hernandez in the back and tosses him out of the ring. Kaz kicks Hernandez as Daniels distracts the referee. Hernandez gets on the apron. Daniels walks to him, but Hernandez shoulder blocks him and then jumps over the ropes and takes Daniels out. Both get up and Hernandez does closeline after closeline. He then does a huge hiptoss. Daniels is in the corner now. Hernandez runs but Daniels moves. Hernandez hits the corner. Daniels goes for a The Angel Wings, but he pushes Hernandez to the side as James Storm comes out. Kazarian stands his ground as he stands between James and the ring. He moves though as James gets closer. Daniels turns and Hernandez does a battering ram. He pins him.

Winner: Hernandez

James Storm has a mic in his hand. He says he came back from Hulk’s office and Hulk told him to make an announcement. It will be Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode AND James Storm a partner of his choice. It will be for the TNA Tag Team Champions. Sorry about your damn luck!


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the stars of this next match. Aces’ music plays and here comes D-Lo Brown. He comes through the crowd and gets in the ring. Music hits and here comes Joseph Parks. He comes through the curtain and walks down the ramp to the ring. He has his usual black sweat suit on.

D-Lo Brown vs. Joseph Parks

Parks takes off his glasses as D-Lo tells him to come on. They lock-up but D-Lo knees Parks in the gut and then hits him in the back. He punches him in the face twice and then does a huge body slam. D-Lo is ready. Parks uses the ropes to get up. D-Lo goes for a closeline, but Parks ducks and does left and right fists to D-Lo’s face. D-Lo fights back and Parks falls through the ropes to the outside. D-Lo goes outside and knees him in the gut. He rolls him in the ring. Parks fights back with punches. He bounces off the ropes, but Brown does a dropkick to Park’s knee and then hits a shining wizard. Parks slowly gets up and Brown closelines him. Parks crawls to the corner. Brown whips Parks into the opposing corner. Brown runs to him but Parks moves out of the way. Brown hits the corner. Parks does a roll-up but D-Lo kicks out. Both get up and Brown does a huge jump spin kick to Parks. He falls in the corner. D-Lo punches him multiple times in the face. Parks opens up. He is bleeding from the forehead. Parks gets up and sees the blood on his hands. He starts to fire up. His eyes are huge. He turns around. So does D-Lo and Parks closelines him multiple times. He then smashes Brown in the corner. He hits the Black Hole Slam and gets the win. He does the cross taunt he does with his arms. Parks snaps out of it and wonders what happened. He is dazed.

Winner: Joseph Parks

We see Sting and Bully Ray walking backstage in different areas. They are heading to the ring for the contract signing.


Mike Tenay, Taz, and Todd Keneley run through the line-up for Slammiversary. It will be on June 2!

Jeremy Borash is in the ring standing behind a podium. Aces’ music plays and here comes Bully Ray. He gets on the steel steps and tells Taz to come. Taz leaves the table and pounds his fist with Bully’s. Ray gets in the ring and knocks Borash down. He rolls out of the ring. Ray grabs the mic from the podium and wants his music shut off. He asks if they know who he is. Ray says he is from Hell’s Kitchen. He is President of Aces & 8s. He is TNA World Champion. He took out Jeff Hardy in his type of match. He is also the man who will take Sting out at Slammiversary. He knows Sting is back there. He knows his fans can’t wait for him to come out. He told Brooke that this will be a negotiation rather than a signing. He is pretty sure Sting has some things to say too. Come on out, brother! Sting’s music plays and here comes The Icon. He walks down the ramp as he stares right at Ray. Ray tells Sting to stop right there. Sting is at the end of the ramp. Ray wants the music shut off too. He wants this official. He wants his daddy to come out too. Come on Hulk Hogan! Hogan’s music plays. He comes out with a mic in hand. He stands on the entrance stage.

Ray just realized something. This is the first time that he and Sting are face to face since he screwed him over… since he screwed Hogan over. Sting is now in the ring. Everyone else knows who bad he was screwing Brooke over. Sting may be looking for an apology. He isn’t getting one. Sting isn’t looking for one. When they are in Boston, Ray should snap Sting’s arm into two. He should take his knee cap out He should take his eyes out. He should make him bleed. Ray asks what is wrong with him. Why would he say that? If Ray doesn’t do it to him then Sting will do it to Ray. He doesn’t care if it is in the ring, out of the ring, backstage or in the rafters… he will make Bully bleed in Boston. They are almost face to face now. Sting wasn’t looking for any demands, but since he is looking for one. here is one. He wants a No Holds Barred Match. Ray walks around the ring. He says Sting thinks he knows where he is right now in terms on who can be on top. Everyone would love to see Ray bleed. Ray will agree to the terms, but Sting needs to sign the contract. He can’t fight for the TNA World Title any longer. Hulk tries to stop it, but Ray tells him to shut his mouth. Ray doesn’t want Sting to retire. He doesn’t want Sting to retire. He just can’t fight for the title anymore. Hulk tells him no. Ray says Hulk is running Sting’s career. Be a man Sting. Do what you want. Yes or no, Sting? Sting says, “Yes.” Ray pushes Sting back. He bounces off the ropes. Sting comes back and punches Ray in the face. Ray punches back. It is back and forth. They keep going as the show fades.