TNA IMPACT 05 23 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Tampa, FL
Date: May 23, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

IMPACT Wrestling starts off with a still text photo that says they are sending their thoughts to everyone in Moore, OK. Donate money to the Red Cross to help clean up the destruction.

The opening video plays showing Abyss’ returning to IMPACT Wrestling. Hulk and Joseph Parks want to talk to him while Devon wants to fight him. Parks and Devon fought it out instead. Parks won, but will we see Abyss soon? The video goes to the Sting and Bully Ray story. They have a No Holds Barred match at the PPV, but if Sting loses then he will not fight for the TNA World Title again. The video switches to AJ Styles. Kurt Angle will fight him at the PPV. Tonight he faces Mr. Anderson. Will AJ join Aces?

The camera shows the jam-packed arena in Tampa, Florida. They are on their feet. They are cheering. Music hits and here comes Hulk Hogan. He comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. His wife is at ringside. The crowd is going crazy chanting, “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan.” This is his hometown. He trained to be a wrestler here. He gets on the mic and says it is great to be back in home. He hit his beach shop and the word is that tonight’s show will be huge. He went over one bridge and saw Sharkboy swimming in the river. He caught up with him and had a few drinks with him. This town is his family, but he also has a TNA family. There is one guy named AJ Styles who may be going to the other side. He says that isn’t the biggest problem in the world when it deals with his family. One guy who is his family, who has been with him for so long, is Sting! Sting’s music plays and he comes out. The crowd cheers. The Icon comes down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Hogan wants Sting to know that he is appreciating what he is doing for the family. The whole stipulation with the title match at Slammiversary doesn’t have to go down. Bully Ray doesn’t make the rules. Hogan is the general manager. Sting understands but he wants this to happen. He needs to carry the weight. He needs to take the title and the power from Ray. He only needs one chance to get this done. If he can’t take the title and… his pride… then he doesn’t deserve to go for the title again. Sting stuttered on pride. He wants this so bad that he can’t even talk. Hogan says this doesn’t need to happen. Just then, Brooke Hogan’s music plays. She comes out with a serious look on her face. She gets in the ring with a mic. She says this is hard to say. She doesn’t want Sting or Hulk to blame each other for what Brooke did. Brooke made the move. He loved this fat guy. She made this company go up in flames. She is sick that Hogan and Sting got stuck in the middle. Brooke is proud of the Knockouts. She loves this company, but she feels like she ruined everything. Hulk says she hasn’t ruined everything. She helped the Knockout division. Music hits and here comes Aces & 8s. Their music plays but only Bully Ray comes out. He comes through the crowd with the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He says hello to Taz. He wants the music off.

He asks them why they are taken blame for everything. It’s not their fault. When it comes to whose fault it is… its Ray’s! Its Bully’s fault. It’s his fault that Hogan can’t run this company. He stabbed Brooke and Sting in the back. Ray runs the show. There is one person in the ring he does blame. That is Brooke. Brooke starts to go the corner and starts yelling at Ray. Hulk pulls her back. Ray tells Hulk to not to touch his wife. He says they have a connection. While he turned against her, he still loves her. He will always love her. That is why he won’t take the ring off. Brooke starts to cry. Aces’ music plays and he goes through the crowd again.

Video plays showing Suicide. He is making his return tonight.


We see the three commentators, Taz, Mike Tenay, and Todd Keneley. Kenny King joins them for this match. We see Joey Ryan come down the ramp. He gets in the ring. After him, Petey Williams comes out. He walks down the ramp and to the ring. Music plays and here comes Suicide! He comes right down the ramp and into the ring.

Joey Ryan vs. Petey Williams vs. Suicide

Suicide dropkicks Joey right when the bell sounds and it knocks him out of the ring. Suicide goes to Petey and goes for a cover. Petey kicks out. Petey whips Suicide in the corner but Suicide acts like a tree on the top rope. He comes down and Petey grabs him. Petey is able to comes back and put Suicide on the middle rope throat first. Petey does a dropkick to his back. Suicide leaves the ring. Joey enters and he fights Petey. He gets the upper hand. He then starts putting oil on his body. Suicide climbs the corner. He jumps as Ryan turns around. Suicide applies a submission lock to Joey’s legs. Petey comes back with a side Russian leg sweep. The submission still is applied. It’s released. Petey and Suicide fight it out now. Joey comes back but he is knocked out of the ring. Petey goes after him through the ropes. Suicide jumps from the ropes to the outside and takes both of them out. Petey gets in the ring with Joey as Petey does a double knee to the face. Suicide enters and goes after Petey. Joey rolls to the side. Petey hits Suicide and goes for the Canadian Destroyer. Joey does a big boot though. Petey is down. Joey goes after Suicide but Suicide goes after Joey. He takes Joey out and gets the pin.

Winner: Suicide

Chris Sabin walks up to James Storm as he is in the locker room. They shake hands and Sabin says they were part of two great tag teams. They faced each other so many times. James appreciates it, but he declines. He will return the favor though when necessary. Chris thanks him and leaves the room.


Bully Ray is walking backstage. Brooke comes from behind and turns him around. She asks why he still loves her. What does that mean? He says it means what he is saying. He still loves her. Ray leaves.

Velvet Sky is wrapping her knee up. Mickie James comes to her side and sit down. Mickie says they could go to Brooke and wait till Sky is healed. Sky says Mickie is kind but that is what Gail wants. She needs to fight in order to prove Gail is not a big threat. Mickie says Sky was injured when they fought last. They hug and say they are great friends.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next stars. Sam Shaw comes down the ramp. As he does, they replay his Gutcheck Challenge as he won a TNA contract. Alex Silva comes out next. His music stops and Aces’ music starts. Wes Brisco, Doc and Garett Bischoff come out. Wes has a mic and congratulates Sam on this big win. He should be thanking Wes because he took Alex out in the parking lot. Sam can go check if he wants. Wes is mad though because he is not in this Gutcheck series. He is Mr. Gutcheck! All three move around the ring and get on the apron. They get in the ring and go right after Sam. They back him in the corner and kick and stomp on him. They punch him and then get him up as Wes does a huge neckbreaker.

Music plays and here comes Magnus! Magnus runs to the ring and Aces fled to the outside. Magnus grabs a mic. He says something Wes said doesn’t sit right with him, the guys in the back and the people in the arena and that is a gang attack on Sam. Magnus knows Sam from when they trained with Harley Race. Garett starts to smile. Magnus tells him to stop smiling otherwise he will smack that smile off. He says Wes doesn’t deserve to be in the series. He deserves to get his mouth kicked in. He has his match… with Magnus… right now.

Magnus vs. Wes Brisco

Wes slides in and goes right after Magnus, but Magnus fights back. He whips Wes in the ropes. After Wes ducks a couple times, Magnus finally hits him with a knee. Magnus grabs him and punches multiple times until Wes slides out of the ring. Aces confront him so he can regroup.


Wes has Magnus in the corner. He takes him to another corner and pounds his face into the top turnbuckle. He chokes Magnus on the middle rope. Doc punches Magnus in the face as Wes distracts the referee. Wes applies a headlock as Magnus is sitting on the mat. Wes pounds on Magnus’ chest and then covers. Magnus kicks out. Magnus fights back with punches but Wes knees him in the gut and whips him in the ropes. He elbows Magnus in the face. Magnus goes down and Wes applies a headlock again. Magnus gets up and elbows his way out of it. Wes smashes his arm onto Magnus’ back. Magnus goes into the corner. Wes punches him and then walks around the ring. He turns around and Magnus closelines him down. He whips Wes into the ropes but Wes kicks Magnus in the chest. Magnus closelines him again though. Wes gets up and fights back and goes to the middle rope. He jumps but Magnus catches him and drops him right down. Magnus climbs the corner now. Wes goes up and fights him. Magnus fights back and Wes falls. Doc and Garett get on the apron. Magnus tries to fight back, but there’s no hope. They push him off the corner and the bell sounds. The three are in the ring and attack Magnus now. Music hits and here comes Samoa Joe. Joe runs out and saves Magnus. Aces run from the ring. Joe’s music plays as Aces look on. The crowd pops.

Winner: Magnus by disqualification


Video plays showing TNA’s Hall of Fame last year as Sting was the first inductee. The next inductee will be revealed at Slammiversary.

The camera is backstage showing Aces standing around drinking. Bully talks about Brooke and how she looked tonight. He quickly changes focus and says Magnus will never forget the name Wes Brisco. Someone asks when AJ Styles will come. Ray says soon and says this won’t be messed up even though some people in the group have already fallen apart… aka D-Lo Brown.

Video plays showing Kurt Angle going to a USA vs. Iran vs. Russia Olympic wrestling match. He continues to promote the “Save Olympic wrestling” for the Olympic games.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the next stars. She messes up Kurt’s introduction. Kurt Angle’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. He raises his arms and waits for his opponent. Aces’ music plays. Mr. Anderson come out through the crowd. He gets in the ring.


A motorcycle comes through the backstage. It is AJ Styles. He gets off the bike after stopping it. He continues through the arena.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Kurt Angle applies a headlock. Ken gets up and pushes Angle in the ropes. Angle comes back and knocks Ken down with a shoulder block. He gets up. They lock-up but Ken kicks Kurt in the gut and then puts him in the corner. He punches him multiple times in the face and gut. Kurt whips Ken in the ropes though and then hits him with an elbow to the face. Ken gets up and Kurt punches him. He puts Ken in the corner. He stomps on him as Ken slides down in the corner. Kurt chokes Ken with his boot. Anderson gets up. Kurt kicks him in the gut and then does a suplex. He covers but Ken kicks out. Kurt gets Ken up and does an uppercut. He has him in the corner. He does a punch to the face. Kurt now applies shoulder tackles into Ken’s gut. He whips him in the opposing corner. Kurt runs but Ken moves. Kurt goes shoulder first into the corner. He is down on the apron. He rolls in the ring and Ken chokes him with his foot. He gets Angle up and whips him in the opposing corner. Kurt falls after the hard whip. Ken covers but Kurt kicks out. Ken grabs the arm and twists it. He runs his shoulder into it a couple of times. He then goes from behind and does a back suplex. Ken covers but Kurt kicks out. Ken mocks Kurt with a hurt arm. He stomps on Kurt’s arm that Ken has been working on. Kurt gets up in the corner. Ken punches the arm, but Kurt fights back with punches. Ken kicks the arm and then closelines him. He covers twice but Kurt kicks out. Ken stomps on Kurt’s hand as he is on his hands and knees. Ken applies an armlock.

Kurt gets up and rolls through it. He goes in the corner. Ken runs to him but Kurt kicks him in the face. He climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick. Both are down. Both get up using the ropes. Kurt waits for Ken to turn around as he hits multiple closelines. He whips Ken in the corner. He runs to him but Ken kicks him in the face. Kurt does a belly to belly suplex though. He covers but Ken kicks out. Both get up as Kurt does an Angle Slam, but Anderson slides out and picks Kurt up ad rolls though as he drops him down on his back. He covers but Ken kicks out. Both get up. Ken fights but Kurt locks his arms around Ken’s back and does three German suplexes. He goes after the ankle now, but Ken kicks him away. Ken gets up and hits the Mic Check. He covers but Kurt kicks out! Ken climbs the corner, but Ken pops up, runs up the corner and does a superplex from the top. Kurt gets up and takes his singlet down. Just then, AJ Styles comes from the crowd. Taz stands and hugs AJ. AJ locks his eyes on Kurt. Kurt stares at AJ. The referee tries to tell AJ to leave, but Ken low blows Kurt and does a roll-up. He wins.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Anderson goes out of the ring and points to AJ. AJ looks on and slowly turns around. Ken mocks Kurt and then slowly walks backwards through the crowd.

James Storm is walking backstage. He will be out next.


Gail Kim is backstage. The camera man asks her about her match at Slammiversary. Gail asks what match. She took out her former partner, Tara, and went on to take out Taryn Terrell and Velvet Sky. She is the greatest knockout in history. Just then, Taryn runs into the shot and takes Gail though a door. They go from wall to wall as they attack each other. Someone runs over to save the day as he pulls Taryn off of Gail. Gail runs away as she is furious.

A video package plays showcasing the tag team career James Storm had from America’s Most Wanted to Beer Money. Roode turned on Storm. Storm went on to referee a tag team match a few weeks ago. We find out that Hulk added Storm into the tag team match at Slammiversary. He can pick his own partner. Who will that be?

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are by the commentator’s desk. Chavo is sitting down with the headset on while Hernandez stands behind him.

Music plays and here comes James Storm. James walks down the ramp. The crowd cheers. James grabs a mic as he is in the ring. He says he sees a lot of beer drinkers in Tampa tonight. They pop. James was granted an opportunity to wrestle at Slammiversary for the tag titles with a partner of his choosing. He was part of the two best tag teams in company history… America’s Most Wanted and Beer Money. He went everywhere to wrestle, drink beer, and entertain the fans. Why not do it again? Women do love a good tag team… wrestler! Just then, music hits and here comes Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. They stand on the stage with Aries holding the mic. He hands it to Roode.

Roode says James wants to talk about glory days and tag team wrestling. Well, Storm is looking at the man of tag team wrestling. Beer Money, the four years they were together, were the worst four years of Roode’s career and life. James says he can’t help it that Roode can’t keep up drinking with a cowboy. When Roode hit Storm with the beer bottle, that made Roode the happiest guy on Earth. It will go down in history. Let’s hear from Storm on who his partner is. Music hits again and here comes Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels has a mic.

Daniels mentions jokes this city is a joke. He has a joke. Three teams think they are better than Bad Influence. Humps, lumps, and dumps. Well all of the teams think they are the best, while Chavo and Hernandez think they are great in Mexico. Kaz gets the mic and calls Storm a dumb dummy. People were upset but only Bad Influence should be. James can pick any partner, but no one will life up to Bad Influence. Roode and Aries say they are the best and no one can live up to him. James wants to mention his partner. Here he is…. “Shell yeah!” Sharkboy comes through the curtain and splits the teams down the line. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He says a little fishy said that Storm was looking for a partner. Sharkboy says he and Storm have something in common. They like fishing, drinking, and love bass! If he should team with him, give us a “Shell yeah!” Music hits and here comes Robbie E. He comes between the tag teams on stage and gets in the ring. He grabs the mic from Sharkboy. News flash, Storm doesn’t want to team with a loser. He wants to team with someone who will make him champion. That person is Robbie E. Roode/Aries and Bad Influence talk on stage as they don’t know what is going on. Robbie E says he carried Robbie T. Robbie has tag lines. He pulls out cards and reads them. Beer Bro is the first ad he goes on. Robbie starts to sing, but Sharkboy pushes Robbie. Gunner comes out of nowhere and gets in the ring. He closelines Robbie and Sharkboy at the same time. He has Robbie up in a torture rack. Gunner is intense. He gets in the face of James. Storm gets on the mic and says he will see him at Slammiversary. They shake hands. The other tag teams like the other stars as his partner better. James’ music plays.

We have a split screen as Sky is on the left and Mickie is on the right as they walk backstage. Their match is next.


Joseph Parks and Sting are backstage. Joseph talks about the Television Title but the boys are saying it is kayfabe. Sting says the title is great. He should go for it. Sting and Parks sit down across from each other. Sting mentions the new time next week and how he has a tag team match next week. He hopes Abyss comes back next week. He knows Parks can get him to come. He wants Parks as his tag partner. He will get justice. They shake hands. Parks leaves but Sting hopes Abyss will follow.

The commentators go over the line-up for Slammiversary. It will be on June 2nd!

Mickie James’ music plays and she comes to the ring. Sky’s music hits and she comes down with the title over her shoulder. She gets on the apron to let the pigeons loose.

Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky for the Knockout Title

They shake hands and back up. They lock-up and Sky works on the arm of Mickie She twists it. Mickie flips and takes Sky down. She covers but applies a wrist lock. Sky gets out and has Mickie down for a cover. Mickie kicks out quickly. ODB, as you know is the referee. Sky whips Mickie in the ropes. Mickie does a snapmare and runs into the ropes. Sky trips her before she goes through. Sky gets up and kicks her. She covers but Mickie kicks out. They get up and they punch back and forth. Mickie picks Sky up from behind with a full nelson and drops her right down. She has it locked in as she has Sky down.


Mickie gets Sky up and does a snap mare. She applies a headlock. Sky gets up and takes Mickie over with a hiptoss type move. Mickie gets up though before Sky. Sky gets up and they fight back and forth. Sky hits multiple closelines. She holds her knee as Mickie gets up. Sky kicks her in the gut a couple of times and does knife edge chops. Mickie whips Sky in the ropes but Sky goes for a head scissors but Mickie stops her. Sky is able to do a side Russian leg sweep and covers. Mickie kicks out. Mickie gets up in the corner. Sky runs to her but Mickie hits her in the face. Sky runs to her again but Mickie pops up and turns it around to have Sky in the corner. She hits her but Sky fights back as she kicks Mickie n the face. Sky does the head scissors with hurricanrana. Sky holds her knee from that. She gets up but Mickie does a chop block to the knee. She licks her mouth and then plants Sky with a DDT. She covers and gets the win.

Winner and New Knockout Champion: Mickie James

Mickie takes the title as she walks up the ramp while Sky is on the mat showing her knee is in bad shape.

A video package plays showcasing AJ Styles from when he said he is in it for himself now. That was in 2012. He came back and Aces & 8s want him but Team TNA wants him too. What side is he on? It went on for months. He fought James Storm and attacked Kurt Angle. Mr. Anderson says he will patch AJ tonight.

Aces are backstage. D-Lo comes over and gave the group ice. Ray tells him that he that the boy did a good job. Ray does toast to celebrate Ken’s win against Kurt Angle and also for AJ Styles tonight. They drink their beer.


Aces’ music plays and here comes Bully Ray! He gets right in the ring and holds up the TNA World Title. The members follow. Mr. Anderson is holding the vest that will be AJ’s soon. Ray gets on the mic and asks the audience if they know who they are. They do. They are Aces & 8s. Every member of this club is equal. No one is bigger or better than the other. When one screws up, they pay for it. That is D-Lo Brown. He is a disappointment. One guy stepped up and took the world. He took the world by the “You know what” and crushed it. That guy is Mr. Anderson. He is proud Ken wears their colors. Tonight isn’t about Ray or any other member. It is about the coming of the new member. That is AJ Styles! Get in the ring right now! AJ’s music plays and here he comes! He walks through the crowd where Aces come through. AJ gets in the ring after Devon opens the ropes for him.

AJ goes up to Ray. Ray says Devon showed signs of respect with that rope. Now, everyone wants AJ. Hogan wanted him. Fortune wanted him. AJ knows where the power lies though. Ray wants AJ to do something that he probably never expected. Ray gives AJ a beer bottle. Ray says AJ never drank before. He never had a drop of liquor before, right? AJ nods. He wants AJ to drink. He can give his heart to Jesus but his soul belongs to the club. AJ toasts to Ray and drinks almost the whole bottle! Ray is impressed. He didn’t even finish his before AJ did. Ken walks over and hands the vest out to AJ. AJ takes it and looks at it. He grasps it with two hands. Ray tells him to put it on. He tells Ken to open it for him. Ken takes it and opens it. The newest member of Aces… AJ Styles! Oh, music plays and here comes Kurt Angle!

Angle walks out on stage with a mic. He knew this day would come, but he had to see it with his own two eyes. AJ’s career in TNA went down the crapper. Does this make AJ feel good? This disgusts Kurt. Go ahead AJ… put the vest on and be part of the scumbag group. Go ahead! He will see Angle at Slammiversary anyway. Does he want this? Ray says AJ wants this. Kurt isn’t talking to Ray. Ray says he is talking to his brothers. Ray turns and tells AJ to put it on. AJ turns and puts the vest on. He hugs Ray, Anderson, and Devon. Ray raises his arm. Just then, Doc comes from behind and tosses Kurt in the ring. Knox and Doc hold Kurt up. Ray gives AJ the hammer and take Kurt out. AJ hits Kurt in the knee with the hammer and then kicks him to the outside. AJ raises his arms with Aces. They turn to the other side. AJ turns Aces around and wails them with the hammer. He hits Garett and Doc and then exits the ring. They try to get him but he is already on the top of the stage. He raises his arm. Is he with anyone? He stands alone! The show fades.