TNA IMPACT 05 30 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Tampa, FL
Date: May 30, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package concentrating on the Bully Ray vs. Sting match for Slammiversary. Bully tells Sting that if he loses then he can no longer go for the World Title again. Sting agrees to it but Hulk doesn’t like it. Ray still loves Brooke Hogan while Sting likes Mr. Parks. The video switches to the tag team division where Gunner returns and teams up with James Storm at the PPV. It switches to AJ Styles and how he joined Aces & 8s but then turns them away. He is not on a side. Will Abyss come tonight? Who will have control as they head into Boston?

The camera shows Aces & 8s backstage. Bully Ray says the main focus is AJ Styles AJ Styles, and AJ Styles. D-Lo goes up to Mr. Anderson and says he is sorry as he thought AJ would join the group. Ken slams his gloves in his hand. Ray and Devon walk in between them. D-Lo goes to turn, but Ken grabs him, slams him against the wall and takes him down to the ground. Ken meets up with Devon and they walk away as D-Lo is down and out.

Music plays and here comes Bully Ray! Aces’ music plays. Devon is right behind Ray. Devon and Ray get in the ring with their respected titles. Ray holds up the TNA World Championship while Devon wears the Television Title around his waist. Ray grabs a mic and wants his music shut off. Ray says there is three days sill Slammiversary. In three days, Devon takes out Joseph Parks for good. Also, in the main event, Sting vs. Bully Ray! Sting called it. He names the stipulation. No Holds Barred. Did Sting really think it over? Will Sting try to take Ray’s knees out and rip his eyes out? Ray wants him to go for it. Ray isn’t taking anything away from him. He had to accomplish something in this business if he is called “The Icon”. Who has Sting beat? Who was that who said, “To be the mean you got to beat the man.” It is Ric Flair. Sting beat him. Sting beat Hulk Hogan! Who else? He beat Kurt Angle. Not everyone can beat an Olympic Gold Medalist. Who else? Oh yeah, Jeff Hardy! Everyone loves that guy. Sting beat him to be World Champion. Ray also beat Jeff for the title, but he took Jeff out. He will make sure we never see Jeff again. He can’t wait till Slammiversary. He can’t wait to beat Bully Ray. Sting will no longer compete for the TNA World Title again. Let’s do this… him and Devon vs. Sting and Parks! Sting’s music plays and he comes out with Joseph Parks at his side. They come to the ring.

Bully Ray and Devon vs. Sting and Joseph Parks

Ray goes right after Parks and Sting goes after Devon. Sting tosses Devon outside and Ray tosses Parks to the outside. They all fight outside. Sting takes Devon into the steel guard rail and steel steps while Parks fights back against Ray. Ray fights back with chops to the chest. Sting is taking Devon the steel guard rail multiple times. Ray whips Parks right into the steel post. Ray now punches Parks right in the head with closed fists. Devon fights back against Sting as now he is unloading punches. Ray goes for a chair shot but Parks moves and gets up. He punches Ray in the face but Ray fights back. Devon and Sting are on the apron now. Sting is leaning against the ropes and takes Devon over with the back body drop. Devon is now in the ring. Sting chokes him on the ropes and rolls him out. Ray takes it to Parks and gets him in the ring. Sting gets in and meets Ray in the ring. They are face to face. Ray pushes him, but Sting comes back and punches. Ray punches too. They bounce back into the ropes. They do a huge double closeline and both go down!


Devon has Parks in the ring and pounds Parks’ head with his elbow. He chokes Parks on the top rope and then punches him in the face. He bounces off the ropes but Parks does a hiptoss and then a body slam. He is gaining momentum. Parks goes in the corner and climbs, but Ray jumps up and kicks Parks in the back. Devon gets up and Parks falls. Devon kicks Parks and covers him but he kicks out. Ray tags in. Devon holds Parks up. Ray closelines him down. Ray punches Parks right in the head. He goes right after Sting and Sting falls off the apron. Ray plants an elbow and covers but Parks kicks out. Ray tags Devon. Devon bounces off the ropes and plants a leg drop. He then mocks Hulk with cupping his ear with his hand. He then steals more taunts and covers Parks. Parks kicks out. Devon applies a headlock. Parks gets to his feet and elbows his way out of it. He bounces off the ropes but Devon hits him with a back elbow. He covers but Parks kicks out. Devon tags Ray. Bully gets in and Parks gets up. Ray does a huge dropkick to the face. Ray pounds Parks with his forearms. He tags Devon. Devon gets in the corner and Ray is in the opposing corner. Parks gets up as they run. He moves and both closeline each other. Parks tags Sting. Sting gets in and takes both opponents on. He does a dropkick and then applies the Scorpion Death Lock on Devon. Ray runs over but Parks takes the legs out from under Ray and goes for the Scorpion Death Lock, but Ray pushes away and Parks falls into Sting. Parks rolls to the outside. Aces try to come back, but Sting fights back as he does a Stinger Splash. He goes again, but Ray grabs Sting and Aces do a neckbreaker powerbomb. Parks gets in but Ray does a huge body slam. Ray and Devon set up a move, but Abyss’ music plays! Ray turns his attention and gets out of the ring on the ramp. Parks is excited. It stops though. Sting grabs Devon from behind and hits the Scorpion Death Drop. He covers. The music stops and Ray tries to get in the ring, but Parks holds onto his leg. Sting gets the win.

Winners: Sting and Joseph Parks

Dixie Carter is walking backstage as we will hear from her next.


Kurt Angle is backstage. He is glad AJ didn’t join Aces, but AJ has really done some interesting things recently. They have mutual respect, but Kurt will be watching AJ’s match closely…. real close!

Music hits and here comes TNA President Dixie Carter! Dixie walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. She hypes Slammiversary and says TNA has been going strong for 11 years. They wouldn’t be anywhere without the fans. We have seen some of the best stars to grace their ring. She is proud to announce the next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. Last year was Sting. Now he is fighting against Bully in the main event. She wishes Sting luck in that match. Before she goes further, Aces’ music plays. Here comes Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, and Doc! They come through the fans. Garett grabs a mic. He then gets in the ring. He asks Dixie where is the love? Where’s the love for Aces? She isn’t telling Bully Ray good luck. He knows Dixie is excited for her celebrations on Sunday, but it is going to feel more like a funeral. Doc and Wes get in the ring now and they back her up in the corner. Music plays and here comes Samoa Joe and Magnus! They scare Aces out of the ring. Joe grabs a mic. Joe says he was home for one month picking stitches out of his head. He has been waiting to get his hands on them. He isn’t going to wait anymore. Garett, you get mouthy when you get in the ring with a woman. Come in the ring and let’s see you fight like you talk. Joe wants him. Aces give him a pep-talk and Joe gets ready. Garett gets in and attacks Joe from behind.

Samoa Joe vs. Garett Bischoff

Bischoff has Joe in the corner, but Joe fights back. He puts Garett in the corner and does multiple punches and then the enziguri kick. Garett falls in the corner as his eyes begin to glaze.


Joe bounces off the ropes and does a huge big boot to Garett. Joe goes off the ropes again, but Doc and Wes grab Joe’s leg. Magnus runs around the ring and fights both of them. Joe turns and Garett takes him down. Bischoff goes to the outside and helps his bros attack Magnus. The bell sounds. Joe runs with a suicide dive and knocks all of them down. All three Aces are down. Joe and Magnus get in the ring and grab a mic. Joe calls them cowards. Earlier today, he knew this would happen. On Sunday, it will be Garett, Wes, and Doc (big shaved ape) against Magnus, Joe, and Jeff Hardy! Aces freak out. They are furious. They can’t believe it. Joe’s music hits.

Winner: Samoa Joe by disqualification

Video from last week’s tag team division segment airs as Gunner makes his return and takes Sharkboy and Robbie E out. He and James Storm will team up at Slammiversary.

James Storm and Gunner are backstage. James says Gunner is a beast. That is why he picked him. Gunner served for our country. He killed people. If he killed people for this country, he will kill people for Storm. Gunner mentions war. It’s all about war. James laughs and says this is why he likes this guy. The 8 man tag match is next.


Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan are backstage. Hulk asks Brooke about her and Ray. He saw Brooke’s look in her eyes. He wants to know what this is all about. Brooke says they are married. She said it is hard to see him say that he loves her because she thought he did, but he really doesn’t. Brooke says she can’t focus on the Knockout division. Hulk says Sting can do it. He can take care of it. Hulk bets on it.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. Music hits and here comes the dancing team of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (Bad Influence). They get in the ring. Roode’s music plays and he and Aries come out. They walk down the ramp and Roode gets in the ring while Aries walks around the outside. Music hits, James Storm’s music, and James and Gunner come out. They make their way to the ring.

Music plays and here comes the TNA Tag Team Champions, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. They make their way to the ring.


Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Bobby Roode, and Austin Aries vs. James Storm, Gunner, Chavo Guerrero, and Hernandez

Daniels and Gunner start the match. Daniels goes up to Gunner and points at him while yelling something. They move around the ring and then lock-up. Gunner pushes Daniels right back in the corner. Daniels comes out and hits Gunner in the face. Daniels taunts. He turns and Gunner goes right after him. He whips Daniels in the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He does a back body drop to Daniels and he rolls out of the ring. He calls for a time out. Kaz meets with Daniels and talks to him on the outside. Daniels gets in and tags Aries. Aries doesn’t want to be in there. He gets in anyway and gets pumped up… only to tag Roode. Aries walks around the ring and Roode can’t believe it. Roode gets in and starts yelling at Gunner. They lock-up and he applies a headlock and then works on the arm. Gunner reverses it. Roode gets out of it and smashes Gunner’s head into the turnbuckle. He has him in the corner and punches him and then whips him in the opposing corner. He runs to him but Gunner kicks him in the face. Gunner puts Roode in his team’s corner and tags Chavo. Chavo stomps on Roode. Chavo goes back to Roode and does a body slam. He tags Hernandez. Hernandez body slams Chavo on Roode. He does a splash after bouncing off the ropes and then covers. Roode kicks out. Hernandez tags Chavo. Chavo does a low dropkick to Roode’s face. Roode gets up and comes back with elbows but Chavo reverses a body slam with the three amigos. Chavo goes up the corner. Kaz walks over but Chavo kicks him. Daniels goes and he kicks Daniels too. Aries gets in the ring as the referee is being distracted by Daniels. Aries knocks Chavo off the corner. Chavo falls to the outside. Roode gets Chavo back in the ring and hits him with elbows and then a short spinebuster. He does a catapult into the ropes. Chavo falls back on Roode’s knees and then Aries flips over and lands on Chavo with an elbow. Daniels tags himself in. He stomps on Chavo and then tags Kaz. They whip him in the ropes. Daniels hits Chavo in the gut and Kaz does a swinging neckbreaker. He covers but Chavo kicks out. Kaz puts him in the corner. Roode gets in via tag. He stomps on Chavo and then distracts the referee as Aries chokes Chavo on the ropes. Kaz tags in and does a snapmare and then headlock on Chavo. Chavo gets to his feet and elbows his way out.

Kaz whips Chavo down to the mat. He then has him in the corner and applies his knee to the face. Gunner tries to get in, but that distracts the referee so the entire team goes after Chavo. Chavo gets up and tosses Daniels in the opposing corner and gets away as he tags Hernandez. Hernandez gets in and takes everyone out with a military press and a shoulder block. He lifts Roode up on his shoulders He takes him down for a backbreaker. He covers but Bad Influence breaks the count. Hernandez gets up and he takes Kaz down with a closeline and then does a battering ram to Daniels. He lifts Daniels up on his shoulder. Kaz takes Daniels down as they were right by the corner. Aries runs and does a dropkick to Hernandez. He goes for the Brainbuster, but Hernandez does a front suplex. He tags Gunner. Aries hits him with a spinning elbow but it doesn’t fade Gunner much. Gunner does a huge backbreaker and then lifts him up for the torture rack. Aries taps. The team raise their arms in the ring while the others look on from the outside.

Winners: Gunner, James Storm, Chavo Guerrero, and Hernandez

AJ Styles comes into the arena on his motorcycle.

The camera is backstage with Aces & 8s. Ray says Impact thinks they got them because of AJ, but they don’t. He tells Anderson that he better take AJ out tonight. He mentions Parks but Devon is fired up and says he will take Parks. Don’t worry about it. Ray turns his attention to his Jeff Hardy. How is he even walking? He shouldn’t. Wes, Garett, and Doc have to take down Magnus, Joe and Hardy. He tells Knox that he has something for him. “Good” says Knox. Ray says he is calling war on Impact. They better get people otherwise anyone will turn into a D-Lo Brown… including Devon. Better get the job done. Ray walks away.

Mickie James is walking backstage with the Knockout Title over her shoulder. She is heading to the ring.


The commentators, Taz, Todd Keneley, and Mike Tenay are shown. They talk about Slammiversary and then talk about Bound for Glory’s location. A video plays showing the best talent in TNA with Sting, Mickie James, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and more. It has them talking about why they are the best and what Bound for Glory means for them. They are “Bound for Glory”. It’s going to be in San Diego, CA.

Video plays showing the recap of Mickie James’ win last week for the Knockout Title against Velvet Sky.

Music plays and here comes Mickie James. She is pumped that she is champion! She gets in the ring with a huge smile on her face. She is gloating with her title. She grabs a mic. She says it feels good to be champ. She just wanted to come out here and say, “Thank you.” She thanks everyone who supported her. It has been a crazy year with her album release and now being the Knockout Champion. It has been almost two years since she was champion. It has been a long time coming. She loves all the fans who stuck with her for all the years. There has been a handful that do not like her as champion. She says it is not fair. She deserves this title. She wants to address this. She calls out her good friend Velvet Sky. Sky’s music plays. She comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Sky walks up to her and they both hug. Mickie says Sky is amazing. She just wanted to bring her out and there has been some negativity that has been hurtful. She went to Sky before the match and asked Sky if she is ready. Sky wanted this match to happen, but Mickie wanted to wait till Sky was 100%. It was weird because Sky’s knee went out and she became champion. Let’s give Sky some applause on how she was a good champion. Sky takes the mic off of her and says business is business and she wants her rematch. Mickie is fine with that. She wants her knee to be 100%. Sky wants her rematch at Slammiversary. Mickie said Brooke said that there is a match at Slammiversary and its Gail and Taryn.

Music plays and here comes Gail Kim. Gail gets in the ring. She loves this whole love stuff, but let’s get something straight. Would Mickie actually be champion without Gail’s help? She was the one who hurt Sky’s knee. She took out more people recently. She will take Taryn to school and then she will make sure she is the last Knockout standing. She will go for the title and get what is hers. Sky says she has a rematch and Gail knows that. Gail heard enough and takes Sky right down. She drags her to the ring post but Taryn Terrell runs out. Gail runs across the ring. Mickie is on the ramp looking on but leaves the scene. Music plays and here comes Kenny King, the X-Division Champion. He comes out to the ring.


Chris Sabin’s music plays and he comes to the ring.

Gail Kim and Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin and Taryn Terrell

Taryn takes Gail right down. ODB is the referee in this match. Gail and Taryn get up and they fight back and forth. Taryn does a swinging neck breaker. Gail backs up in the corner. Taryn continues with punches to the face. ODB has to break it up. Taryn runs to her but Gail slides out of the ring onto the apron. Taryn lifts Gail up and hits a suplex. Taryn climbs the corner. She flies and hits Gail. She covers but Gail kicks out. Both get up and Gail moves out of the way as Taryn goes for a closeline. Gail tags Kenny. Chris now comes in. They run to each other but both duck. Chris does two arm drags and then works on the arm of Kenny. Kenny slides out and pushes Chris into Taryn but he applies the breaks. Kenny knocks Chris down from behind and then whips him in the ropes but Chris reverses it. He goes for a closeline, but King ducks and then hits a huge kick to the face. He goes to Taryn and then covers Chris. Chris kicks out. Kenny applies a headlock. Sabin gets up and punches his way out and hits a hiptoss. Chris runs into the ropes, but Gail hits him in the back. Kenny kicks him. Taryn wants to come in but ODB says no. King covers Chris but Chris kicks out. Kenny does a body slam and then a springboard leg drop but Chris moves before he can connect. Chris does multiple closelines and then a closeline to Kenny in the corner. He kicks Kenny in the gut and lifts him up to drop him on his face. He covers but King kicks out. Chris waits but Gail pulls on his hair. King gets up and pounds on Sabin’s back. Taryn goes after Gail now. both get in the ring and Kenny stops Taryn but Chris goes to Gail. Taryn and Gail attack each other while Chris lifts Kenny up and hits the Cradle Shot. He covers and wins.

Winners: Chris Sabin and Taryn Terrell

Chris gets on the mic and says he will be X-Division Champion after going through two ACL surgeries and being out for two years. Kenny attacks him from behind. As he goes after him more, Suicide runs in the ring. He lifts King up and drops him on his knee gut first. King goes out of the ring. Suicide picks the title up and looks at it. He then meets Chris face to face.

AJ Styles is walking backstage. The camera shows Mr. Anderson walking backstage. They fight next.


A video plays showing the career of Sting. He talks about going for the World Championship. It took him four years and his first one was with Ric Flair at Great American Bash 1990. His favorite is Ric Flair. Going after Hulk was one of the best… probably the best at that time and ever. Kurt Angle took Sting to the limit. Jeff Jarrett was the first one with TNA. This match is different at Slammiversary. It is to take the title away from him. He swerved everyone. This is his one chance to drive a stake through his heart.

The commentators go over the Slammiversary line-up.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the main event. Aces’ music hits and here comes Mr. Anderson. Anderson walks through the crowd and gets in the ring. AJ Styles’ music plays and he comes out all dressed in black. He brings his hands together above his head and then makes his way down the ramp. He gets slowly in the ring.

Mr. Anderson vs. AJ Styles

Ken goes right after him with punches. He has AJ in the corner. He backs up and punches him again. AJ fights back with punches. AJ puts Ken in the corner and does knife edge chops and punches. He takes him out and hits him face first into the turnbuckle. He kicks Ken’s leg but Ken punches him and then applies a headlock. AJ pushes him into the ropes, but Ken does a shoulder block. Ken runs into the ropes but AJ trips him and then kicks Ken on the mat. He drops an elbow. He gets Ken up and does a suplex. AJ does a cover but Ken kicks out. AJ grabs Ken as he is on his feet and whips him in the corner. AJ walks to him and punches his face several times. Ken kicks him in the gut and fights back with punches. Ken has AJ in the corner. He kicks him in the gut and AJ slides down the corner. AJ gets on the apron as Ken backs up. AJ drops Ken down on the top rope. Ken slowly goes down and rolls to the apron. Ken gets up on the apron now. AJ brings him in. He tosses him out. Styles takes his shirt off and then runs into the ropes. He does a baseball slide. Ken goes into the commentator’s desk. AJ continues the offense.


AJ has Ken down on the mat and stomps on him. Ken gets on the apron. AJ grabs him and goes for a suplex, but Ken punches him in the gut and goes for a suplex of his own. AJ lands on the apron. He knees Ken in the gut and punches him in the face. Both almost fall off the apron. AJ pushes the referee to get him away. Ken grabs AJ and drops him down face first into the apron. Ken gets AJ up and pushes him into the apron back first. He rolls AJ in and covers him but AJ kicks out before the referee counts. Ken punches AJ in the face before he can get up. Styles fights back though. He does punches and chops. He runs into the ropes but Ken does a back body drop. He covers but Ken kicks out. Ken now works on the arm. He has AJ for a while. AJ gets up finally and punches his way out of it. He runs into the ropes but ducks the closeline. He does a roll-up but Ken kicks out. Both get up and Ken does a shoulder block. He covers but AJ kicks out.

Ken drops his knees onto AJ’s arm. He wrenches it more. AJ headbutts his way out of it and then pushes Ken into the corner. He does shoulder tackles. Ken hits AJ’s back and then punches his face. AJ punches back. They go back and forth. AJ does kicks and then a closeline. Both are down. Both slowly get up. AJ does a huge kick to Ken’s chest and then a closeline. He does a spinebuster and then drops a knee to the face. AJ covers but Ken kicks out. Both get up. AJ has Ken on his shoulders but Ken slides behind him and locks his arms around AJ’s waist. AJ ducks and makes Ken go into the corner. He sits on the top rope and goes for a tornado DDT, but Ken takes AJ up on his shoulders and then does a fireman’s carry roll-away. He covers but AJ kicks out. Ken goes for Mic Check but AJ fights his way out and then plants Ken on the top rope. He drops him back and Ken’s leg is caught on the corner. AJ leaves and then comes back for a huge dropkick in the corner.

Just then, Kurt Angle enters the ring and takes AJ down. He punches him in the face, but AJ hits Kurt’s knee. He gets up and smacks Kurt’s knee more. Aces now enter the ring and they go after Kurt and AJ. Magnus, Sting, Joe, and Parks run down the ramp and fights Aces. It’s a war. Everyone is fighting everyone. Kurt and AJ continue to fight while Joe is going after Doc. They are on the ramp. In the ring is Sting and Bully Ray. They are face to face. Ray goes to through a punch but Sting punches back. It’s back and forth. They are throwing huge punches but no one is going down. Ray goes for a closeline but it doesn’t knock Sting down. Sting has the power. He takes Ray in the corner and then knocks him down and locks the Scorpion Death Lock. Devon enters and takes Sting down. He and Ray gets up and wait. Sting gets up and turns and they hit 3-D! The Aces & 8s get in the ring and they all join with their arms raised. TNA’s members are down, Magnus, Joe, and Parks. Aces are standing tall. The show fades.

Winner: No contest