TNA IMPACT 06 20 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Peoria, IL
Date: June 20, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video from earlier today. It shows Sting walking down a ramp outside of the arena. He walks past the camera and continues on his way.

A video plays showcasing the Bound for Glory Series. It shows the past stars that have been involved over the past two years. This is the third year. 12 men enter but only 1 man will win it all. Bobby Roode won the first and Jeff Hardy won the second series. He went on to become TNA World Champion. Who will go on to Bound for Glory and fight for the TNA World Championship? This will change someone’s life!

The camera shows the arena and the place is packed! The crowd is on their feet. They are all cheering. Stars are shown in the ring. 10 of the 12 men are already in the ring. These 10 men are in the Bound for Glory Series. Hulk Hogan’s music plays and here comes The Hulkster! He plays his fake guitar and does his taunts to get the crowd pumped up! He has a mic in his hand. The music stops. He wants to welcome all of the Impact-maniacs to the Bound for Glory Series! Also, tonight is Open Fight Night! Right now, he wants to bring two men out who already qualified because of their past victories. He introduces the person who won the 2011 Series and went on to be the longest reigning champion in TNA history. Here is Bobby Roode! Roode comes out and walks slowly past Hogan. He continues down the ramp. The other man he wants to bring out is the 2012 Series winner and he went on to become TNA World Champion. Here is Jeff Hardy! Jeff’s music plays and here he comes. He shakes the hand of Hulk and continues his way down the ramp. The crowd does a great pop. Hulk says tonight is the kickoff of Bound for Glory Series. Each man can fight tonight as it is Open Fight Night. The first call-out is either between Roode or Hardy as the fans got to vote for on TNA’s site. The person who wins the vote is Hardy. Who is he calling out? Jeff grabs a mic as the other participants stand around him. Austin grabs a mic and tells him to hold on. Austin wants to be the man who Jeff calls out first. We know that won’t happen though. Jeff may be the most popular person in this company, but there is one person who has a fan base every place they go to and that is Aries! Daniels grabs a mic and tells Aries that he has a point. Maybe he should call out Aries or Park or Magnus. He shouldn’t be calling out either member of Bad Influence. If he did, he would start with a demoralizing defeat of his career. Jeff says they all are great, but someone made it personal last week. That is Roode. He calls him out! Roode steps forward and pushes Hardy. Hardy goes to push back but Joe gets involved and pushes Roode back. Just then, every member gets involved and there is a huge brawl between every member! They exit the ring and then enter back in. Chaos!


The show returns and a video replay shows the huge brawl that just happened before the commercial break.

A graphic shows the point system for the Bound for Glory Series. Submission is 10 points while pinfall is 7 points and so on.

Aces & 8s music plays and here comes Mr. Anderson! He comes through the crowd and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He states that this is Open Fight Night and the start of the Bound for Glory Series. He gets to call someone out. Ladies and germs, this @sshole has a dub. Come out, Joseph Park….Park! Music plays and here comes Joseph! He gets in the ring.

Mr. Anderson vs. Joseph Park in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds and Anderson steps forward and so does Park. They go to lock-up but Anderson goes behind him and hits him on the head to bully him. Ken laughs and then he puts his head down for Park to apply a headlock. He does but Ken twists out of it and then trips Park. He falls. He gets up and holds his face. Ken bend s forward and tells him to do another headlock. He does but Ken slides out and does an armlock. Park switches out of it and applies a headlock and then an armlock and then takes Ken up from behind and takes him down on the mat. He hits his head and the crowd pops. Ken gets up and does a dropkick to Park’s leg. He falls. Ken hits Park’s face and steps on his hand. He puts him in the corner and continues to punch him in the face. Ken whips him in the opposing corner. He runs but Park moves and does a roll-up. He kicks out. Both get up and Ken does a neckbreaker. He covers but Park kicks out. Ken applies a headlock. Park gets up and elbows his way out of it. He goes to run but Ken whips his head back to the mat. Anderson climbs the corner. He does a swanton bomb move but Park moves out of the way. Both get up and Park punches Ken in the head and whips him in the ropes. He does a back body drop. He hits him with a closeline. Ken goes in the corner. Park runs to him but Ken moves. Ken lifts him up on his shoulders, but he is too heavy. Park takes the legs out from under Ken. He does a Boston crab. Just then, Doc enters the area and distracts the referee and Park. Ken does a roll-up but Park kicks out. Doc leaves the area. Both get up and Park does a body slam and then climbs the corner. Doc comes back and kicks Doc in the back. Parks falls down off the corner. Ken plants him to the mat and gets the win.

Winner and 7 points: Mr. Anderson

The BFG members are backstage. All are warming up and are focusing on who might be called out. AJ Styles is seen on the side as he just stands there. Who will fight next?


The Aces & 8s are backstage. Ken said he did what he said he was going to do. Just then, Doc asks what Ken is talking about. He said Ken stayed back for 8 minutes. Doc thinks he should be VP. Bully Ray gets in the middle and says they have been arguing for two weeks. What is going on? He said they will vote on who should be the next VP! They have another thing to deal with though and that is his wife! The members stare at Ray.

Jay Bradley is in the ring with a mic. He says he is going to make this real simple. He has a little chip on his shoulder. This guy was the champion last year and that is Austin Aries! Come on out here! Aries’ music plays and he gets in the ring.

Jay Bradley vs. Austin Aries in a Bound for Glory Series Match

Jay runs to Aries, but Aries sidesteps and Jay goes out of the ring. Aries goes to the top rope and jumps down on him. He brings Jay in and then does a springboard over the rope and lands on Jay’s back. Aries applies a front headlock, but Jay brings him up on the corner and then kicks Aries in the face. Austin falls to the outside. He gets back in and Jay continues the attack. He takes Aries down and covers him, but Aries kicks out. Jay kicks him and then applies many elbow drops. He covers but Aries kicks out again. Jay is waiting to his that Boom Stick! Jay has Aries in the corner, punches him and then does a hiptoss. He waits. Aries gets up in the corner. Jay runs to him for a big boot, but Aries ducks and Jay’s foot gets stuck on the top rope. Aries kicks Jay’s other leg and then puts him in the corner as he throws himself into Jay and continues with the kicks. He climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick to Jay. Jay goes to another corner. Aries runs to him, but Jay hits him with a big boot. Jay goes for the Boom Stick, but Aries hits Jay. He fights back, but Jay lifts Aries up and does a backbreaker. He goes for the finisher again, but Aries ducks and hits a crucifix. Jay goes in the corner. Aries does a running dropkick to Jay and then brings him to the middle of the ring for the Brainbuster!

Winner and 7 Points: Austin Aries

A video plays showing Aces & 8s attack on Sting during Slammiversary. Ray retained his title. Aces are family, but Sting needs his family now to destroy Aces. He needs the new Main Event Mafia! They will rise and Aces will fall.

Sting is walking backstage. The cameraman asks him about his agenda tonight. Sting says he is going to have a sit down. The MEM will rise and tonight is grows!


Sting is backstage in a dark area. He says it is about brotherhood and family. Are you in? The person shakes Sting’s hand. The person is in the darkness. Sting says they can take down Aces!

Chavo and Hernandez are backstage. Chavo gets Hernandez pumped up. He says he can do this tonight! Go get them!

Hernandez’s music plays and he comes to the ring. He grabs a mic. He says out of all of the members in the BFG Series and one person annoys him constantly. He is a loud mouth! Come Daniels so Hernandez can kick your @ss! Daniels’ music plays and he struts to the ring.

Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels in a Bound for Glory Series Match

Daniels runs to Hernandez and takes out Hernandez’s leg. He gets him up in the corner and punches and kicks him. Hernandez throws him down. He gets up and Hernandez puts him in the corner and then does a belly to belly type suplex. Both get up and Daniels fights back with a rake to the eyes and then a punch to the face. Daniels runs in the ropes. Hernandez bends down and Daniels kicks him in the chest. Daniels taunts but Hernandez lifts him up and does a military press. Hernandez puts Daniels in the corner. He runs to him, but Daniels lifts him over the ropes. Hernandez goes on the ramp and runs. He jumps over the ropes and takes Daniels down with a shoulder tackle. He gets Hernandez up and goes for a powerbomb, but Daniels gets out and grabs on the ropes. Hernandez grabs him from behind and Daniels low blows him without the referee seeing. Hernandez falls. Daniels climbs the corner and hits the BME! He gets the pin.

Winner and 7 points: Christopher Daniels

Brooke Hogan is walking backstage. She will have a State of the Knockout Division tonight.


Kazarian is in the ring with a mic. He says we witnessed the first Bad Influence win tonight and we will witness another. Kaz calls out the person who people say, including Dixie, is the future of this business. Also, she says he is gorgeous. Come out, mate! Magnus walks out to the ring.

Kazarian vs. Magnus in a Bound for Glory Series Match

Magnus and Kazarian quickly fight as the bell sounds. Magnus tosses Kazarian out of the ring. Magnus goes to the side of the ring, but Kazarian fights him from the outside. He gets in. He continues the offense as he takes Magnus down and covers. Magnus kicks out. Kazarian applies a headlock. Magnus gets up and punches his way out of it. Kaz kicks Magnus in the face though. He bounces off the ropes, spins around for a neckbreaker. He now applies a dragon sleeper! Magnus lifts his knee and hits Kaz in the face to get out of it. He closelines Kaz several times. They go into the ropes and Magnus takes him down with a closeline. He whips him in the ropes, but Kaz jumps on the ropes and flies back. Magnus catches him and does a suplex. He covers but Kaz puts his leg on the ropes. He gets up in the corner. Magnus runs to him and Kaz moves. Magnus goes into the corner. Kaz climbs the corner. He goes for a missile dropkick, but Magnus blocks and locks the Texas Clover. Kaz taps!

Winner and 10 points: Magnus

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. He is on the phone. He talks about 3 guys and how it feels perfect. He gets off the phone. He turns and pushes Bully into the wall as he was walking right behind Hogan. Hogan says that they need to do this now. Hogan wants Ray to hit him. Ray says he doesn’t want to. He wants to talk to Brooke. Hogan says she is done with him. They are done. Brooke asks Hulk why Brooke stopped him for hitting Ray in the head with the same hammer a few weeks back. Ray walks up while Hulk ponders.


Brooke Hogan’s music plays and she walks down the ramp. She gets in the ring and goes to the podium that is set up in the ring. Brooke wants to thank the Knockouts for what they have been doing recently. They have been talked about show after show and that is great! Brooke says they have a hot summer, if you know what she means, but there are some points she wants to make. She wants the Knockouts to come out to the ring. Music hits and here comes ODB and Eric Young. They have the Knockout Tag Team Titles. Next is Velvet Sky, Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim. Gail stops on the ramp and then gets in the ring. She guesses Mickie James needs a special introduction. Here is Mickie! Mickie’s music plays and she comes out. Mickie has a mic in her hand. She thanks Brooke for allowing her to speak on the Address of the Division. She brings up her music videos and songs. She is now going to be in a huge commercial. It is a full time job being Mickie. Carrying the division on Mickie’s shoulders is easier than Sky’s knee. Brooke says everyone is equal in this division as it is not about one person. Brooke brings up Eric Young. The crowd pops. He asks him if he remembers their conversion they had about a year and a half ago. EY says they are all humans. They make mistakes. If you want to get down to the meat of the potato, he is not a woman. The crowd chants, “No, no, no.” EY doesn’t know what that means. He then hands the tag titles to Brooke and says it is National Kissing Day. EY kisses ODB. They fall on the mat, roll to the ramp and run away. Brooke moves on.

This division is about competition. She congratulates Sky for what she has been through. Mickie says the pigeon is injured and she can’t fly. Brooke talked to Sky’s doctor and she is able to compete. Sky vs. Mickie will be next week. Gail says Brooke is missing her as she is the best around. Brooke says Gail’s match was one of the best ever and she will get her match at Las Vegas! It will be Gail vs. Taryn in a Ladder Match! Brooke concludes and they can go.

Taz and Mike Tenay are shown as they show Sting’s segments from earlier. Whose hand did Sting shake? Hardy vs. Roode is later tonight!

Brooke and Hulk are backstage. Hulk says Brooke did a great job tonight but she has to go as Ray is making this like a circus. Brooke doesn’t understand as she is just doing her job. He says she did her job and can go. Brooke has to go in the car. The driver drives off. They say they love each other. Hogan looks on.


Jeff Hardy is getting ready for his match tonight as he is warming up backstage. A video then plays showing the TNA Always Evolve App. It is a workout app! Get it now!

Music plays and here comes AJ Styles. AJ slowly walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. The Titan Tron states, “No one.” AJ grabs a mic. The lights are dim. He states that is real simple. It isn’t about Aces & 8s. It is not about TNA. It is about him. It’s about him becoming the next TNA World Champion! It is not for the fame or glory. It’s for the money. Everybody is looking for a hero. If he learned one thing in the past 11 years, this is no place for a hero. In case you missed it the first time, then hear it again. He is sick and tired of doing the right thing. He will do his own thing. Music hits and here comes Samoa Joe! He makes his way to the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe in a Bound for Glory Series Match

They move around the ring. They go to lock-up but Joe does a swinging kick. AJ moves back. AJ does a kick to Joe. They now go for punches. AJ goes for one but can’t reach. Joe reaches AJ and punches him in the face. He goes back into the corner. Joe continues but AJ gets out and puts Joe in the corner. He hits him and then applies a headlock. He takes him to the center of the ring. Joe rolls around to get out of it, but AJ keeps it on. Joe lifts AJ up, but AJ rolls though. Joe is able to apply a head scissor. AJ gets out of it. Both get up and Joe runs to him, but AJ kicks him and puts him in the corner. He does a knife edge chop and then several punches. He whips him in the opposing corner but Joe reverses it. Joe runs to him, but AJ kicks him and then takes him down with a closeline. AJ gets him up to his feet. He lifts him up and does a back suplex. AJ now kicks and stomps on Joe. AJ punches Joe in the corner, but Joe punches back. He whips AJ into the corner. Joe runs to him, but AJ jumps over the ropes and lands on the apron. Joe kicks him in the face. Joe goes for a suicide dive, but AJ gets in the ring. AJ jumps over the ropes but lands on the apron. Joe kicks the legs out from under AJ and he falls flat on his face. AJ rolls in while Joe looks around on the outside.


Joe has AJ on the mat. He does chops to his back and then kicks to his chest. He jumps and plants a knee to his face. He covers but AJ kicks out. Both get up and AJ fights back, but Joe hits AJ with an elbow. He falls. Joe brings AJ up and headbutts him and then does several punches. He bounces off the ropes. AJ does a dropkick. Joe flies back outside of the ring. AJ runs and does a baseball slide. Joe falls. AJ gets out and brings Joe in the ring. He jumps on the top rope and does a springboard flying forearm. He covers but Joe kicks out. AJ goes to lift Joe for a suplex, but Joe blocks and lifts AJ up. AJ lands on his feet behind him. He runs in the ropes and does dropkick to Joe’s legs. He falls. AJ covers but Samoa kicks out. AJ goes to the corner and climbs. Joe runs to him, but AJ jumps down. Both run to each other, but Joe grabs him for a scoop powerslam. All of a sudden, Joe applies a cross armbreaker. AJ’s feet reaches the ropes. AJ gets up in the corner. His arm is hurting. Joe lifts AJ on the top corner. AJ punches Joe but Joe does a chop. He climbs and goes for a superplex, but AJ moves and lands right down on Joe. Both are down. The referee counts. He is up to 6-7-8! Both are up. AJ punches Joe and kicks him. He does several hits but Joe does a big punch and then punches AJ in the face and has him in the corner. AJ goes down and rolls Joe up. He applies that calf killer. Joe reverses and has the submission sleeper. AJ gets out and has Joe’s shoulders down. He kicks out. There is 1 minute left. Both get up. AJ punches Joe in the face. Joe punches back with multiple punches and does knees. Both go back and forth now. Joe takes AJ down and tries to get his shoulders down. Joe goes for a half nelson, but the match ends.

Draw and each get 2 points

Joe gets to his knees, but AJ punches Joe in the face. They fight and then the referee pulls them away. AJ gets up and his nose is bleeding. Joe gets to his feet and raises his arms. AJ gets out of the ring and walks away.

Bully Ray is on the phone. He asks where the person is. The person says they left. Who is it? It’s Brooke. Bully wants to talk to Brooke. He tells her to turn the car around. He wants to talk to her. He ends the call and tells Aces that she is coming back. He tells two members to get on bikes and make sure Brook comes back while the others watch Ray’s back.


Hulk Hogan is backstage with Kenny King, Suicide, and Chris Sabin. Hulk says social media is all over the X-Division match next week. Also, the person who is champion will get to decide if they want to challenge Bully Ray for the TNA World Title on July 18th. The champion will cash in the title for the opportunity. Hulk leaves and Kenny starts to get all cocky as he thinks he will get the title next week.

Bobby Roode’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Jeff comes out on stage as he comes out to his music. Roode gets out of the ring and runs to him. Jeff punches him and Roode goes back. Jeff tosses Roode in the ring. He gets in.

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy in a Bound for Glory Series Match

Jeff continues the offense as he has Roode in the corner. He whips him in the corner. Jeff does a hurricanrana and then takes Roode down after he gets up. Jeff goes for a sharpshooter, but Roode takes Jeff down and applies a crossface. Jeff reaches and grabs the ropes. Roode gets up and stomps on Jeff. Jeff grabs Jeff’s legs and does a catapult. Jeff goes right into the ropes throat first. He falls to the outside. Roode gets out and attacks Jeff. He rolls Jeff in the ring. Roode stomps on Jeff again. He gets him to his feet. Roode lifts him up and hits a suplex. Roode jumps up and drops a knee to the head/chest. He covers Jeff, but he kicks out. Jeff crawls to the corner. Roode stomps on Jeff some more. He gets him up and takes him face first into the top turnbuckle. Roode punches Jeff and then does a knife edge chop. He whips him into the opposing corner. He runs and smashes Jeff. Roode punches Jeff in the corner. He whips him in the opposing corner. Roode runs to him, but Jeff elbows him and then kicks him down. Jeff climbs the corner, drops down, and hits a splash. He covers but Roode kicks out. Roode whips Jeff in the corner. Jeff floats up, but Roode catches him. Jeff slides behind him and takes Roode down. He drops his legs in between Roode’s, does a dropkick and a cover. Roode kicks out again. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate, but Roode pushes him in the ropes. He comes back and Bobby does a spinebuster. A cover results in a 2 count.

Roode gets up and waits. He gets Jeff up for a fisherman suplex, but Jeff blocks it and hits the Twist of Fate! Jeff takes his shirt off and climbs the corner. He goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Roode moves. Roode locks in the crossface. Jeff rolls back and has a cover. Roode kicks out. Both get up and after a little ducking, Jeff grabs Roode and hits the Twist of Fate. He covers and wins.

Winner and 7 points: Jeff Hardy

Bully Ray is walking backstage. He has the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He is coming to the ring.

Sting is walking backstage. The cameraman asks if he is leaving. He says no as he has family business to take care of. Sting has a smile on his face.


Aces & 8s music plays! Here comes Bully Ray. He meets Taz and hugs him. Ray gets in the ring afterwards. He raises his title and grabs a mic. He wants his music off! He says the BFG Series is well underway. Next week, 3 guys from the X-Division fight for an opportunity to fight Bully Ray. That is 15 guys who want Bully. Do you know who he is? He is Bully Ray. He will do anything and everything to keep his World Title. Look at what he did to Hogan and Sting. The last thing you want to do is face Bully. It is Open Fight Night and he wants to call someone out… not to fight though. At the end of the day, Bully is a lover, not a fighter. He wants Brooke Hogan out here, his wife. Ray waits in the ring for her to come out. Come on Brooke, he wants her right now. Just then, music hits and it is the Main Event Mafia music!

Sting comes out on the stage. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He has his sunglasses on with his nice tailored suit. He grabs a mic. The crowd is cheering. Sting does a “Woooo!” Sting realized that there is no lone wolf that can take Aces down. That is why he went back to his family. Ray tells the crowd to shut up as they start to chant. They are all chanting a guy who lost to Ray. Ray says who cares about family. Ray beat Sting single-handedly. That is why Sting can’t fight for the title again. Sting says he is right. He can get retribution tonight though. Ray asks what Sting means. He has nothing in his tank. Sting turns around and takes his tie off. Ray can snap his fingers and his family will come out here. Ray asks what he is doing. Sting takes his jacket off. Ray will snap his fingers. His brothers will come and snap Sting’s neck. Sting starts to unbutton his shirt. Ray snaps his fingers. He had enough. Aces! Ray calls them out. They aren’t coming. Sting throws his shirt into Ray’s face. Ray takes the shirt off and Sting points to the Titan Tron. The Aces are all down and out. Sting punches Ray in the face. He falls. Ray gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Ray turns and Kurt is right there. He takes Ray down and applies the Ankle Lock. Ray is tapping. Sting gets in the face of Ray as he is crying. Angle releases the lock and stands over Ray as the show fades.