TNA IMPACT 07 04 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: July 4, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Recapping Bully freaking about whom the newest member of MEM is, and then Angle and Sting revealing its Joe. Then Suicide won the X Division Championship, but it wasn’t Perkins. Turned out to be Aries, and he is going after Bully’s WHC.

In Ring Segment

Aries to the ring. Aries – Some people love me. Some people, they love to boo me. Everybody now has to respect me. I came out last week and do what I do – outsmart people, create controversy, cause a buzz. Last year I created Option C. Last year I cashed in the X Division Title, and won the WHC. After my clever plan where I captured this, you bet your ass I’m cashing in for a shot at Bully at Destination X, and will be the WHC again. Hogan, bring your ass our here brother so I can hand this over and make it official.

Hogan to the ring, soaking up the love of the fans.
Aries – Let’s make this official. I’m ready to hand this over.
Hogan – Thank you Champ. You did it last year, and did it again. He’s X Division Champ, and what a Champ he is. He created Option C and a lot of other things. He took things to a brand new high, and a brand new low. In Sin City they haven’t seen a sin like last week. In Las Vegas they haven’t seen a sin like gimmick infringement brother!
Aries – I don’t infringe on gimmicks, brother!
Hogan – So, if that’s the way it’s going to go. You created Option C who decides when. Option C happens at the end of the night tonight. It will be an X Division Three Way. The man you stabbed in the back to win this belt. I changed his name, it’s not Suicide, it’s Manik.
Out comes Manik in the original Suicide ring gear.
Aries – Back him up, who is this mystery man?
Hogan – It’s not just him, but the other man, the one who didn’t get pinned. Bring him out, Sabin Mania brother!
Out comes a rather pissed looking Sabin.
Hogan – See the way it goes Austin, you have two dark clouds coming at you in the main event.
Sabin – Austin, I will keep this short and sweet. A year ago, I didn’t think I’d step in this ring. I was at home, but I never gave up, never stopped fighting. You are the greatest scam that lived. (Aries smiles and nods.) I earned that belt, you cheated your way to it. There’s nothing you or anyone can do to stop me from being a 6 time X Division Champ tonight!

Backstage Segment

Daniels – What do you want with your scoops and questions. What do you want?
Hervey – I want to talk to Kaz about his match with AJ tonight.
Kaz – No one knows AJ like us. I will beat him tonight, don’t care if it’s clean cut AJ, or Bieber AJ, but I will beat him tonight.
Daniels – Make sure Perry gets that for the midnight edition!


BFG Series – Kaz vs. AJ

Kaz – Am I on? It’s 4th of July, but also Throwback Thursday. Watch as women’s panties disappear at the shake of Daniels’ waist, and gold appears around my waist!
AJ out to face either Siegfried or Roy, not sure which is which.

AJ punches the wig off Kaz’s head. Kaz from the ring. AJ goes for a drop kick through the ropes and Tenay says he hits it full, but in reality AJ’s foot catches the middle rope on his way through. Back in and on Kaz in a corner. Head scissors on Kaz. Kaz whipped, and a big clothesline. AJ tries again, but Kaz moves. Monkey flip on AJ. Blows on AJ on the mat as Daniels cheers him on. Drop kick on AJ for one. Forearm, bitch slap, then a kick to Kaz, but Kaz then takes AJ down! Clothesline, back elbow, then another clothesline from AJ. AJ lifted over the top, lands on the apron, flies off the top back with a springboard forearm on Kaz.

Kaz with a big drop kick on AJ for two. Kaz reverses on AJ, and AJ tries to lock on a submission. Kaz free with two, but then AJ locks on a calf killer. Kaz finally has to tap out.

Winner – AJ +10=12 (4:01)

Backstage Segment

Mickie – Chuck, the person I was looking for. Is that ladder set up?
Chuck – Working on it.


Backstage Segment

Chavo – Bro, you got this. Everyone says you’re going to be Champ. Tonight I’m in your corner. Win it, believe this thing!

In Ring Segment

Mickie in the ring with a ladder.
Mickie – I know you’re all wondering what I’m doing with this ladder. I’m here to tell you a story. To get to the top of the Knockouts Division, you have to crawl, scratch, even climb your way to the top. (She’s climbing as she says this, and looks terribly scared with every little ladder shake.) You know, I’m the one who is a national recording artist. I’m asked to walk the red carpet and do commercials. My name is on the marquee out there, and the Knockouts Champ. See, even though I beat Velvet with my eyes closed last week, all I keep hearing about is this Ladder Match to see who will face me for this Title. Gail, Taryn, come out here and break your legs, break everything because you will not beat me. You will never be a great as me! So, whoever wins that match, know this, I’m going to take you from the top of this ladder down, breaking your face on each and every rung of this ladder. I’m going to be at the top of this Division as your heartbreakin’, history making, Knockouts Champion of the century, Mickie James. (Mickie kisses her belt and holds it out to the camera.)

Gut Check Discussion

Prichard – This isn’t American Idol, you need to perform and capture the audience.
Snow – Big O did that, he got the win.
Davis – Could we coach him, or does he think he knows everything.
Snow – I’ve watched him grow and evolve through the years.
Prichard – I’m not sure the audience could relate to him, or liked him. They booed him.
Snow – We always have to argue with you about each of my guys.
Prichard – It’s one in a million, that’s all it is.
Snow – You won’t know until you dig down and find that stone! He was great when you saw him elsewhere.
Prichard – If they’re going to shit the bed, they shouldn’t be here. My mind was made up in the first couple minutes.
Snow and Davis agree.

Gut Check Backstage

Prichard – I know you’re nervous, but only one of you advance to the ring. I hope you’re proud of your performance in the ring. Ryan, please. Adam, if you will get out of our O-Zone.

Backstage Segment

Angle – Our numbers are growing. Tonight, the 4th member of the Mafia will be revealed.


BFG Series – Jay Bradley vs. Hernandez

Bradley to the ring. Hernandez out with Chavo in tow.

They lock up. Hernandez throws Bradley off. Side headlock on Hernandez. Shoulder block doesn’t drop either. Blows on Hernandez, who then takes Bradley down. Side headlock on Hernandez, thumb to the eye. Bradley up and rides Hernandez down with a knee to the back for two.

Headlock on Hernandez. Hernandez up, elbows free, but then eats an elbow that sends him through the ropes. Shoulder through the ropes on Bradley, then Hernandez up the ramp, runs, takes Bradley down. Clotheslines to Bradley, then Hernandez really takes Bradley down, but Hernandez only gets two! Hernandez on Bradley’s head, but Bradley with a poke to the eye, then mocks Chavo. Chavo reaches in and grabs Bradley’s foot. Distracted by Chavo, Bradley taken down for three.

Winner – Hernandez +7 (3:12)

Backstage Segment

Bully – You have to give that SOB credit for getting into the Title picture.
Wes – What about Brooke? Tell us what’s going on with Brooke.
Bully – This is club business, Brooke is my personal business. You’d have thought it was Hogan’s business by how he got involved last week.
Wes – Brooke just got engaged. What’s going on with that? Come on!
Bully – Wes, I’m gonna say it one more time. This is time for club business, Brooke is personal business. Tonight it’s Sabin vs. Aries vs. TJ or PJ Perkins, or Manik, whatever. The winner faces me at Destination X.
DOC – Who do you want to face?
Anderson – I personally, don’t think he cares who he faces, he can beat anybody’s ass.
Bully – What if nobody wins tonight? Nobody!
They all laugh and toast their beer bottles.


Bromance vs. Storm & Gunner

Bromance to the ring with Tara. Storm and Gunner to the ring together.

Jessie and Robbie on Gunner at the bell. Jessie keeps on Gunner in the heel corner. Robbie tags in and they double team Gunner. Jessie tags in, more double team. Robbie tags in and more double team. Storm distracts the ref and Tara attacks Gunner through the ropes. Jessie tags in, but Gunner in control with a fall away slam on Robbie. Storm tags in and takes out Jessie, then Robbie. Clothesline to Jessie, then Robbie hung up top. Gunner tags in and they double team Jessie, tossing him spread legged on Robbie. Robbie and Storm fight outside as Jessie on Gunner inside. Robbie tries to help Jessie and eats last call. Gunner with a back breaker on Jessie. Storm pumps up the fans, then they hit a new double finisher on Jessie for three.

Winners – Storm & Gunner (3:04)

Backstage Segment

MEM heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Angle and Sting to the ring, all suited up. Angle in a dark pinstriped suit, shallow V tee, Sting in a light putty colored suit, with tie. Louie Anderson is in the front row.
Angle – Ladies and gentlemen, Main Event Mafia is back! Again MEM is back! We’re back for two reasons. Destroy A&8?s, and two, to make sure Bully loses the WHC.
Sting – Woooo! The previous MEM consisted of former World Champs. In a situation like that you don’t always have the greatest unity. So we’ve decided to go for a no nonsense approach. That’s why we went with this new guy who represents the foundation of change in the new MEM. We give you Samoa Joe!
Out comes Joe in a sick black suit, white shirt, collar wide, shades – epic! “Joe! Joe! Joe!”
Joe – Las Vegas, once again the Mafia runs this town tonight. The last 12 months I was a man of my own devices, but I’ve noticed strength in numbers. Those number being A&8?s. Even a man like me cannot beat up that many cowards at once. I got me a crew of the baddest men on the planet, who are the best at beating coward like you. In the BFG Series with these guys at my back, I will run roughshod until I earn my shot at Bully, and choke you out for the WHC.
Angle – I picked Joe because of how he pushed me in our matches. That built respect and into loyalty. He’s the baddest SOB I’ve been in the ring with. Joe came to me with who the 4th should be, and I thought ‘damn, that’s a good idea’. Many would pick him as the future of Impact, but he’s the here and now. The 4th member of MEM – Magnus!
Magnus comes out in a gray suit, gray and red tie, scruff on his face, and shades. Magnus hugs everyone in the ring.
Magnus – When I was approached by them to join the most prestigious group in wrestling today, I had to think about it. I had to think about it for about a split second! Because when opportunity knocks, you answer the door. You don’t believe me, look at the BFG Series leader board. Don’t believe me? Ask these three men. Sting, one of the best the industry has seen. Ask the only Olympic gold medalist in sports entertainment history. Bell to bell there’s no one better than Angle. And where do I start with this man? In 2012 I was put on the map with my association and rivalry with Joe. I thank you for that forever and a day brother. It’s not just about me and MEM. It’s about A&8?s. I signed in to put an end to A&8?s for good.
Sting – July 18 will be the next WHC match, A&8?s, MEM challenges you to a fight. Tonight in Las Vegas. Bully asked what happens if there’s no winner, MEM will make sure you have a winner!

In Ring Segment

Hardy out to the ring with his eyes and neck painted.


BFG Series – Jeff Hardy vs. Joseph Park

Joseph to the ring.

Joseph hands over his glasses to the ref, after the bell. Joseph shakes Hardy’s hand. Hardy gets the fans clapping, they circle and lock up. Hardy backed into a corner. Clean break. Lock up, side headlock on Joseph. Shoulder block from Hardy drops Hardy. Side headlock on Joseph. Hardy ducks Joseph, Joseph grabs a kick, but the other kick sends Joseph flying. Hardy whipped, tries to float, gets caught, hits head scissors. Twist of fate and Hardy climbs. Joseph moves and avoids the swanton!

Joseph looks shocked at Hardy writhing on the mat. Joseph pulls Hardy up, puts him in a corner, then hits some blows, but wastes time. Hardy whipped and hits the mat. Joseph pulls Hardy up, wastes time, but hits another big whip, so Hardy lands on the mat. Joseph splashes Hardy in a corner and Hardy crumbles. Joseph looks around confused about what to do next. Snap mare on Hardy into a headlock. Hardy calls on the love of the fans, and up. Hardy elbows free. Hardy ducks a clothesline, forearm takes Joseph down. Drop kick on Joseph for two.

Joseph pushes off the twist of fate, and lands a fall away slam on Hardy. Joseph looks shocked, then sits up top. Joseph with a splash on Hardy for a long two. Joseph, again, looks shocked. Hardy pulls to his feet, Joseph rushes, but eats an elbow. Whisper in the wind on Joseph. Joseph’s lip is bleeding, and he’s pissed. Joseph turns and hits the black hole slam on the ref!

Hardy – Joseph, what the hell’s wrong with you?

Brian Hebner to the ring and calls for the bell. Joseph is now -10 in the BFG Series.

Winner – Hardy via disqualification +3 (8:07)


Gut Check

Borash announces Al Snow, Danny Davis, Bruce Prichard. Then Ryan Howe comes out to the ring. He comes out with his guitar hanging around him.
Borash – Do you think we saw your best effort in this ring?
Ryan – Absolutely yes!
Snow – Ryan, I’ve watched you improve over time. I gave you this opportunity. We have to ask why you want to wrestle, but that being said, my answer is no.
Borash – You need two yeses, you get 30 seconds to kick out!
Ryan – Say what you will Al Snow, it takes a lot of guys a lot of years to get to this level. I feel great to get here in a few short years. Isn’t this what Gut Check is about? You looking for the future of TNA, here I am.
Davis – Ryan, my mind was made up, but these people changed it, but these people changed it. You didn’t let them get in your head as they booed you. I think you can be an Impact Superstar, but it will take work. I say yes.
Borash – Is it yes or no?
Prichard – You got a reaction, no doubt about it. I won’t doubt your heart and desire. I’ll make this short and sweet. On any other night you might go to the next round, but this is Gut Check. The answer is no.
Borash – We wish you the best of luck from Impact Wrestling.
Ryan shakes hands with all of them.

Backstage Segment

Bully – My brothers, main event time. Let’s go watch nobody win.
They all head off, but DOC stops Bully to talk.
DOC – I heard what MEM said. You should let DOC take them out tonight.
Anderson comes back to catch all this.
Anderson – Look at this campaigning. Are you kidding me? There will be a vote next week and we will know VP.
Bully – You know, if you two spent as much time thinking about taking out MEM as you do stabbing each other in the back, maybe the job would have gotten done already. Can we get on the same page? Let’s go out there, raise a little hell, piss some people off, and do whatever the hell we want to do. Ramblers, let’s get ramblin’.

Backstage Segment

Each of the three in the main event heading for the ring, but all separately, cut one after the other.


X Division Championship Match – Chris Sabin vs. Manik vs. Austin Aries (champion)

Bully and A&8’s out. A little boy reaches to slap Bully’s hand. Bully stops, looks, goes around. Sabin to the ring. Manik to the ring. Aries out, X Division belt around his waist. Aries bounces over the top rope like it’s nothing. Brian Hebner holds up the belt to the fans.

Manik and Sabin right after Aries. Sabin hangs Aries up top. Manik hits a sick drop kick on Aries. Sabin on Manik with a whip and clothesline. Sabin on Manik. Sabin sends Aries out. Octopus style submission from Manik on Sabin, Aries breaks it up. Manik up top, Aries knocked to apron. Manik off the corner. Manik whipped to the ropes, caught in them, then moves for Sabin to fly out. Manik ends up landing outside hard himself.

Sabin on Aries with blows. Sabin whipped, back elbow, then drop kick on Sabin for two. Sabin sent over the top, eats an elbow, then Aries climbs and flies with a clubbing blow on Sabin on the ramp. Sabin face first to the ramp.

A&8?s comes to the ringside area as Manik sets up in the ring. Manik is caught, but free and flies out on DOC. DOC powerbombs Manik to the floor in front of announce. MEM comes out to the ringside area. A&8’s back off.


Manik is carried out on a board. Brain buster on Sabin on the apron! Aries is in the ring as the ref counts, but Sabin in before ten. Aries keeps trying to get the three, but can’t. MEM standing around the ring to make sure A&8’s doesn’t get involved. Aries again takes Sabin down for two. Leg drop on Sabin’s face on the apron. A&8?s are behind the barricade, looking pissy. Sabin fights back with kicks, blows, chops and kicks in a corner. Sick enziguri on Aries! Single foot drop kick to a kneeling Aries for two as Sabin holds the back of his neck. Sabin gets Aries up, but then Aries down. Sabin backed into a corner, back elbows to Sabin. A big chop, then Aries with drop kick that doesn’t land as Sabin gets a foot into Aries’ chest. Sabin rushes Aries, foot gets caught in the ropes, so he works the knee. Aries up, missile drop kick on Sabin. Another drop kick on Sabin in a corner. Sabin somehow locks a small package for two. Brain buster on Sabin, but only two!

Aries with a bridging chinlock on Sabin. “This is awesome!” chants. Sabin get to the ropes to break the hold. Aries climbs, stands up there two long. Sabin moves and Aries crashes. Power bomb from Sabin for two. All hail Sabin, but only for two! Sabin looks about to cry through the “TNA!” chants. Sabin tries again, Aries reverses, but only gets two. Forearm to Sabin’s face, but both men are down. Brian is counting, but they get up. Forearms and blows, to chops, then a back kick from Sabin. Back elbow on Aries in a corner. Drop kick to Sabin in the other corner. Sabin up top, Aries up, Sabin is able to get a hold of Aries and, all hail Sabin off the top for three.

Winner and new X Division Champion – Chris Sabin! (16:22)

Sabin – Bully, all I gotta say, is you might very well be looking at the new WHC!
Bully (off mic) – You can’t beat me! You can’t beat me!