TNA IMPACT 07 11 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: July 11, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showcasing the X-Division Match two weeks ago. Austin Aries won the title as he was Suicide. Hulk made a match last week to determine if Austin Aries will really go for the World Title. It switches to Aces and 8s and they going to take all of them down before someone got the title. Magnus joined Main Event Mafia and they came out just in time to stop Aces. Chris Sabin is the new X-Division Champion!

Bully Ray is walking backstage. He stops and stares at the camera. He wants to talk about Brooke Hogan, his wife. How dare she go out and get engaged. Ray understands that people need to move on, but you move on when Ray says to move on! Ray walks away.

The camera shows the crowd and the audience is on their feet. They are cheering and ready to go. Aces and 8s music hits and here comes Bully Ray! He leads the group. Devon is with him as well as Garett Bischoff, Knux, Wes Brisco, Mr. Anderson, and Doc. Bully Ray hugs Taz and gives some words to Mike Tenay. They get in the ring and Ray grabs a mic. He needs to take care of some business. The first order of business is Chris Sabin. He is the new X-Division Champion. He now has the opportunity to fight Bully Ray at Destination X. Hulk Hogan will come out later and ask Sabin to hand over the title to fight Ray. Ray tells Chris to not trade that title in. You don’t want any parts of Ray. He is a bad, bad man. He does bad things to little people like him. Onto the next business. Aces vote on the next VP. Aces vote… not the fans! It is a family and it is like a business. Speaking of so called family… the Main Event Mafia! They challenge Aces to a fight. Ray will positively say no! They fight on their terms! Just then, music plays and here comes Main Event Mafia! Kurt, Sting, Magnus, and Joe come out. Kurt has a mic. Kurt tells Ray that they didn’t pick that date on purpose. Next week, Ray will defend his title. Also, Main Event Mafia will take out each member of Aces. Ray will look around and he will be all alone. There will be no Aces and 8s! Sting grabs the mic. He knows Ray is nervous because he is pacing. Their newest member is a heavy hitter and you will find out who it is tonight. Main Event Mafia music plays again and they walk backstage. Ray is showing some panic.


Chris Sabin is walking backstage. He just entered the arena and has the X-Division Title over his shoulder.

Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme are on the entrance stage with a rolling barrel. Christy Hemme pulls a name out of the barrel and Jeremy announces it is Jeff Hardy! Jeff’s music hits and he comes out on the stage. He makes his way to the ring. Christy picks another name and Jeremy reveals it as Joseph Park! Joseph comes out and gets in the ring. Christy picks another name and it is AJ Styles! AJ’s music plays and he slowly comes out on the stage. He gets in the ring. Christy picks his partner and it is Samoa Joe! Joe comes out and joins AJ.

Jeff Hardy and Joseph Park vs. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe in a Joker’s Wild Card Tag Team Match

AJ and Joseph start the match. They go to lock-up but AJ sidesteps. They move around and Joseph goes to lock-up gut AJ sidesteps. AJ kicks Joseph in the gut and runs in the ropes. He slides under Park’s legs and kicks him. Park falls and tags Jeff. Jeff enters and he locks up with AJ. AJ applies a headlock. Jeff whips AJ in the ropes. He does a hiptoss and then an arm drag. He lifts him up and does a front suplex. He covers but AJ kicks out. AJ gets up and rams Jeff back first into the corner. Joe tags himself in and goes right after Jeff with punches to the face and chest. He gets Jeff up and does a headbutt. He whips Jeff in the ropes. Jeff comes back and kicks him in the chest. He goes in the ropes again, but Joe does an elbow to the face. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Joe puts Jeff in the corner, smashes him and then does the Pele type kick. He drags Jeff to the middle of the ring and tags AJ. AJ gets Jeff up, does a snapmare, and kicks him right in the back. AJ gets Jeff up, but Jeff punches AJ in the gut and then the face. AJ fights back with a punch and then locks in a submission hold with the calf. Park gets in and hesitates but hits AJ and it breaks the hold. Jeff tags Joseph. He enters but AJ tags Joe. Both stand there but they run and Joseph actually takes it to Joe. He has him in the corner. AJ kicks Park in the gut, but Park attacks AJ. Park goes back to Joe, but Joe punches him. Joseph steps back and AJ does a springboard elbow shot. Joseph stumbles back and Joe locks in the Rear Naked Choke. Joseph taps! Joe and AJ stand tall with their hands raised but they stare at each other.

Winners: AJ Styles and Samoa Joe


Taryn Terrell is in the locker room as she is warming up for her Ladder Match later tonight.

Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash are on the stage again as they pick the next names for the next contest. First is Jay Bradley. He comes out on the stage and gets in the ring. His partner is Hernandez. Here he comes! Mr. Anderson is picked next and he comes through the crowd to get in the ring. After he is settled, Magnus is picked and he comes to the ring.

Jay Bradley and Hernandez vs. Mr. Anderson and Magnus in a Joker’s Wild Card Tag Team Match

Anderson hesitates to get on the apron. He finally does. He goes extends his hand for Magnus, but Magnus gets out of the ring and let’s Anderson start. Ken gets in and runs around and then tags Magnus. He gets out. Magnus is annoyed already. He gets in and ties up with Jay. Magnus does a shoulder block to Jay. Jay gets up but tags Hernandez. Magnus works on the arm and goes to tag Anderson, but Anderson bends over because something was in his eye. Jay gets in and hits Magnus from behind. Hernandez now has control. He works on the arm of Magnus and tags Jay. Jay takes Magnus down with punches and kicks. Magnus gets up and punches Jay. He whips him in the ropes, but Hernandez tags himself in. He gets in and does a shoulder block on Magnus. He chokes Magnus on the second rope and then tags Jay in. Jay punches Magnus in the gut and whips him in the corner. Jay runs to him, but Magnus elbows him in the face. Jay runs again and Magnus kicks him. Magnus knocks him down and crawls to Ken for a tag. Ken gets off of the apron and yawns. Hernandez is in now from a tag from Jay. Hernandez runs to Magnus, but Magnus moves out of the corner. He fights but Hernandez overpowers Magnus. Hernandez takes Magnus down. Hernandez goes into the ropes, but Jay trips Hernandez. Hernandez asks him what is going on. Magnus rolls Hernandez up and gets the win.

Winners: Magnus and Mr. Anderson

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are backstage. Aries talks to Roode about the whole X-Division matches and how he lost the title so soon. He would have liked some help. Roode stands up and says he is 0-3 in the Bound for Glory Series and needs to focus on that rather than Aries’ matches. He won the first BFG Series. Just then, Bad Influence enters the picture. They say they are likely to fight each other tonight and they will show they are the best tag team in the bus-i-ness. They leave. Aries and Roode say they talk really fast and BOTH of them hate Bad Influence.


Gail Kim is backstage warming up for her match later tonight.

Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash are on the stage once again to announce the final Joker’s Wild Card tag match. Christopher Daniels comes out first and he shows his dance moves on the stage. He waits on the stage as they announce Austin Aries. Daniels is outraged! Aries comes out and stares at Daniels and then walks past him. Daniels meets up with him and talks to him on the stage. Aries gives him two thumbs up as they get in the ring. Bobby Roode is announced and he comes out. Finally Kaz walks out and he meets with Roode on the apron/ramp. They get in the ring.

Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode and Kaz in a Joker’s Wild Card Tag Team Match

Daniels and Kaz are in the ring but have their backs toward each other. They turn and realize they are facing each other. They are fine with it and move around the ring. They stop and do their handshake and Daniels tags Aries. Aries locks-up with Kaz. He takes Kaz down, but he gets up and Aries works on the arm. Kaz gets out of it and applies a headlock. Aries pushes Kaz in the ropes and does a hiptoss and then a dropkick to the face. Daniels tags himself in show he will protect Kaz. Kaz gets up and tags Roode. Roode enters and goes right after Daniels. He does a body slam and then drops his knee to Daniels. He covers but Daniels kicks out and quickly tags Aries. Aries gets in and looks at Roode. They motion they they want the title. They lock-up and Roode has his arms locked behind Aries, but Aries gets out and works on the arm, but Roode applies a headlock. Aries gets out of it and goes over the top rope and lands on the apron. He goes to fight Kaz on the apron, but Kaz drops and takes the legs out from under Aries. He gets Aries up and rams him back first into the apron.


Kaz has Aries’ arms wrapped around him. Aries fights out of it and runs to Daniels, but Kaz picks him up, spins him, and drops him down face and chest first. He covers but Austin kicks out. Kaz gets Aries up and goes for the Fade to Black, but Aries slides out, lands on his feet and hits Kaz with an elbow. They tag their partners in. Roode takes it to Daniels as he does a huge spinebuster. He covers but Daniels kicks out. They get up and Roode goes for a fisherman suplex, but Daniels gets out of it and lifts Roode up with one arm and drops him down. Aries tags himself in. He goes to the top and jumps. He lands on Roode. He gets Roode up and puts him in the corner. Aries runs for the dropkick, but Roode moves out of the way. Kaz tags in. He goes after Aries. He has a cover, but Daniels gets in and breaks it up. Aries gets up and goes for the Brain Buster, but Daniels tags himself in. All of a sudden, Kaz does a roll-up, to Daniels, and gets the win. Daniels is shocked but accepts it.

Winners: Kaz and Bobby Roode

Bully Ray is backstage with Aces and 8s. He tells them that they have to meet up with Taz and they will elect the new Aces and 8s VP. Ray leaves the area and the Aces’ follow.

Taryn Terrell is walking backstage as her match is next.


Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan are backstage. Hulk tells Brooke that they need to talk about Bully Ray. He knows Ray called her. Brooke says she wants to focus on business. There is a ladder match coming up… Hulk understands but she needs to take care of all of her business! Hulk walks away.

Bully Ray and the rest of Aces are backstage. Ray says they had one great year. They got rid of D-Lo Brown, so now they need to find a new VP. Mr. Anderson thinks he should be the VP. Doc thinks he should be the VP. Ray isn’t voting. Anderson votes for himself. Doc votes for himself. Taz and Devon votes for Doc while Garett and Wes vote for Anderson. Knux has the final say. Doc extends his beer bottle. Knux clings it and votes for Anderson. Anderson is the new VP! Doc meets with Knux after. Knux says it is about the club. Doc isn’t happy at all as he is left with a sour look on his face.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces Mickie James. She goes and sits at ringside. After she comes out, Gail Kim is introduced. She comes to the ring. She gets in as ODB is right there ready to referee. Taryn Terrell comes out next. She makes her way to the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell in a Ladder Match to determine the #1 Contender for the Knockouts Title

Gail and Taryn go right after each other. Gail punches Taryn as she backs her in the ropes. She whips her in the ropes, but Taryn fights back as she jumps on Gail. Both get up and Taryn tosses Gail through the ropes onto the ramp. Gail lands back first. She gets up. Taryn runs and does a spear through the ropes. Both get up and Taryn goes for a bulldog, but Gail stops it. She knocks Taryn down and grabs the ladder. She brings it in the ring. Taryn gets in and grabs the top of the ladder while Gail has the bottom. They do tug of war but Taryn pushes the ladder right into Gail’s stomach as she goes in the corner. Taryn steps back and does a dropkick to the top as it goes even more into Gail’s stomach. Gail falls. Taryn sets up the ladder in the corner. Taryn continues with the attack. She gets Gail up and whips her in the corner with the ladder. Gail runs up the ladder, and flies back, but Taryn moves. Taryn grabs the ladder and goes to climb it, but Gail gets up and pushes it over. The ladder is leaning on the top rope. Gail whips Taryn into the ladder, but Taryn jumps up and wraps her legs around Gail’s chest, but Gail lifts her up and drops Taryn face first into the ladder. Taryn is out. Gail sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring. She grabs Taryn’s legs and goes for the figure four around the ring post, but Taryn pushes away and Gail falls back. Taryn stands up.


Taryn is climbing the ladder. Gail gets in and climbs the other side. They are on the top and they are punching back and forth. They tilt each other and both fall on the top rope. The ladder bounces off the ropes and stands back up. Both get up and Gail runs into the ropes. She comes back and Taryn pushes the ladder right into Gail’s face. She falls right down. Taryn tries to grab the ladder but Gail’s legs are around the ladder. Taryn goes to the outside and grabs another ladder from under the ring. She brings it in the ring but one part is on the second rope and the other part is through one step on the main ladder as Gail is up and set it up in the middle of the ring. Taryn and Gail fight in the ring, but Taryn comes up with the upper-hand and puts Gail on that ladder that is horizontal. Taryn goes to climb the corner, but Gail falls off the ladder. They meet again, but Gail takes control and does a figure four around the main ladder. Gail jumps up to the horizontal ladder and starts climbing the main ladder while Taryn climbs the other side. They punch back and forth. Taryn grabs Gail from behind and chokes her from the top of the ladder. She let’s go and Gail quickly falls. Taryn climbs more and reaches for the contact but she can’t reach it. Gail slowly gets to her feet. Taryn is almost at the top. She can’t reach so she jumps with a flying cross body and lands right on Gail. Both are down. Taryn slowly gets to her feet. Gail is right there. Taryn takes Gail and puts her on the horizontal ladder. Taryn climbs on the same side. Gail punches her. Both are standing on it. Both punch back and forth. Taryn goes for a bulldog. She jumps but Gail let’s her go and Taryn crashes and burns back first on the mat. Gail falls off the ladder. Both slowly get up. Gail goes to the boot drop, but Taryn reverses it into a choke hold. Taryn has Gail bending backwards. They are leaning on the ropes. Just then, Gail is tying Taryn’s hair around the second rope. She let’s go of the choke hold and Taryn is stuck there. Gail climbs the ladder and reaches for the contract. Taryn gets her hair untied but she isn’t fast enough. Gail wins.

Winner: Gail Kim

Sting and Kurt Angle are sitting in a room backstage. Sting says they picked the two best to join them. Kurt says they are both in the BFG Series. Sting says Magnus is number one and Joe is a close second. Kurt asks Sting if he heard from the fifth guy. Sting says he is going to call any minute. Just then, he gets a call and answers it. He leaves the room. Kurt quietly says, “Thank God.”


Sting is still on the phone and says, “Yes, yes, yes, perfect!” Sting hangs up and Kurt asks if it is god news. Sting says he will be here any minute! They are excited!

AJ Styles’ music plays and he comes out to the ring. After him is Magnus! Magnus makes his way to the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Magnus vs Kaz vs. Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode in a ‘6 Man Gauntlet Match’ in the ‘Bound for Glory’ series to earn 25 points

AJ and Magnus start the match. They move around the ring. AJ tries to go after Magnus’ legs but he sidesteps. They go to lock their hands, but AJ goes under and right behind Magnus and locks his arms. Magnus gets out and works on the arm of AJ. AJ gets out and works on the arm of Magnus. Magnus gets out and does a fireman’s carry. He locks the arm in again. AJ gets up but Magnus continues to work on the arm. AJ gets out and applies a headlock. Magnus lifts him up but AJ lands on his feet and locks his arms around Magnus. Magnus gets out. They go in the ropes and Magnus takes AJ down. Magnus lifts AJ and tries to eliminate him over the top rope, but AJ lands on the apron. Time is out and Kazarian enters the ring. He goes right after AJ as Magnus is resting in the corner. Kaz takes AJ down and then goes after Magnus. He does a spinning heel kick after whipping Magnus in the ropes. He goes to lift Magnus over the ropes, but AJ comes to. Magnus fights out of it. AJ and Kaz fight each other now. They are in the corner. AJ does a snap suplex and Kaz goes back and head first into the corner. Magnus comes and goes after AJ. AJ does a huge knife edge chop. Kaz grabs AJ and does a back suplex.

Kaz goes after Magnus now and applies a front headlock. He goes to AJ now. Samoa Joe comes out and gets in the ring. Kaz goes over to Joe, but Joe fights him easily. Magnus joins in as they double team Kaz. Magnus goes after AJ now and Joe fights Kaz. Kaz fights back and hits Joe in the gut. Magnus tries to eliminate AJ, but Kaz goes after Magnus. Kaz turns to AJ and tries to eliminate him. AJ lands on the apron. Kaz runs to him, but AJ does a back body drop.

Elimination: Kaz


Magnus is fighting Mr. Anderson in the corner and Joe and AJ are battling. Bobby Roode is comes out and goes right after AJ Styles. He has him up on the top rope corner. Anderson is fighting Joe in the corner as he chokes him while Magnus is in another corner. Roode turns and goes after Magnus. He tosses him over the ropes, but Magnus lands on the apron. Roode tries to eliminate him. Joe goes after Anderson with headbutts and kicks. Roode goes after AJ now. He lifts him up but AJ slides behind and does knife edge chops. He goes in the ropes, jumps to Roode, but Roode slams him down. Roode picks him up and puts him on the top rope. Mr. Anderson runs and closelines AJ over.

Elimination: AJ Styles

Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson are battling it out. All of a sudden, both stars go over the top rope.

Elimination: Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson.

Magnus and Roode are the final two. It is all about pins and submission. Magnus and Roode fight. Roode goes in the ropes and Magnus does a jumping knee to the face. Roode gets up and Magnus goes in the ropes, but Roode hits a spinebuster. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Roode applies the crossface. Will he tap? Magnus leans back and has the cover. Roode kicks out. Magnus gets up and applies a Texas Clover Leaf submission hold. Roode tries to reach for the ropes. He finally does. Magnus gets the crowd involved. He goes back to Roode, but Roode knees him in the gut and elbows his back. He does a knife edge chop. He picks him up and places him on the top rope. Roode climbs and goes for a superplex. Magnus punches Roode’s gut. Roode punches Magnus’ face but Magnus pushes Roode down. Magnus gets up and flies for the elbow drop. Roode moves out of the way. Roode gets him up and goes for the fisherman suplex, but Magnus slides out. Magnus grabs Roode and tries to lift him up, but Roode slides out. He goes behind Magnus and tries for a roll-up, but Magnus rolls through and has Roode down. He wins!

Winner with 25 points: Magnus

Chris Sabin is walking backstage. The camera then shows Hulk Hogan walking. Will Chris cash in his title?


Hulk Hogan’s music plays and here comes The Hulkster! He slowly comes down the ramp as he looks around the arena. They crowd is on their feet giving Hulk a big pop. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. The whole crowd chants, “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan.” Hulk just has to say that there are Hulk-a-maniacs right here in Las Vegas, brother! It’s really big news because, front and center, is the X-Division. Destination X will be live on free television! Chris Sabin has a chance to go onto greatness and be TNA World Champion. Hulk calls Chris out. Sabin’s music plays and here comes the X Division Champion. He gets in the ring. Chris said he has been around great ones, but Sabin is the greatest. Hulk hands Chris the mic. Sabin thanks Hulk. He says after tearing both of his ACLs, he thought he couldn’t fight again. He didn’t give up. This is his dream. He watched Hulk Hogan dominate the world of wrestling. That dream is why he is here right now. He wants to become World Champion. The only thing left to do is to give up the title and hand it to Hulk. Chris goes to hand it over, but Aces’ music plays. Bully Ray has a mic in his hand. He leads his pack. Bully gets in the ring himself.

He wants Hulk to tell his daughter that they have unfinished business. Now onto Chris. He must be living in a fantasy world. He tells Chris to not to turn the title over. Hulk tries to tell Chris to turn it in. Ray doesn’t like Hulk doing that and tells him to stay out of it like he needs to stay out of Brooke’s life. Ray turns to Chris and says a small guy like Chris won’t be able to beat a President like Bully. Sabin tells Ray to shut-up. Chris says he was the one who beat Ray 1-2-3 in Team 3-D’s retirement match. He was the only person who kicked out of Team 3-D’s finisher. Chris may be the underdog, but he will beat Ray and stand over him and say, “Do you know who I am? I am Chris Sabin, the TNA World Champion.” Chris lifts the title and Ray tells him not to cash in that title. Chris says, “Okay,” and hands it to Hulk. Ray says he signed his death warrant. He beat everyone in this company. He isn’t just fighting Ray… he is fighting his family. Aces go through the barricade. Just then, Main Event Mafia’s music plays. Sting, Kurt, Joe, and Magnus come out. Sting says it will be Ray vs. Chris all alone because MEM will take out Aces with their heavy hitter… Rampage Jackson. Jackson comes out and joins hands with the Main Event Mafia members. They raise their arms as the show fades.