TNA IMPACT 08 01 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Date: August 1, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Taz is on his phone walking to the building. Two security guards stop him and say that Hulk Hogan won’t allow him in the building. They are doing their job and won’t let him in. Taz is furious. He will be calling someone and have them gone from TNA Wrestling. Just wait.

A video plays showing last week’s Ultimate X match where Manik won the X-Division Title. Chris Sabin will face him this week in Champion vs. Champion. He almost didn’t have the title because Bully Ray brought his attorney and said he has to be given the title. Hulk was going to take the title from Sabin, but decided to give Bully Ray a rematch. Him vs. Sabin in a Steel Cage as Hardcore Justice.

The camera shows the arena as it looks to be a great turnout. They are on their feet and cheering. Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay are at the commentator’s desk. They go over the line-up for tonight’s show. Mike goes on to say that it has been a chaotic week for TNA Wrestling. He brings up #August1Warning. A new tape is shown.

The guy is shown in #August1Warning fashion. He says no one will know when or how he is coming. He will be there and it will certainly shock us.

Austin Aries’ music plays and he gets in the ring. Aries grabs a mic. He begins to speak but the mic didn’t work in the fashion he wanted. He asks if they can hear him now. He asks if they know who he is. The fans chant his name. Aries goes on to talk about TNA Wrestling and how there are a lot of things going on, but the Bound for Glory Series should be a focus. He is in it and will fight tonight. He goes on to congratulate Sabin on winning the TNA World title, but he tells Sabin he will be fighting for the title at Bound for Glory. Aries brings up his match tonight with AJ Styles as it is the first time ever on television. Everyone has been dreaming about this match since he came in the company. He isn’t just talking about the fans. He talks about the people inside TNA. They want to see this. Aries says he and AJ are the most gifted athletes in professional wrestling. He says AJ put TNA Wrestling on his back for a decade vs. Aries who will put TNA on his back for a decade. If anyone has a doubt, Aries will erase those doubts tonight. Music hits and here comes Bobby Roode. Roode gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Roode states that if Aries wants to gloat and run his mouth about dreams, why don’t they talk about nightmares. Let’s talk about Destination X last year. Aries beat Roode on that PPV. Roode has a bad year. Everyone, in the back and the fans, has forgotten what Roode is capable of in the ring. He is the longest reigning TNA World Champion in company history. He became the leader of the Selfish Generation. He is The It Factor. Starting tonight, the game is going to change. Roode is going back. He is going back to what made him win the TNA World Title the first time. He only cares about himself. Aries starts to laugh. Roode is on the path for the title. It pays to be rude. Aries agrees that Roode is the It Factor… or spit factor because Roode keeps spitting in his face. Austin hopes Roode makes it to the finals so Aries can beat him again. Good luck. Aries gets out of the ring. Hernandez’s music plays and he comes out. As he gives his bandana to a fan, Roode comes out on the ramp and attacks Hernandez. He gets him up and tosses him off the ramp. Hernandez falls on the floor.


Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez in a “Bound for Glory” series match

Roode has Hernandez in the corner and does some knife edge chops. As he does, we see footage from the commercial break where Roode jumped off the apron to Hernandez but Hernandez caught him and rammed him back first into the ring post. In the ring now, Roode has control over Hernandez. Hernandez tries to fight back, but Roode comes back and takes Hernandez down with a spinebuster. He covers but Hernandez kicks out. He tosses Hernandez out of the ring. Roode goes out and whips Hernandez back first into the steel steps. He brings Hernandez back in the ring. He covers but Hernandez kicks out. Roode puts Hernandez in the corner. He does more knife edge chops. He whips him in the opposing corner and runs and smashes him when he got there. Hernandez sits down in the corner. Roode runs back to him but Hernandez kicks him. He goes to the top rope. Roode follows but Hernandez pushes him off. Hernandez jumps but Roode moves. He applies the crossface. Hernandez gets to his feet, lifts Roode up and hits a side walk slam. Both get up to their feet. Hernandez closelines Roode a couple times. He does some knife edge chops, whips Roode in the ropes and knocks him down. Hernandez goes up the ramp. He turns and runs. He jumps over the top rope and takes Roode down. He gets Roode up on his shoulders, but Roode gets out of the way. He hits the referee, turns and low blows Hernandez. He does a roll-up but Hernandez kicks out as the referee counts.

Roode can’t believe it. He goes out of the ring and throws chairs in the ring. He grabs one and hits the steel steps with it. The referee tosses the chairs out of the ring. Roode looks under the ring and grabs a beer bottle. He enters and hits Hernandez in the head with it as the referee took the chairs out. Roode covers and wins.

Winner w/ 7 points: Bobby Roode

Roode walks out of the ring with a smirk on his face. The referee checks on Hernandez as he doesn’t know what happened.

Main Event Mafia is walking backstage. The camera man asks Sting about the August 1 Warning. Sting said we will soon find out. He asks Kurt about Aces & 8s. Kurt says they will make an offer they can’t refuse. Rampage says, “Oh yeah!” MEM continue walking.


Kazarian is backstage tweeting fans. Make sure you interact with him for the first hour.

A replay shows the ending of Roode vs. Hernandez. We then see a leaderboard of the Bound for Glory Series. Magnus is first then Samoa Joe and then AJ Styles.

Eric Young and ODB are backstage. ODB says she is getting back in the ring tonight. She can’t wait. They look inside the doorway where Joseph Park is stretching for his match later. ODB kisses Eric and leaves. Park says that the boys say he should do more moves. Eric tells him not to worry about that. He talks about Joseph bleeding and when he bleeds, he loses the match. He gives Park a bag and tells him to wear it. They walk away.

A video package plays showing the Ultimate X Match last week. Manik wins the title.

Chris Sabin is walking backstage and meets up with Manik/TJ Perkins. Chris congratulates him. TJ says he was nothing for over a decade, but the mask gave him an identity. He will make the X-Division revolve around that mask.

A camera man is outside. A Hummer limo arrives. Who is inside it? Could that be the August 1 Warning guy?


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. Jay Bradley comes out first. As he does, a video is shown him from earlier. He says he has zero points but that isn’t going to stop him. Once he shows his punches the points will rack up. After he is in the ring, Joseph Park comes out. Eric Young is beside him. They get in the ring. Eric tells Park to put a wrestling head piece.

Jay Bradley vs. Joseph Park in a “Bound for Glory” series match

Jay goes right after Park from behind. He smashes his face in the turnbuckle but it doesn’t hurt him. Jay starts kicking Park and tries to rip the head piece off. Park pushes him back. Jay comes forward and Park does a hiptoss. Park gets up and takes Park down. He jumps up and plants his knee. He covers but Park kicks out. Jay continues to try to rip the head piece off. Park goes in the corner. Jay kicks him in the gut. He runs in the ropes. He comes back for a big boot but Park moves out of the way. He does a roll-up but Jay kicks out. Jay takes Park down and plants his elbow to the head of Park. He covers but Park kicks out. Jay continues the attack. He pounds the back of Park as he is on his hands and knees. He plants his knee to the head and tries for a cover again. Park kicks out. He gets up and suddenly closelines Jay a couple times. He does a body slam and then climbs the corner. Jay gets up and grabs the head piece. Park gets down and takes the legs out from under Jay. He does a Boston Crab. Jay tries for the ropes and he grabs them.

Jay gets up in the corner. Park runs to him but Jay kicks him in the face. He does a reverse atomic drop. He grabs the head piece and rips it off. He throws it to Eric Young. Jay waits. Park gets to his feet. Jay runs in the ropes. He comes back but Joseph picks him up for the Samoan drop. He gets the win.

Winner w/ 7 points: Joseph Park


A video of Rampage Jackson is shown as he talks about wrestling and how it changed his life. It also shows Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle. Save Olympic wrestling.

Main Event Mafia are sitting around a table backstage. Kurt takes off his glasses and asks them if they know anything else about the August 1 Warning. No one knows. Sting takes over and says they almost fully accomplished their mission. Bully Ray isn’t champion anymore and they will soon take out Aces. Joe and Magnus do some mumbling and then Rampage says he is here to fight. Sting says that is why they like him. Sting says the deal is on with the offer and it involves risk.

Manik comes out on stage and gets in the ring. After him, Chris Sabin comes out. He has the TNA World Champion. Manik has the X-Division Title.

Manik vs. Chris Sabin in a “Champion vs. Champion” match

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. They lock-up. Chris works on Manik’s arm, but Manik twists out of it. Chris twists the arm again. Manik twists out of it and works on Chris’ arm. Chris gets out and works on Manik’s arm again. Manik spins but Chris take shim down as he still has the arm. Chris plants Manik’s shoulders down. Manik kicks out. Manik flips over. Chris is able to flip with Manik. Chris has the hands of Manik and makes his shoulder on the mat. Manik kicks out. They flip and flop. Both get up but Chris trips Manik. Manik twists around and is able to get away. Both stand.


Chris has Manik up, but Manik follows through and does a mid-air snapmare. Both get up. Manik runs to Chris and Chris twirls him around. He takes Chris down. Both get up and Chris whips Manik in the corner. Manik acts like a tree in the corner as he stands straight up upside down. He falls forward and Chris grabs his feet. Chris tosses Manik to the apron. Chris does a huge kick to the head. Manik falls. Chris gets Manik back in the ring and continues to work. He has Manik down and covers him. Manik kicks out. He applies a headlock and then works on the arms of Manik. Manik tries to get out of it. He gets up and does a double kick to the chest of Chris. Chris falls back. Both get up. Manik runs to Chris and does a head scissors. Chris lands on the middle rope neck first. Manik jumps to the apron and then does a dropkick to the head. He gets back in the ring and keeps Chris down for a cover. Chris kicks out. Both get up. Both works against each other. Chris jumps up, but Manik turns it into a powerbomb. He covers but Chris kicks out.

Manik goes to the top rope. Chris gets up and does a knife edge chop. He climbs the corner. He does a huge superplex. Chris covers but Manik kicks out. Chris gets Manik up and punches him in the face. Manik does an uppercut. Chris does another punch but Manik does a rake to the eyes. Chris does a knife edge chop but Manik does a huge combo of kicks and punches. Manik continues as he goes behind Chris and lifts him up, but Chris turns it into a cover. Manik kicks out. Both get up. Chris does a bulldog and then a super kick to the face as Manik is on his knees. Chris lifts Manik up and does the Cradle Shot. He covers and wins.

Winner: Chris Sabin

As they show a replay of different spots of the match, Bully Ray comes out and attacks Chris Sabin in the ring. He stomps on Sabin and then takes out his chain. Ray starts yelling at Chris. Chris starts to move. Ray kicks him again. He turns and kicks Manik as he tries to attack Ray. Chris gets up and goes right after Bully. He punches and kicks him. He does a kick to the head and Ray leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp. Sabin is ready for the Steel Cage Match!

The camera is outside with the Hummer limo. Who is inside it? Just then, Taz yells at the camera man. He wants the camera to show him. Taz is furious. He is going to reveal August 1 Warning. Taz goes to the door and opens the limo. He starts to laugh. He can’t believe it. All the hype… the limo just for this? The camera shows inside the limo. A computer is there with the August 1 Warning video airing.

ODB is walking backstage. Gail Kim is walking backstage. Their match is next.


James Storm is backstage. He is drinking a beer and Tweeting fans. Make sure you interact with him on this second hour.

A replay is shown showing Taz opening the Hummer limo door.

Daniels and Kazarian are backstage. The camera man brings up their match next week. Daniels says Impact Wrestling are planting the seeds against Bad Influence. Really, having the fans vote for the matches is bad management. Daniels says he is undefeated. Kazarian is 0-3. He calls him poor. Kazarian tells Daniels that he doesn’t need that. Daniels isn’t going to give him points. Kazarian doesn’t want him to hand it over. He will earn them. Kaz takes the drink of Daniels. He walks away. Daniels understands.

Gail Kim’s music plays. She comes out and gets in the ring. ODB comes out and gets in the ring.

Gail Kim vs. ODB

Gail and ODB are face to face. Gail pushes ODB down. ODB gets up and tackles Gail down. She punches her in the face. Gail rolls to the apron with the ramp connected. ODB gets out and runs up the ramp. She runs and hits Gail in the ropes. ODB lifts Gail up but Gail slides out behind her. Gail goes for a kick but ODB moves out of the way. ODB attacks Gail from behind and brings her in the ring. ODB goes to the corner. Gail gets up and hits ODB and knocks her down from the top. Gail blows kisses and then gets down. Gail kicks ODB in the gut. She then uses her boot to choke her. Gail gets ODB up and punches ODB in the face. He runs in the ropes and does a running dropkick. She covers but ODB kicks out. Gail chokes ODB on the ropes. Gail taunts. She goes back to ODB but ODB fights back. Gail takes ODB down with a closeline. She covers but ODB kicks out. Gail puts ODB in the corner. She runs and hits her right in the gut. She brings ODB down and covers. ODB kicks out. Gail brings her up and punches her in the face. Gail goes for a closeline, but ODB ducks. Gail puts ODB in the corner. She runs but ODB moves. ODB punches. Gail does the same. Gail whips ODB in the ropes but ODB does a closeline.

She hits multiple closelines. She does a fallaway slam. ODB pops up. Gail gets up. ODB lifts her up and does a huge running powerslam. She covers but Gail kicks out. Both get up. ODB runs to Gail in the corner. Gail wraps her legs around ODB. ODB lifts her up over the ropes. Gail lands on the apron. ODB does a shoulder block. Gail falls but grabs ODB’s legs for the sharpshooter around the ring post. ODB pushes Gail face first into the post. ODB gets out. She goes to Gail, but Gail hits ODB right into the steel steps. Gail goes on ODB and punches her nonstop. The referee calls for the bell. It’s a double count-out.

Winner: A double count-out

ODB gets up and goes after Gail. The referee pulls her off. Gail turns and goes after her. They need more people to break them apart.

AJ Styles is backstage. He talks about this dream match with Austin Aries. It is all BS. He is not the same person. It’s all about the title. There’s no places for dreams… just like heroes. He says he has become Aries’ nightmare. AJ puts on the hood and walks away.

A video of the August 1 Warning is shown. He is coming soon.

Footage of last night’s Bellator is shown. He won his match.

Aces & 8s are backstage. Bully Ray talks about Main Event Mafia and their upcoming offer. He doesn’t care about their offer… he is obsessed with Chris Sabin and getting him in the Steel Cage Match. He needs the title back. He tells Mr. Anderson to handle Main Event Mafia. Ray turns and goes to leave but Brooke Hogan is in the doorway. Brooke wants to talk to him. Ray says he is not getting a divorce. Brooke differs because of the contract for the Steel Cage Match. It all depends if he wins. Happy wife is a happy life. Well it could be an ex-wife. We will see. Brooke blows a kiss and walks away. Ray gets even more nervous.

Austin Aries walks out on stage. He enters the ring with his cape. Music hits and here comes AJ Styles. He slowly walks to the ring.

Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles in a “Bound for Glory” series match

Both move around the ring. They lock-up. They are even. They go to the corner where they keep turning on who should end in the corner. AJ backs up. They move around and lock-up again. AJ applies a headlock. Aries whips him in the ropes. AJ comes back and rolls over Aries. He does an armdrag. Both get up. Aries runs to him but AJ hits him. Aries backs up and goes out of the ring. He walks on the ramp and gets back in the ring. They lock-up. Aries is able to do a fireman’s carry. He works on the arm but AJ does a head scissors. Both get up. They runs in the ropes. AJ goes to Aries and tries for the Calf Killer, but Aries blocks it. Both move away. They lock-up and Aries applies a headlock. AJ gets out of it and goes behind Aries. Aries goes behind AJ and pushes him in the ropes. He rolls back for a cover but AJ kicks out. Aries goes outside. AJ goes for a baseball slide, but Aries moves and grabs AJ. He pushes him in the apron. Aries climbs the corner and jumps. He lands right on AJ. Aries brings AJ in the ring. Aries climbs the corner but AJ does a dropkick. Aries falls on the top rope and then on the apron. He is on the outside. AJ jumps over the ropes and lands right on Aries. Aries is down but AJ continues to stand.


AJ has Aries down in the ring. He slowly gets him up but Aries elbows AJ in the gut. He runs in the ropes but AJ does a huge dropkick. Aries is down. AJ gets him up and does a snapmare. He then does a huge kick to the back of Austin. AJ gets him up again. He elbows Aries in the back. Austin punches AJ a couple of times, but AJ slides behind him and applies a full nelson. He does a huge German suplex from that. Aries lands right on his head. Aries rolls out of the ring. AJ gets out and brings Austin in the ring. AJ gets in the ring. He applies a headlock. Aries is bleeding from his mouth. Aries gets back to his feet and elbows and punches AJ in the gut. AJ punches back and then whips Aries in the corner. AJ runs but Aries elbows him. He hits him with a forearm. He does a closeline after running into the ropes. Aries comes back with more elbow shots. He attempts a suplex but AJ does it, but Aries lands on his feet and does a back slide. AJ kicks out.

AJ does a back body drop as Aries lands on the apron. AJ does a shoulder block, but Aries grabs him and does a neckbreaker to AJ on the second rope. Aries climbs the corner. He jumps and does a huge missile dropkick. AJ goes across the ring. He gets up in the corner. Aries runs and does that running dropkick. He hits it. He lifts him up. He gets him up for the third time but puts AJ on the top rope. Aries climbs the corner. AJ fights back. Austin does some punches. He goes for a superplex, but AJ lands on his feet and AJ does a huge neckbreaker. AJ covers but Aries kicks out. AJ goes to the apron. He jumps on the top rope. He does a 450 splash, but Aries moves. Aries locks in a front headlock, knees AJ in the face and then goes over for a choke submission. AJ gets out of it. He grabs Aries and locks in the Calf Killer. Aries is able to get out of it and lifts AJ up for the Brain Buster. He covers but AJ kicks out at the last second!!!

Aries climbs the corner. He has AJ on the mat. He does a 450 Splash but AJ lifts his knees up at the last second. Both slowly get up. AJ does a closeline but Aries falls down and rolls to the ramp. AJ jumps up but Aries grabs the top rope and AJ lands on it gut first. Aries brings AJ on the ramp. He goes for a suplex, but AJ reverses for a front suplex. Aries lands face first. AJ sets Aries up for the Styles Clash, but Austin does a back body drop and AJ falls back first off the ramp. Aries gets in the ring. AJ slowly gets up. Aries runs for the suicide dive, but AJ moves and Aries goes right into the steel steps. Both are down. The referee counts. Both get in the ring before the 10 count. Both get up to their feet. AJ punches Aries, but Aries punches back. They go back and forth. Aries uses his elbow. AJ continues with the punches. Aries does huge chops to the chest. AJ blows up with a series of strikes but Aries ducks and hits a back suplex. AJ pops up and Aries closelines him. Aries turns and AJ gets up and hits the Pelé! Both fall. Aries has his arm over the AJ’s body while AJ had his arm over Aries’ body. Aries gets his shoulder up at the last second. The bell sounds.

Winner w/ 7 points: Austin Aries

Main Event Mafia are walking backstage as they will come to the ring next.


Main Event Mafia gets in the ring and Sting has a mic. He begins by saying that they joined so Bully Ray would lose the TNA World Title and also to disband The Aces & 8s. They have an offer for Aces they can’t refuse. Kurt grabs the mic and goes to offer it, but Aces’ music hits and they come out on the ramp. Mr. Anderson is leading the pack. They stay on the ramp. Anderson has a mic. He talks about Kurt being in the back of a pick-up truck. He then talks about how Main Event Mafia cheat. Aces play dirty. They like dirty. They aren’t backing down. Kurt gets on the mic. He says that is fine. He brings up 5 members of any Aces & 8s vs. MEM at Hardcore Justice. Whoever gets pinned in that match will have to leave TNA for good. This begins the process of eliminating Aces. Aces talk about the match. Joe gets on the mic and says it is not negotiation. MEM attack Aces. They get in the ring and then exit the ring. Anderson grabs the mic and says they got it. Aces accept!

Just then, the lights go out. Music hits and here comes Tito Ortiz. He comes out on the ramp. Everyone looks at him. They are stunned. They aren’t sure what to think. Rampage throws his arms in the air. Tito has his arms crossed. He starts to apply a smile on his face. The show fades.