TNA IMPACT 08 08 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Date: August 8, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Taz, Mr. Anderson, and Bully Ray are backstage with Mike Tenay. Anderson holds him as Taz tells him off. He says Mike has the night off. Tenay better leave or Anderson will knock his teeth down his throat. Taz and Anderson leave while Bully points out the door and Mike goes that direction.

A video plays showcasing what has happened last week. Chris Sabin is not going to be bullied by Bully Ray. Main Event Mafia gave Aces & 8s an offer that they couldn’t refuse. Lastly, Tito Ortiz shows up. Why though? Rampage is shown and he says that the Main Event Mafia is going to find out why he is there.

Aces & 8s music plays. Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, and Taz come out. Jeremy Borash is at the commentator’s desk. Taz meets up with him. Mr. Anderson stands next to Mike. Taz trashes Borash and says that is his next… not anyone else. He is in his chair, but there is another chair and Taz will take that. Bully Ray has a mic in the ring. He says he is not in a good mood. The August 1 Warning guy is Tito Ortiz. He is not impressed. Ray does surprises better than anyone. Ray tells Ortiz to not get near him otherwise he will hit Ortiz right in the face. Ray goes on to explain the other reason why he isn’t happy. Tonight, Ray and Devon face Sabin and a mystery opponent from the Main Event Mafia. Ray says they should be told because they are the best tag team in history. It’s okay though because Bully Ray has Sabin next week in a Steel Cage and he will be a 2 time TNA World Champion. Ray tells Sabin to come out here with the title and the contract so they can get it over with.

Chris Sabin’s music plays. He comes out with the title around his chest. He walks to the ring. Ray wants Sabin’s music off. He says his belt look horrible around Sabin. He can also tell Sabin is scared of him. Chris says looks can be deceiving. Earlier this year, Ray deceived everyone by being a good little guy who even married Brooke Hogan. Ray’s eyes are brown and his breath sounds like feces… that’s how bad he is. If you asked the TNA stars earlier this year whether Chris Sabin would beat Ray for the title, everyone would have said no except for Sabin. Sabin played Ray at his own game. He will do it again. Ray wants the contract now. He calls out Hogan! Music hits and here comes Brooke Hogan! She gets on the stage. Ray wants her music off too. Brooke has a mic.

Brooke says her dad is out of town. He has been reviewing Ray’s contract and the title contract. Hulk sent Brooke an email. She reads it. She reads the contract states that if Bully Ray doesn’t win the Steel Cage Match, then he will never get a World Title Match again. Ray says he is not going to be bullied by anyone… especially by a little Hogan. Brooke walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Brooke asks Ray if the whole world has to find out that he is all talk but he is small and has little action. Ray wants the contract. He gets it. Both sign and its official!

Jeremy Borash, Taz, and Anderson are shown at the desk. Anderson and Taz are at Borash’s throat as he just recapped what just went down. They think he is behind it and they could take him out easily.

We see Jeff Hardy warming up backstage. We see at another camera shot that Samoa Joe is warming up backstage. Their match is next.


Video airs showing the arrival of Tito Ortiz last week. The whole arena was shocked. We will hear from him tonight.

The Bound for Glory Series board is shown. Magnus, Joe, and AJ Styles are on top of the board being 1, 2, and 3.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the first match. Samoa Joe comes out and gets in the ring. Music hits and here comes Jeff Hardy! Jeff interacts with the fans around the ring before actually getting inside the squared circle.

Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy in a “Bound for Glory” Series Match

The bell sounds and Jeff is in the corner getting the crowd wild up. They lock-up and Joe quickly works on the arm. He twists it but Jeff goes to the ropes to break it. They lock-up again. Joe pushes Jeff in the corner. He backs up but punches Jeff in the gut and then in the face. He whips Jeff in the opposing corner. Jeff pops up and wraps his legs around Joe’s head. He does a hurricanrana. Both get up and Jeff hits Joe with a closeline and he exits the ring. Jeff does a baseball slide and Joe goes into the guard rail. Jeff gets on the apron and jumps to Joe. He falls. Jeff brings Joe back in. He continues the attack, but Joe changes it and whips Jeff in the corner. Joe runs to him and hits him. He then does the Pele kick to the face. Jeff exits the ring. Joe waits. He runs and does a huge suicide dive. Jeff goes into the commentator’s desk. Both are down.


Jeff elbows Joe in the butt but Joe punches him back in the face. Jeff runs into the ropes but Joe knocks him down and then jumps and falls back first on Jeff’s chest. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Joe gets him up and does a snapmare. He applies a headlock. Jeff gets up and elbows his way out of it. He goes running but Joe takes him down with a hand full of hair. Joe gets Jeff back up. Jeff punches Joe in the gut and head. Jeff goes in the corner. Joe rakes the head of Jeff. He then punches Jeff a couple times in the gut. Joe takes him out of the corner. Jeff fights back. He jumps up, but Joe grabs him and hits a powerbomb. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Joe applies the STF. He then switches it to an arm submission. He turns him over for a pin, but Jeff kicks out. Both get up. Joe does a chop to Jeff’s chest and whips him in the opposing corner. Joe runs but Jeff kicks him in the chest twice. He hits a closelines and goes to whip him, but Joe reverses it. Jeff comes and knocks Joe down. He does an atomic drop and then the double leg drop between the legs. He does a kick to the face and covers. Joe kicks out. Jeff gets him up, but Joe punches him and sends him in the corner. Jeff elbows Joe and hits Whisper in the Wind. He covers but Joe kicks out. Joe gets up in the corner. Jeff runs to him, but Joe plants him down with one arm. Joe gets Jeff up to the top rope and goes for the Muscle Buster. Jeff gets out. He kicks and goes for the Twist of Fate. Joe turns it into the sleeper hold. Jeff hits the jaw breaker and then takes the legs out from under Joe and covers for the win.

Winner with 7 points: Jeff Hardy

A video plays showing Christopher Daniels backstage. He doesn’t know about his relationship with Kazarian. It’s buried under some dirt. He says their relationship is showing Kazarian that he is the experienced guy and is the foundation of the group.


Aces & 8s music plays. It’s time for Mr. Anderson’s match. He gets up from the commentator’s desk. It is his time. He says he knows what to do. He gets in the ring. Music hits and here comes Magnus. He gets in the ring.

Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus in a “Bound for Glory” Series Match

They move around the ring. They go to lock-up but Anderson moves. Magnus hits Anderson right in the face. Ken hits back. They go back and forth. Magnus sends Ken in the ropes but he knocks Magnus down with his shoulder. Ken goes in the ropes but Magnus knocks him down. He gets up. Ken goes after him. He goes in the ropes, Magnus bends down, but Ken kicks him in the chest. He runs to him, but Magnus lifts Anderson up and he goes out of the ring. He hits his head on the commentator’s desk. Magnus gets and punches Ken in the face. Ken grabs Magnus and whips him in the steel steps. He breaks the referee count. He rams Magnus kidney first in the ring apron. He gets Magnus in the ring and punches him. Magnus goes in the corner. Ken punches Magnus in the gut and then works on the arm. Magnus fights back with punches. He whips Ken in the corner. He runs but Ken kicks him. Magnus blocks. Ken pops out and takes Magnus down. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Ken applies an armlock. Magnus gets up and punches Ken in the gut. Ken punches Magnus in the face and goes for a suplex. Magnus reverses it. Both get up. Ken grabs him and does a flying armbar. He covers but Magnus kicks out. He does another cover but Magnus kicks out again.

Both get up. They hit back and forth, but Ken grabs the arm and whips it down to the ring mat. Ken steps on the hand of Magnus. Magnus gets up and Ken goes for a closeline, but Magnus ducks and hits a back suplex. Magnus gains momentum. Ken gets up. Magnus hits him with a couple closelines. He lifts him up but Ken slides out. Magnus goes in the ropes and hits a closeline on Ken. He gets him up to his feet. Ken runs in the ropes but Magnus grabs him and drops him down in a press slam. He climbs the corner but Ken goes over and climbs. He goes for the superplex, but Magnus punches him in the gut. Ken lands on his feet on the mat while Magnus goes on the apron. He knocks Ken down. He climbs the corner and jumps for the elbow, but Ken moves. Ken waits. Bobby Roode gets in the ring with a chair. He looks at Magnus but then turns to Ken and hits him in the gut with the chair and then in the back. Roode goes up to Magnus and then leaves the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by disqualification: Mr. Anderson.

Magnus loses ten points in the Bound for Glory Series. He isn’t happy one bit.


A video plays of what just happened at the end of the Magnus vs. Anderson match.

Bobby Roode is backstage. He says that is his old self. He took 10 points away from the leader. He is a genius. That is just the beginning. There’s more to come. He is becoming a huge threat.

The referee of the match is backstage. The camera guy asks him about how hard of a call that was. He says it was hard. Magnus comes from behind and says there are always tough decisions in sports. It was 10 points but he will get it back.

Jessie Godderz and Robbie E are backstage. They say they got rid of Tara because they are about the bros! Mickie James enters the room. She tells them that she will take out her opponent while they can take out James Storm and Gunner. She talks about joining up, but they are about the bros. Mickie can’t join. She says that she will give them some sparkle. She leaves. Jessie and Robbie go on to be themselves.

A video package plays revolving around the August 1 Warning guy Tito Ortiz.

The camera shows Tito Ortiz coming out of his room. He is coming to the ring.


Chris Sabin is backstage. Sting and Kurt Angle meet up with him. They want to talk to him about the main event tonight. First, Chris thanks them for helping him be champion. Sting says that he and Kurt are going to take out an Aces guy next week. Chris likes it. He then brings up a plan. This plan depends on their trust. Can he trust them? They say yeah. He goes on to say the plan.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces Tito Ortiz. Tito comes out and gets right in the ring. Jeremy asks Tito what he is doing here on Impact Wrestling. He says everyone wants to know, but he doesn’t have my answers. He does know… but before he can answer, music hits and here comes Kurt Angle! Kurt comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Kurt has a mic. He takes off his sunglasses and walks up to Ortiz. He knows who Tito is and he respects his accomplishments. He is entering Kurt’s world though. This is his ring. Kurt earned the right to be called the best wrestler alive. He is an Olympic Gold Medalist and has won more titles Tito can shake a stick at. Kurt will respect Tito’s space but Tito better respect Kurt’s. Is Kurt clear? Tito says, “Loud and clear!” Just then, Aces’ music plays and here comes Bully Ray. He stands on the ramp with a mic.

So, Kurt and Tito respect each other. Well, Ray doesn’t respect either one. He can probably take Tito down and then beat Kurt as he has been doing for the past 10 years. Ray asks Tito if he knows who he is. Ray is the President of Aces & 8s and will be the 2 time TNA World Champion. If Tito comes near him, Ray will smack him in his face. Ray is done. His music plays and he leaves. Kurt shakes Tito’s hand and leaves the ring. Tito walks around.


A video plays from the last segment.

Music hits and here comes the Bro Mans! Robbie E and Jessie Godderz come out. They get in the ring. Mickie James’ music plays. She comes out with the Knockout Title and gets in the ring. Next, ODB comes out with her flask and gets in the ring. Finally, the TNA Tag Team Champions come out. James Storm and Gunner get in the ring.

Bro Mans and Mickie James vs. James Storm, Gunner, and ODB

James Storm starts the match with Robbie E. James applies a headlock, but Robbie sends him in the ropes. James knocks him down. He gets up. James does a hiptoss. Robbie gets up and goes in the corner. James runs to him, but Robbie lifts him up and he lands on the apron. James hits him and gets back in. As he continues the attack, the opponents distract James. Robbie gets away and tags Jessie. Jessie gets in and hits an uppercut and then a dropkick. Both get up. Storm does a kick to the gut and then a DDT. Both get up. James does a punch but Jessie whips him in the corner. He runs but Storm kicks him in the face. Jessie turns and grabs Storm and pushes him in the corner. He does shoulder blocks and then punches and kicks. He is on fire. He gets Storm up and tags Robbie. Robbie enters and punches Storm. Robbie yells at James. He punches him. He runs but Storm kicks him and does the back cracker! James goes to tag Gunner but Robbie grabs his leg. Storm tags though. Gunner knocks him down and then knocks Jessie off the apron. Gunner does a back breaker to Robbie. Mickie enters and climbs on the back of Gunner. ODB enters and rips her off. She does a shoulder block. Gunner grabs Robbie E and does the torture rack, but Jessie enters and kicks Gunner in the gut. He sets up a power bomb and tells Robbie to climb the corner. James does a super kick to Jessie. Robbie jumps, Gunner catches him. James runs and does a neckbreaker while Gunner does a powerslam. He covers and wins.

Winners: Gunner, James Storm, and ODB

Gail Kim comes out and goes right after ODB. She knocks her down and punches her in the face. The referee grabs Gail and pulls her off. ODB watches on. As she does, Mickie hits ODB from behind. She grabs her title and leaves. Mickie taunts Gail and leaves. Gail looks on smiling.

Kazarian is walking backstage. Kazarian brings up, “Poor Frankie.” That’s what Daniels said last week. Kazarian says he is a five time X-Division Champion. He beat Daniels in the past. It isn’t about Bad Influence, it’s about his family and getting the TNA World Title. He will show us why the fans love him.


Bully Ray and Devon are backstage. Ray says Chris has some nerve that he doesn’t tell them who their opponent will be. Ray says they are the 23 time… Devon interrupts and says 24. Ray says 23 but Devon knows it is 24. Ray says it has been a lot. He goes on to talk about hurting Chris next week while Devon will prove a point to MEM. Ray says, “Testify.” Devon very well knows that is his line.

Kazarian comes out and gets in the ring. Daniels comes out next and enters.

Kazarian vs. Christopher Daniels in a Bound for Glory Series Match

They move around and lock-up. They move back. Lock-up and move back. And again. They walk around the ring. They lock-up but Kazarian does a fireman’s carry and then works on the arm. Daniels gets out and works on Kazarian’s arm. He twists it, but Kazarian gets out. Daniels whips him in the ropes and does the arm drag takedown. Kazarian gets up. He whips Daniels in the ropes. He drops down while Daniels does a summersault. Daniels does another armdrag takedown. Kazarian does a head scissors. Both get up. Kazarian takes Daniels down and applies a headlock. Daniels gets up and whips Kazarian in the ropes. Daniels jumps up but Kazarian stops and does a roll-up. It’s two. Kazarian does a side headlock takedown. Daniels turns to cover twice but Kazarian kicks out each time while the headlock is in. Daniels gets up. Kazarian twists the arm, but Daniels does a backslide. Kazarian does a jack knife cover, but Daniels kicks out. They get up. Kaz kicks but Daniels blocks. Kaz blocks Daniels now. Kaz drops Daniels with a shoulder block. He gets up and then gets in the face. Daniels pushes him but Kaz pushes back and Daniels falls. He gets up and stares. They slowly walk and then get out of the ring. They stand on the ramp. They wait as the referee counts. He gets to ten. They hug as their friendship is still on.

Double Countout

They taunt on the ramp, but music plays and here comes Bobby Roode. He comes out with a chair. He walks down the ramp. He drops the chair and continues to walk past them.. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Daniels and Kazarian enter the ring. Roode says people have been talking about Aces & 8s, the re-formation of Main Event Mafia, Rampage Jackson, and Tito Ortiz. Everyone forgot about the three people standing here now. Daniels, Kazarian, and the It Factor of professional wrestling… Bobby Roode. They are 25% of the BFG Series. Do the math. What we see is a new force! One of them will walk into Bound for Glory, the winner of the series, and the landscape will change. They own the series this point forward. One of them will be the next TNA World Champion. Roode’s music hits. They join shoulder to shoulder.


A video plays showing the Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, and Tito Ortiz segment from earlier.

Tito Ortiz walks backstage. The camera man says there are still lots of questions. Tito knows and doesn’t have much answers, but he will be at Hardcore Justice next week and his hands might give some answers.

Jeremy Borash and Bully Ray run down the line-up for next week’s Hardcore Justice show.

A video plays showcasing a video of Aces & 8s. It shows them climb up to the top and take out every major star of the company. No one helped Sting when he fought Bully Ray, so he needs to join together with people. He has the trust of 4 other guys. Now, next week, Aces vs. MEM. Whoever gets pinned will leave TNA for good. Who will that be?

Christy Hemme is shown as she introduces the main event. Bully Ray and Devon come out. They get in the ring. Chris Sabin’s music plays. He comes out with the TNA World Title around his chest. He points to introduce his partner. Sting’s music plays and here comes The Icon! The crowd lights up! He joins Sabin down the ramp. Kurt Angle comes from behind and attacks Ray and Devon. The bell sounds.

Bully Ray and Devon vs. Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle

Kurt goes after Devon. He takes him to the outside while Chris has Ray in the corner choking him with his foot. Kurt makes Devon go face first into the steel steps. He brings him in the ring and puts Devon in the corner. He kicks Devon. He whips him as well as Chris whips Ray. Devon and Ray hit each other. They fall. Kurt and Chris join hands. Chris goes to the apron. Ray does too. Kurt has Devon in the corner, he hits them and then does a snap suplex. He covers but Devon kicks out. Devon gets on his knees and tells him to wait. He then rakes the eyes of Kurt and tags Ray. Bully enters and locks up with Kurt. He puts him in the corner, but Kurt moves around and does an armdrag. Ray gets up. Kurt tags Chris as he still has the arm. Chris climbs the corner and jumps to hit Ray on the arm. He continues. He kicks it and then puts him in the corner and wraps the arm around the rope. Ray walks away and Kurt punches him in the face. Chris continues to work on the arm. He tags Kurt. Kurt kicks Ray in the leg as he goes to the corner. Ray fights back with punches. Kurt comes back. It’s back and forth. Kurt whips Ray in the corner and Ray falls. Kurt turns and takes Devon. Kurt goes to Ray but he takes Kurt down by the ankle. He tags Devon. Devon bounces off the ropes and hits his forearm in Kurt’s head. He gets Kurt up and whips him in the corner. Kurt comes out and closelines Devon. Kurt tags Chris. Chris punches Devon, but he fights back and tags Ray. Ray enters and takes Chris down and works on the leg. He elbows his knee and then takes Kurt down off the apron. Ray grabs the legs of Chris and turns to his corner. Devon climbs the corner, jumps and does the diving headbutt to the crotch of Chris. What’s up??!!!! Devon starts dancing around the ring.


Devon takes it to Sabin in the corner with punch after punch. He does a snapmare and then applies a knee to the face. He covers but Sabin kicks out. Devon applies a headlock. Sabin stands up and elbows his way out of it. Devon whips the head of Sabin back. Devon gets him up and punches him in the face. He lifts him up and applies a body slam. Devon jumps and hits a leg drop. He taunts Hulk Hogan. Devon gets Chris up and tags Ray. Bully does a double ax handle. He says this is nothing what he is going to do to him in the cage. Ray punches him right in the face. Ray gets him up and does a huge chop to the chest. Chris falls as he is hurting. Ray gets him up. He whips him in the ropes. Chris does a sunset flip, but Ray goes to punch Chris but he move and he hits the mat. Both are up and Chris goes to do a kick, but Ray grabs the leg and smashes it on the mat. He rams it back on the mat again. He tags Devon. Devon enters and puts the leg on the bottom rope. He jumps up and sits right on it. Devon climbs the corner and jumps but Chris lifts his boot and hits Devon right in the jaw. Chris crawls. Devon tags Ray while Chris tags Kurt. Kurt takes Ray and Devon with with multiple closelines. He throws Devon in the corner and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. He hits Ray with the German suplex. He covers but Devon stops it. Kurt knocks Devon down. He hits Ray with the Angle Slam. He covers but Ray kicks out. Devon enters as Kurt takes his singlet down. He knocks Kurt down. Kurt gets up and takes Devon down. He goes to Ray. Bully lifts him up and plants him down. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Ray gets him up and goes for the Bully Bomb, but Kurt reverses it into an Ankle Lock. Devon comes and Kurt hits him with a suplex. Ray gets up and goes after Kurt. Kurt tags Chris. Chris enters and does a missile dropkick to Ray. He goes after Devon now and puts him in the corner. Ray is in the corner. Chris runs to them and smashes them. He goes to Ray but Ray elbows him. Ray goes to closeline, but Chris ducks and he hits Devon. Chris takes Ray down and covers but Ray kicks out. Kurt gets in and goes after them. Ray does a hiptoss to Chris and he lands on the ramp.

Kurt stands again and they hit him with the 3-D!!!! Devon exits the ring and grabs a table. He sets it up in the corner. Ray tries to set him up. Chris stands in front of it. Ray runs and Chris moves which makes Ray spearing the table in half. Devon runs to Chris but he pulls the ropes down and he falls out of the ring. Chris climbs the corner and does a flying cross body. He gets the cover and wins.

Winners: Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle