TNA IMPACT 10 15 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Date: October 15, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts off with a camera shot of the audience as they are on their feet cheering. Music plays and here comes Kurt Angle! Kurt walks down the ramp, interacts with the fans, and gets in the ring. Kurt grabs a mic and states he has been the Director of Wrestling Operations for the past few months and he thinks we are seeing the best wrestling anywhere right here in TNA. He wants to talk to the TNA World Champion Lashley. He calls him out. Lashley’s music hits and he comes out with the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Kurt thanks him for coming out. Kurt goes on to say that he knows Lashley isn’t happy with him and neither are King or MVP, but Kurt gave Kenny and MVP the night off and they took it. Kurt asks Lashley why he said “no” to Roode when he asked for a rematch. Lashley takes the mic from Kurt and states that Roode already had a shot as HIS World Title. He then asks Kurt if he wants a shot. Lashley stares right in the eyes of Kurt and Kurt stares back. STARE OFF!

Kurt looks down and takes the mic from him. Kurt states that one day they will fight and Lashley will regret that day. Today isn’t the day. Kurt is getting a Number 1 Contender. This match will consist of four stars and one of them is Eric Young! Eric comes out as his music plays. He stays on the apron. Kurt announces Jeff Hardy and he comes out on the stage as his music plays. Kurt then announces Austin Aries. Austin’s music hits and he comes on the stage to meet up with Hardy and Eric. Kurt announces the final talent as Bobby Roode! Roode’s music hits and he comes out on the stage. He stares down the ramp at Lashley while Lashley stares back from the ring. Kurt says he knows Lashley faced and beat all of those men before, but whoever wins will get a shot at Lashley’s Championship.

A video plays showing the TNA Hall of Fame Ceremony from this past Saturday. Tommy Dreamer is introduced by Jeremy Borash. Tommy stands at the podium and talks about Bully Ray/Devon (Team 3D). We then see Devon stand at the podium and states when he and Ray first teamed up it was magic. He can’t have a better partner. We then see Bully Ray. Ray says he has been thinking about this moment for months on what to say. He thanks Tommy Dreamer for being there for them and helping them get in the business. He then thanks the wrestling fans, the TNA roster, and finally Devon. It is like a marriage between them. He says they are lifelong friends and it is truly an honor.


Matt Hardy is backstage and the camera man is asking about his brother Jeff. Matt gets all excited for Jeff as he is in the main event. Just then, Magnus gets in the picture and states he beat Jeff before and saw Matt and Jeff lose the Tag Team Series against The Wolves. He goes on to say that Matt is just a cheerleader to Jeff. Matt accepts that and then states that he would slap Magnus across the face. He wants Magnus tonight. Magnus accepts.

Madison Rayne comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. As she does, we see a video clip of Madison backstage before as she states she doesn’t know why everyone is attacking her as she went after Taryn Terrell. She is a 5 time Knockouts Champion for a reason. This is wrestling and she needs to take care of herself. Havok’s music plays and she comes down the ramp. As she does, we see pictures from Havok vs. Velvet Sky from Bound for Glory. Havok won.

Madison Rayne vs. TNA Knockout champion Havok for the TNA Knockouts championship

They lock-up but Havok tosses Madison right down. Madison stands and goes right behind Havok and locks her arms but Havok swings her hips and Madison goes across the ring. She gets up and goes in the ropes and Havok lifts her up but Madison does a dropkick. Havok falls back and goes through the ropes. Madison goes on the apron and jumps but Havok grabs her and rams her back first in the apron. She rolls Rayne in the ring. Havok gets in and she kicks Madison in the gut several times. Madison tries to fight back with punches to the gut but Havok hits her right in the face. Havok grabs her up with a submission type Full Nelson move. She swings her around and does a back breaker. Havok grabs her but Madison fights back with hits to the gut and head. She goes in the ropes but Havok closelines her down.

Havok grabs her and puts her in the corner. She does a couple shoulder blocks to the gut. She takes Madison out of the corner and does a backbreaker across her knee. She lifts her up and then does it again. Havok grabs Rayne by the hair and tosses her out of the ring. Havok exits. She grabs Rayne, lifts her up, and does a huge bear hug. She tosses Rayne in the ring and gets in the face of Earl Hebner. Madison gets up and does a baseball slide to Havok. She slides out and punches Havok several times but Havok pushes her back. Havok runs to her but Madison moves and Havok goes into the steel post. She rolls in the ring and Havok follows. Havok runs to her but Rayne ducks and goes for several forearm shots, a kick to the gut and then a kick to the side of the head. Madison tries for a suplex but Havok does a back body drop. She grabs Madison from the mat and puts her in the corner. She runs to her but Madison kicks her several times.

Madison climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick. She covers but Havok easily kicks out. Madison goes for a kick of some sort but Havok does a closeline. Havok goes for a leg drop but Madison rolls out of the way. Both stand and Madison goes for a small package but Havok blocks it, grabs Madison by the throat and chokeslams her! She covers and gets the win.

Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Havok

Kurt Angle is sitting backstage. Devon is talking to him. They are smiling and laughing. Devon talks about how long of the trip was. Kurt laughs but then congratulates Devon for going into the Hall of Fame with his brother. Devon thanks him and says he is still going to do whatever he can to help the TNA roster. They shake hands.


Eric Young is backstage. He is talking about his match tonight. He talks about being struck by lightning at small percentage but winning the match tonight to go for the TNA World Championship is a 25%.

Magnus comes out and gets right in the ring. Matt Hardy comes out next and gets in the ring.

Magnus vs. Matt Hardy

They lock-up and Magnus puts Matt in the corner. Magnus backs up and Matt pushes him. They lock-up again and Matt goes in the ropes. Magnus knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. He goes in the ropes again but Matt comes back and takes Magnus down. He covers him but Magnus kicks out. Both stand and Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Magnus drops down and rolls out of the ring. Matt goes to the apron but Magnus grabs him in a powerbomb fashion and he hits Matt back first into the steel post and then slams him down on the apron! Magnus rolls in the ring and stops the referee count. He rolls Matt back in the ring after exiting. He covers Matt twice but Matt kicks out twice. Magnus does a suplex and covers but Matt kicks out. Both stand. Magnus punches Matt but Matt punches back. They go back and forth. Matt goes for an enziguri but Magnus ducks and drops Matt and plants an elbow. Both stand and Matt goes in the ropes and Magnus closelines him down. He covers but Matt kicks out.

Magnus smashes his knee into Hardy’s back and then applies a headlock. Matt gets up and punches his way out of the lock but Magnus slams Matt’s head back to the mat. Magnus climbs the corner and drops down but Matt moves out of the way. Both stand and Matt punches Magnus several times but Magnus does a knee to the gut. Matt comes back with a hip toss and then whips Magnus in the corner. He smashes him with a corner closeline and then does a bulldog. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Both stand and Hardy does the Side Effect. He covers again but Magnus kicks out at 2. Matt climbs the corner and does a huge moonsault. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Matt waits for Magnus. Magnus stands and he goes for the Twist of Fate but Magnus pushes Matt in the corner. Magnus runs to him but Magnus kicks him in the face and goes for a roll-up but Magnus counters and has Matt’s shoulders down. He holds the ropes and the referee notices. Magnus gets in the face of the referee. Magnus goes to the corner and jumps but Matt hits the Twist of Fate in the air and covers.

Winner: Matt Hardy

A video plays shows Ethan Carter III in Japan. This was taped on Sunday. The camera man asks him about Rockstar Spud. Ethan stops him and says he fired Spud. When Dixie went through the table, everyone should know they are on borrowed time. Ethan will be revealing a replacement for Spud. He will reveal his bodyguard tonight.


The BroMans (Jessie Godderz and DJ Z) come out with The Beautiful People. They all do their own taunting down the ramp and in the ring. After they are settled, The Menagerie come out in terms of Knux, Crazzy Steve, and Rebel. They walk down the ramp while Steve rides his tricycle down the ramp. They do their taunting in the ring.

Jessie Godderz, DJ Z, and Angelina Love vs. Knux, Crazzy Steve, and Rebel

Rebel and Love start the match. They walk around the ring doing some trash talking. Suddenly, DJ Z hits Rebel on the back. She turns and Love attacks her from behind. DJ Z does some serious popping. Love tags him in. Rebel goes and tags Knux but DJ Z runs over and attacks Knux on the apron. Knux enters and fights back as he takes DJ Z down and does some serious butt slapping. He tags Steve. Steve enters and Knux does a body slam to him on DJ Z. DJ Z rolls as he holds his gut. He tags Jessie. Jessie enters and goes after Steve. Steve is stuck between Jessie and the corner of his opponents. Jessie hits him and Steve falls back and DJ Z hits him. Steve falls and Sky chokes him on the ropes as the referee doesn’t see. He tags DJ Z. He enters and he continues the attack as he puts Steve face first in the middle turnbuckle and smashes his knee to his back while Jessie runs on the corner and hits his knee in Steve’s face. He tags Jessie. Jessie continues as he whips Steve in the corner.

Jessie runs but Steve moves and Jessie goes shoulder first in the corner. Steve tags Rebel. She gets in and Love enters. They go back and forth but Rebel has the offense. She turns and slaps DJ Z. He falls and Knux does a big boot to him on the outside. Love does a roll-up but Rebel kicks out. Love continues the fight but Rebel tags in Steve. He enters as well as Jessie. They fight but Steve puts Jessie in the corner and attacks him multiple times. He goes for a cover but Love breaks the count. Steve twists his head sideways and grabs Love for a kiss but Jessie grabs him by the hair. He lifts Steve up for a military press but Steve slides out, goes to the corner, and hits the tornado DDT. He covers.

Winners: The Menagerie


Bobby Roode is backstage and the camera man asks him about tonight’s match. Roode says tonight is the night. Suddenly, Austin Aries enters the frame. He says he remembers Roode wishing him luck before his match. Tonight, when they get in the ring together it is always magic. Roode says it is his shot tonight. Aries states it is all of their shots and the winner will receive it. He will see him out there. Roode agrees.

Ethan Carter III’s music plays and he comes out on the stage. He turns around and points. Here comes “Brodus Clay”. They walk down the ring and get in the ring. As they do, we see pictures from Ethan Carter III’s match at Bound for Glory. He won.

Ethan has a mic in hand in the ring. Ethan states he controversy follows him. He states he makes the big moves. He goes on to talk about him changing the wrestling industry as he has the button to do so. Ethan turns and introduces Tyrus! That is his name! Ethan had to make some cuts to acquire him so to his former best friend, Ethan Carter III, “See you never”!! Ethan states Bully Ray went into the TNA Hall of Fame. He went into the Hall of Fame while he put Dixie Carter through a table. The fans popped like it was 1999. Ethan states the Hall of Fame is who he beat. He beat Sting. He beat Kurt Angle. He beat Bully Ray. Just then, the crowd chants, “You can’t wrestle.” Ethan disagrees and states he is very good and undefeated. No one can beat him. Well, music plays and here comes Devon. He comes on the stage with a mic.

Devon says Ethan does a lot of talking and he sees why he gets his @ss kicked every week. There is one person who Ethan did not beat and that is Devon. As for Tyrus, Devon will put him through a table and if Ethan interrupts, he will slap Ethan in the face and make him his b%tch. Devon walks down the ramp and is about to get in the ring, but Bram comes out of nowhere with a trashcan lid and smashes Devon in the back with it and then in the leg several times. Bram falls down and laughs with his tongue out at Devon. He stands and has a crazed smirk on his face. Referees come out and Bram jerks at them but continues walking up the ramp.


Ethan and Tyrus are still in the ring. Ethan has his mic and says that escalated quickly. He then states, “I just beat Devon!” Ethan is so happy. Tyrus raises his hand. Ethan doesn’t want to leave. Tyrus doesn’t as he just go there. Ethan states he has a little treat for Tyrus and surely thinks he will be undefeated too. He found someone deep in the ocean and that is a TNA legend, Sharkboy!

Sharkboy’s music plays but he isn’t coming out. The camera man is in the back. Someone is looking for him. A guy points into a room. The guy enters and we see Sharkboy eating donuts. The guy has been looking for him for twenty minutes. Boy says he can turn it up at any time. The guy helps Shark up and he grabs a donut. He leaves the room. His music hits and here he comes.

Tyrus vs. Sharkboy

They go lock-up but Tyrus pushes Shark down and plants a huge elbow. Tyrus grabs him and puts him in the corner. He does a huge shot in the midsection. He grabs Sharkboy and does a belly to belly type suplex. Shark gets up in the corner. Tyrus runs to him for a big splash. Sharkboy falls. Tyrus waits. Shark slowly gets up but Tyrus grabs him and hits a chokeslam. He then does push-ups as he has his hand over Shark’s throat for the cover.

Winner: Tyrus

A video plays showing a recap of Bound for Glory.

Jeff Hardy is backstage. The camera man asks him about tonight’s match. Jeff says it was great teaming up with his brother but now it is time to go back to singles competition as he will face Eric Young, Roode, and Aries!


Bram is walking backstage. The camera man asks him about why he attacked Devon. Bram yells, “It’s none of your business… Keep your nose out of it!!” Bram walks away.

A video package plays showcasing the Triple Threat Tag Team Series between The Hardy’s, Team 3D, and The Wolves. The Wolves won the series and kept the TNA Tag Team Championships.

A video package plays showing The Wolves. They state they achieved greatness. They rose to the level. It isn’t just about them this year but it was building for a long time. They state they will fight any TNA tag team… actually, any team in the world as in whoever wins the 8 tag team tournament! They will put the Tag Team Championships on the line. Be careful what you wish for! The hunt is on!

Eric Young comes out and the crowd pops. He gets in the ring. Jeff Hardy comes out next. He runs down the ramp and around the ring as he interacts with the fans. Austin Aries comes out next. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Bobby Roode comes out last. He has his entrance robe on as he slowly walks down the ramp. He is focused. He gets in the ring.


Eric Young vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode in an Elimination Fatal Four Way match to determine the #1 Contender for the TNA World Championship

Aries does a huge dropkick to Hardy and he flies out of the ring. Eric goes for a roll-up on Aries but Roode stops it. Aries goes to the outside and goes after Jeff. Roode and Eric fight in the ring as Roode works on the arm. He then applies a headlock. Eric sends him in the ropes but Roode drops him down with a shoulder block. Aries gets in and takes Eric down and then goes after Roode but Roode bounces off the ropes and does a closeline. He turns and Eric does a dropkick to Roode. Jeff enters. He and Eric lock-up. They go back and forth all over the ring. Jeff applies a headlock but Eric reverses it. Jeff sends him in the corner and Eric pops up but Jeff catches his legs and drops him down. Eric sends Jeff in the corner but Jeff pops up and Jeff does a hurricanrana and he goes through the ropes. Jeff climbs the corner. Aries climbs and hits Jeff on the back. He goes for a superplex but Jeff fights back. They fight back and forth on the top rope. Aries hits him with an elbow and Jeff falls on the mat. Roode pushes Aries off and he drops on the ropes and falls back to Jeff as he stands and they both hit heads. Eric comes in and goes after Roode. He gets in the ring and does a suicide dive on Roode. He gets on the apron but Aries stands and hits Eric. Aries goes for a suicide dive now but Eric punches him in the face.

Aries is on his hands and knees. Jeff stands and jumps on Aries and goes over the ropes and lands right on Roode and Eric on the outside. All three stand. Aries goes in the ropes and he hits the suicide dive on all of them! Aries gets on the apron and tells the referee to start counting. Eric slides in. Aries whips him in the corner and runs to him and elbows him in the face. Aries does a snapmare and then dropkicks him to the back. He covers but Young kicks out. Roode brings Jeff in. Aries goes after Jeff as he whips him in the corner. Roode kicks Aries in the gut. He punches him and then whips him in the ropes and knees him in the gut. He hits the side Russian leg sweep. He covers but Aries kicks out. He stands but Jeff kicks him to the chest. Jeff goes for a dropkick in the corner as Roode is laying down in it but Roode rolls out of the ring. Jeff crashes and burns.


Aries whips Eric in the corner but Eric flips over it and lands on the apron. Aries goes to him but Eric hits him in the gut. He enters the ring and takes Aries down. Roode gets in and goes after Young. He whips him in the ropes and is able to hit the spine buster. He covers but Eric kicks out. Roode lifts him up for the Roode Bomb but Young slides out and pushes Roode in the ropes as Aries is on the apron. He takes Roode down, flips over and lands on him and then takes Eric out. He covers but Young kicks out. Jeff enters and goes after Aries. He takes him down and covers but Austin kicks out. Young gets up and hits the DDT on Jeff. He covers but he doesn’t get the three.

Eric gets Aries and does a body slam. He climbs the corner but Roode stops him. He climbs the corner and goes for the superplex but Aries stops Roode as he pounds on the back. Aries climbs the corner but Roode stops him as he hits him on the back and then whips him down. Roode climbs and goes for the superplex again. Aries now climbs the corner as well. Jeff comes over and hits on both of their backs. Jeff grabs both and hits the double powerbomb superplex!!!! All men are down! Jeff covers Aries but he kicks out. He covers Eric but he kicks out. He covers Roode but he kicks out. Aries stand and Jeff does his twirl kick to the chest. He climbs the corner but Aries jumps and hits the uppercut. Jeff falls on the top turnbuckle. Roode puts Eric on the top rope on the opposing side. Aries is on the other corner with Jeff. Eric elbows Roode and he falls. Jeff hits Aries and he falls. Eric goes for the moonsault but Roode moves. Jeff goes for the Swanton Bomb but Aries moves. Roode grabs Eric and hits the Roode Bomb while Aries hits the Brain Buster on Jeff at the same time. They both cover. Both are eliminated! Elimination: Jeff Hardy and Eric Young

Aries and Roode stand up and stare at each other. They punch back and forth. Roode adds the knife edge chops. Aries now adds the chops and then the elbow to the head. Aries runs in the ropes and goes for the dis forearm but Roode kicks him in the gut and lifts him up for the Roode Bomb but Aries blocks and goes for the Brian Buster. Roode blocks it and puts Aries in the ropes. Aries tries to reverse it but he goes over the ropes onto the apron and hits Roode with forearm shots. He climbs the corner but Roode grabs him for the Roode Bomb but Aries slides and goes for a roll-up but Roode kicks out. Roode quickly applies the cross face. Aries rolls back for the cover but Roode releases it. Aries applies the Last Chancellory out of nowhere.

Roode may tap but he reaches for the bottom rope and grabs it. Aries hits him with several headbutts. He pounds on Roode’s back with his forearm and knee as Roode leans on the second rope. Aries jumps over and plants a forearm smash onto Roode’s head and then the neckbreaker on the middle rope. Aries climbs the corner. He jumps and hits the missile dropkick. Roode stands but goes in the corner. Aries runs and hits the running dropkick. He grabs him and goes for the Brain Buster but Roode slides out and goes for the Roode Bomb but Aries gets out of it and hits the disc forearm. He goes for the Brain Buster but Roode knees him in the head. Austin hits him with a forearm shot in the head and Roode goes back in the corner. Aries runs for the running dropkick but Roode grabs him in the air and turns it into the Roode Bomb! He covers!

Winner: Bobby Roode

Eric Young and Jeff Hardy come out from backstage. They walk down the ramp and enter the ring. They shake Roode’s hand and then each other’s. The four join hands and raise their arms in unison. They all exit except for Roode. Roode walks around and then leaves the ring. The show fades.