TNA IMPACT 10 08 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Date: October 8, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Report by Bill Pritchard for

Bobby Roode comes out and says he wants one more shot at Bobby Lashley’s championship, then MVP and Kenny King come out and taunt him. MVP says Roode could have another chance at the title, but he has to beat both of them, and if and when he loses, he’ll never get another title shot again. MVP asks if he’s willing to do that, and Roode almost immediately says he accepts, but MVP and King end up laughing it off.

#1 Contender’s Match (Knockouts Championship)
Angelina Love (w/ Velvet Sky) vs. Taryn Terrell
vs. Madison Rayne

Angelina and Velvet jump Taryn and stomp her, then Madison hits a bridge suplex for two before whipping Angelina in the corner. Angelina elbows her and knocks her down, then Taryn monkey flips her and Madison assists with a double suplex. Madison and Taryn argue over a pin attempt, then they fight near the ropes and Velvet pulls Taryn outside. Madison hits Angelina and Taryn comes back with some forearm shots, then Taryn connects with a diving clothesline and a top rope crossbody that takes both opponents down. Taryn hits a neckbreaker and goes for the cover, but Madison knocks her out of the way and steals the pin herself, hooking the tights for the win.

Winner – Madison Rayne

Havok comes out after the match and goes to attack Madison and Taryn, but Madison runs away and leaves Taryn to fight for herself. Havok grabs her and chokes her, then she hits Taryn and chokeslams her before leaving.

James Storm and Great Sanada vs. Low Ki and Tigre Uno

Sanada applies a headlock but Ki breaks out and mule kicks him, then Uno kicks Sanada a few times before Storm tags in. He stomps Uno a few times before Sanada goes back to a chinlock, then Uno breaks it and kicks him before Ki tags in and kicks Storm in the head. Ki whips him and connects with a flying forearm, then Ki double stomps him and gets a two count. Storm calls for Eye of the Storm but Ki floats over, then he kicks Storm in the corner and Uno blindtags in to get a near fall. Manik tries to run in but he gets knocked down, then Sanada sprays mist in Uno’s eyes behind the ref’s back, and Storm hits the Last Call for the win.

Winners – James Storm and Great Sanada

No Disqualification matchSamuel Shaw vs. Bram

Shaw ducks when Bram swings a pipe at him, then he hits Bram with a trash can lid and dropkicks a trash can into his face. Shaw wedges a chair in the turnbuckles and stomps Bram, then he whips him but Bram slides under the chair and outside. He tries to catch a breather but Shaw hits him a few times, then Bram knees him a few times and tries to hit him with the turnbuckle piece. Shaw ducks and hits him, then he hits Bram with another chair and and piles a few in the ring. Bram hits him with a kendo stick and heads up top, then Shaw blocks a superplex and powerbombs Bram onto the chairs. Shaw tries to go for a Kata-gatame submission, but Bram elbows him and whips him headfirst into the chair, and hits him with the turnbuckle piece for the win.

Winner – Bram

Bobby Roode vs. Kenny King and MVP

MVP taunts Roode and asks him to leave, but Roode instead punches King so MVP attacks him in the corner. They whip Roode and elbow him, then King hits Roode a few times and throws him out of the ring. MVP punches Roode a few more times and holds him so King could strike, but Roode ducks and King inadvertently hits MVP. Roode hits them a few times before MVP connects with a big boot, then he hits a fisherman’s suplex for two. MVP sets up for a Drive By but Roode ducks, then he rolls MVP and takes the first fall.

King immediately attacks him in the corner, but Roode fights back with some punches and tries to slam him on the mat. King gets away and hits him, then he tries to attack from the corner but Roode counters with a Roode Bomb. Bobby Lashley runs in and breaks up the pin, then Lashley hits him a few times and spears him before leaving.

Winner – Bobby Roode

Ethan Carter comes out and said he’s had victory after victory, and he’s vanquished everyone in his way so far, but now Rockstar Spud has an opportunity. He demands Spud comes out and makes amends, then Spud comes out and says they are friends and he knows him better than anyone. Spud says he knows Ethan’s favorite color and habits, and Ethan says it’s impressive, but Dixie Carter was still put through a table because Spud failed. He says Spud is a loser, but Spud disagrees, and Ethan screams ‘loser’ at him several times and slaps him in the face. Spud has enough and slaps him back, then he screams at Ethan to hit him, but Ethan just tells him that he’s fired.

MVP is bragging to King and Lashley about still coming out on top, but Kurt Angle storms in and says MVP can’t pull this crap anymore. He says MVP isn’t GM anymore, and he is going to give Bobby Roode another fair chance at the title. Angle says Roode will fight in a number one contender’s match, and MVP won’t be part of it, so he’d better stay away.

Full Metal Mayhem – The Hardys vs. Team 3D vs. TNA tag team champions The Wolves

Everyone fights on the floor before Matt tries to climb a ladder, but Bully slams him down before Davey drops Bully with a DDT. Jeff hits a sitout facebuster, then Devon knocks him down before Matt slams Eddie onto a chair and sets up Davey for a bulldog. Eddie whips a chair at him and Davey backdrops Matt through two chairs, then they attack Jeff before Bully hits a diving cutter with assistance from Eddie. They start chopping each other before Devon goes for a Doomsday Device, but Eddie kicks him in the head and he, Matt and Bully end up hitting a Tower of Doom spot.

Devon wedges part of the barricade on the ring apron and the steps, but Davey backdrops him outside before Bully powerbombs Davey onto the guardrail piece. We get back from a break to see Davey hit Devon with a chair, then Matt clotheslines him and Jeff slams Bully into the steps. He puts a table upside down on the apron, then he tries to legdrop Bully through it but Bully steps away and Jeff crashes through the table. Bully climbs a ladder and Matt chases him, then Eddie follows them up but he gets thrown off the ladder before Matt throws Bully across the ring.

Davey wedges a ladder in the corner before climbing another one, but Matt cuts him off and they exchange punches before Matt hits a Twist of Fate. Matt ends up setting a table up on the floor and rolls Davey on it, then he legdrops Davey from a ladder and crashes through the table. Devon gets a large ladder and climbs it but Eddie cuts him off, then Bully knocks him down and sets up Wazzup but Jeff shoves him off the turnbuckles. Devon crashes through two tables on the floor, then Eddie climbs for the titles but Bully tips the ladder and sends him into the guardrail. Jeff runs in and slams a chair into Bully, then Matt punches Bully and gets him on a table on the floor as Jeff starts climbing for the titles.

Matt sets up a moonsault but Davey crotches him and knocks him down, then he tips the ladder Jeff is on and sends him flying onto Bully, both going through two tables. Davey gets the ladder back into position but Matt cuts him off, and they trade punches at the top of the ladder as Eddie rolls back in. He hits Matt from behind and powerbombs Matt through a table, then Davey pulls both titles down to win the match.

Winners – The Wolves