TNA IMPACT 11 05 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Date: November 5, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Video package showing Bobby Roode walking backstage. We then see the first encounter of Roode vs. Lashley where Lashley won and was still TNA World Champion. As weeks pass, we find out who faces Lashley next and it is Roode once again. They had their match last week and it was a back and forth battle. It ended with Roode covering Lashley for the 1-2-3 and becoming the TNA World Champion!

The camera shows the arena as the crowd is on their feet cheering. They are ready for tonight’s show!

Kurt Angle is in the ring. He says it is a tremendous night tonight and that’s because there is a new TNA World Champion in the house. He introduces the new champion, the It Factor, Bobby Roode! Roode’s music plays and he comes out with the belt over his shoulder. He gets in the ring and raises the championship high in the air. Roode grabs a mic and says Kurt called him out here to say a few words, but words can’t describe this moment. Roode goes on to state that wrestlers all over the world dream of this moment. To be able to stand there as TNA World Champion. He said it before and he will say it again, beside his family, professional wrestling is all he has. He loves pro wrestling. It’s all he thinks about. The first time he laced up his wrestling boots all he wanted to do is wrestle and be the best. Holding the belt means he is the best. Roode is happy to stand here tonight and share this moment with a guy he travelled with many times and, who he thinks, is the best wrestler Kurt Angle. He is happy to stand here before everyone and is proud to be our TNA World Champion! Just then, music hits and here comes Lashley!

Lashley comes out and MVP and Kenny King are behind him. They then move to his side as they walk down the ramp. They get in the ring. MVP has a mic in hand. He states Roode is one sorry excuse of a competitor. Lashley is the most dominate champion in the history of TNA; however, people in attendance and watching at home don’t appreciate Lashley. People don’t even look Lashley in the eye because he is so intimidating. What MVP doesn’t understand is that these people cheer for Roode. Roode scrutinized the system and got his way as well as inserting Kurt Angle into the equation to get what he wanted. MVP asks who the bad guys are. He says Roode knows he can’t beat Lashley without Kurt’s help. Lashley stepped in because MVP hurt his knee. But, he is fine now. Now MVP will make sure Roode won’t be champion. Kurt has a smile on his face and says he likes where this is going by the looks of Lashley’s eyes. Kurt asks Roode if he will put the belt on the line against MVP. Roode agrees. Lashley is surprised. MVP says he will see him tonight. MVP leaves the ring and Lashley looks on with a dumbfounded look.

A video package plays hyping up The Hardyz vs. Samoa Joe and Low Ki for the finals of the Tag Team Tournament.

Samoa Joe and Low Ki are backstage and the camera man asks them about their tag team success. Low says they are successful. He knew he could count on Joe. Samoa Joe talks about greatness and how they will face the great Hardyz tonight, but all great things crumble and the sledgehammers have arrived.


Music plays and here comes Samoa Joe and Low Ki. They walk down together as Joe holds the X-Division Championship in his hand. They get in the ring. The Hardyz come out next. They walk down the ring as the crowd cheers. They interact with the fans around the ring.

Samoa Joe and Low Ki vs. The Hardyz in the Tag Team Tournament Finals

Jeff and Low Ki start the match. They go to lock-up but Low kicks Jeff in the leg. They go to lock-up again but Low goes behind Jeff and locks his arms. Jeff goes behind Low and then applies a front headlock. Low backs Jeff up in the corner. He unlocks the headlock. Ki backs up. They lock-up again but Jeff goes behind Low and locks his arms around his waist. He then pounds on Low’s back and then twists his arm. He tags Matt and Matt enters and elbows the arm. He continues to twist and turn Low’s arm. Low rolls through and kicks Matt in the chest. He stands and does a knife edge chop to Matt’s chest. He pounds on his head and tags Joe. Joe enters and does several punches to Matt’s chest. Matt falls down.

Joe grabs him and does a headbutt. He then tags Low. He enters and they double whip him in the ropes. Ki kicks him in the gut and then Joe kicks him in the chest. Ki does a springboard kick to Matt and covers but he kicks out. Low gets him up on his feet and does a knife edge chop but Matt fights back with punches and then rams him into his corner and tags Jeff. Jeff enters and pounds on Low’s neck and back. He does a snapmare and then hits a dropkick to the back. He covers but Low kicks out. Jeff applies a headlock and tags Matt. Matt climbs to the second rope and elbows Low in the back. He covers but Low kicks out. He tags Jeff back in. They double whip Ki in the ropes and double elbow him in the face. They lift him up and do a double team take over slam. Jeff covers but Joe comes in and kicks Jeff to stop the count. Jeff gets Low in the corner and pounds his face on the top turnbuckle. Low comes back and whips Jeff in the opposing corner but Jeff pops up and does a hurricanrana. Low goes to the corner and Jeff runs to him but he kicks Jeff and takes Jeff down. He tags Joe and Joe stomps on Jeff and then gets him up on his feet.

Jeff comes back with punches to the gut. He runs in the ropes but Joe elbows him in the face. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Joe does a snapmare and then a slap to the back and a kick to the chest. He drops a knee to the face and covers. Jeff kicks out. He tags Low and Low continues the offense.


Joe has Jeff in the corner and then lifts him to the top rope. Jeff fights back with punches. He jumps off the corner and goes to the other for Whisper in the Wind. He nails Joe and both are down. Jeff gets up and tags Matt while Joe tags Low. Both enter and Matt hits two closelines and then hits the Side Effect. He covers but Low kicks out. Matt does another Side Effect type slam and covers but Low kicks out again. Joe gets in the corner and Matt closelines him. He does a bull dog to Joe and a closeline to Low at the same time. He covers but Low kicks out. Matt does a body slam to Ki and then climbs the corner, but Low runs and knocks Matt down. He has Matt upside down in the corner. Low jumps up and does the Warrior’s Way to Matt. He covers but Jeff enters and stops the cover. He does a front suplex on Ki.

Jeff takes his shirt off and waits but Joe grabs him for a Rear Naked Choke. Low comes after Matt and does a quick cover but Matt kicks out. Both stand and Matt goes for a cover but Joe enter and stops the count. Jeff enters and hits the Twist of Fate on Joe. Joe then applies the Rear Naked Choke on Matt. He falls to the mat. Jeff hits the Swanton bomb on Matt and Joe. Joe releases the hold. Matt tags Jeff as he is in the corner. Jeff goes for Twist of Fate to Low but Low twists out of it and goes for the Ki Crusher. Jeff kicks him in the chest though. Jeff tags Matt. Matt gets down on his hands and knees and Jeff flies as he jumps on Matt and nails him. He then climbs the corner and hits the Swanton Bomb. He goes and does a suicide dive on Joe on the outside. Matt covers and wins.

Winners: The Hardyz

They celebrate in the ring.

James Storm is backstage with Davey Richards. James says he wishes someone was there to tell him the truth and the way to go. He is there for Davey. He gives him one week to decide and then he wants an answer.

Bobby Roode is backstage in his room talking about MVP. He says MVP suspended him for 7 weeks so he couldn’t become TNA World Champion. Now MVP wants the shot at the belt. He said he would have given it to Lashley, but MVP stepped in front of the system. MVP took pro wrestling away from him and that was some of his darkest times. He will not take the TNA World Championship away from him. He will show why he is a 2 time champion and why he is more of an MVP than MVP will ever be for this company.


A video package plays showing Samuel Shaw in his solitary confinement box earlier this year. Gunner came and saved him. They became close friends, but when Shaw got too close to Gunner, he almost pushed him away. Shaw said Gunner is his brother and friend. However, when they teamed up, Shaw turned on him and went with Brittany.

We see Brittany and Shaw getting in the ring. He opens the ropes for Brittany. She enters and then he does. They go and have their touch encounters before he begins to speak. He has a mic and says he turned his back on Gunner. He turned his back on his friend and the person who he looked to as a brother. When he met Brittany, he realized Gunner looked at him just as a cherry case. Brittany grabs the mic and says Gunner was never his friend and Christy Hemme never appreciated his artistic abilities. Brittany can do for him what they never could do for him. Brittany likes his face and then get their lovey-dovey scene as they kiss, she jumps on him, and then he falls to the mat on top of her continue to kiss. Gunner’s music plays and he comes out with a mic.

He says they are making him sick and the audience sick too. He says crazy attracts crazy. Gunner says Shaw wanted to be him. He tried to dress like him and get tattoos like him. He says we have a pair of “Creepy B@stards”. Shaw says to never call them that. Gunner starts to change his name from Sam to Shamuel to Sammy to Samantha to “Creepy B@stards” – Just then Shaw goes to punch Gunner but he punches Shaw and then attacks him. He takes off Shaw’s shirt and starts choking him with it. Brittany jumps on Gunner. Shaw does a low blow to Gunner and then rams him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Brittany gives him leather black gloves. He puts them on one at a time. Gunner stands and Shaw puts the choke hold on him. Gunner is slowly fading. He is down and out. Shaw stands on top of Gunner and Brittany walks over and they start making out. Shaw opens the ropes for Brittany and then he exits. They walk up the ramp together.


A video package plays showing Mahabali Shera as he is the newest star in TNA Wrestling. He resides from India. Kurt Angle recruited him and Kurt states he can become TNA World Champion. If he can push himself and exceed, he can be the main event star within one year. Shera states he doesn’t know anyone in the states, but he is here and wants to impress everyone.

A video plays from earlier today where MVP and Bobby Roode agree to the match tonight.

Kurt Angle is backstage with a production guy. He tells Kurt to sign the paper. Kurt says to change two things and it should be good. MVP walks up to Kurt and he states Kurt is all about himself. Kurt asks what he is talking about. MVP explains that he does everything for himself and people will soon find out. Kurt states everyone will find out soon enough about MVP, that’s for sure.

Magnus and Bram come out as they bring their weapons down the ramp. As they walk down, Devon and Tommy Dreamer attack them from behind.

Bram and Magnus vs. Devon and Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore match

Devon goes after Bram around the ring while Tommy Dreamer and Magnus go to the side of the ramp and by the stage. They fight, but Devon brings Bram over and drop him off by the stage. Dreamer brings Magnus in the ring. They take him down and then drop an elbow. Magnus rolls out of the ring. Bram enters and they do a double hip toss. Devon takes Bram out of the ring. Dreamer does a baseball slide to Magnus. Devon takes Bram to the steel steps while Dreamer hits Magnus with a water bottle. Dreamer grabs Magnus but Magnus lifts Dreamer up and drops him down on the steel guard rail. Devon hits Bram with a water bottle and then brings him in the ring. Bram goes to the corner. Magnus grabs the steel turnbuckle and hits Devon behind the knee. Bram stands and they both work on Devon.

Dreamer slides in with a trashcan lid and hits Magnus and Bram in the head with it. He exits the ring and tosses a chair and trashcan in. He tosses another trashcan and chair in. He slides in and unfolds the chair. Dreamer goes to drops him on the table but Magnus stops him and does a drop toe hold and Dreamer falls on top of the chair. Magnus grabs the trashcan and hits Dreamer on the head with it while Bram puts one in the corner. Bram grabs a chair and rams it in the back of Dreamer. Magnus unfolds a chair and has Dreamer sit on it. They knock Dreamer out of it with a closeline. Bram grabs a cookie sheet and hits Tommy in the head while Magnus hits Tommy with a chair on the back. They knock Devon down as he stands on the outside with a baseball slide.

Bram and Magnus whip Dreamer in the ropes and hit a double back body drop. Bram covers but Dreamer kicks out. Magnus jumps over the ropes to land on Devon but Devon hits him with a trashcan lid. He gets in the ring and attacks Bram with closelines and then a trashcan lid to the head. He grabs the trashcan and puts it in the crouch of Bram. He then hits the can with a chair and Bram freaks out. Magnus enters and attacks Devon with the trashcan to the back. Tommy climbs the corner but Magnus stops him. He climbs and now Bram climbs. Devon grabs both of them and they do a double superplex double powerbomb! All four men are down! Devon stands and is fired up! Devon sets up a table on the outside. Devon enters and grabs Bram. Bram fights back and goes to the apron. He goes for a suplex but Devon gets out of it and knocks Bram off of the apron and he falls through the table. Magnus grabs a kendo stick on the outside and comes in and hits Devon and then Dreamer several times. Dreamer comes back and whips Magnus in the ropes. Magnus pops up but Dreamer does a low blow. He sends him into the trashcan face first and then hits the DDT. He covers and wins!

Winners: Tommy Dreamer and Devon

Gail Kim is backstage. The camera man asks her where she is right now regarding this match. Gail said she attacked her from behind and injured her. Gail is coming back and taking Havok out and taking back the Knockouts Championship.


Rockstar Spud comes out and marches his way to the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the ring with the mic. Borash states Spud has had a crazy couple of weeks. Spud grabs the mic and says he won British Boot Camp. He then went on to be the Chief of Staff for Madam Dixie Carter. He would do anything for the Carters. His best friend was Ethan Carter III but Ethan became a wanker! Spud starts to get fired up! He says he likes his suits. They are his and he likes wearing them. He is not changing because of him. Ethan calls himself a one percenter but we can call Spud a 99%-er and he doesn’t need Ethan anymore. Jeremy states he was there for British Boot Camp where Spud slowly won everyone over and now that is happening here. Jeremy is with Spud. Music plays and here comes Ethan Carter III.

He comes out on the stage with a mic. Tyrus is behind him. Ethan states this is the most pathetic spectacle he has ever seen. He sees loser after loser after loser after loser. It looks like Spud is a fearless leader. Ethan goes on by saying he can’t believe Jeremy Borash is in on this as he is one of the most loyal TNA supporters and he should thank the Carters for everything. Ethan and Tyrus continue down the ramp and slowly get in the ring. Ethan states he will give Spud an opportunity to apologize to him right now. Ethan gets in Spud’s face. He tells him to apologize. Spud shakes his head no. The crowd chants, “No, no, no, no, no!” Spud yells, “No!!!!” Tyrus grabs Spud from behind. Ethan tells him to apologize. Spud says he is sorry… “I’m sorry you are a big nose douche bag!” Spud tries to fight back but Jeremy puts his hand on Ethan. Ethan turns and tells JB to not put his hands on him. He hits Borash and he falls down. Spud jumps on Ethan’s back and attacks him. Tyrus grabs Spud from behind. Eric Young’s music plays and he runs down with a chair stair. Tyrus and Ethan exit the ring and look on.


Gail Kim comes out and makes her way to the ring. Havok comes down the ramp but Gail quickly exits and goes to Havok on the ramp. She attacks Havok but Havok fights back and rams Gail in the apron back first. She then does a bear hug and then goes to ram her in the steel ring post but the referee stops her. Havok drops Gail and stares at the referee. Gail attacks Havok from behind but Havok knocks her down. She gets Gail up and Gail tries to fight back but she smashes Gail face first into the ring post. She gets Gail up on her feet. Gail fights back with punches but she takes Gail down with a huge punch. She grabs her and tosses her up the ramp. She then grabs Gail by the hair and drags her up the ramp. Gail kicks her in the head. She stands and continues to punch and kick her. She goes for a running big boot but Havok stops her, grabs Gail and tosses her off of the stage. She falls on the cement. The referee checks on Gail and then calls for help. Referees and EMTs come and check on her.


Gail Kim is on the ramp. Jeremy Borash is beside her and states that the officials will not let this match happen, but Gail grabs the mic and says this match will continue!! Gail gets in the ring and the bell sounds!

Gail Kim vs. TNA Knockouts champion Havok for the Knockouts championship

Gail goes after Havok, but Havok grabs Gail and rams her in the corner. She then grabs Gail and drops her down on the mat. She gets Gail up but Gail fights back. She hits Havok several times and then does a kick to her chest. Havok goes in the corner. Gail runs and swings her body into Havok’s gut. Gail lands on the apron but Havok knocks her down. Havok gets on the apron and jumps to Gail but she moves and Havok hits the steel steps. Gail gets on the apron. Havok turns and goes to kick Havok, but Havok grabs her and puts her on her shoulders. Havok lifts her up and drops her face first onto the steel steps. Havok gets in the ring. The referee counts. He counts to 9 but Havok stops him and exits the ring. She grabs Gail by the head and says she isn’t finished with her yet.

Havok rolls Gail in the ring. She gets in and kicks her right in the face. Havok lifts her up and goes for a body slam but Gail applies a head scissor submission. It looks like Havok is slowly starting to fade but Havok drops her down for a side walk slam. Havok gets Gail up on her feet and Gail tries to fight but Havok applies a full nelson. Gail gets out as she elbows Havok. Havok applies it again but Gail drops her down with a chin breaker. Gail slowly gets up and continues the attack. She puts up a good fight with an arm bar and then a kick to the shoulder. Gail goes in the corner. Havok runs to her but Gail moves. Gail climbs the corner and jumps but Havok catches her. Gail slides out and pushes Havok in the corner. She goes to another corner and does a flying cross body. She covers. Havok kicks out.

Gail goes Eat Defeat but Havok blocks it. She grabs her and does a hammerlock slam. Havok covers but Kim kicks out at 2!! Havok goes for the Chokeslam, but Gail turns it into Eat Defeat. She covers but Havok kicks out at 2!! Gail goes to the apron and climbs the corner. She jumps but Havok is standing, catches her by the throat, and Chokeslams her! She covers and wins.

Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Havok

A video plays from earlier today where Mahabali Shera is in the cafe having lunch. He goes to sit with some TNA talent but they don’t acknowledge him. He sits at an empty table. Just then, Manik walks behind him and introduces himself. He says his name is exotic and asks if he wants a sip of his soda. He then wants to find out more about him.

MVP is in the room of Lashley. He sees him packing his bag. MVP can’t believe it. He says he was there for Lashley when he was fighting. Lashley doesn’t say anything. He zips up his back and walks out the door with it.


MVP comes out first. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Bobby Roode’s music plays next. He comes out with the TNA World Championship around his waist. He has his robe on. He gets in the ring as the fans cheer.

MVP vs. TNA world championship Bobby Roode for the TNA World Championship

The match begins and they go to lock-up but MVP takes Roode and is able to take him down on the mat. He goes for a quick cover but Roode kicks out. MVP applies a headlock as they stand but Roode sends him in the ropes. Roode knocks him down. He sends him in the ropes again and hits him with an elbow. He sends him in the ropes and knees him in the gut. He does a Side Russian Leg Sweep. He covers but MVP kicks out. Both get up and Roode continues but MVP comes back and does a kick to the gut. He knocks Roode down and he rolls out. MVP slides out and does a huge running kick to the face. MVP grabs him and smashes him into the steel guard rail. He rolls him back in the ring and covers. Roode kicks out. He covers again but Roode kicks out again.

Both stand and Roode tries to come back with the offense but MVP fights back. He takes Roode down and drops an elbow. He then does a Fisherman Suplex with a bridge. Roode kicks out. MVP now works on the arm. Roode comes back as he gets to his feet. He punches MVP in the gut but MVP hits him on the back. MVP whips him in the opposing corner. He runs but Roode moves. Roode does a spine buster and covers but MVP kicks out. Roode grabs MVP and lifts him up to the top rope. He climbs up but MVP tries to fight out of it. Roode fights back and hits a superplex. He covers but MVP kicks out at two. Roode gets up and waits. MVP stands and he goes for the Roode Bomb but MVP elbows him. Roode goes back and climbs the corner. He jumps but MVP moves and Roode lands on his back. MVP goes and kicks Roode in the face. He covers but Roode kicks out. MVP waits. Roode gets on his knees and MVP goes for a kick but Roode moves and does a roll-up. MVP kicks out. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb but MVP slides out. He kicks Roode in the face. He grabs Roode, but Roode slides away and picks him up and hits the Roode Bomb. He covers and wins.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode celebrates with the championship. As he does, Lashley comes out from behind. He turns and Lashley spears him down. MVP reaches out for a handshake with Lashley, but Lashley walks right past him. He exits the ring. The show fades.