TNA IMPACT 02 06 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Date: February 6, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

What does MVP have in store for Dixie Carter and TNA? Will Eric Young prevail or will Abyss conquer in their Monster Ball confrontation? Find out here as TNA Impact airs at 9 EST!

Abyss vs. Eric Young in a “Monsters Ball” match

9:00: The show starts Eric Young and Abyss in a backstage brawl. Young beats down on Abyss as he drags him toward the ramp. Abyss soon gains control as they made their way down the ramp while the referee rings the bell to start the Monster Ball officially. Eric Young battles back with a lead pipe, but Abyss answers back with a flip over the back. With the delight of the crowd, Abyss soon sets up a table and tries to slam EY into it. Young battles back, but Abyss throws him, chairs, and trash cans into the ring. Abyss tries to slide in the ring, but Eric Young dives to the outside of the ring on him. Abyss makes it in the ring and wedges a chair into the corner. Young puts up a fight but does not succeed. Abyss grabs another chair and lays it on EY. He tries to hit Young, but EY battles back by giving Abyss a low blow. Young hits a missile dropkick and gets a two count at the pinfall. Abyss hits the chokeslam but Young kicks out. Abyss grabs his black bag from the outside and spreads out the tacs within over the ring. He throws Young on the turnbuckle but Eric Young battles back by powerbombing the monster onto the tacs. Eric Young goes to the top rope, but Abyss throws a punch that lands EY through the table set outside the ring. Abyss throws Young back into the ring for the pin, but Young places his foot on the rope in time. Abyss slides yet again outside the ring and grabs Janice from under the apron. Eric Young took Abyss’ mask off to reveal his face. Abyss grows angry and performs the Black Hole Slam and wins the match. Abyss looks at himself in a piece of a mirror.

Winner: Abyss

Bobby Roode is shown with Dixie Carter with a contract for the World Heavyweight Championship. Carter says she can’t do it because she isn’t in complete control anymore. Carter reminds Roode that he didn’t win his last match and that he doesn’t look deserving. She then constructs a plan to have Bobby Roode face the now number one contender Samoa Joe. If he wins, he will have Magnus at Lockdown and nobody will question the decision. Roode threatens Carter that it better not be a setup.

MVP is promised to speak next!

9:21: MVP’s music and the lights go out. The Investor makes his way to the ring and plays to the crowd. He holds up a sign saying he is the new investor. He starts off by saying that he is back from living and enjoying life on his own terms. He says that he learned one lesson from being away: that there are always consequences for your actions. He says that the people in charge of TNA have not learned that lesson and that they have acted in ways disregarding the talent and fans. He goes on to say that he loves professional wrestling and he wants to make a change; a change that he couldn’t do just as a talent. MVP continues with a promise to the fans that the things that are going on will not happen anymore. Rockstar Spud, Chief of Staff, interrupts the new investor as he enters the ring. Spud asked MVP, in an interest of fairness, if he would introduce himself to Dixie Carter and that they could “discuss fairness with her”. MVP then reminds Spud that he has fists that he hasn’t forgotten how to use. He then revealed to everyone that he scheduled a match for tonight: Magnus vs. Kurt Angle. As MVP’s music played, he “kindly” shooed Spud out of the ring.

Bully Ray is shown in the garage with a coffin. He says that Mr.Anderson took his family from him and that the next person he (Bully Ray) saw, he would put in the coffin to pay for his (Mr.Anderson’s) sins. We break for commercial.

9:34: Chris Sabin is shown in a room clad in purple saying that what happened last week broke his heart. He has something special planned to happen in that room.

Bully Ray vs. Curry Man

Curry Man runs down to the ring in his red and yellow. Bully Ray rolls the coffin down to ringside, grabs a mic, and climbs in the ring. He tells Curry Man that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Curry Man fires up the crowd, but Bully Ray turns the cheers into boos as he lays his boot in Curry Man’s face. Bully Ray pile drives Curry Man while screaming the name of Mr. Anderson. He then places him into the coffin and tells Mr. Anderson he will end his career.

Winner: Bully Ray

Backstage, Magnus complains to Carter about facing Angle as he storms off. She and Rockstar Spud hear a knock at the door and get antsy. However, it was only Ethan. Carter then complains about the investor and her lipstick while Rockstar Spud leaves the room. Ethan complains about her not having enough time for her blood before he walks out as well. We break for commercial.

9:46: We are back and Austin Aries makes his way to the ring to a warm welcome from the fans. The fans chant his name as he begins to say he is “the greatest man who ever lived”, “X Division Champion”, and that “the title doesn’t make the man, the man makes the title.” He also says that he created “Option C” which allowed him to create an opportunity to win the title. The Bromans interrupt, creating a distraction. Zema hits Aries from behind and cashes in his briefcase.

TNA X Division champion Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion for the X Division Championship

Zema goes for several pin falls, but Aries kicks out. They make their way out of the ring only to enter once again. Zema hits a flying DDT, but Aries kicks out again. Zema goes for a flying corkscrew, but misses. Aries battles back with a hit in the corner and then the Brainbuster.

Winner: Austin Aries

Dixie and Spud are shown anxiously anticipating MVP’s arrival.

9:57: The video of Samuel and Christy’s date from last week is shown again. Creepy guy with a wall full of her pictures. Earlier today, Christy tells Samuel they need to talk. She tells him that she thinks he’s a great guy, wrestler, and artist. However, she believes they need to keep things professionally. He glares at her as she walks away.

Bobby Roode and Magnus are shown in the back. Roode continued to complain about all the favors he had given. Magnus said that it wasn’t a favor, they were merely tasks. He told Roode he needed to stay focused on his match with Samoa Joe. Roode reminded Magnus that Samoa Joe made Magnus tap out and wished him good luck with Kurt Angle.

MVP comes in where Spud and and Dixie were waiting. She began to tell him how she built the company from the ground up. She says that she treats everyone with fairness. MVP then asked her about AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy, who she called disgruntled employees. Carter tells him he’ll learn a lot from her. He answers by saying that they should continue their business in the ring in front of the fans.

Kurt Angle vs. TNA world champion Magnus in a non-title match

10:11: This match starts off with a lockup and armbars by both wrestlers. Angle gains control , but Magnus battles back with an eye rake and slaps to the chest. However, Angle came back with a few suplexes. Magnus battles back yet again and goes for the pinfall. Magnus goes up to the top rope, but Angle suplexes him off the top rope. Angle locks in the ankle lock, but EC III interferes with a shot to Angle for a disqualification.

Winner: Kurt Angle by disqualification

10:21: We are back from the break while Samoa Joe watches over Angle. He turns his attention to the camera and tells Carter she sent EC III after Angle. He says that he is starting a war and that he is out to kill.

Eric Young is asked about his match earlier tonight. He says that he revealed to Abyss who he is and now he doesn’t know what will happen.

Chris Sabin is in the purple room where he and Velvet Sky had their first kiss and shows the audience a box. Velvet Sky comes in and sits down while we break once again for commercial.

When we return, Velvet looks a little uncomfortable. Sabin says that all relationships have ups and downs, but when she told him theirs was over, that she broke his heart. However, it cleared his head and showed him what he needed to do. He got down on one knee and took out the box. When she opened it, it was empty. He then told her to get out of his life. He’s sick of hearing all about her and that he’s the real superstar. Chris Sabin then challenges her to a match next week and leaves her crying.

Number One Contender’s Match: Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode

The match begins with a lockup as both wrestlers try to gain control. Joe hits a right hand across Roode’s face. They exchange kicks to their sides, but Joe gains control. He sucessfully kicks and slams Roode. Roode stops Joe’s momentum with an elbow to the face and then does a spinning neckbreaker. Roode flies at Joe from the top rope and went for the pin fall. When Joe kicked out, he put him into a headlock. Joe tries to gain momentum several times, only to come up short. Joe and Roode go back and forth with chops, kicks, and slams. Roode picks up Joe, but the Samoan battles back. Joe successfully performed The Muscle Buster and then made Roode tap out to the Coquina Clutch. Samoa Joe remains the number one contender.

Winner: Samoa Joe

MVP and Dixie Carter meet face to face when TNA returns.

When we return, Dixie comes down to the ring with Rockstar Spud. Dixie Carter introduces MVP who makes himself known once again by meeting Dixie and Spud in the ring. Dixie welcomes MVP while he reciprocates with flattery. Dixie starts to share “their” vision of TNA, which starts off with Magnus. She says that he, Magnus, sets the bar high for everyone and all should emulate themselves after him. With loud boo’s from the crowd, she continues to say that if everyone follows in her lead, then they will all be successful. MVP decides to talk about the changes that need to be made in TNA. In learning about all about Dixie, that they agree on one thing: agree to disagree. He says that Dixie doesn’t know anything about the business and that her mis management has dug the company into the ground. He goes on to say that her reign of terror has ceased. Her party is officially over: he wants complete control over TNA. An angry Dixie Carter and Rockstar spud storm their way out as TNA goes off air.