TNA IMPACT 03 27 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: March 27, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

TNA Impact opened with MVP’s theme music to bring out TNA’s acting authority figure to handle some business. As MVP walked to the ring, TNA recapped how Magnus retained the TNA Title over Samoa Joe in last week’s main event.

Once in the ring, MVP called out Abyss, noting it was his intention to level the playing field when he came to TNA. MVP said he wanted to make sure everyone rises or falls based on their talent alone, not shadiness. So, after speaking to the Board of Directors, he has decided to make an executive decision.

Magnus’s music interrupted before MVP could announce his decision. Magnus and Abyss walked down to the ring, and then Magnus introduced himself to boos. Magnus said he must remind MVP that this man (Abyss) has a 100 percent legitimate service contract with the World champ. This man does not work for TNA or MVP, but for him. It means the only time MVP’s authority extends to Abyss is through him.

MVP said that’s funny because he has a match in-mind, even if Abyss wants to be the world’s ugliest valet. MVP then tried to create issues by asking Abyss if he would like a TNA World Title shot, which freaked out Magnus. MVP then added Samoa Joe to the mix, booking a three-way match for next week: Magnus vs. Abyss vs. Joe for the TNA World Title.

On-cue, Joe’s music interrupted to bring out one of the #1 contenders to the title. Joe said he’s only asked MVP for one thing – a fair chance, an uninterrupted opportunity to beat Magnus and take back his title. But, instead of that chance, what he hears is his re-match is now a handicap match. “No, no Joe!” MVP said. He predicted that Abyss will think for himself and everyone will battle on an even playing field. Joe got in MVP’s face that they’re about to have a problem.

Magnus cleared his threat and said it looks like they have problems, which upset Joe, who punched Magnus across the ring. A brawl broke out, and then Eric Young hit the ring. The brawl continued into the break.

[Commercial Break at 9:09]

Back from break, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, and MVP were standing in the ring. EY said he has the solution to MVP’s problem, and he will stop Abyss after he brought the monster out of him. Young said he will take care of Abyss so that Joe gets a one-on-one shot at Magnus. MVP said he doesn’t think EY deserves a title shot.

EY shot back that MVP has been ten minutes, while he has been here ten years. Young listed all of his gimmicks, title accomplishments, and “participating” in every crazy idea this company has saddled him with. EY said he can be entertaining, but he’s also a world-class pro wrestler.

[Q2] Joe stepped in. He said no one is doubting EY’s work, but there is a line and he’s not at the head of it. Joe said MVP still hasn’t delivered his one fair title shot, so until he gets what he wants, Young gets nothing. MVP stepped in that he appreciates Young’s passion and his case, so he’s in the title match. It’s a four-way next week.

Joe didn’t appreciate what happened, so he got in EY’s face, and then EY tackled Joe. Joe fought back with hard strikes to Young, and then MVP called for referees to break them up. Joe got up and asked Young if he wants to scrap with the big boys, then called for MVP to book the match tonight. MVP made it official as Joe’s music played.

Backstage: Bully Ray approached a backstage camera. He said his Twitter machine is back. Ray told Bobby Roode that he messed with the wrong guy and he’s getting the tables tonight.

Backstage: MVP was shown walking back through the curtain to find the Wolves. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards said they want a tag match against Magnus and Abyss tonight. MVP thought it over, and then asked if they know what they’re getting into. MVP said he likes it, but said he can’t be responsible for what happens … to them. MVP made it official, and then hopped on the phone with the production truck.

Earlier Today: Ethan Carter III was looking for Willow in nature. Rockstar Spud was with him for this adventure.

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Earlier Today: ECIII and Spud were still looking for Willow. Spud wanted to know what they’re doing here. ECIII gave him a speech about attacking Willow at his home.

In-ring: Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce the first match. Out first were The Wolves. Then, Magnus and Abyss returned to the ring for the tag bout.

1 — THE WOLVES (EDDIE EDWARDS and DAVEY RICHARDS) vs. TNA world heavyweight champion MAGNUS and ABYSS

Abyss controlled the action early on before Impact cut to an early break.

[Q3] [Commercial Break at 9:30]

Back from break, Magnus and Abyss were working on Eddie Edwards. Eddie then made it across the ring to tag in Davey, who cleaned house with trademark offense. Abyss then accidentally squished Magnus in the corner before the duo took a double-foot kick from Davey.

All four men in the ring after the action broke down. Wolves delivered stereo kicks to Abyss, and then Davey smashed Abyss with a suicide dive on the outside. Back in the ring, Eddie put Magnus in a single-leg crab and Magnus quickly tapped out so that he could get out of the ring.

Post-match, Abyss was confused, but Magnus reasoned that he didn’t need to win this match. Abyss cradled the TNA Title belt before joining Magnus on the entrance ramp. Abyss walked off with the belt instead of handing it over to Magnus, creating tension ahead of the four-way title match next week.

WINNERS: Wolves via submission at 8:38.

[Commercial Break at 9:37]

In-ring: Back from break, the Beautiful People’s music was playing. Out came Angelina Love by herself. Tenay flashed back to Love attacking Madison Rayne last week, and then Love took the mic in the ring. Love called down for Velvet Sky because she has not been answering her calls all week. She told Sky to come down to the ring and tell her what her problem is.

Out came Velvet Sky, who said she has more than a problem. She asked Love why she jumped Madison last week instead of fixing things. Angelina reasoned that she did that for her and for them. She said Sky is mediocre, vanilla, bland, and soft without her. Angelina said Sky is on her way to being another forgettable face around here. “You were somebody when you were in the Beautiful People,” Sky said.

[Q4] Velvet replied that a lot has changed around here in-case she didn’t notice. Angelina said the only thing that has changed around here is Sky. She said she sat home for two years because some people think she’s a “headache,” then told Sky to pick a side in her match against Madison tonight. But, because of what Sky’s heart says, not what she’s telling her. The BP music played and Angelina left Sky in the ring to contemplate matters.

Video Package: Gunner vs. James Storm feud.

Still to come: Gunner vs. Storm.

Earlier Today: ECIII and Rockstar Spud were still looking for Willow.

Backstage: Bully Ray prepared himself to do something in the ring, up next.

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Later — KO champion MADISON RAYNE vs. ANGELINA LOVE — non-title match

Earlier Today: ECIII and Rockstar Spud approached an old, beat down barn. Spud did not want to go inside, so Carter went in instead. ECIII made screaming noises, freaking out Spud. ECIII laughed, and then paced the barn. Suddenly, the video changed as Willow grabbed Spud and hauled him away. Back to normal as ECIII called out for Spud, but there was no sign of him. Jeff Hardy‘s loud cackling noise was heard in the distance, concerning ECIII.

Video Package: James Storm vs. Gunner.

In-ring: Bully Ray was introduced to the ring. Bully played to the crowd, and then called to the back for a random man to bring a table down to the ring. More random people walked down to the ring holding tables. Two women followed with a table. Tables were everywhere as Tenay noted Ray has become a “huge fan favorite” in a short period of time.

Ray’s music stopped and he hyped his collection of tables. He then bragged about making sure Dixie Carter is no longer part of TNA. Ray got down to business by addressing Bobby Roode. He said he has not one table, but several tables for Roode to go through tonight. Roode’s music interrupted.

[Q5 — second hour] From the stage, Roode told Ray that he doesn’t intimidate him. Roode admitted that the opportunity to become a TNA owner blinded him, but now he remembers who he is. He said he is the guy who was the longest-reigning and most dominant World champion in TNA history. He’s also the guy who smashed a beer bottle over his best friend’s head, spit in the face of Dixie Carter before it became cool, and baited Ray into a beat down last week.

Roode had a question for the audience. “Do you know I am?!” he shouted. Ray replied that Roode should quit running his mouth, get in the ring, and fight him now. Roode called it pathetically typical because Bully doesn’t call the shots. They went back and forth debating where, when, and how, and then Roode said it’s not going to happen,

So, Ray chased down Roode on the entrance ramp and the fight was on ringside. Ray opened up Roode’s t-shirt and chopped the life out of Roode, but Ray missed with a chop and smashed his hand into a table. Roode took advantage by rocking Bully around ringside. Roode wanted a move through one of the tables, but Ray blocked. Roode then dumped Ray over the top rope back into the ring.

In the ring, Ray recovered and tried a big boot in the corner, but Roode moved and Ray crashed through the table. This looked like an impromptu match at this point. Roode then sent Ray crashing through another table. As Ray recovered in the corner, Roode decided it was a good time to leave the ring.

Backstage: Abyss was shown and heard walking down the hallway. Abyss, breathing heavily, marched into Magnus’s office and angrily handed over the TNA Title belt. He said he knows what Magnus did out there, and he does…not…like…losing. Magnus said Abyss better learn quickly because their business relationship calls for Abyss to make sure Magnus remains TNA Champ. Magnus told Abyss not to let MVP get in his head. Otherwise, he’ll end up being someone’s freak show.

Backstage: Madison Rayne and Angelina Love were shown walking down the hallway in separate camera shots.

[Commercial Break at 10:10]

2 – TNA Knockouts champion MADISON RAYNE vs. ANGELINA LOVE in a non-title match

Velvet Sky came down to ringside shortly after the match started. Angelina dominated, and then Madison rolled to the floor for a breather. Velvet sold concern for her friend, which drew Angelina’s ire. Madison then flipped things around and knocked Angelina to the outside. That’s where Velvet kicked Madison and DDT’d her behind the ref’s back. Velvet rolled Madison back into the ring, Angelina realized what happened, and covered Madison for the win.

Post-match: Angelina and Velvet celebrated in the ring. Velvet mocked Madison, but without much conviction, just acting like she was joining in Angelina because her character thinks it’s a good career move, not because she believes in her actions. Or, she’s setting up Angelina for a double swerve.

WINNER: Angelina at 5:15.

Backstage: ODB approached Eric Young to make sure her husband stays safe tonight before getting a TNA Title shot next week. EY said it’s not about the title, but about proving that he belongs.

[Commercial Break at 10:23]

Backstage: Kenny King was back in the flesh. King approached MVP to ask what he has for him tonight. MVP said he doesn’t have anything for King tonight, but he has something for the King of the Night next week. King said he’ll show MVP what he brings to the party next week.

In-ring: Samoa Joe was in the ring for the next match. Eric Young then came out to face Joe. Tenay said EY is entertaining, but he wants to show a serious, more aggressive side tonight.



Joe started with a shove to the chest, so EY responded with a right hand. Young followed with a flying fist for a two count. Young wanted a top-rope elbow, but Joe avoided, then slapped on his rear-naked choke submission. Young fought back with elbows, but Joe sat back on the submission. Young faded out, Joe’s shoulders were on the mat, the ref dropped EY’s arm three times, and Joe was awarded the victory.

Post-match: Referee Earl Hebner came down to ringside to have a chat with ref Brian Hebner about missing Joe’s shoulders on the mat. They agreed to disagree, and then headed to the back. Joe then left the ring, still the winner.

WINNER: Samoa Joe via TKO at 5:48.

Backstage: James Storm and Gunner were shown walking down the hallway in separate camera shots.

[Commercial Break at 10:36]

Earlier Today: Ethan Carter III went looking for Rockstar Spud.

Last Thursday: After Impact went off the air, Sam Shaw found Christy Hemme in the bathroom. Shaw cornered Hemme, who slapped him across the face. Shaw ignored the slap, took out a pair of scissors, and cut a snippet of Christy’s hair. He thanked Christy, then left. Christy cried and said she can’t do this anymore. On commentary, Tenay casually said Shaw has been suspended for one week as a result of his actions.

Next week: Mr. Anderson vs. Sam Shaw in a strait-jacket match, Bully Ray and Willow vs. Roode and ECIII in a tables match, and the four-way TNA World Title match.

Video Package: Gunner vs. James Storm.

In-ring: Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce the main event. Out first was James Storm, then Gunner, who charged the ringside area to attack Storm. Gunner retrieved a table left behind from the Bully-Roode “fight” that looked like a match, which is somehow different than this “match” that looks like a fight because a bell sounded.

4 — GUNNER vs. JAMES STORM — Falls Count Anywhere, Anything Goes match

On commentary, Tenay said some people think Gunner-Storm was restricted because of the cage at Lockdown, further rendering the cage match useless. Gunner pulled out various weapons to assault Storm with, but Storm turned things around as ref Earl Hebner followed the action.

[Q8] Storm dragged Gunner to the entrance ramp, where he delivered a suplex. Gunner blocked a shot into the ring steps, though, and collected a few chairs to use on Storm. The match moved into the ring at 3:30, where Storm jammed Gunner into the mat. Impact cut to break with Storm in control.

[Commercial Break at 10:47]

Back from break, Gunner and Storm traded bombs and blows. Storm then nailed a top-rope elbow drop before introducing a beer bottle into the ring. But, he took too long to follow up, allowing Gunner to spear him off the ring apron through a table on the floor. Gunner then brought chairs into the ring, set up the chairs, and delivered a top-rope superplex through the chairs, but Storm kicked out of a pin attempt.

Gunner tried to follow up with the Gun Rack, but Storm countered with a Last Call superkick. Storm covered, but Gunner kicked out just in time. After a reset, both men went looking for beer bottles. Gunner got the best of Storm by smashing one over Storm’s head before Storm could deliver a bottle shot of his own. Gunner covered Storm for the pin and the win, gaining revenge for his father after last week’s events.

WINNER: Gunner at 13:58.

Video: Impact closed with another look at Ethan Carter III’s search for Willow, and now Rockstar Spud. ECIII called out for Jeff Hardy, or Willow. He said he won’t burn this place to the ground if Willow releases Spud. ECIII found Spud lying on a bed, and then Willow made echo noises. Suddenly, Jeff Hardy appeared, as Willow, and beat up ECIII. Willow tossed his umbrella down at ECIII as Spud sobbed and called for help. Willow disappeared, then Impact faded out with ECIII telling Hardy/Willow that it’s “game on” if he wants to play games.