TNA IMPACT 04 10 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: April 10, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Who will feel the “Wrath of Dixie”? Find out here as Impact airs at 9 EST!

Dixie walks into the building and says she has a lot to say…just not right now.

MVP reveals a 10 man over the top rope gauntlet match for the #1 Contender-ship starting us off tonight.

10 man over-the-top-rope gauntlet match for the #1 contender to the TNA world heavyweight title

James Storm and Gunner start things off. Storm races off to meet Gunner to start off the match on the ramp. They bring the fight into the ring. Gunner tries several times to take Storm over the top rope, but doesn’t succeed. Gunner delivers stomps to Storm’s head, but Storm soon starts to build momentum.
Bobby Roode is number three. Roode comes in and hits some chops across Gunner’s chest. As Gunner gets knocked down, Roode and Storm stare each other down for a couple minutes before they begin to “double team” on Gunner. They try to eliminate Gunner, but Gunner lands on the apron and holds on the rope.

The next to enter the match is Bully Ray. He starts off by giving fast blows to both Storm and Roode. Ray gets up quickly after a suplex, and soon double clotheslines both. Gunner then gets up and then they begin to double team on Roode. Ray summons Gunner to climb the top rope for the What’s Up, but EC III’s entrance distracts and allows Storm to knock Gunner down. Bully Ray gets a little “chop happy” as he hits both Storm and EC III with a few chops (that sounded awfully painful). He goes to give it to Roode, but Roode moves out of the way.

Bobby Lashley enters next. He dominates early by scoop slamming storm and then knocks Roode down. He moves on EC III quickly and then Ray knocks EC III down as well with a clothesline. Gunner tries to eliminate Roode, but isn’t successful. Ray tries to eliminate Storm, but is also not successful.
Abyss is the next to enter the match. He delivers many blows on Ray and Lashley as he moves on to Storm. Ray and Lashley try to eliminate Abyss as he plays to the crowd. Magnus interrupts by making his way to the commentator’s table as we break for commercial.

9:19: When we return, Sanada is in the match and EY enters as well. EY goes straight after Abyss and corners him. He, along with Bully Ray, tries to eliminate him, but doesn’t.
After a few minutes, Willow is next. He runs in and just starts attacking everyone in sight. With help from Rockstar Spud (who “wheeled down” in a chair to the ring and grabbed Willow’s legs) EC III eliminate Willow. Abyss eliminates Sanada after that. Lashley slams Abyss and then EC III, but gets eliminated by Bobby Roode. Bully Ray then threw Roode over the rope and then knocked him out with his boot. EC III was knocking Ray out with Roode pulling him down, eliminating him. Gunner gets fired up on EC III, but Storm eliminates him soon after. EC III, Storm, and Abyss gang up on EY. Carter throws EY over the rope, thinking he eliminated him, but did not. EY eliminates EC III with his legs. Abyss clobbers EY as he and Storm double team on Eric Young in the corner. EY battles back as he delivers a back drop suplex on Storm and then an elbow from the top rope on Abyss. However, Storm gains control again. EY comes back and eliminates Storm with a kick. Abyss and EY are the only ones left. EY avoids several elimination attempts from the monster and soon hits a missile drop kick from the top rope. EY and Abyss soon go over the top rope and Abyss hits the floor. Eric Young wins the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner: Eric Young

EY calls out MVP for a request as we break for commercial.

9:35: Eric Young calls MVP out again and this time it is answered. MVP enters by showing congratulations by clapping. Eric Young says he’s feeling crazy tonight and that he’s been waiting “long enough” and that he wants his shot tonight. MVP obliges by telling Magnus, still at the commentator’s table, to suit up. MVP takes off his headset and grabs a mic and says “Magnus Rules” win. MVP says if Magnus gets counted out or DQ’d, he forfeits. He also notes that Abyss is banned from ringside and that if anyone else interferes, they will get fired on the spot.

Spud “surprises” Carter with balloons and things in her office. She gets angry with Spud about selling out and leaves. Willow knocks and attacks Spud.

#1 Contender for the Knockout’s Championship: ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brittany vs. Angelina Love (w/ Velvet Sky at ringside)

ODB knocks Love into the corner while Brittany goes after Kim in the other. ODB throws Kim out of the ring and then baits Brittany. Brittany hits ODB and they exchange a couple blows. Kim knocks ODB out of the ring while Kim works on Brittany. Love slams Brittany and goes for the pin, but Kim breaks it up. Brittany fights back and throws both Kim and Love into the corner. She goes for the back spring elbow, but Kim is the only one who receives it because Love gets out of the way. Brittany gets knocked out of the ring once more and then ODB enters. ODB gets fired up as she goes after both Kim and Love. Brittany gets back into the ring as she slams ODB. However, Love gets the best of her. However, Kim comes from behind and tries to go for the Eat Defeat but doesn’t. While hung on the ropes, Sky sprays Kim in the face as Love gets the big boot. Angelina Love is the new #1 Contender.

Winner: Angelina Love

Carter and MVP are shown in the back. She says he’s only in charge because of one disgruntled wrestler and that’s who she is here for. She invites MVP to watch front row as she “chews him up and spits him out”. We break for commercial.

9:58: Apparently, Robbie’s flight was “cancelled”, but MVP says if Robbie isn’t here by bell time, then Zema will stand in and the tag titles will be defended against The Wolves tonight.

Magnus says he things EY made a huge mistake.

Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring. She calls out Bully Ray and says they have “unfinished business.” He comes down to the ring as the crowd chants to put her through a table. Ray says that he’s surprised she’s here since what happened in her office. She reminds him that Bobby Roode conned him that night and then last week put him through 3 tables last week. However, he also reminds her that he’s still standing. Carter then asked why he double crossed her. He says that it hasn’t ever been “her” company, but belongs to the fans and the wrestlers that “break their backs”.

Carter says she is still Ray’s boss and then gives him a (weak) slap across the face. As he advances towards her, Roode comes in from behind and attacks him. Carter tells Roode to get a table and then he sets it up. Ray battles back and attempts to put Roode through with a bully bomb, but Roode escapes. Ray turns and stares at Carter uncomfortably as we go to commercial.

10:16: Magnus finds Carter in the back when we return. He asks her why she didn’t stop by his dressing room to say hello and wish him luck. She says he doesn’t need luck because he has a plan. She says she has a plan, too, and it doesn’t involve his match. She reminds him that he doesn’t need her anymore and that he has his insurance policy. She storms away in one direction and he in another.

TNA tag team title match The Wolves vs. TNA tag team champions Zema Ion (for Robbie E) and Jessie Godderz

Apparently Robbie hasn’t made it so Zema has to stand in against The Wolves. After some back and forth between the two teams, The Wolves go after Jessie and Zema with a diving suicide dive to the outside. However, after a shot to the back, Zema and Jessie gain control. Davey knocks on Jessie and then delivers a missile drop kick from the top. He goes for the pen, but breaks it as Zema comes crashing down from the top rope. The Wolves were narrowing in on a win, however Robbie comes out of nowhere and interferes. The Wolves win by DQ, but this saves their titles.

Winners: The Wolves by disqualification.  The Bromans retain their titles.

Christy Hemme says she wants to talk to Samuel Shaw in the ring about commitment as we go to commercial.

10:28: Hemme calls out Shaw. Christy says that although things are complicated, she has had a change of heart. She says Shaw is misunderstood. Christy asked if he trusted her, do or went anywhere she asked. She then tells him to close his eyes. As he does, a video of a psycho truck shows up. Mr. Anderson pops out and runs down to the ring behind Shaw. Samuel turns around and opens his eyes. Anderson knocks out Shaw and then says the commitment Hemme was speaking of was his commitment to the “funny farm”. Anderson throws Shaw out of the ring and then drags him into the back and into the van. However, Shaw gets away.

Eric Young and Magnus are shown walking toward the arena. Our heavyweight championship match is after the break.

10:40: Willow, in his own creepy way, challenges Rockstar Spud and EC III to a handicap match next week.

TNA world heavyweight championship: Eric Young vs. TNA world heavyweight championship Magnus: The title will change if Magnus is counted out or DQ’d. Abyss is banned, any other person who interferes will be fired.

After their entrances, we break yet again.

10:47: They start the match with exchanging blows. Magnus gets EY into the corner and throws his head into the turnbuckle. EY battles back with a drop kick, but Magnus tries to throw EY back into the corner. EY, flips over and runs his shoulder into Magnus from the turnbuckle. Magnus comes back though after moving out of the way as EY comes flying down from the top rope. Magnus throws him outside and then rams EY into the apron. He throws EY into the ring and attempts a pin. He then locks on the gut wrench, but EY escapes and Magnus rolls out. He goes for a suicide dive, but Magnus gets an upper cut as EY flies out. Magnus digs his boot in EY as we break for ANOTHER commercial.

10:54: When we return, Magnus has EY in the ring still kicking on him. He goes for a pin attempt, but Young kicks out. EY comes back with a few blows of his own, but Magnus throws him off the ropes and locks in the sleeper hold. Young escapes and bounces off the ropes, but Magnus stops him again by an over the back body drop. He locks in the camel clutch. However, Young raises Magnus on his shoulders and slams him down with the electric chair. Young gets in a couple flying forearms and a neckbreaker. He climbs to the top and delivers the flying elbow for the win, but Magnus kicks out. Magnus battles back, but only gets the two count as well. He goes out and grabs his belt and brings it back in. However, while the ref’s back was turned with the belt, Magnus hit a low blow. EY kicks out. After a few blows to Magnus and a pile driver, EY wins.

Winner: New TNA world heavyweight champion: Eric Young!