TNA IMPACT 04 24 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: April 24, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

What does Magnus “have to say” to Abyss? Who will win between Beer Money vs. Gunner & Bully Ray? Find out here as Impact airs at 9 EST!

9:00: Angle threatens Rockstar Spud and EC III that if Spud worms his way out of their match tonight, Angle will come after EC III.

Magnus, with a turnbuckle hook in hand and scowl on his face, makes his way down to the ring. Magnus says he doesn’t look at the situation as if he was beaten by Eric Young, but was severely let down. He calls out Abyss who promptly answers. Magnus calls Abyss a 6″8, 350 pound blithering idiot. Abyss reminds Magnus that MVP said if anyone interfered, they’d be fired on the spot. Magnus answers with saying that he, Abyss, didn’t work for MVP or TNA, but him, and then fires him. Abyss goes on to say that it wasn’t ever about money, but about a sense of belonging. He says that he is the monster Abyss and that he hurts people. He is going to start with Magnus. Magnus says no, because he isn’t a contracted wrestler, so Magnus would press charges.

MVP interrupts and offers Abyss a full-time spot on the TNA roster if he wins his match against Magnus tonight. MVP turns and skips out of the ring. Abyss tells Magnus he’ll “kick his ass” as he slowly walks away.

EC III says the only person who can defeat Kurt Angle is himself. He then asks Spud to be a “gazelle”. I guess he wants Spud to purposefully lose? Angle walks the ramp for their match coming up next.

Kurt Angle vs. Rockstar Spud

9:18: Spud, trying to escape but being stopped by EC III, enters the ring to start the match. EC III tries to distract Angle, but Spud has difficulty bringing him down. Angle grabs Spud and slams him with a German Suplex and stares down EC III down once again. Spud goes after Angle again, but Angle throws him in the ropes and bends down. Spud kicks him in the face, gets scared, and runs out of the ring to reenter on the other side. Angle follows, but Carter grabs him by the ankle. Spud kicks him in the face and pulls Angle back in the ring. He then hits the missile dropkick and goes for the pin. Angle kicks out and suplexes Spud off the top rope. He locks in the Ankle Lock and Spud taps out. Carter gets in a cheap shot, but Willow runs down to the ring after him and Spud.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Apparently, The Beautiful People are going to give Madison Rayne a “make over”.

9:27: MVP is talking to someone about his match with Austin Aries on the phone. Kenny King is waiting in his office and asks for a spot on the card. MVP obliges and says his match will be coming up soon.

Madison Rayne makes her entrance and asks The Beautiful People to come down to give her the “make over”. Love tells Rayne she should be a role model for her little girl by showing forgiveness and thankfulness for being offered a chance to reunite with them. Madison says she “forgives” them and says she’s “sorry” for what she does next: attacks them. However, Love and Sky get the upper hand and knocks her down. Brittany comes in attempting to help, but she also gets knocked down by Sky and Love. Love grabs a bag with her face on it and puts it over Rayne’s head.

Mr. Anderson is going on a road trip to Samuel Shaw’s childhood home. Kenny King’s match is next when we return from commercial.

9:38: During the break, Kim asks Rayne to tag with her against The Beautiful People tonight. Rayne accepts. Brittany tells Rayne she will be with her, but Madison Rayne says no.

Bobby Lashley vs. Kenny King

King makes his way to the ring to await his opponent. It is Bobby Lashley and King doesn’t seem too excited. Lashley quickly gains the upperhand with a hold on King. He drags him to the corner and gets a few shots in. He throws King off the ropes, but King does the leap frog and slides down to pull Lashley down with his feet and gets a hold on Lashley’s head. The two go back and forth for a few minutes, but King gets a springboard kick on Lashley. Lashley retaliates with a belly to belly and then knocks him down again with a clothesline. He then throws King into the corner and runs his shoulder into King. He sets King up for a spear, but he gets out of the way and kicks Lashley. King climbs up the rope and jumps toward Lashley, but Lashley catches him in midair (upside down) and powerslams him. He goes for the spear once again, but King runs out of the ring and gets counted out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley by count-out

Mr. Anderson rings Shaw’s family’s door bell. His mother answers and invites him inside. She sounds a little creepy.

Roode asks Storm why he wants him as a partner since Storm hasn’t forgotten about all the crap that has happened between them over the years. Storm says because they were unbeatable.

Austin Aries vs. MVP

Austin Aries and MVP battle back and forth with holds and slams as the match progresses. Austin goes for the brainbuster, but MVP escapes. Aries sets him up for the 350 Splash, but MVP moves out of the way. MVP gets the win.

Winner: MVP

Beer Money (James Storm and Robert Roode) vs. Gunner and Bully Ray

Bully Ray and Gunner start off strong as they knock both of their opponents off their feet. However, Beer Money soon gains control over Ray by keeping him isolated from his partner. Ray soon gets to Gunner and he (Gunner) gets the hot tag. Ray soon joins in knocking down Roode and Storm. Ray sets Storm up and Gunner hits the flying head butt. He orders Gunner to get the table, but when he sets it up, Roode attacks him. Roode, from the ring, then throws Ray in the table. Gunner knocks down Roode. Storm hits the superkick on Gunner to get the win.

Winners: Beer Money

10:26: Samuel Shaw still has a 4 year old’s bedroom. Shaw attacks Anderson when found. Anderson walks away as Shaw creepily hugs his Mom.

Beautiful People vs. Gail Kim and TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne

10:33: Rayne and Sky starts things off. Rayne knocks Sky down with a couple elbows and a clothesline. Love enters the ring and so does Kim. Kim and Rayne knock them down and then go for a double baseball slide and goes to the outside. The ref orders Kim back to her corner while Rayne runs The Beautiful People’s heads together before her and Sky reenter the ring. Rayne tags in Kim. Kim throws Sky off the rope and while she bounces off, Sky tags in Love. Love knocks Kim down, but Kim comes back with a shot and locks in the scissor’s hold. Sky knocks her down, but Kim makes her way to Rayne. Rayne knocks down Love and then kicks Sky in the face. As Rayne has Love down in the ring, Sky knocks down Kim on the outside and reenters to distract Rayne. Rayne spears her, but Sky rolls her up for the pin. Beautiful People get the win.

Winners: The Beautiful People

Abyss says tonight is about redemption. We break for commercial.

10:46: The Wolves vs. Bromans in a handicap match on Sunday. Even though DJ Z is in the match, the tag team championship will be on the line.

Eric Young makes his presence known to a pop. He is sitting at commentary during the main event.

Magnus vs. Abyss: If Abyss wins, he gets a full time TNA contract

Abyss throws Magnus from corner to corner with hits to the head. Magnus tries to fight back, but Abyss gets the clothesline. Magnus rolls out of the ring as we break for commercial yet again.

10:54: Magnus gains the upper hand when we return. He knocks the big man down with a leg lock. Abyss gets out, but Magnus begins kicking the back of the knee over and over. Magnus bounces off the ropes, but Abyss stands up and grabs him by the throat. Magnus escapes and attempts the figure four leg lock, but Abyss pushes Magnus out of the ring. Magnus knocks down the big man and targets the leg on the ring post, but Abyss kicks him in the face. Abyss and Magnus make their way back in the ring, but Magnus disqualifies himself by delivering the low blow to Abyss. He grabs a chair and attacks Abyss over and over. While he threatens the ref in the corner, EY runs in to attack Magnus. However, Magnus hits the low blow to EY as well and hits him with the chair. We go off air with Magnus standing above EY and Abyss.

Winner: Abyss by disqualification