TNA IMPACT 04 03 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: April 3, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Will the reign of Magnus continue or is this the end? Find out here as Impact Wrestling airs at EST!

Tag team tables match: Bobby Roode and EC III vs. Bully Ray and Willow

This is going to be interesting. Willow and Ray charge in the ring and start beating up on their opponent as it starts. Willow and Ray do a couple of double teams. [takes you back to the day when these guys faced each other]. Ray yells, “Get the table!” and Willow obeys. However, Roode and Carter fight back by avoiding being put through the table and begin to do their own double teams. EC III throws Willow’s head into the mat a few times, but Willow battles back with a couple kicks to the face. After a few weird dance moves from Willow, he hits the Twist of Fate on Carter and sets the table up once more. He places Carter on the table and makes his way toward the turnbuckle. Rockstar Spud interrupts in a wheel chair, but gets kicked in the face and carried off by Willow. Bully Ray emerges and climbs to the turnbuckle, but Roode grabs Ray by the foot. EC III gets out of the way and Roode tries to put Ray through the table, but fails. Bully Ray hits a couple of low blows on them, and then double clotheslines them. He repositions the table after some elbow shots, but Roode interferes when trying to put Carter through. Bobby Roode succeeds by putting Ray through the table. Roode and Carter win.

Winners: Roode and Carter

Not satisfied with the win, Bobby puts Ray through a second one with a Roode Bomb. Carter gets a third table and sets Ray on it as Roode climbs to the turnbuckle. Roode comes crashing down on Bully Ray and yells in his face. I guess he showed him.

Kenny King shows up and discovers he isn’t booked. Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw in a Straight Jacket Match is scheduled next.

9:19: Magnus is asked where Abyss is. He says that he is fine and that he and the monster are on the same page.

MVP tells everyone what we have coming up tonight. Shaw and Anderson in the straight jacket match, Rayne and a tag team partner vs. Beautiful People, and the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Abyss vs. Eric Young. Kenny King interrupts and MVP tells him to sit tight.

Sam Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson in the straight jacket match

Anderson comes down to the ring and introduces himself. He tells the “creepy bastard” Samuel Shaw to get his butt out here. Shaw has a microphone of his own and assures people that he is NOT a creepy bastard. He tells Anderson that he creates art with his hands and that the other does not. He says that Anderson is ordinary and that Christy Hemme loves him, Shaw. Anderson attacks Shaw and tries right away to put him in the straight jacket. We go to commercial with the two fighting back and forth.

9:29: Shaw is choking Anderson and attempts to put him in the straight jacket. He gets both arms in, but Anderson gets out with a couple of shots to Shaw. With jacket still on his arms [but not tied], he clotheslines and hits him with the swinging neckbreaker. He gets own arm in, but Shaw battles back. He “knocks out” Anderson with the kata gatame and proceeds to put the straight jacket on Mr. Anderson. He gets both arms in and goes to tie the belts. Shaw wins when he locks the belts up.

Winner: Sam Shaw

Sky and Love assures everyone that Madison Rayne will not outshine them, the two girls who “made” her. They don’t care who Madison chooses to be her partner because it won’t be enough.

9:39: EY assures people that he deserves his spot in the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Tigre Uno vs. Sanada: Best of 3 Series

Kenny King interrupts and gets in the ring and says HE is the X Division. He rambles on and on [while the other two look at each other confusingly] and MVP makes his way out as well. MVP asks King if he’s crazy for interrupting his show. King says he’s the only star in the ring. MVP tells King that if he keeps it up he will be SEEING stars and says that they can talk about it in the back. King refuses and says he needs to headline Impact. He then suggests that he and MVP have a match. MVP refuses at first but then agrees.

The match that was supposed to start, Tigre Uno vs. Sanada: Match 1 of Best of 3 Series for the X Division championship, will actually begin after commercial.

9:48: Tigre Uno brings Sanada down early and throws Sanada in the corner. He kicks Sanada out of the ring. He goes to fly out on him, but stops when Sanada gets out of the way. Sanada reenters the ring, but Tigre Uno gets him in an arm hold. Sanada battles out and gets the back drop on Tigre Uno. He tries to back flip and land on Tigre, but his opponent moves, but he hits a drop kick. Uno leaves the ring for a breather. Sanada bounces off the ropes to dive at Uno, but Uno races in behind him and knocks him down. Tigre climbs the turnbuckle and flips off, but Sanada gets out of the way. Sanada suplexes Uno and holds him for the pin. Match 1 goes to Sanada.

Winner: Sanada

10:00: Brittany tells Rayne that she looks up to her and suggests that Rayne pick her. Rayne reluctantly agrees.

Magnus in suit makes his way down to the ring. He says he has something to share as he invites Abyss down to the ring. Abyss obliges and he is in suit as well. He says that Abyss looks and is a winner because he’s associated with one. He says that he and Abyss are not going to square off in this match and they are a team. He reminds Abyss that he, Magnus, treats him like a human being unlike the others. Magnus then awkwardly tells Abyss that he loves him and gives him a hug. Abyss doesn’t look comfortable but he walks out with Magnus nevertheless. EY tries to attack Abyss, but Magnus comes to the monster’s rescue. The two drag EY into the ring and double team on EY. Samoa Joe comes out to help EY and chases the other two away. EY gets upset with Samoa Joe.

Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Brittany is next.

10:13: MVP is talking to the Wolves, who say they are stoked about their match. Robbie comes in with a note and says Jessie can’t wrestle because he hurt himself. MVP says that it is legit and calls off the match. The Wolves storm off. I’m with them; no Wolves tonight is sad.

Knux is talking to his dad. His dad says he needs his help. Knux says he can stay for a few days.

Beautiful People vs. TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne and Brittany

Brittany and Love start things off. The girls lock up and Love gets a couple shots in. Brittany performs a shoulder block and a couple arm drags and slams her down. Love gets out of the way and tags in Sky. Sky knocks Brittany down and tags Love back in. Beautiful People does a double elbow before Sky goes back to her corner. After attacking Brittany more, she tags Sky back in. Taking advantage of a distracted ref, the Beautiful People double team on Brittany. They go for the pin but Brittany kicks out. Brittany finds her way to Rayne and she charges after Love, the newly legal girl. Rayne tags in Brittany, and while the ref’s attention was on Rayne, The Beautiful People performed the Makeover on Brittany and Love goes for the pin.

Winners: Beautiful People

MVP vs. Kenny King

MVP drags King down with an arm bar, but King jumps out of it. MVP gets King in another arm bar but releases. He gets King into another hold, but King gets out. King gets in a side headlock and then takes MVP down. He releases MVP and shows off to the crowd. MVP, after a tricky lock up, drags King down. King gets in the head scissor lock, but MVP gets out. MVP pulls King into the corner, but King hits MVP with a head butt. MVP battles back with some back splashes, but King slaps MVP in the face after getting back to his feet. MVP and King collide and allow the fists to fly. Ref calls for the bell, but MVP and King continue to attack each other until refs are called to break it in.

Winner: No contest

Magnus finds Ethan Carter and calls for his help. Carter asks why he needs him if he has Abyss. We’ll see if that happens or not.

MVP attacks King until the Wolves pull him off. The Wolves remind MVP about not making stupid mistakes.

Four-corner TNA heavyweight championship match: TNA heavyweight champion Magnus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Abyss vs. Eric Young

10:43: Magnus goes after Joe and Abyss beats up on EY when the bell rings. However, Joe and EY battle back soon enough. Joe and Magnus take their encounter to the outside and Abyss soon joins them. EY dives from the ring and knocks down them all. He throws Magnus into the ring and hits the cross body from the turnbuckle. He goes for the pin but the champion kicks out. Joe joins in and EY and he exchange a few words. Magnus and Abyss take the opportunity to bring the two men down as we go to commercial.

10:51: When we return, Abyss and Magnus double on EY. Magnus orders Abyss to go after Joe on the outside and he does. Magnus continues to dominate over EY with a hard clothesline. He goes for the pin, but EY kicks out. He puts EY in a sleeper hold as Abyss continues to beat on Joe. EY tries to come back, but the champ knocks him back down. After several pin attempts, he tries to knock EY down some more. On the outside, Abyss continues to knock on Joe. Magnus calls Abyss back into the ring and the monster attacks EY. EY is set up on the turnbuckle. Magnus goes for EY, but Abyss puts a hand on his shoulder. Magnus calms the monster down and goes for EY. EY knocks down Magnus and attacks both, trying to gain momentum. However, it wasn’t enough and he was thrown outside. Joe comes back into the scene and gets in a couple moves. He knocks down Magnus, but EY breaks up the pin. He hits EY, but Abyss interrupts his pin then. After taking the big man down, he puts the choke on Magnus. Magnus low blows Joe. He throws Joe into Abyss who hits him with a Blackhole slam. Magnus goes to the outside to knock Joe into the steps. In the ring, EY and Abyss battle, but Abyss hits EY with the Blackhole slam. He almost covers EY, but Magnus stops him. You can tell that Abyss is confused, but he does nothing. Magnus then drops the elbow on EY from the top and gets the pin. Magnus retains and it seems Abyss is still on Magnus’ side. For now.

Winner: TNA heavyweight champion Magnus