TNA IMPACT 05 08 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: May 8, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Kurt Angle vs. EC III and Bromans vs. The Wolves in a ladder match are scheduled for tonight! Find out what happens here as Impact airs live at 9 EST!

9:00: We start things off with Bully Ray in a car. Apparently he is in Nashville looking for Dixie Carter. He threatens to put her through a table if he sees her.

Eric Young plays to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. EY reminds everyone of his promise to defend the belt every week. He issues an open challenge to anyone in the back. Bobby Roode answers and says that he should be the one to get the match tonight. However, EY reminded him that Roode got beat last week. Roode takes EY down memory lane and through their history in the business. He says that they make great enemies and they should have one more match together. He promises if he loses, he won’t ask again. EY obliges. Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship is our main event.

9:17: MVP calls in EY and says that he is impressed with EY’s fighting spirit. He says that EY cannot book his own matches and that he has to follow the rules. MVP calls off the main event and gives EY the night off.

The Beautiful People vs. Brittany and Madison Rayne in an ‘evening gown’ match

Rayne and Sky start things off. Rayne drags Sky down and also Love, who tries to interfere. Brittany comes in the ring as well and they try to undress The Beautiful People, who escape by sliding out of the ring. Angelina Love and Brittany are now the legal women in the match. Love drags Brittany into her own corner and tags in Sky. Sky knocks Brittany down, but Brittany gains the upper hand once again with a handspring. Brittany tries to eliminate Sky, but Love interferes. Madison tries to get in as well, but the ref stops her. With the ref’s back turned, Love holds Brittany down by the feet as Sky strips her. Brittany is eliminated when we break for commercial.

9:30: Madison is now alone, but she throws out Love and gets to work on Sky. However, while trying to bounce off the ropes, Love trips her. Sky gains the upper hand and drives Madison into the turnbuckles. While on the ropes, Sky drives her knee into Rayne’s neck. Madison Rayne comes back once again with a spear and then eliminates Sky. Love hits a distracted Rayne and starts choking her with Sky’s dress. Madison tries to battle back, but Sky returns in a towel and “distracts” the ref. Love sprays Rayne in the eyes and then strips her down. The Beautiful People win the “match”.

Winners: The Beautiful People

Back in Nashville, Carter tells Rockstar Spud not to let Bully Ray to come in, talk to anyone, or to tell him where she is.

EC III vs. Kurt Angle is next.

9:41: Magnus vs. Willow is booked for tonight.

EC III vs. Kurt Angle

Angle and EC III lock up and Angle gets Carter into the arm bar. Carter gets out of it and gets him into the corner with a couple shots. He throws him into another corner, but Angle counters with a kick to the face. He backs Carter into another corner and then hits a suplex. He goes for the pin, but Carter kicks out. He hits a couple German suplexes, but Angle drops down, holding his knee. Carter takes advantage and targets the knee. Angle counters, but drops again. Carter gets the pin and the win. We go to the break with Angle on his back.

Winner: Kurt Angle

9:54: During the break, Angle is carried out to the doctor for his knee.

MVP comes down to the ring. He says he hopes he didn’t disappoint anyone by calling off tonight’s main event. However, before he can announce EY’s opponent for Slammiversary, Bobby Roode interrupts and demands his match to be put back on. MVP tells him he doesn’t give handouts. Roode says that he deserves it because of his accomplishments in the past 10 years. He calls MVP an SOB. MVP says the conversation is over, but Roode pulls MVP back. MVP tells him not to touch him again, but Roode pushes him. MVP jumps Roode and gets in a few punches until security breaks it up.

Bully Ray gets inside the offices in Nashville and gets through Rockstar Spud into Dixie’s own office.

Knux’s girlfriend is juggling fire as he has a giant box be brought in via forklift. We break for commercial.

10:08: Al Snow and the rest of security tell Roode that he has to leave.

TNA tag team championship ladder match: Bromans vs. TNA tag team champions The Wolves

Bromans waste no time as the attack The Wolves with a ladder on the ramp. They take the ladder down to the ring and set it up to take the belts. The Wolves make it down just in time and stop them. The Bromans hit the ropes, but the wolves hit the ropes on the other side to send the Bromans to the outside. Bromans try to hit The Wolves with a ladder as the slide out, but The Wolves duck. However, Bromans finally hit their target with the ladder. They get Richards in a ladder and squeeze him with the legs. The Bromans then set up a ladder against the ring and steps and tries to put Richards through it, but Edwards shows up in time to get his partner out of harm’s way. They soon knock the Bromans down and set up a ladder to go for the titles, but the Bromans counter and set up their own ladder. Edwards suplexes Jessie (and himself) out of the ring. Richards kicks Robbie in the face and he falls on the vertical ladder set up outside. Richards climbs to the turnbuckle and drives his feet down on top of him. Richards and Edwards make their way back in the ring and up the ladders. Zema tries to stop them by climbing the ladder, but he gets thrown over, outside the ring, and landed on Robbie and Jessie. The Wolves retain.

Winners: The Wolves

Knux along with The Menagerie is next.

10:25: Rockstar Spud finds out Bully Ray is in a staff meeting.

The Menagerie makes a very weird entrance.

Knux vs. Kazarian

Knux throws Kazarian around a little bit before hitting a sitting powerbomb for the win. Knux with his Menagerie: Rebel, Crazy Steve, The Freak, and the creepy clowns on stilts celebrate.

Winner: Knux

“Bully fears Dixie” is the motto. Bully Ray is going to change that.

10:35: Anderson and Gunner are talking about Storm and Shaw.

Bully Ray is having a “party” with the staff members. He tells Spud that if he tells him where Dixie is, he (Ray) will leave. Spud says he doesn’t know where she is. Ray says then if Spud has a beer with him, he will leave. As Spud goes for a drink, Ray picks him up and puts him through a table. He grabs Spud’s phone and gets Dixie’s location.

Willow isn’t afraid of Magnus. He has an umbrella. Umbrellas are apparently the accessory that takes all fears. This Willow character freaks me out. We break for commercial.

Magnus (with Graham) vs. Willow

Willow was coming around the corner of the ring for his entrance, but Magnus knocks him down with a clothesline. He throws Willow into the ring and gets the match started. Willow tries to gain momentum, but Magnus clotheslines him down. Magnus throws Willow in the corner, but Willow jumps up and takes Magnus down with a head scissors. He hits the double groin kick to Magnus, but soon gets thrown outside the ring. Graham interferes and throws Willow into the steps, getting Magnus disqualified. Graham throws him back into the ring. After slamming him down again, Graham handcuffs Willow to the ropes and hits him with a wrench. Magnus walks away from his friend in disbelief.

Winner: Willow by disqualification

MVP announces EY’s Slammiversary opponent after the break.

10:55: Kurt Angle is going to have to have surgery.

MVP invites EY to come down to the ring. The champion enters and MVP tells him he is proud of him for overcoming all the obstacles. He says that he, EY, is an inspiration and a leader. He says that it is his job to look for the best opponent for him. He goes to call out the number one contender, but nobody comes out. EY, confused, turns around and MVP attacks him with a chain. MVP officially turns heel and will be facing Eric Young at Slammiversary.