TNA IMPACT 06 26 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: June 26, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

9:00: MVP on crutches, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley (new champion) are shown backstage.

Beautiful People vs. Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell

Kim and Sky start things off. Sky throws Kim in the turnbuckle, but Kim counters throws Sky down with a toe hold. Kim tags in Terrell and goes for the pin. Sky soon escapes Terrell’s grasp and tags in Love. Love gets in a few shots, but Terrell soon gains the momentum. Terrell goes up the turnbuckle, but Love counters. Love runs from Terrell outside, but as they enter the ring, Sky pulls Terrell down as the ref’s back is turned. Love tags in Sky and she starts beating on Terrell. After a few shots and a neck breaker, Sky goes for another pin attempt. Terrell fights back and finally tags in Kim as Sky tags in Love. Kim starts off strong with many offensive moves and a neck breaker as well. She goes for the pin, but Sky interrupts. Terrell flies off the turnbuckle on Sky and Kim hits the Eat Defeat for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell

We will hear from MVP, Kenny King, and our new champion Bobby Lashley next.

9:15: Dixie Carter says tonight will be a good night for her.

MVP and Kenny King, with female escorts, make their way out to the ring. MVP announces Lashley who also has an escort. MVP says he has regained power because Lashley is now champion. The world is theirs, he claims. However, they still have house cleaning to do. Some people stepped out of line. He also says that EY will probably beg for his release. EY answers and says he isn’t going anywhere. He may not be able to fight “city hall”, but he’s going to tear it down. With arm in sling, he runs to the ring, but they quickly beat him down. However, Bobby Roode comes to the rescue and beats them away with MVP’s crutches. He helps EY to his feet and taunts MVP and posse as we break.

9:27: When we return, Bobby Roode has a microphone. He says that he and EY have two bonds. One, that they walked into the company on the same day. Two, that they both have a love for pro wrestling. He says that the games are over and they are going to fight. He says that it’s fine if MVP furthers his suspension or fires him, that is fine. He just wants him to do it to his face. MVP comes back in the ring and says Roode made a mistake. He tries to fire Bobby, but a man representing the board comes out and says that MVP is no longer Director of Operations and that his replacement will make an appearance later tonight. Bobby makes sure MVP cannot fire nor suspend him. While the board rep replies, the crowd chants “kick his ass”. Bobby says he is going to listen to the fans and attacks him. He and EY clear out the ring.

The Menagerie needs money for the family business. Knux tells Crazy Steve to go challenge Sanada for the X Division Championship. DJ Z says Sanada won’t accept from a clown. He’s going to challenge. Manik says that Sanada won’t accept DJ Z’s challenge, either.

9:41: Dixie Carter is excited about tonight and is sure she is going to be in charge once again. She tells Rockstar Spud that she will need a bottle of champagne in the ring to celebrate.

Manik, Crazy Steve, and DJ Z await Sanada in the ring. Sanada accepts all three challenges and the match is underway.

X Division title match: Manik vs. Crazzy Steve vs. DJ Zema vs. TNA X Division champion Sanada

Fast paced match starts off with many moves. Sanada knocks out Manik, but Crazy Steve goes for a roll up. Steve tries to bring in DJ Z, but gets raked across the rope. Manik and Sanada reenter the ring, and DJ gets knocked out of the ring as well. Sanada gets out, and Manik climbs to the turnbuckle and flies on top of them to the outside. DJ Z and Steve are in the ring. DJ Z goes for a superplex, and Manik comes in and gets the super powerbomb on them off the rope. Sanada rolls in and gets a suplex in with a pin for the win.

Winner: Sanada

We will find out who is in charge next.

9:50: Magnus and Bram aren’t worried about the Monster’s Ball.

Carter and Spud come out with smiles on their faces. She says that tonight is about the future. She is going to gain control of her company back. She invites the board rep out, but he says that she is not the new director of wrestling operations. That person will be announced later. She gets angry and throws her champagne at him. Bully comes out and Dixie cowers behind Spud. He says that he is going to kick Spud in the face, drink her champagne, and well, “you probably know what will happen next.” She offers him 200,00 dollars to not put her through a table. He chooses the table, but EC III comes out. He knocks EC III out, hits Spud, and picks up Dixie. As he was about to put her through a table, Spud knocks the table out of the way as EC III gets his aunt out of harm’s way. We break for commercial.

10:09: Bully Ray says he was close. He says he will not rest until she goes through a table.

James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson starts off strong by hitting Storm before getting into the ring. Storm, however, fights back with a bulldog and a couple shots to the chest. Storm throws Anderson into the ring, but Anderson hits him the face with a boot. Anderson hits him with a neck breaker. Storm hits Anderson and goes for the pin attempt. Storm goes for the Last Call, but Anderson counters. Anderson goes for the Mic Check, but Storm hits him with the Last Call for the win. This match had potential but was cut short.

Winner: James Storm

A limo pulls up as we break for commercial.

10:21: Samuel Shaw will be released into Gunner’s supervision. They shake hands.

James Storm tries to worry Sanada by telling him not to choke.

EC III and Tommy Dreamer get into a backstage brawl that finds its way to ringside. EC III pulls the covering back, but Dreamer counters with a back drop. EC III fights back by throwing Dreamer into the steps. Dreamer, however, then throws EC III into the steps himself. He throws Carter in the ring and bites him. Security tries to break them up.

Abyss says Bram and Magnus will know the definition of pain. Willow says they will dance with the devil himself. He asks Abyss if “she” will attend the ball. Abyss says “she” is always nearby. Lord have mercy on all of our souls.

MVP and posse go out to meet his replacement.

10:34: MVP and posse hassles the limo driver trying to find out who it is.

Magnus and Bram vs. Willow and Abyss in a tag team Monster’s Ball match

Bram and Magnus does not wait for their opponents to make their entrance. Abyss and Bram are in the ring. Abyss knocks Bram down with clotheslines and knocks him out of the ring. Magnus and Willow enter the ring next. Willow knocks Magnus down and drives his feet into him. Bram enters ring and Willow exits. Willow and Abyss throw trash cans, hockey sticks, chairs, and a kendo stick into the ring. When they get into the ring, Bram and Magnus beat them down with the weapons. They go for a double clothesline, but Willow counters. He knocks Magnus down and hits Bram several times with a trash can. Willow climbs to the top and goes for the Swanton, but Bram counters. Magnus hits Willow a couple times with the can and then throws it at Abyss who is at ringside. However, Abyss gets back to his feet and hits Bram with Janice. He goes for Magnus, but Magnus counters. Magnus grabs a chair and reenters the ring. He hits Willow with the chair. Bram, outside, handcuffs Abyss to the guardrail and joins his partner in the ring. They take turns on him with the chair. Magnus goes for the pin several times, but he keeps kicking out. Bram attacks with a kendo stick and Magnus goes for Janice. Abyss gets out of the cuffs and distracts. He gets in a couple shots, but they knock him down. However, Willow bounces back with several shots with the kendo stick. He hits Bram with the Twist of Fate and he climbs to the top. Magnus hits him in the face with a chair and Willow falls to the outside through a barbwire board. Abyss pours tacks on the ring mat. Magnus tries to hit Abyss with Janice, but Abyss counters with a chokeslam on the tacks. Bram, with Janice, clocks Abyss for the win.

Winners: Magnus and Bram

We find out the new Director of Wrestling Operations next.

10:51: The board rep is back out and announces that KURT ANGLE is the new Director of Wrestling Operations. He assures people that he has no motives, that he has accomplished everything in the ring, and that he is going to give back to the fans. MVP and posse come out. MVP asks Kurt if he’s come to terms with his “demons”. He says that they don’t take orders from anyone. He threatens to “end” his reign before it begins. Angle says if they touch him, he will fire all three. He goes on to say that Lashley will defend his title against EY and re instates Bobby Roode. Both men make their appearances and run down to the ring. We go off air with the two men going at it with Lashley and King.