TNA IMPACT 07 10 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Date: July 10, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

What does Kurt Angle have in store for tonight’s battle royal? Find out here as Impact Wrestling airs at 9 EST!

9:00: We start things off with Kurt Angle making his way to the ring. He says that tonight will be a “Champion Showcase” where all but one title will be defended. The main event will be a battle royal to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. The winner will face the champion next week. After that, he calls out Willow. He tells Willow that he understands what he is all about. He understands that Jeff Hardy found a dark place in his life when what happened with Dixie Carter came to fruition. Kurt Angle asks Willow to bring back Jeff Hardy for the battle royal. In response, Willow shakes Kurt’s hand as they both exit the ring. Will we see Jeff Hardy or Willow tonight?

Austin Aries says he’s going to beat Sanada tonight for the X Division championship.

TNA world tag team championship: Bram & Magnus vs. TNA tag team champions The Wolves

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Davey charges the corner and kicks Bram on the apron, then Magnus punches him a few times but Davey comes back with a heel kick off the ropes. Eddie connects with a running dropkick that knocks Bram down again, then they hit Magnus a few times before repeatedly kicking Bram in the corner. They throw Magnus into Bram before Davey headbutts Bram, then he kicks Bram in the face but Magnus hits him from behind. The ref doesn’t see it as Magnus pulls Davey in the apron and hits some kidney shots, then Bram puts Davey in a front facelock while Magnus pulls Eddie off the apron.

Bram hits Davey with a forearm shot and slams him into the turnbuckles, then Magnus elbows him before Davey gets a small package near fall. Davey catches Magnus with a spin kick, then Eddie repeatedly chops Bram and follows with an enziguiri and some forearms. Eddie kicks Magnus as he avoids a clothesline by Bram, then he hits a missile dropkick and enziguiri before taking him down with a hurricanrana. Magnus tries to assist Bram with a double team suplex but Davey catches Eddie, then they knock Bram and Magnus on the floor and hit suicide dives. Davey gets Bram back in the ring and goes for a double stomp, but Bram counters with a gutwrench slam attempt, only to have Eddie dive in and help with a sunset flip rollup for the win.

Winners – The Wolves

9:29: Bobby Roode comes out to the ring and asks if anyone has ever wanted something so bad that they would do anything to get it. Of course. Roode says that is how he was with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He says that MVP made him sit on the side line because he (MVP) views him as a threat. He continues to say that his threat is waiting for him in the ring. He is going to count to 10 until MVP comes out. He says if MVP doesn’t after the count of 10, Roode will be looking for him. At 5, MVP wheels out in a wheelchair. MVP says he didn’t take anything from Roode. He says he didn’t take anything from Roode; he actually did him a favor. MVP says that Roode is the one who took something from him, MVP. MVP says that he was only days away from being cleared but now thanks to Roode, who knows when he will be. Roode says he doesn’t care. He’s still going to “kick his ass”. Roode runs after him. Kenny King tries to attack him, but Roode plants him. He grabs MVP, who tries to wheel away (hilarious image, by the way). Roode catches him and rolls him down the ramp. After getting him out of his chair, Roode gets in a few shots. However, MVP tries to battle back. Eric Young runs out and chases him into the ring. However, Bobby Lashley comes to MVP’s rescue and lays Eric Young and Roode to waste.

James Storm tells Sanada that if he loses tonight, he not only will upset his culture, but his mentor. He asks him what will happen if he loses. Don’t choke, he says. He’s trying really hard to get inside his head. Sanada’s match against Austin Aries for the X Division title is after the break.

9:42: Kurt Angle says he thinks he got to Jeff Hardy. He says Jeff is the most competitive man on the roster and that is what the battle royal needs.

X Division championship: Austin Aries vs. TNA X Division champion Sanada

Aries starts things off with the hook up and an arm bar. Sanada battles out with a take down and a drop kick and an arm bar. Sanada throws him off the rope and locks in an abdominal stretch. Aries tries to get out of it, but Sanada rolls him around the ring finally resulting in a pin attempt. Aries kicks out and knocks Sanada out of the ring, climbs the ropes, and comes crashing down on Sanada to the outside. Aries gets Sanada back in and gets a few more shots in. After a flying elbow, Aries climbs the ropes again. Sanada, however, counters with a drop kick has Aries comes flying down. He throws Aries in the corner and comes running towards him. Aries counters with a shoulder block, but Sanada comes back by knocking out Aries to the floor. They return to the ring, and Sanada hit the springboard. Sanada goes for the German Suplex, but Aries counters. Sanada then counters Aries’ next move and goes for the pin attempt. They get into the corner and they exchange chops. Sanada gets Aries down and climbs for a moonsault. Aries runs and knocks him down. However, Sanada battles back with a few moves and hits the moonsault. However, Aries kicks out of the pin attempts. Aries battles back with a couple drop kicks, an elbow smash, and finally hits the brainbuster. Sanada kicks out. Aries climbs the ropes and hits the 450 Splash. One. Two. Three. We have a new X Division Champion.

Winner: Austin Aries, new X Division champion

Bully is asked about Rhyno. He asks of all times, they ask about Rhyno now? We break for commercial.

10:00: He says he considered Rhyno a friend. How do you think he feels? He’s going to confront Rhyno face to face now.

Bully comes to the ring and says that when he first entered the business that Bam Bam Bigelow (God rest his soul) told him that by the time he retired he wouldn’t need one hand to count his friends in the business. Bully says that he thought Rhyno was one. He then calls him out.
When Rhyno, Spud, and EC III responds. Bully says he should beat the crap out him right now. Before he does, he wants to know why.

Rhyno says that Bully is a con artist. He asks why Devon isn’t standing next to him. He says he conned him and used him for his career. He conned Paul Heyman. He conned Dixie Carter.

Bully says that is a cop out. He says that Rhyno is jealous. He says that Rhyno himself is the reason why for his career, why he got fired from WWE and TNA. (OOOOOO) He says he is no longer “Hardcore” but Dixie Carter’s “bitch.”

EC III says that poor people need money. He says that Rhyno needs money. He paid Rhyno to do what he did and will continue to pay him. Bully says he is going to take HIM out. However, Rhyno starts to beat him down. Tommy Dreamer comes to the rescue

Angelina and Velvet vent about it being a Fatal 4 Way match. That is up next.

10:15: Willow is still in the rafters.

Knux and The Menagerie are getting ready for the Battle Royal.

Fatal 4-way TNA Knockouts championship match: Angelina Love vs. Brittany vs. Madison Rayne vs. TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim

As Madison Rayne was making her way to the ring; Brittany comes out from behind to attack her. The Beautiful People join her as they call give Rayne a couple kicks to the ribs. Gail Kim makes her entrance and breaks it up. All the competitors find their way into the ring to officially start the match. Kim and Rayne join forces momentarily to clear out Love and Brittany. They soon turn on each other with Kim rolling her up for a pin attempt. Kim slams Rayne down, but soon gets dragged out of the ring by Love. Brittany enters the ring and hits the DDT on Rayne. Love then slides in and she and Brittany double team on Rayne by throwing each other into Rayne in the corner. They bounce Rayne against the ropes and hit a double elbow. Love slams Rayne down and then Brittany picks her back up for a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Love and Brittany soon turn on each other by exchanging right hands. Kim, from the outside, climbs the ropes and comes powering down on both of them. However, Brittany soon gets the upperhand on Kim by hitting the spring board. She goes for the pin, but Rayne breaks up the count. Love hits the Botox Injection on Rayne, but Kim delivers Eat Defeat on Love. Gail Kim is still the Knock Out’s Champion.

Winner: Gail Kim

Willow’s mask is hung up. Will we see Jeff Hardy tonight? We break for commercial.

10:28: Aries says that the X Division championship is his key to a shot for the World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X. He says, however, he hasn’t gotten where he is by being predictable. He has made the X Division Championship relevant again.

Bobby Roode is asked if MVP and Kenny King are distractions. He says he has his issues, but he isn’t going to allow it to get to him.

Main Event: 20-man #1 contender battle royal – participants: Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Crazzy Steve, Jessie Godderz, the Freak, DJ Z, Knux, Bram, Magnus, James Storm, Tigre Uno, Sanada, Mr. Anderson, Gunner, Abyss, Kenny King, Manik, Bobby Roode, Spud, Ethan Carter III, and Eric Young.

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10:39: After a commercial, most of the men are in the ring. Bully Ray makes his entrance and then Jeff Hardy.

Everyone slugs it out and picks a corner, then The Freak chokes Jessie and throws him outside after Jessie had eliminated Crazy Steve. DJ Z is next out, then Bram, Magnus and Knux slug it out, and Knux goes for a big boot but Bram ducks and gets hung up in the ropes. Magnus dumps him outside, then Hardy fights to avoid an elimination by Storm, and Tigre Uno goes for a hurricanrana on Magnus but Bram elbows him in the head and sends him to the floor. Sanada gets knocked outside, followed by Magnus, and Bully fights with Ethan on the apron while Storm sends Anderson outside.

Storm sends Gunner right out after Anderson, then Hardy hits Bram with a Twist of Fate and clotheslines him to eliminate him. Spud helps Ethan stay in the match while Bram flips out about his elimination, then Abyss (not in the match) runs to the ring and Bram tries to hit him with part of the turnbuckle. Abyss blocks it and punches Bram several times, and they fight to the back as King throws Manik over the ropes and to the floor. We get back from a break to see Roode throw Storm outside, then Spud tries to attack Bully before he backs down. Bully hits him in the crotch before Ethan saves him, and he hits Bully several times before Spud chokes Bully on the ropes.

Spud heads up top but Bully catches him and throws him on the floor, then he hits Ethan in the back of head. Bully clotheslines him but accidentally eliminates himself too, and they both hit the floor as King stomps Eric in the corner. King hits Roode a few times before Roode meets him with a spinebuster, then Roode attempts a Roode Bomb but King grabs the ropes to block it. MVP hits Roode in the stomach with his crutches and King sends him outside, but Eric dumps King right over the ropes and we are down to Eric Young and Jeff Hardy.

Hardy shakes Eric’s hand and they go for a tie up, then they spill to the apron but Hardy headbutts Eric and throws him into the turnbuckles. Hardy kicks him and whips him across the ring, but Eric lands on the apron and struts (Flair style) before hitting a shoulder tackle. Eric tries to springboard in but Hardy kicks him, then Eric fights to hold the ropes but Hardy hits a top rope dropkick and sends him to the floor.

Winner and The #1 Contender: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy says that Bobbly Lashley is an extremely tough competitor, but he, Hardy, can be extreme himself.

Bobby Lashley enters the ring and the two have a stare down as we go off air.