TNA IMPACT 09 10 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: New York, NY
Date: September 10, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

After the usual opening, we go to the Manhattan Center where some soldiers hold flags for a playing of the National Anthem, and then Jeremy Borash introduces the debuting Chris Melendez!

Chris Melendez vs. DJ Z

DJ Z goes to the arm of Melendez and gives him a shot in the back of the head, but he comes back at Zema with a shoulderblock, clothesline, and rolling neckbreaker. Z rolls out to the floor and comes back in with a clip to the knee (the real one), then chokes Melendez on the second rope and gives him a faux salute. Melendez comes back with a couple of clotheslines and a side suplex, Z escapes a fireman’s carry, but Melendez catches him on the second try and hits a Samoan Drop for the win.

Winner: Chris Melendez

Pretty impressive, he kept up okay for what it was and looked good in his debut.

We look back at two weeks ago when Team 3D won the first match in the tag title series. The second match is tonight, and it will be a tables match!

Bobby Roode comes out to the ring, and we’ll hear what he has to say after this commercial break.

Roode says he’s now the #1 contender to the TNA World Title, and he wants to give a shout out to his opponent last week, Eric Young. Even though he won, Eric is a class act and will always be a World Championship level player. But now he is ready to regain his spot on top of TNA, and next week…oh wait, Lashley is here with MVP and Kenny King. MVP says that every hero has obstacles to overcome on his way to his goal, and at some point in every movie, the hero finally wins and lives happily ever after. Problem is that this ain’t a movie, and in fact, it’s Roode’s reality. Lashley is the TNA World Champion and hasn’t even come close to losing, and Roode gets to fight him in seven days. There will be no happy ending here, Roode won’t live happily ever after, and he won’t win the TNA World Title. The best Roode can hope for is a short hospital stay. Roode says the difference between Lashley and MVP is that he sees fear and doubt in MVP’s eyes, but he doesn’t see that in Lashley’s eyes because he knows he can beat Roode and destroy him. But Roode also knows he can beat Lashley, because he may be bigger and stronger, but Roode’s heart and his desire to regain the title trumps Lashley any day of the week, and there’s nothing MVP can do about it. MVP says that’s where Roode is gone, and the three of them jump Roode. Eric Young and Samoa Joe run out to make the save, and Joe gets a mic and says they’re pretty confident when it’s 3-on-1, but now that there are three of them, why don’t they step up and fight them tonight. Lashley is totally down with that, so Joe keeps going and says they can do it RIGHT NOW!

Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and Samoa Joe vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King

Joe takes Lashley’s crew out early with a dive through the ropes, then he proceeds to dish out some punishment to King in the ring. Young tags in and goes after King as well but MVP tags in and blindsides him. Young catches MVP with a belly to belly suplex for 2, but MVP traps Young in the corner and cuts him off as MVP and his crew tags in and out on him. Lashley goes for a cross armbreaker, but Young clasps his hands together to prevent him from extending the arm. Young finally catches MVP with a good shot and makes the hot tag to Roode, who comes in like a house of fire. Everyone winds up in the ring and we do the “everyone hits a spot” segment until Young takes Lashley out with a missile dropkick and a dive to the floor. MVP measures Roode for the running knee, but Roode dodges and hits the Roode Bomb for the win.

Winners: Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young

Good match, and I like how they kept Roode and Lashley apart to create anticipation for their title match.

Crazy Brittany finds Gunner backstage and asks if Sam Shaw is seeing anyone. Gunner says he’s not sure, but he’ll tell him she was asking when he finds him.

The Bromans and Velvet Sky vs. The Menagerie

The Menagerie is represented by Knux, Crazzy Steve and Rebel in this match. Jessie opens up with a really nice press slam to Steve, but Knux comes in and bowls right over Jessie with a shoulderblock, cartwheels past him, and easily slams him. Steve comes back in and immediately winds up in trouble, and even Velvet tags in to take a shot at him. Rebel tags in and catches Velvet with a Jack Brisco sunset flip out of the corner for 2, and then Steve comes in, steals a kiss from Velvet, and takes Jessie and Robbie out with a dive. Rebel goes to the top rope, kicks Angelina in the face when she tries to interfere, and gets rolled up by Velvet with a BIG handful of tights for the win.

Winners: The Bromans and Velvet Sky

We go backstage to Kurt Angle, who says that Ethan Carter III has been very critical of the job he’s been doing, but he’ll tell EC3 who he’ll fight next and he’s not going to like it.

Team 3D is backstage and says that a tables match is their kind of match, and the series isn’t going and farther tonight because they’re putting the Wolves and Hardyz through a table to become 24 time World Tag Team Champions.

Kurt Angle is in the ring and says he’s very proud of the TNA roster, but one man has been a malcontent, and he calls Ethan Carter III out to the ring. EC3 comes out and says that Angle rewarded Team 3D for putting Dixie through a table by putting them into the tag title series, and he’s not sure if Kurt knows what it’s like to see a family member get hurt, but he’s ready to dish out vigilante justice if Angle doesn’t do something about this, and Angle knows better than anyone what he’s capable of since EC3 took him out twice, and if his demands aren’t met, he’ll take Angle out for good. Angle says he didn’t forget what EC3 did, and when the time is right, he’s going to kick his ass. Angle is the Executive Director, so EC3 can either leave the demands to him, or he can go home. EC3 says he’ll stay, so as much as Angle wants to kick his ass, there’s someone backstage who wants to do it much worse than he is. Since EC3 isn’t prepared to wrestle, he won’t book EC3 in a wrestling match…he’ll book him into a street fight with Rhino instead.

Street Fight: Rhino vs. Ethan Carter III

Rhino takes the fight right to EC3 as he rushes the ring, but EC3 takes him out to the floor, rams him into the barricade, and goes for a suplex on the entry ramp. Rhino reverses and suplexes EC3 instead, then brings EC3 back into the ring and works him over with a kendo stick. EC3 uppercuts Rhino in the ding ding, and then bashes him in the head with a trash can lid. EC3 works Rhino over with the main part of the trash can, but Rhino hits a belly to belly suplex and goes for the Gore. EC3 sidesteps and sends Rhino into a trash can, then hits him with a knee lift and hits the 1% onto a chair for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Short, but a hell of a fight while it lasted. They’ve done a great job of building EC3 up as a badass over the last couple of months.

Chris Melendez is backstage talking about how psyched he is over his TNA debut, then we go to the ring to Jeremy Borash, who is surrounded by all the TNA Knockouts as we find out who will be on the cover of the 2015 Knockout Calendar. Angelina snatches the microphone and says it’s pretty obvious she’ll be the winner, but Jeremy announces that it’ll actually be Velvet Sky. I guess that’s because TNA actually wanted to sell some of those calendars. Velvet jumps up and down and hugs Angelina as Angelina does her “OH…MY GOD” face, and then Jessica Havok starts to come down the ramp. Gail Kim flies out of the ring and attacks Havok, but Havok easily lays her out, then she comes down to the ring, chokeslams Brittany for good measure, and walks off with the Knockouts Title belt.

We see a promo for Bound For Glory, and then we go to James Storm‘s Redneck Shed O’ Fun. The Great Sanada is in there and Storm asks if he’s ready. Sanada says he is, so we go inside where they have Manik tied to the same post he had Sanada lashed to. Storm is here to show Manik a path to salvation, he asks why he wears a mask, and calls Manik one of his disciples. He starts to tear Manik’s mask off, but he tells the camera crew to leave them before he gets it all the way off.

We look back at last Friday as Bobby Lashley beat the crap out of some tomato can on Bellator, and now Lashley will defend the TNA World Title against Bobby Roode at No Surrender!

Gail Kim is backstage looking for Jessica Havok…so she can KICK HER ASS.

James Storm and The Great Sanada vs. Austin Aries and Yoshihiro Tajiri

Sanada and Tajiri start us off, and Sanada quickly takes Tajiri to the mat, but Tajiri slips out and fires off a couple of kicks at Sanada before tagging Aries in to dish out some chops. They double team Sanada and Storm tries to intervene, but Aries and Tajiri dump them both to the floor where Aries takes them out with a dive. They head back inside and Storm gets a cheap shot on Aries behind the referee’s back, and Aries winds up in trouble for a bit. Aries gets free and tags in Tajiri, who catches Sanada with the handspring elbow and a superkick for 2. All four men wind up in the ring and Storm low blows Aries and tosses him to the floor, then gets caught in the Tarantula. Tajiri dodges the mist from Sanada and gets Sanada in the Tarantula, but Storm spews beer in Tajiri’s face, and then a superkick from Sanada finishes Tajiri.

Winners: James Storm and The Great Sanada

Good match, though I’m guessing Storm is hurt given how little he did in this match and over the last couple of months.

We go backstage to the Hardyz, who go all rah rah as they plan to win the tables match tonight.

Gail Kim finally finds Havok backstage and attacks her, and we’ll find out how that goes when we come back from commercial!

We’re back, and the brawl between Gail and Havok has spilled out to the entry ramp. Security tries to separate them, and while they successfully haul Gail to the back, Havok starts tossing members of the security team around when they try to stop her.

It’s main event time!

TNA World Tag Team Title Series Match #2: Team 3D vs. Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. TNA tag team champions The Wolves

Everyone fights everyone as soon as the bell rings, and Team 3D quickly hits WHAZZUP on Matt. Team 3D goes to get the tables and fight the Wolves off, but the Hardyz double baseball slide the table in 3D’s faces as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and everyone is still fighting at ringside. The Hardyz bring Edwards inside and give him a double gourdbuster on the edge of a table (shouldn’t they have tried to put him through it the regular way since they hit it and all?) and then put Eddie on top of the table. Jeff goes to the top, but Davey comes in and nails Jeff and superplexes Jeff…but Devon moved the table to prevent the win. Team 3D gets Eddie and gives him a Doomsday Device, but Davey moves the table to prevent the finish. Davey fires off kicks at both members of 3D, but they run him over with a double shoulderblock before Jeff takes them both out with the Whisper In The Wind. The Hardyz go for Poetry In Motion, but Bubba moves and Jeff goes through the table. The match continues since Jeff wasn’t put through the table by anyone, then both those teams wind up on the floor where the Wolves take them out with stereo dives. Everyone fights out on the floor and Eddie takes Jeff out with a top rope dive to the floor, then Davey and Matt duke it out in the ring, the Wolves hit Matt with the pop up Alarm Clock, and 3D clears the Wolves out of the ring. All heck breaks loose and the Wolves get Matt alone in the ring, but Jeff and Bubba get involved before they can finish him off, then Jeff dumps Bubba and takes him out with a dive. Matt gives Eddie the Twist of Fate, then he puts Eddie on a table at ringside and Jeff comes off the top with a Swanton for the win.

Winners: Matt and Jeff Hardy

The Hardyz and Team 3D now both have one win, and the defending champions, the Wolves, have lost the fall in both of those matches and are in a real tough spot. Great main event, and looking forward to the third match in the series. Matt gets a mic and says that they now get to pick the stipulation for the third match in the series, and it’ll be their specialty…a LADDER MATCH!