TNA IMPACT 01 02 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: January 2, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

TNA Impact opened with Mike Tenay (not pictured) plugging an X Division Title match and Magnus’s “coronation” as TNA president Dixie Carter’s TNA champion.

Kurt Angle’s music started things off to bring out Angle to the ring. Tenay said Angle plans to address his future tonight. Once in the ring, Angle opened, “My name is Kurt Angle. And 2013 was the worst year of my career.”

Angle explained that Aces & Eights and personal issues hurt him in 2013. He said he turned down the TNA Hall of Fame to prove himself again, and then re-introduced himself. Angle said he was not a cyborg in 2013, so he has some plans for 2014 to share.

But, Bobby Roode interrupted, calling for a time-out. Roode asked if they’re about to witness what he thinks they’re about to witness. Roode said this is great – Kurt Angle is going to walk away? Leave Impact Wrestling just like Jeff Hardy last week? Don’t have what it takes anymore? Roode demanded that Angle admit that Roode is better than him.

Angle waited out Roode’s speech, and then noted that he is not leaving TNA. Because he wants one more match with Roode. Roode flipped out, and then told him “absolutely not.” Roode said he has nothing else left to prove because he has beaten him time after time. “You and I are done,” Roode declared.

Roode started to leave the ring, but paused. Unless. Unless he accepts this challenge and Angle puts something on the line. Roode said when he beats him again, then Angle leaves and never, ever accepts the TNA Hall of Fame. Angle said he’s glad Roode accepts because the match will take place at Genesis. Angle put in on the marquee for him: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode…in a steel cage.

Roode flipped out again, then calmed down and said he accepts the cage match. Pause, then fists started flying. Referees and security hit the ring to separate Roode and Angle, and then Rockstar Spud slipped into the ring dressed in an all-white, eye-sore get-up. Spud demanded this stop, then told them not to ruin this night. Spud tried to calm himself and them down by booking a tag match, telling them to find a partner and fight out their problems.

Still to come: Magnus’s coronation, Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Title, Joseph Park vs. Bully Ray, and Knockouts champion Gail Kim’s Open Challenge.

Backstage: Dixie Carter walked and talked into the camera about waiting 11 years to find a new TNA World champion. Dixie finished her message, held her smile, heard “cut,” and walked into her office. Dixie dropped the “nice person” act and walked into her office to receive an urgent message that was delivered via courier. Dixie sighed and walked off.

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[Q2] Backstage: Dixie Carter walked up to Rockstar Spud to demand information on who sent her the message about seeing her tonight. On commentary, Tenay said Dixie is freaking out a bit about the note.

In-ring: KO champion Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa were standing by in the ring. Gail said it’s a new year, so it’s time for a new Open Challenge. Gail said she dominated 2013 and 2014 will be even better. Gail said she hopes they can find her some real competition. Gail laughed it up with Lei’D, who did not move, and then Madison Rayne’s music responded to Gail.

1 — KO champion GAIL KIM vs. MADISON RAYNE — non-title match

Madison came to the ring and answered a protesting Gail with a cross-body splash out of her corner pose. The bell sounded to begin the match with Rayne on the offensive. But, Gail gained control after the initial flurry and retained control, taunting Rayne in-between moves. The taunting back-fired on Gail, who walked into a roll-up for a quick three count.

WINNER: Rayne at 5:05 to remain on the KO Title chase.

Backstage: Chris Sabin told Velvet Sky not to do any thinking and just support him in the X Division Title match tonight. Because if she gets in the way again, then he’s going to leave without her. Sabin walked off, leaving Velvet to sell frustration.

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Still to come: Roode vs. Angle with tag partners.

Backstage: Angle talked to someone off-camera about needing a tag partner tonight. The camera pulled back to show Angle talking to Gunner, who said it would mean the “world” to him to be Angle’s tag partner. James Storm walked in and sold jealousy over this, then stomped off.

In-ring: Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky were introduced to the ring for the X Division Title match. Sabin dragged Sky by the arm down to the ring as TNA replayed how Aries captured the X Title from Sabin in December. Aries was then introduced to the ring for the title defense.


2 — X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. CHRIS SABIN (w/Velvet Sky) — X Division Title match

On commentary, Tenay and Taz discussed relationship advice as Sabin ducked Aries, wanting nothing to do with him. Sabin asked for a kiss on the cheek from Velvet, and then nearly got himself pinned when he turned around. Aries put Sabin in the Last Chancery, prompting Sabin to demand Velvet help, but Velvet refused. So, Sabin scolded her ringside. Aries then took him apart back in the ring. Sabin cried out to Velvet for help, but Aries missile-dropkicked Sabin in the face.

Sabin then demanded Sky go to the ring apron. Sky reluctantly stood on the ring apron and apologized to Aries as everyone took the bait, including the ref. Sabin smashed Aries in the crotch, then pinned Aries and the ref counted to three when he turned around.

Post-match: Jeremy Borash walked up to Chris Sabin to discuss the victory. Sabin said he could not have done this without the help of one person. Sky perked up, thinking she was going to get some appreciation for her underhanded actions. But, Sabin said he would like to thank himself. Sky went back to crying as Sabin walked up the ramp with the X Title.

WINNER: Sabin at 5:43 to capture the X Title. On paper, it sounded like a good idea getting heat on Sabin for (a) his treatment of Sky and (b) winning back the X Title with zero offense in five minutes, but the end result was continuing to drive the X Division deeper into a pit of irrelevance.

Still to come: Re-debut of “Samuel Shaw.” TNA’s website is going with “Samuel Shaw,” so there’s confusion on Shaw’s new identity.

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Backstage: Rockstar Spud rehearsed his lines about introducing Magnus. Dixie Carter’s music suddenly played and it was Spud’s phone ringing. No one was on the other line. Spud talked to himself that the number has hung up on him a few times today. Spud then asked for a cup of tea.

In-ring: Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce Samua/el Shaw, who came down to the ring not dressed to wrestle. The graphic said “Samuel Shaw,” so there’s that. Shaw entered the ring and helped his recent date, Christy Hemme, out of the ring. Generic music then played to bring out Norv Fernum as Shaw’s opponent.


Shaw, dressed in a long-sleeve shirt, white pants, and boots picked apart Shaw and smiled at Christy ringside in-between moves. Christy forced a smile, then Shaw went back on the offensive. Christy sold concern mixed with curiosity as Shaw continued to look at Shaw in-between moves. Shaw offered some weird noses gripping Norv with a nervehold, prompting Christy to sell being somewhat grossed out. The ref called for the bell as Norv faded out, then Shaw awkwardly left the ring and stared down Christy. Taz said it’s not like Shaw is smiling at her. Christy turned and looked straight ahead as Shaw left up the ramp.

WINNER: Shaw at 1:37. Okay. Moving on.

[Q4] Backstage: James Storm was asked by a roving cameraman about Gunner. Storm said Gunner is just like all of his partners – they all change. Storm said he plans to show Angle that he made a mistake by picking Gunner as his tag partner. Storm opened up a side door and said that’s the man he’s looking for.

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Backstage: Bobby Roode shouted at someone about his Kurt Angle drama. The camera pulled back to show James Storm facing Roode. Roode asked why he should trust him. Storm said he hates Roode, but he needs to be Roode’s partner to send a message. Roode shouted back that that is not his problem. Roode tried to leave, but Storm pulled a Sam Shaw threatening him. Storm said he will be out there tonight one way or another.

Video Package: Magnus’s path to Dixie Carter’s TNA World champion.

In-ring: Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce the featured tag match up next. Kurt Angle was introduced first, followed by Gunner, who came out holding his World Title briefcase. Before Gunner entered the ring, JB approached Gunner for thoughts on what will happen if Roode selects Storm as his tag partner. Gunner smirked and said it will get real interesting and real physical. Taz threw out the possibility of Beer Money getting back together on the other side of the break.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Impact returned two minutes before the top of the hour with Bobby Roode’s music playing. Roode hit the ring, then James Storm’s music played to bring out Storm for a forced Beer Money reunion.

[Q5 — second hour]


Angle and Storm started things off against each other. Gunner then tagged in and worked on his recent tag partner. Storm got in one move, so Roode slap-tagged himself into the match. Storm, disgruntled, left the ring for Roode to go after Gunner. Roode and Storm worked in some double-team combinations, selling uneasinesses working so well together. One fan in the crowd tried to get a “Beer…Money” chant going, but it didn’t catch. Storm angrily beat down Gunner, telling him that’s what he gets before Roode went to work on Gunner.

Angle had enough and forced a tag, then dropped Roode with German Suplexes. Storm walked into a belly-to-belly suplex, then Angle slapped on the Anklelock. But, Roode broke it up from behind. Gunner slapped himself around and put Roode in the Gun Rack, but Storm superkicked Gunner in the mouth. Roode then hit a reverse DVD on Gunner for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Storm and Roode stood tall in the ring, but Angle jumped Roode from behind. Roode bailed from the ring and Angle told him that he’s a deadman. Back to other business, Storm picked up the World Title briefcase and threw it down at Gunner as he sold the loss.

WINNERS: Beer Money at 6:46.

Backstage: Sting was shown walking down the hallway. Rockstar Spud grabbed him and asked if he sent the letter, but Sting cut him off and told him to get out of his face.

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Still to come: Magnus’s coronation.

Magnus-Sting Exchange

In-ring: The lights went down, which set the stage for Ethan Carter III’s ring introduction. In the ring, ECIII said 2013 was a good year for him, as he kind of changed the face of wrestling. Carter said he was groomed from the start, facing the toughest competition in the land. He said some doubters think his competition has been inferior, but he was in the ring with Sting and Jeff Hardy last week. And he pinned Sting. Carter said Hardy is now filled with fear and anxiety, so he has gone off to write songs about his creatures. ECIII then called out his opponent, Jeff Hardy.

[Q6] ECIII bounced along to Hardy’s entrance theme as Tenay freaked out about Hardy saying he was tired of the politics in TNA. Tenay then figured it out that ECIII was messing with everyone because Hardy isn’t here. But, he should still continue his undefeated streak. Carter called for a bell, then counted to nine for a count-out win, but Sting’s music interrupted.

Sting, dressed as Steve Borden, marched to the ring with purpose. Sting said he’s not going to let Carter trash-talk Hardy, then told ECIII that he’s a little puppy dog waiting for Aunt Dixie to feed him treats and rub his little belly. Sting said Carter can’t even take a crap without being on the end of Dixie’s leash. Sting told Carter to get off the leash and prove he’s a man. “Dixie’s lapdog” chant from the crowd.

Carter said he’s not going to let him manipulate him, so Sting intimidated him out of the ring. Sting said it’s true then that ECIII is nothing more than Dixie’s lapdog. Carter thought about turning around to answer Sting, but stopped and kept walking. He couldn’t resist on second thought, then said he’s had enough and said he will fight Sting one-on-one. In two weeks at Genesis. Carter dropped the mic and left as Sting’s music played.

Backstage: Joseph Park talked to Eric Young about not remembering this whole Abyss thing. Park then asked why he put him in a match with Bully Ray. EY said they have to go all the way back to the beginning when Abyss faced Bully two years ago, then disappeared. EY left, then Bully quietly snuck up behind Park. Bully spoke in hushed tones that Park should back down. Or else he will be set on-fire to pay for the sins of Ken Anderson.

[Commercial Break at 10:23]

In-ring: Bully Ray’s non-Aces & Eights music played to bring out Bully dressed in blue jeans and a black sweatshirt with the hoodie covering his head. Ray stopped half-way down the entrance ramp and glared into the crowd before entering the ring. Joseph Park was out next selling concern over Bully’s pre-match threat.


The bell sounded and Bully continued to hang his head as he stood in the corner. Park nervously walked toward Bully ready to fight, but Bully didn’t move. Park took a few more steps toward Bully, whose hands remained in his sweatshirt pockets. Ray then kicked Park in the crotch, drawing a DQ.

Post-match: Christy gave a formal announcement of Park as the winner, then the bell sounded a few times to signal danger. Ray then pulled out some lighter fluid and drenched Park in the liquid substance. Park screamed in horror as Taz asked for help. Ray then pulled out a match as the bell sounded over and over.

Suddenly, Mr. Anderson’s music played. Anderson, appearing on Impact for the first time in a few weeks, charged the ring and Bully sprayed him with fluid, too. The crowd went awkwardly silent as Anderson stood in the corner. Bully then pulled out a flame and threatened to use it. But, Bully left the ring and walked away. Refs then checked on Park as Anderson clutched the lighter fluid.

WINNER: Park via DQ at 0:55.

[Q7] Up Next: Dixie Carter, ECIII, and Rockstar Spud were shown walking down the hallway for the coronation segment.

[Commercial Break at 10:31]

Magnus Coronation

Impact returned 25 minutes before the top of the hour with Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III standing in the ring, which was decorated for an Englishman. Spud said history will be made tonight. Spud gushed over “Madam” Dixie Carter, then noted that dreams always come true in Dixieland.

Spud moved on to Magnus, saying he will change the face of pro wrestling. He described him as king in stature and “your World champion.” Spud then introduced the Master of Ceremonies, Ethan Carter III. ECIII took the mic and said here in America, all of the power lies with the One Percent. Now, he is undefeated and last week he triumphed over Sting. But, what is most important of all is he is a Carter. ECIII moved on to gushing about their queen and his auntie, Dixie Carter. Dixie’s music then played to bring out the TNA president to the ring.

In the ring, Dixie thanked them for the warm reception over boos from the gathered assembly. Dixie said it’s story time. She said it’s one of her favorites. Dixie said she was on a flight to New York City and she was reading about A.J. Styles, but then she turned the page and it literally took her breath away. It was a six-page feature on a man who was rising superstar in the U.K. Dixie said that face, look, and perfectly-chiseled body told her that he was her future champion. Dixie fast-forwarded to today, where she said it’s important that he has arrived at this position all by himself with no help, which drew more boos.

After the big build-up, Magnus was introduced to the ring dressed in a suit with Dixie’s TNA Title over his shoulder. Magnus shook hands with ECIII and Spud, then sat down in his throne. Magnus said this is your champion speaking. And it’s time for everyone to listen to him.

[Q8] Magnus thanked ECIII and Spud for their kind words, which he so richly deserves. Magnus said he has a special lady to thank. Of course, Mrs. Dixie Carter. Magnus called her the wind beneath his massive wings. He raised the TNA Title belt in the air and said he has mixed emotions because he is honored and humbled. Magnus said he can’t shake the thought that people thought Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, or Jeff Hardy would be standing here as World champ. “But, it’s not. It’s me!” he shouted.

Magnus said when people ask him why he turned his back on the fans, it’s because the fans turned their backs on him. He said he will never again take a back-seat to anyone in this business. And he intends to be World champion for a very, very, very, very, long time to come.

Suddenly, generic rock music interrupted. Out came Gunner holding his TNA Title briefcase. Impact cut to break with Gunner standing on-stage holding up his briefcase.

[Commercial Break at 10:47]

Magnus’s coronation segment continued with Gunner entering the ring. Gunner cleared Spud and ECIII, then tried to drop Magnus, but the hired help recovered and jumped Gunner from behind. Magnus held the title belt to smash Gunner with, but the crowd freaked as A.J. Styles returned to TV possessing the original title belt. Styles cleared the help from the ring, then went face-to-face with Magnus as Dixie shrieked about these developments.

Magnus bailed from the ring, leaving Styles in the ring. Styles asked Dixie if she wants her intellectual property back. He told her to come get it, then told Dixie to call off her lawyers because he’s man enough to show up tonight with the belt. Dixie demanded the title back, but Styles said she’s dumber than she looks.

Styles said he came back to TNA because she screwed these people over when she made her World champion a farce. “You call me a farce?” Magnus said from ringside. Styles said he knows it, Magnus knows it, and these people know it. Styles told him he’s not a World champion until he beats The World champion.

Magnus responded from ringside by asking Styles if he’s challenging him. Styles said there are two belts. But there can only be one TNA World champion. Dixie told Magnus not to listen to Styles, but Magnus stepped to the ring. Styles asked Magnus if he’s going to let Dixie drag him around by the nose, then told Magnus to accept his challenge. Styles offered another “fun fact” that these people are going to doubt Magnus as a World champion anyway. He told Magnus that if he doesn’t accept, then he’s going to doubt himself as World champ. Styles said the deal is on the table, but if he leaves, the offer goes with him.

Magnus contemplated things as Dixie repeated “No” from ringside. Magnus took Dixie’s input, then walked up to Styles. He said Styles isn’t better than him and if he wants him to prove it, then they will face off next week. Two belts. One champion. Dixie shouted that that is not going to happen. Magnus shouted back that if it doesn’t happen, then he’s gone, too. Magnus said no one is going to doubt him or his title reign ever again.

Dixie said this man doesn’t even have a contract and she’s not risking everything over this man. Magnus said she’s right and she will give him a one-night contract. “Winner take all,” Magnus. Dixie shouted that if he loses, then she has nothing. Magnus said she’ll have nothing either way. He said it’s Two Belts, One True Champion. Styles held out his hand to shake on it as Dixie freaked and walked up the ramp. Tenay said it’s on for next week as Impact closed out.