TNA IMPACT 01 30 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Date: January 30, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Who is the new investor of TNA giving Dixie so much grief? Will Bromans retain their Tag Team titles or will Abyss and Eric Young become the new champions? Find out here as TNA goes live at 9 EST!

9:00: TNA starts off revealing chaos backstage while Magnus, Rockstar Spud, and EC III make their way to the ring. Trying desperately to drown out the loud boos from the Scottish crowd, Magnus begins to talk about how the Icon Sting lost the match, and his career, and continued the Reign of Magnus. He goes on to explain that Sting losing his job was merely “thinning the herd” and “ridding the dinosaurs” to make way for the new.

EC III starts to speak as Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe interrupt as they make their way to the ring. As they slid in, Magnus, Spud, and EC III leave. Angle says he has come to not to avenge the “thinning of the herd” but the “screwing of the herd”. He went on to call Magnus a Paper Champion, which sparked the chants from the crowd. Magnus then proposes a tag team match: Magnus and EC III vs Samoa Joe. The steaks are if Magnus and EC III win, then Angle and Samoa Joe are gone. If Angle and Joe win, then one of them is automatically the number one contender.

Dixie Carter then comes out and discourages the match. She says that the secret investor is on their way and doesn’t want Magnus jeopardizing his championship. Magnus overrules her and the match will happen.

A vehicle is shown pulling up to the arena.

9:19: Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are shown exiting the van and telling everyone that their questions will be answered later.

Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim and Lei D Tapa: Tag team Knockout Match

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne start off with Gail Kim showing some early aggressiveness. However, Rayne quickly battled back with a kick to the face as Kim raged towards her in the corner. Madison Rayne tries to hit the Rayne Drop, but Lei D Tapa interrupts. After a kick to the Lei D Tapa on the apron, Madison Rayne delivers the Rayne Drop to Gail Kim for the win.

Winners: Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky

Chris Sabin then storms down to the ring and tells Madison Rayne to make herself scarce. He then begins to jump down Velvet Sky’s throat and tells her he’ll give her one more chance if she apologizes. Velvet Sky refuses and ends their relationship.

Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle are shown in the back saying they won’t go out like AJ and Sting. They then barge through the door and Kurt takes out Bobby Roode.

9:30: Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle threaten Bobby Roode. They tell him he will be sorry if he even tries to interfere in their match.

Cowboy James Storm makes his way to the ring. He then begins to talk about how he and Gunner were friends, partners, and even tag team champions. He calls Gunner out so he can “put an end to this right now.” Gunner explains how he and James Storm came to TNA for the same goal: to do great things. He says that they did as friends. However, when it came for the number one contender brief case, Gunner had to make a decision. He had to make a decision for his family. Gunner goes on to explain that in the marines, he fought for the man next to him. He compared that to his relationship with James Storm. Storm goes on to say that his family is also the most important thing in his life. That he isn’t mad at Gunner and that he has his back. They shake hands in the middle of the ring.

Bad Influence interrupts them and comes down the ramp. They reveal that they do not believe that Storm isn’t jealous of Gunner and purposes a tag team match between the four men. Gunner and Storm retaliate physically and a referee rings the bell. If Storm and Gunner loses, Gunner loses his briefcase.

Bad Influence vs Gunner and James Storm

Gunner gives Kazarian an uppercut in the corner. However, Kazarian gains the upperhand and then tags in Chris Daniels. Daniels goes for the pin, but only gets the two count. Daniels goes for the angels wings, but Gunner escapes and tags in Storm. Storm and Daniels go back and forth with high speed and powerful moves. Storm tags Gunner back in. Gunner hits a flying headbutt for the win. Gunner retains the number one contender briefcase.

Winners: Gunner and James Storm

Dixie Carter cries in disgust in the back and pushes Spud out of her way.

9:53: Dixie Carter is shown once again on the phone with her lawyer, who apparently has no information on the new investor. Bobby Roode appears and demands a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. She tries to bribe him with money to leave her alone, but he refuses. He says he is done doing her favors and gives her a week to make it happen.

Eric Young is shown talking to ODB. She tells him to be careful with Abyss during their tag team championship match. Abyss shows up and shows Young that he’s ready.

Rockstar Spud begins his search for information on the secret investor.

10:00: Rockstar Spud, Chief of Staff, marches his way back down to the ring being received by Scottish boo’s. He rips on Scotland and then goes on to say he is there under orders from Dixie Carter. He calls The Wolves out in order to gain information on the investor. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards answer Spud’s call and make their presence known.

Spud asks them who the investor is but The Wolves stay silent. He shines a light in their face and removes his jacket. He calls himself fierce, a lion, and a tiger and demands to know who the investor is. The Wolves remove their own jackets and rolls up their sleeves. They attack Spud and tell him to relay a message to Dixie: that she will find out who they are when the world does and that they are interested in the main event. They also revealed that if anyone interferes in that match will be fired.

TNA tag team champions Bromans vs TNA TV champion Abyss and Eric Young for the Tag Team Championship

Young tries to control Abyss during the entire match, trying to keep the Monster at bay on the apron. The Bromans gain the upperhand early and remain that way through almost the entire match, hitting double team moves, flying clotheslines, and distracting the ref. Abyss snaps and demolishes everyone in his path, including the referee and his tag team partner. Young purposes a match between he and the monster for next week in a Monster’s Ball.

Winners: Bromans by disqualification

The Wolves shoo the camera away once again from the van outside.

Samuel and Christy are shown in a video on a date in Samuel’s home. He reveals he has a wall completely covered with Christy’s photos. Creepy.

Bully Ray pushes a casket down to the ring. He asks the audience if they know who he is. He states his name and hometown and tells the world how he used to be President of Aces and Eights and World Heavyweight Champion. One man took away his life: Mr. Anderson, loved by the world. Bully Ray challenges Mr. Anderson to a casket match. His foe reveals himself to loud cheers and chants. Bully Ray says he wants to piledrive Mr.Anderson’s wife and children. A little creepy. Mr. Anderson accepts Bully’s challenge and attacks him with the casket door and a chair. Bully Ray barely gets out of the way.

EC III and Magnus are backstage talking. Magnus tells him he isn’t thrilled he has a rookie in his corner. Ethan gets a little tense, but changes his expression when Auntie Dixie comes in the room. Dixie offers to escort Magnus down to the ring and tells Ethan not to let her down. The pompous nephew wasn’t necessarily thrilled with that.

TNA world champion Magnus and EC III vs. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

Will Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe have to leave or will one of them become the number one contender?

10:45: Kurt Angle and EC III start things off. They lock up, and Angle gets behind EC III. Angle hip tosses and hits the arm drag. With control over EC III, Angle tags in Samoa. Samoa shows powerful moves by punching EC III in the corner and then kick him in the back. Tagging in Angle, they continue to dominate. Angle chokes EC III in the corner and suplexes him. He goes for the pinfall, but fails. The crowd chants for Angle as he delivers major blows. He runs toward EC III, but the One Percenter escapes and tags in Magnus. A split screen shows that the investor is making his way into the arena. Magnus gains momentum over Angle.

10:54 : The match continues as Magnus suplexes Angle and goes for a pin. Angle kicks out, but Magnus puts him in a submission hold. Angle battles out, but EC III delivers the clothesline and tags in EC III. Magnus bates Samoa to distract the ref while EC III gets in the cheap shot. Magnus tags EC III, but Angle battles back by an Over the Back Release Suplex. Angle makes it to Samoa. Samoa battles with powerful chops, moves, and the crossarm breaker. Samoa slips in The Clutch while Magnus taps.

Winners: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

Dixie, along with Spud, charges down to the ring upset. Samoa Joe grabs a mic and proclaims that he and Kurt Angle not only kept their jobs, but that Samoa Joe is now the number one contender. The crowd began chanting You Tapped Out while Samoa Joe told Magnus that his days are limited: he is out to kill.

Angle then took the mic and thanked the audience. With two wins in a row, Angle proclaimed that he is back and is ready to be inducted in the Hall of Fame.

Carter demands the investor to show their face. The lights go out as music hits. With The Wolves on each side, he finally shows his face. The New Investor, MVP, closes out the show with fist in air.