TNA IMPACT 03 13 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: March 13, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

The show opens with Ethan Carter III leading Dixie’s team to corner Bobby Roode and blame him for the loss at Lockdown. Roode says not to blame him, blame Dixie because it was her insurance policy that cost them the match. He says that when he gets here, they ought to corner him and kick his ass.

We look at a recap of the events of Lockdown as Dixie Carter lost control of wrestling operations in TNA thanks to Bully Ray, then we’re finally back in the United States…Orlando to be exact! MVP comes out to the ring to announce that Dixieland is officially closed for business, and he’s not sure what motivates a man like Bully Ray to do the things he does, but he will be treated like everyone else here and will be given the same opportunities as everyone else. Now that he is the Director of Wrestling Operations, he has a simple policy called the MVP Principle: Motivate, Validate, and Participate. He’ll motivate all the wrestlers to do what’s right, if someone has a beef then he’ll validate them by coming out to the ring to work it out in front of the fans, and if they’re still out of line, he’ll participate by kicking their asses in the ring. Well that sounds pretty straightforward! Magnus comes out and says the MVP Principle is the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard, and while Dixie was wasting her time and fumbling the ball, he was taking the ball and running with it to retain the TNA World Title and continue the Reign of Magnus. He’s more formidable than ever, and it’s because of his new business associate: Abyss! Abyss comes out to “you sold out” chants and Magnus says he agrees with the fans for once because, unlike Jim Mitchell or Eric Young, he doesn’t see Abyss as a freak to be exploited. Abyss is now motivated by money, and the World Champion has plenty of money to go around and he’s sharing the lettuce with the big man. Magnus tells MVP they’re different on a lot of things, but money and power are what makes the world go around. MVP says he won’t dispute that, but the way he saw it, Magnus was getting his ass kicked until he literally pulled that monster out of his ass. MVP says he wants the #1 contender to come out to the ring, and Samoa Joe comes out holding his ribs while trading a death stare with Abyss. MVP says that Joe will get a rematch with Magnus next week, but he’s going to get Abyss in the ring tonight, and that match will happen right now!

Samoa Joe vs. Abyss

Joe spears Abyss and hammers him with right hands, and we’re at commercial!

We’re back and Abyss is in control, working Joe over in the corner. Joe fires back with some jabs, hits a leaping enziguiri, and soaks in the fans’ assertion that he’s gonna kill Abyss. Joe goes for the facewash, but Abyss pops up and big boots Joe. Abyss goes for a chokeslam, but Joe counters to an inverted atomic drop, running boot, and senton. Joe powerslams Abyss, but Abyss catches him coming off the second rope and hits the chokeslam the second time around. Instead of going for a cover, Abyss goes out to the floor and gets Janice from under the ring. He gives her a kiss and brings her into the ring, but Eric Young comes out of nowhere and attacks Abyss.

Winner: Abyss by DQ

Eric Young drives Abyss from the ring, and they have a stare down as we go backstage.

Jeremy Borash is in the back awaiting the man who changed the face of TNA with his actions last Sunday, but then he sees someone and asks what they’re doing here. The camera pans and we see Angelina Love walk in and go “Hey JB, you miss me?” She walks off as Borash stares after her in disbelief.

We come back from commercial and Jeremy Borash is still waiting for Bully Ray when Willow walks in and tells us that we love and hate and then he cackles.

Time for the debut of the newest Knockout, as Brittany talks about how she’s from Ocala, Florida and is a second generation wrestler whose father is a promoter in the Midwest. I’m sure Ian Rotten is very proud of his little girl, who is up against a tough test in her first match in…

Brittany vs. Gail Kim

Gail’s in a really bad mood after losing this Sunday and proceeds to just pummel the hell out of Brittany. Brittany tries fighting back, but Gail just overwhelms her with martial arts offense and then dumping her with a fireman’s carry. Gail just steps on Brittany’s face, but Brittany catches Gail with a Russian Legsweep and starts firing away with forearms. Lei’D Tapa comes in and tries to catch Brittany with an Avalanche, but Brittany moves and Tapa crushes Gail. Brittany knocks Tapa out of the ring and then rolls Gail up for the win.

Winner: Brittany

Gail is incensed and starts shoving Tapa, Tapa shoves back and Gail just leaps on her and starts nailing her with weak right hands. Tapa takes her down and just starts hammering Gail with right hands until a bunch of referees come out to break it up. Gail backs her way up the ramp and yells at Tapa that she’s going to pay.

Bully Ray finally arrives at the arena, but before Borash can get any words from him, EC3 leads his gang in a 6-on-1 beatdown on Bubba before yelling at him that he embarrassed Dixie and he’s going to pay. Bobby Roode gets in Bubba’s face and tells him that he failed Dixie, but more importantly, he failed him. Roode has the gang hold Bubba up so he can bash him in the face with a giant sign, then he stands over Bubba and tells him that nobody screws with Bobby Roode.

Sanada and Tigre Uno vs. The Bromans

Sanada and Tigre take control early, trapping Robbie E in their half of the ring until Robbie catches Tigre with a short clothesline and tags Jessie in to press slam Tigre. Jessie pops Tigre into the air, but Tigre uses the momentum to nail Robbie with a dropkick and then Sanada comes in to double team Jessie and suplex him onto Robbie. The Bromans try to escape to the floor, but Sanada takes them out with a dive off the apron and then comes into the ring to backdrop Tigre onto the Bromans. Sanda and Tigre nail the Bromans with stereo dropkicks and then Sanada nails Robbie with a moonsault for 3.

Winners: Sanada and Tigre Uno

These two just squashed the TNA World Tag Team Champions in very impressive fashion!

Bully Ray is backstage composing himself after the beating he took. He puts his hat on, picks up his chain, and stalks off in search of some MFs to kill.

Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne are backstage saying sassy things and calling each other girl, and Madison asks if they’re going to address Angelina Love being back. Velvet didn’t seem to realize Angelina’s back and is speechless.

We go backstage where the Bromans are getting pissed off that they lost when Bully Ray walks in and makes their evening even worse, kicking the crap out of both of them before giving DJ Zema a wedgie and ramming him face first into the lockers.

Samuel Shaw is backstage thanking someone we can’t see for their support after everyone called him a creepy bastard. He thanks “Christy” for her help, and wants her to come to ringside with him to watch him finish Ken Anderson once and for all. Shaw sees the cameraman and asks what his problem is, then chases him off as the camera pans upward and sees Willow in the catwalk observing the whole thing.

Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III are backstage planning a tribute for Dixie, which apparently involves a giant photo of Dixie. They haul it with them as we’ll probably find out what they’re up to after this commercial break.

Samoa Joe finds Eric Young backstage and says that he gets that EY wants revenge, but his revenge is crossing over into Joe’s business. He’ll give Young a pass this time, but if he gets in Joe’s business again, there’s going to be a problem. EY says he doesn’t care about Joe’s threats because he created this mess and he has to fix it. He’s sorry about Joe’s business, but this is his problem and he’s going to fix it. Joe tells him to have at it, and EY says he’s planning to because he talked to MVP and he’ll be chained to Abyss next week while Joe challenges Magnus for the TNA World Title.

Spud and EC3 come out to the ring and put the giant picture of Dixie on an easel before turning to address the fans. Spud says we’re here to mourn the loss of Dixie as the head of wrestling operations, because now the company is under the control of an ex-convict called MVP. Spud tells us how Dixie picked him up from obscurity, cradled him in her arms, and made him mature into the big man he is today. Spud has prepared a tribute to Dixie this evening, and thanks Dixie before letting the (decidedly one-sided) tribute roll. Spud says that sometimes a video isn’t enough, so he’s prepared a poem about Dixieland, where he was born one frosty morning. MVP mercifully interrupts Spud’s reading and asks who authorized this, and then he says that Spud has grown on him in a weird way, like a fungus or a rash, so he has to commend Spud for his extreme loyalty. MVP says he needs men like Spud on this roster, because if he can be loyal to Dixie, he can be loyal to MVP as a wrestler. Spud says he can’t wrestle because he’s a Chief of Staff, but MVP says he doesn’t need a Chief of Staff and that Spud needs to fulfill his contract as a wrestler. Spud protests saying all the wrestlers (including some of the Knockouts) are bigger than him, but MVP gets him fired up and announces that he’s going to face a man who is making his debut in TNA tonight…Willow! EC3 tries to protest, but MVP tells him not to worry because next week, Ethan will face this man…and Bobby Lashley walks out to the ring. EC3 says Lashley isn’t on the roster and there’s no way EC3 can MOTIVATE him to face someone who isn’t on the roster, but MVP says his first official act was to sign Bobby Lashley, so it’s on! Spud gets in Lashley’s face and starts poking him in the chest while yelling at him, but Lashley calmly takes the picture of Dixie and beats Spud over the head with it. Spud rolls around on the ground stroking the picture of his fallen queen as Lashley and EC3 have a stare down. EC3 backs down and heads for the hills, looking stressed as he heads up the ramp.

Jeremy Borash is backstage and catches EC3 coming through the curtain, and Carter says he’s glad he got a week to prepare because he’s going to do what he did to Kurt Angle: tear out his knee and hand him the beating of his life. Speaking of beatings, Bully Ray jumps Carter, lays him out, and smashes the sign he got hit with earlier over Carter’s back. Bully stands over Carter’s motionless form as we go to commercial.

Street Fight: Samuel Shaw vs. Ken Anderson

Shaw has his blow up doll of Christy with him, but he steps away from her long enough to jump Anderson during his entrance promo. Anderson fires back, but Shaw rams him into the steps, rolls into the ring to kiss the doll, then rolls back out to continue working Anderson over, ramming his back into the ring apron. Anderson tries to suplex Shaw on the floor, but Shaw reverses and Anderson is the one who goes splat on the concrete. They finally go inside where Anderson gains an advantage with a series of clotheslines and elbows, followed by a rolling neckbreaker. Anderson hits the Finlay roll, and Shaw begs off to the corner. Anderson decides to mess with him and sits in the corner with “Christy”, and Shaw begs him not to hurt her when he grabs the lovely young lady by the hair. Anderson gives “her” a kiss on the lips, tosses “Christy” in Shaw’s face, and hits the Mic Check for 3.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Yes, a wrestler just lost a match because he was worried for the safety of his blow up doll girlfriend. And you expect me to believe Russo isn’t back?

Angelina Love is backstage saying she’s back for one reason and one special person, and tells us not to go anywhere if we want to find out who and what she’s talking about.

Willow stands at the top of the ramp, then we get a video package hyping the return of “The King of the Night” Kenny King, and then Angelina Love is back! She comes out to the ring and is welcomed back by the fans, and she says she thought she’d never hear that music again, but it’s great to be home in TNA! Since she left a couple of years ago, her life has changed a lot and she has grown wiser. I guess she decided to stop taking drinks from weird time traveling English chicks. She says her father told her you never know what you have until it’s gone, and she realized it was true when she left TNA. She realized that her old man actually meant friendships and sisterhoods, so she asks Velvet Sky to come out to the ring. VelVelHoller and her killer outfit come out to join Angelina in the ring and give her a big ol’ hug. Holy crap Velvet looks good. Angelina can’t change what happened before she left, but being apart for the last couple of years, she realized she never would have gotten where she got if it weren’t for Velvet. Angel Williams spent years struggling in the business until Angelina Love was born and teamed with Velvet Sky that they created a special union called the Beautiful People. People ask Angelina everywhere she goes when the Beautiful People are getting back together and she thinks it’s time, but Velvet doesn’t know what to say about any of this. They haven’t spoken in a long time and she didn’t expect Angelina to show up here tonight. A lot has changed since Angelina’s been gone and Velvet was able to become her own person and win the Knockouts Title, but now she feels ready to move on. Angelina asks what she’s saying, and Velvet says there will never be a bond as strong as the Beautiful People had…and she’s ready to move forward. Angelina says she knows that sometimes you have to take a step backward to take a step forward, and she thinks they should accomplish now what they should have a long time ago. Velvet hears what she’s saying, and she loves her, but she needs time to think this over.

Bully Ray is backstage, and he’s…HUNTING!

Willow is also backstage, and he’s…WHO THE HELL KNOWS??

Rockstar Spud vs. Willow

Willow comes to the ring looking like Jeff Hardy did at Victory Road. He beats Spud down in the corner, and then runs him back and forth from corner to corner. Spud dodges a charge and unloads on Willow, but Willow hits a back suplex and howls at Spud. Spud tries to climb over the corner to escape, but Willow yanks him into the Tree of Woe, chokes him with his boot, then brings his fancy parasol into the ring and nails Spud with it.

Winner: Spud by DQ

Willow continues grinding the parasol into Spud’s neck, then lays the referee out with the Twist of Fate when he tries to step in. Willow brings a giant ladder out from under the ring and throws it and a chair into the ring. He sets the ladder up, gives Spud a gourdbuster, then puts the chair around his ankle and repeatedly Pillmanizes him. Willow goes to the top of the ladder and comes off with a splash onto poor Spud. Willow walks up the ramp as the fans start a “we want more” chant, but Bully Ray’s music hits and he comes out to the ring, stopping briefly to exchange looks with Willow on his way out. My guess is we’ll see him torture Spud some more…AFTER THIS COMMERCIAL BREAK!

We come back as the fans are chanting Bully’s name, and he says he never thought he’d hear the fans here chanting his name again. He saw his career flash before his eyes when Ken Anderson threw him in that coffin, and he planned to come out here tonight and explain why he did what he did, but Bobby Roode and his guys changed that. He tried to save Roode because he would have turned into another Dixie Carter if he got control of the company, and the last thing we need is another Dixie Carter. Bubba doesn’t want to talk anymore, he’s taken out all of Roode’s guys, and he wants Roode right now. Roode comes out to the ring and they start brawling, with Bubba getting the upper hand. Bubba takes a table out from under the ring and sets it up, but Roode pops up and hits a spinebuster on Bubba, tears his shirt off, and goes for the Roode Bomb. Bubba fights his way out, hits the Bubba Cutter, then powerbombs Roode through the table. Bubba stands over Roode’s motionless form as we’re reminded to tune in next week for the Magnus-Joe rematch, then we call it a week.

Source: PWInsider