TNA IMPACT 03 06 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: London, England
Date: March 6, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

This week’s Impact opens up with highlights from the last few weeks focusing on Lethal Lockdown and Joe/Magnus.

Bobby Roode leads Bro-Mans and Zema Ion down to the ring as the camera jumps to the arena. Footage of Bro-Mans recapturing the TNA Tag Team Titles in Japan this past weekend is shown as they come to the ring. Roode says that in three days he will own 10% of TNA Wrestling and in 3 days TNA will change, it will be ran “the Roode way.” He says the only thing standing in his way is MVP.

Austin Aries’ music hits and the fourth member of Team Dixie walks out and tells Roode not to get ahead of himself. Aries says when he makes the kind of decision he made last week you know it has to be well thought out, and in his own best interest. Aries reminds Roode that he beat MVP last week because Aries helped him. Aries says he knows 10% isn’t a big piece of the pie but it is a piece of the pie he wants his hands on. Roode says he told Aries backstage that rule #1 is they win the match and then after that they can talk business.

Aries says that is where they disagree and they need to talk business right now. Aries says there is no way he will work “underneath” Roode so if he wants Aries to be part of Team Dixie they make it official right now, he and Roode split that 10% down the middle.

Robbie E interjects and says that Bobby is the “It Factor” but at Lockdown Bro-Mans will be the “deciding factors.” Jesse says that when the confetti falls after their win he and Robbie are going to want a piece of that pie they’re talking about as well. Roode says everyone wants a piece of the pie but he’s the guy that came to them to join the team because HE is the captain of the team and he calls the shots. Roode says their number one priority is winning the match but Aries says that is something Roode doesn’t have to worry about because when he made the decision to join Team Dixie he changed the game because he is a game changer and a difference maker. Aries says there is not a man in TNA that can measure up to his greatness that can help MVP at Lockdown.

MVP leads The Wolves down to the ring and they’re dressed for action! MVP says Aries is right because he made a bad decision to trust him last week to call the match right down the middle last week. He says that’s alright because he gives people chances because he has been given second chances in the past. MVP says with control of TNA on the line he had to “dig deep and do some hustling” to find a new partner and he has found one. MVP starts to announce who the fourth man of his team is but Dixie’s music interrupts him.

Dixie walks out and says MVP’s decision on the fourth man won’t matter anyone, and she doesn’t even care who it is because she spent all weekend in New York securing the victory for Team Dixie. She says MVP doesn’t know her very well and she hopes to God that never has a chance to change. She says that if he were to ask someone that knows her very well they would tell him that TNA means more to her than anything in the world, and she will stop at nothing to keep complete control over it.

MVP says he understands but asks her to humor him and ask doesn’t she at least want to hear who the fourth man is. Dixie says unless that man can part the Red Sea she couldn’t care less. MVP says he doesn’t know about that but this man is a former World Champion and one of the most exciting wrestlers on the planet as well as being a very good friend of his. Dixie says it doesn’t matter but she doesn’t seem as sure this time.

MVP announces the fourth man as JEFF HARDY! Dixie freaks the hell out and says that cannot happen because he walked out on his TNA contract she suspended him which she refuses to reverse. MVP says he disagrees because at Lockdown Jeff Hardy will be part of that match because he is lifting the suspension. Dixie says that will happen over her dead body and then MVP mocks her southern accent and says she can have some “Texas Blue Bonnets” make up a wreath to send to her funeral.

Roode gets in MVP’s face and says it doesn’t matter who his partner is because in three days he is looking at the guy who will be 10% owner of TNA. MVP decks Roode and the brawl is on!


Elimination Match for Lethal Lockdown Man Advantage
MVP & The Wolves vs. Bobby Roode, “A-Double” Austin Aries, & Robbie E w/Jesse & Zema Ion

Back from the break the bell rings as Robbie hits Eddie Edwards with a series of shoulder blocks in a corner. Robbie slams Eddie into the turnbuckles and then tags Roode into the match. Roode hits a Vertical Suplex on Edwards and covers him for a near fall. Roode tags Aries into the match and then holds Eddie as Aries dives off the top with a Flying Elbow for another near fall. Aries puts Edwards in a Front Facelock and tags Robbie into the match. Robbie and Aries double team Eddie in the corner and then Robbie whips Eddie into the ropes and nails him with a back elbow for yet another near fall. Robbie hits Eddie with a knee to the gut and then goes for a Back Suplex, but Eddie lands on his feet and then rolls underneath a clothesline attempt and tags MVP into the match. MVP hits Robbie with jabs and right hands. MVP whips Robbie into the ropes and attempts a backdrop but eats a boot from Robbie. Robbie hits the ropes again but eats a Press Slam from MVP. MVP then hits the Drive-By Kick! 1…2…3!


Roode hits MVP from behind and beats him down in the corner. Roode hits the ropes but runs into a back elbow from MVP and then MVP tags Eddie back into the match. The Wolves whip Roode into the ropes and Eddie hits a drop toehold followed by a sliding kick from Davey. Eddie covers Roode for a near fall and then picks Roode up only to eat an elbow and a knee. Roode tags Aries and Aries knocks both Eddie and MVP off the apron before he and Roode whip Eddie into the corner. Aries whips Roode into a Splash attempt in the corner on Eddie, but Eddie moves out of the way and kicks Aries. Eddie charges at Roode but runs right into a big boot from the Canadian. Roode climbs up top but Eddie quickly recovers and hits a Leaping Enziguri! Eddie then sets up for the Chin Checker but Aries catches him with the IED out of nowhere! Aries hits the Brainbuster for the pin!


Davey replaces his buddy Eddie and exchanges wicked forearms and chops with Aries. Davey then takes the advantage with a Spinning Back Kick. Davey bounces off the ropes with the Damage Reflex (Handspring Enziguri off the ropes)! Aries falls into the ropes but then bounces off into the Roaring Elbow that lays Davey out! Both men are down and are able to tag out. MVP and Roode come in and start shoving each other and then exchanging strikes. Roode hits a clothesline but MVP doesn’t go down and then hits one of his own but Roode stays up as well. They begin exchanging forearms and then MVP hits a Spinning Clothesline! 1…2…NO Aries breaks it up with a Splash off the top! Aries tries to get out of the ring but MVP grabs him to try and stop him. Roode then hits MVP from behind with the Northern Lariat! Roode rolls MVP up and uses his feet from leverage as well as Aries holding onto his feet for good measure, 1…2…3!


Davey stares Roode down and gets the crowd behind him as he gets pumped up. Davey eats a knee from Roode and then Roode puts the boots to him in the corner before choking him with his boot. Roode tags Aries back into the match and holds Davey as Aries kicks him. Aries whips Davey into the corner and hits a Running Uppercut followed by a Bulldog! 1…2…NO Davey kicks out! Roode tags back into the match and hits a Backbreaker for another near fall. Roode tosses Davey out to the floor and then Aries hits the Savage Flying Axe Handle off the top onto Davey on the floor! Aries tosses Davey back in the ring and Roode covers him for another near fall. Aries tags back in and then Roode catapults Davey into a Forearm Smash from Aries. Davey falls back down onto the knees of Roode and then Aries hits a Slingshot Corkscrew Elbow! 1…2…NO Davey kicks out! Roode tags back in as the former Dirty Heels team starts to show some frustration. They whip Davey into the ropes and attempt a Double Backdrop, but Davey stops and kicks Roode and shoves Aries into Roode! The way he shoved Aries caused him to fall into kind of a Front Facelock on Roode and then Davey dropkicks Aries causing Roode to DDT Aries! Davey hits a Running Knee to Roode in the corner and then he climbs up top and dives off with the Invader (Ghetto Stomp)! Roode rolls out of the way and attempts the Roode Bomb, but Davey blocks it and counters into a rollup attempt. Roode holds onto the ropes and then charges at Davey but Davey drop toeholds him and rolls into a Half Crab! Aries runs in and destroys Davey with a chair causing him to be DQ’d!


Aries hits Davey with the chair repeatedly slamming the chair into Davey’s shoulder over and over. Roode and Aries smile about what just happened as Eddie Edwards slides into the ring with a set of referee’s to check on Davey’s shoulder. The referee holds Roode back while Davey is checked on. Roode complains that he should be allowed to go after Davey immediately.



During the break Davey Richards was helped to the back by EMTs and MVP. Footage of Aries’ attack with the chair is shown and then backstage the doctor is checking on Davey’s shoulder. MVP walks up with Earl Hebner and Hebner says the best he can do is give them an hour to recover enough to continue the match. The doctor tells MVP that probably won’t be possible.

A vignette highlighting the creepiness of Samuel Shaw is shown, good lord that was really good and creepy as hell. Backstage Shaw says that last week when Christy slapped him she created something beautiful, as he weirdly smirks. He says the passion she showed was extraordinary and he can’t wait to create something even more beautiful when he goes to the ring.


Samuel Shaw walks out to the ring and this time he has ring music. Shaw is carrying what looks like a cup of tea and he looks over to where Christy usually sits ringside realizing she isn’t there. Shaw stares at JB who is in her seat.

Mr. Anderson comes out before Shaw’s match can start and “regrets to inform” the fans Christy Hemme will be nowhere near this match “because of that freakin’ guy.” Anderson does his usual intro saying that he’ll play the part of Christy. Anderson then introduces Shaw as well as “Creeeeeeeeeeeepy…BASTARD!” Anderson introduces EY as the man that’s going to “whoop that ass.”

“That Creepy Bastard” Samuel Shaw vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

So Abyss has to face a “Monster” in Abyss in Monsters Ball and now he has to face this creepy bastard. Shaw screams at Anderson at ringside as the bell rings and EY takes advantage by rolling him up for a near fall! EY then hits a Neckbreaker and he mounts Shaw in the corner raining down right hands. As EY backs away Shaw rubs his chin from that beating but then smiles weirdly before jabbing EY in the throat! Shaw puts the boots to EY in the corner and then chokes him blatantly as a “creepy bastard” chant starts up. Shaw jaws at Anderson again as the chant continues and EY hits Shaw with a series of rights. EY attempts to whip Shaw into the corner but Shaw reverses it and EY flips over the top to the apron. Shaw charges at EY but he runs into a shoulder block through the ropes. EY slides through his legs and then ducks a clothesline and connects with a Flying Forearm! EY hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, 1…2…NO Shaw kicks out! Shaw rolls out to the floor and EY follows after him Shaw grabs the tea he brought to ringside and throws it in EY’s face! Shaw then tosses EY into Anderson at ringside causing them to hit heads. Shaw locks in his choke on Anderson again as the referee calls for the bell!


Shaw chokes Anderson out and then he grabs the microphone and says now he will go back and claim what is rightfully his. Hemme is shown backstage looking worried.

The doctors examine Davey backstage. MVP tells Davey that he signed The Wolves because they are two of the toughest and baddest guys on the planet, and he needs heart from Davey right now.


Backstage MVP goes looking for Aries and when he finds him he goes after him for the way he attacked Davey. Agents hold MVP back and MVP says he realizes now Aries has no character and he was full of crap with all of his respect talk.

A video package highlighting the EC3/Angle drama is shown.

Backstage Dixie starts to say that she missed last week’s show because she was… and EC3 interrupts her to Dixie’s annoyance. EC3 asks if everything is okay and she says it is but he needs to take Angle out at Lockdown. She says she isn’t going to let MVP take her company over and she says he will never see what she has coming for him.

Shaw is looking for Christy backstage but she must be pretty decent at Hide & Seek.


Shaw is still looking for Christy backstage and he even walks into the female wrestlers locker room looking for her. Velvet Sky is half naked and freaks out as she sees Shaw. He asks where Christy is and she reluctantly tells him that she is in the makeup room. “Where’s Christy? Where’s security?” Tenay asks.

EC3 walks out to the ring and he says last week Angle sucker punched him and you don’t get away with sucker punching a Carter. He says a little known fact about him is that he grew up looking up to Angle, but like the old saying goes “never meet your heroes… because they will sucker punch you in the face!” He says he knows Angle is happy that their match is in a cage because Kurt can use the cage as a weapon because Kurt fears EC3’s submission wrestling! He says he knows Kurt as the Ankle Lock but he has something better…a leglock! He says he is going to lock the leglock on and tear Kurt’s knee to shreds. He says he has accepted and defeated every challenge in TNA including Sting, and this Sunday he will do the same to Kurt Angle to become the new face of American wrestling. EC3 says after this Sunday he will be officially dubbed “The American Icon” but before he can say anything else Kurt Angle walks out to interrupt him.

Angle is still visibly limping. He asks EC3 if he really just called himself an “American Icon” and he says EC3 is an “American asshole” not an icon. Angle says they are three days away from him ending EC3’s “short pitiful career” but he doesn’t want to wait! Angle rolls into the ring but EC3 bails out and leaves straight to the back.

As Angle starts to walk back up the ramp EC3 appears out of nowhere and clips the leg of Angle! EC3 beats on him and then clips Angle’s leg from behind before rolling him into the ring. EC3 dropkicks the knee and then drops several elbows down on Angle’s knee before putting on the Leglock! Referee’s finally run out to pull EC3 off as EC3 says he heard Angle’s knee pop and smiles.

Backstage MVP is still trying to hype Davey up enough to go to the ring injured. He says he believes in Davey and he needs him to show that “strong style spirit.” Davey says MVP probably doesn’t even remember but he remembers a night in Japan when he asked MVP for advice and MVP told him that he has to “stand for something, or fall for anything.” Davey says his arm is hurt but he is breathing!


A vignette hyping up the return of Kenny King is shown. Kenny is now calling himself “King of the Night” Kenny King. Video of him partying with chicks and riding around Las Vegas are shown as he says this is his time and “when I falls…I rise.” Kenny King will be returning to Impact soon.

6-Knockout Tag Team Match
Gail Kim, Lei’D Tapa, & The Alpha Female w/Chris Sabin vs. ODB & The Beautiful People

The babyfaces hit the ring and Madison jumps Gail. Madison slams Gail into two different turnbuckles and then hits a Northern Light Suplex. Tapa grabs her by the hair which allows Gail to hit an insane dropkick on Madison! Gail slams Madison into the turnbuckle and then goes for a splash, but Madison moves and tags in ODB. ODB clotheslines Gail and whips her into the corner. Hits a Splash and then hits the Carpet Muncher! ODB stacks Gail up for a near fall and then knocks the heels off the apron. Gail clotheslines ODB and then tags Tapa into the match. Tapa lifts ODB up on her shoulder in a modified version of the Shock Therapy. Tapa whips ODB into the corner and then she hits a Running Clothesline! Tapa stands on ODB’s hair as she pulls ODB’s arms up in the air. ODB fights back with chops and kicks but Tapa shrugs them off and attempts a clothesline, but ODB rolls underneath it and tags in Velvet! Alpha Female tags in as well and she shrugs off numerous elbows and clotheslines attempts, but then Velvet kicks her in the birth canal and follows up with a Leaping Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Gail breaks it up and then Madison Spears the hell out of Gail! Tapa attacks Madison and all hell has broken loose. ODB jumps on Tapa’s back and Sabin rolls into the ring with a chain. Sabin corners Velvet in the ring and screams at her calling her a “skank” among other things until Velvet slaps him! Sabin then charges at her but she ducks and Sabin goes flying over the top! Alpha Female goes for the Full Nelson but Velvet drops down and then kicks Alpha Female in the head! Velvet hits the In Yo Face! 1…2…3!

Winners: The Beautiful People and ODB via pinfall (In Yo Face)

Sabin cartoonishly screams “WHY?!” as he looks up at the sky and rolls Alpha Female out of the ring.

Shaw is still looking for Hemme backstage.


Another Willow Wisp promo runs and it is as weird as any of the others. He says “God did a lot in seven days…now let’s see what I can do” so I’m taking that as a not so subtle hint that Willow will debut next week.

Shaw walks into the makeup room thinks he’s found Christy but its Mr. Anderson sitting in the makeup chair wearing a red wig. Anderson drops the wig and says “you creepy bastard” as he attacks Shaw! Anderson grabs some lipstick and marks it all over Shaw’s face before throwing him into the wall! Anderson says if Shaw doesn’t leave Hemme alone he will be in a bad way. As Anderson walks away Shaw starts smirking and laughing as he says “I’ll see you Sunday…I’ll see you both Sunday.”

A video package highlighting the history between Gunner and Storm is shown.

Gunner walks out to the ring and he says over the past few weeks things have changed in his life. He says he takes each day as they come and he’s worked for everything he has in life, and win he won that Feast or Fired Match things changed with James Storm. He says jealous came out in Storm and he stabbed Gunner in the back. He says last week they started to fight and Storm ran like the coward he is, but at Lockdown they will be inside a cage and when he’s inside a cage some dark memories will start to creep out. He says some PTSD might hit and at Lockdown that cage will be their battlefield.

Storm interrupts Gunner and says Gunner seems like he takes that military code of “no man left behind” but he just thinks it’s silly. Storm says that when Gunner is 70 years old he’ll be telling his grandchildren how he ALMOST was World Champion before that “Storm fella” stabbed in the back. Storm says in three days Gunner better pack himself a lunch because it’s going to be an all-day ass whipping.

Gunner says that’s exactly what he wants because he has something to prove to Storm and everyone else. He says that he’s the toughest man that was part of their team and if Storm thinks he’s so tough they should make it a Last Man Standing Match as well! Storm asks Gunner if he really wants to test Storm’s manhood, and out of the two he is THE man because he was the World Champion something that Gunner will never be. Storm says at Lockdown right before he gets into the cage he should pray to his God because Storm is going to cut him down! Storm sucker punches Gunner in the gut and then hits the Last Call!

In the back Roode says he’s tired of waiting and it’s time to finish this match. MVP is taping Davey’s shoulder up in their locker room.


Bobby Roode comes back out and says it has been an hour and it’s obvious that Davey is too injured to finish the match. He tells Hebner to count him out and then raise Roode’s hand.

Main Event
Lethal Lockdown Man Advantage
Davey Richards vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode

Hebner rings the bell and begins counting Davey out but Davey comes out with MVP and Eddie at his side. Davey has his shoulder heavily taped and is favoring it as he gets in the ring. Footage of the earlier match with Aries attacking Davey with the chair is shown. Roode immediately goes after Davey’s shoulder kicking it and stomping on it repeatedly. Roode drags Davey’s arm out to the apron and then slams it into the ring post. Roode then puts Davey in a wristlock and slams it down across his own shoulder repeatedly. Davey tries to fight back but Roode cuts him off and slams Davey to the mat. Roode Knee Drops Davey’s arm and then he goes out to the apron and slams Davey’s arm down across the top rope. Roode screams at Davey to quit and then he stands on the arm of Davey Richards. Roode goes for another Knee Drop on the arm, but Davey rolls out of the way and then he kicks Roode and tries to climb up top but when he reached to pull himself up with his arm it gave out. Roode then immediately starts beating on Davey’s arm again. Roode grabs Davey on the apron but Davey is able to get a hold of Roode’s leg and Dragonscrew Legwhip him on the apron! Davey hits Roode with his good arm several times and then hits the ropes and slides through Roode’s legs and follows up with an Enziguri! Davey continues to sell the arm which won’t allow him to follow up. Roode charges at Davey but he drops down causing Roode’s momentum to send him out to the floor. Davey then dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive onto Roode on the floor! Davey grabs his arm as he lands but then picks Roode up and rolls him back into the ring. Davey climbs up top using one arm and then dives off with a Missile Dropkick! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out in a CLOSE near fall! Davey gets the fans behind him again and then he hits a series of big round kicks to the chest of Roode! Davey goes for the KO Kick but Roode ducks and then attempts the Roode Bomb! Davey counters into a rollup! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out again but Davey immediately transitions into a Half Crab! Tenay points out that Davey is forced to only use one arm to hold the leg which means he can’t get a good grip on the hold. Roode is able to roll over and then kick Davey’s injured shoulder repeatedly! Roode retreats to the corner and then Davey charges at him but Roode sidesteps him and Davey slams into the ring post with that injured shoulder! Roode hits the Roode Bomb and then locks in the Crossface as Davey taps! Roode then puts Davey in an armbar and wrenches back on Davey’s arm!

Winner: Roode via submission (Crossface)

MVP and Eddie hit the ring and chase Roode off.

Another promo video of Tigre Uno is shown and this time it features several clips of him working with Zema Ion in the ring is shown.

Magnus approaches Dixie Carter in the back and asks her about her comment about having Letha Lockdown sured up. Magnus says that is great but what about the bigger picture, the World Title? Magnus asks what the strategy is and she says she has a great simple strategy, go out and back up his mouth and beat Joe.


Tenay and Taz run down the card for Lockdown (which I will be previewing tomorrow here on WrestleView). I just checked on TNA’s website and they have officially changed the card for Sunday. Tigre Uno, who was originally scheduled to team with Great Muta and Senada against Bad Influence & Chris Sabin, will now be facing Manik one-on-one at Lockdown. Replacing Tigre in the 6-man will be another Japanese star known as Nakanoue. That is a bit disappointing but Manik and Tigre should make for an exciting match nonetheless.

Samoa Joe comes down to the ring and an angry Samoan screams that if Magnus has a shred of dignity left he will come down here right now and hear what he has to say. Magnus says Joe should know better than to question his courage or his manhood because if anyone knows him Joe does. Magnus says Joe knows him better than anyone and he stood side by side with Magnus in the past. Magnus says it was in this very arena when he had a defining moment with Joe last year, and he says that they won championships both in TNA and Japan until Joe turned his back on Magnus. Magnus says when the BFG Series came along and once again Joe came around wanting to be teammates again this time in the Main Event Mafia. Magnus calls that a joke and says once the Mafia was gone, HE became the Main Event! Magnus holds up the World Title belt and says that Joe cannot stand the fact that it was he that became the World Champion. He says it fills Joe with rage and that rage will be his undoing. Magnus says he has a “healthy fear” of Joe because he knows Joe is a “bad, bad man” and Joe is a former World Champion. He says he used to look up to Joe but how many times has Joe had the chance to be the top guy and blown it because of his rage? Magnus says Joe can’t control his rage and that rage makes him vulnerable which makes him weak. Magnus says that weakness is what he will take advantage of. As Magnus is talking you can actually visibly see Joe begin to shake as he grows more and more angry. Magnus says he will walk in the same way he will walk out of the cage Sunday, the World Heavyweight Champion.

Joe says every single thing Magnus just said except his perception is a little skewed. Joe says he does have a rage problem and sometimes when he has an opponent pounded on the mat and beaten he has a problem because he wants to “drink their pain, and shed their blood.” Joe says sometimes he blacks out and gets a little crazy and doesn’t understand the things he does! Joe says Magnus is right, the rules of wrestling are not conducive to his brand of violence, but at Lockdown it’s going to be “Joe’s Rules” and when it’s his roles you either get knocked out or you tap out! Joe says we already know Magnus is very capable of tapping out as a “you tapped out” chant starts. Joe says when he climbs in that cage with Joe and he has to stare at the inevitable he should know that Joe will “drink your pain, shed your blood, and you won’t walk out the TNA World Champion…in fact you won’t walk out at all!”

Magnus headbutts Joe and they start fighting! Joe turns the tides and destroys Magnus in the corner with jabs and strikes! Magnus shoves Joe away and then swings at him, but Joe ducks and locks in the Coquina Clutch! Joe’s eyes roll back into his head as Magnus taps out!


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) Elimination Match for the man advantage in Lethal Lockdown: MVP & The Wolves fought Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, & Robbie E to a NO CONTEST
2) Samuel Shaw fought Eric Young to a NO CONTEST
3) Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, & ODB def. Gail Kim, Alpha Female, & Lei’D Tapa
4) Bobby Roode def. Davey Richards to earn the man advantage for Team Dixie at Lethal Lockdown

Lockdown Lineup:
– TNA World Title Steel Cage Submission/KO Match: Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe
– Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage Match: Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Jesse, Robbie E, & Austin Aries) vs. Team MVP (MVP, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, & Jeffrey Nero Hardy)
– Steel Cage Match: James Storm vs. Gunner
– TNA Knockouts Title Steel Cage Match: Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne (c)
– Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III
– Steel Cage Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw
– Steel Cage Match: Great Muta, Nakanoue, & Sanada vs. Bad Influence & Chris Sabin
– Steel Cage Match: Manik vs. Tigre Uno