TNA IMPACT 06 05 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: June 5, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Who will be Bully Ray’s next victim? Find out here as Impact Wrestling airs at 9 EST!

9:00: MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley are looking for Samoa Joe backstage. They don’t have to look long because he makes his way to the ring and calls MVP out.

MVP and his posse answer and make their way out. King starts and reminds Joe who he is talking to. Joe stops him and says if King is his (MVP’s) mouthpiece, he should be “kissing his ass”. MVP tells Joe to just say what he wants to say. Joe calls him several names, including “scumbag” and “liar”, saying that he trusted MVP when he said he was going to make a difference in the company. He says he wants to fight all three of them tonight. MVP reminds Joe that he tried to “do his job” when he booked Joe in a match when he didn’t show. He says that Joe breached his contract. Austin Aries shows up and provokes MVP. MVP makes a match for tonight: Aries vs. Joe. The loser has to go home “for good”.

Bram and Magnus are backstage. Magnus warns Bram that Willow is unpredictable. He isn’t the “Jeff Hardy” that he knows. He became that crazy person after Magnus beat him for the title. Bram says that he was proud of Magnus then because he did what he had to get what he wanted. He says that Magnus needs to become that person again. He says Magnus might or he might not ever again. Either way, Bram will.

We break for commercial.

Willow vs. Bram

Willow vs. Bram starts off with Willow hitting several elbows and slaps to the face. He knocks Bram out of the ring, but Bram gains the upper hand when he delivers a blow to Willow as he follows after him. Bram gets Willow back in the ring. After a few shots, Willow comes back with a double boot to Bram’s chest in the corner. Bram and Willow find their way to the outside again and Bram slams Willow’s face into the steps. They return to the ring and Willow hits Bram once again to the outside. Willow flies on Bram with a clothesline from the apron. He slams Bram’s face a couple times in the steps and then runs at Bram off the steps. Willow rolls into the ring while Bram goes for a pry bar underneath the ring. He reenters the ring and goes after Willow, but Magnus runs down and stops him. He takes the pry bar away from him. He turns and attacks Willow himself with it repeatedly. It seems Bram finally got to Magnus.

Winner: Willow by disqualification

The Wolves are waiting in MVP’s office. MVP says that he doesn’t understand why they are upset when he gave them contracts and opportunities for the tag team titles. They tell MVP that they earned the titles. MVP says that they will have an opportunity to earn his respect by putting them in a match against each other. If they don’t, they will be stripped of the titles. That match is after the break.

9:25: Anderson is donning a cheesy looking sheriff’s outfit. When asked why, he just states that he “likes beer” as he opens a cold one and walks away laughing.

Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards

When they start, Kenny King shows up on the stage to “make sure” they fight. They lock up and just flip around to take the other down. They go for pin attempt after pin attempt. King reminds them that they have to fight or he’s telling MVP. The Wolves roll each other around some more before putting each other in a few holds. Edwards puts Richards in a Single Leg Boston Crab before rolling him up for the pin. King enters the ring and says that they didn’t really fight. They throw King against the ropes. Edwards throws him up while Richards delivers a kick. They throw King out of the ring.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Dixie Carter asks MVP if he knows what he’s doing tonight. He says that he is the Director of Wrestling Operations and because he IS a wrestler, he does know what he is doing. He tells Carter to go and pour herself a glass of merlot and sit back because somebody’s getting fired tonight. We break for commercial.

9:39: Madison is getting ready for her match. Brittany creepily comes up to her and apologizes for last week and tells her she’s there for Madison. Madison tells Brittany not to do anything tonight.

Robbie is freaking out about the clown in the Menagerie.

MVP talks to Brian the ref. He tells him he needs a winner and a loser. No funny business like double count outs or double pins.

Joe says he regrets vouching for MVP. He got tired of MVP making him jump through hoops for a shot at the title and that is why he went home. Aries shows up and says that even though he respects Joe, he has to make sure he keeps his job. Joe says he has to do the same. We go to commercial.

9:48: When we return DJ Z and the Bromans are in the ring. With microphones. Oh boy. Robbie continues his freak-out about the clown. Jesse reminds Robbie that he is just a clown. While he is speaking, the Menagerie shows up. Knux says they are just like them except they have Rebel. Jesse says they could have her if they wanted. Crazy Steve honks his horn at Robbie and he freaks out again. Crazy Steve and DJ Z sound their horns at each other for a couple minutes. The Menagerie throws the Bromans out of the ring. That was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.

Bully Ray and Eric Young are talking to Brian the ref. They try to tell Brian he needs to do the right thing. Brian says that he understands that Aries and Joe have families, but he has one, too. He is going to do his job. Young and Ray say they will do what they have to do, then.

Aries vs. Joe: contract vs. contract is next.

10:00: Gunner is playing Go Fish with Samuel Shaw. Gosh this is weird.

Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

Joe and Aries start off hot. Joe gets in a couple punches in the corner and shoves his boot in Aries’ face. He gets in a couple slaps in another corner and throws him in the opposite. He tries to set Aries up for the muscle buster, but Aries counters with a pin attempt. Aries backs Joe up in the corner with a couple elbows. He tries to lift Joe up for the brainbuster, but Joe stops him with a front suplex. He backs Aries in the corner again and tries for the muscle buster again, but Aries counters again. Aries hits an elbow and puts the Last Chancery. Young runs out and pulls him out. Aries lets go and then Joe puts on the Rear Naked Choke. Brian reenters, but Young pulls him out again. Bully Ray comes down and knocks out the ref. Ray and Young apologize and say that it’s about Aries’ and Joe’s lives. MVP and posse come out and threaten to fire Ray. Ray suggests that there be an eight man tag: Eric Young, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, and himself vs. MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley, and EC III. Not only that, but in a First Blood tag match. MVP tries to refuse, but King grabs the mic and accepts. Our real main event looks to be set.

Winner: No contest

Mr. Anderson is walking around acting like a crazy sheriff who likes beer. Lord have mercy on all of our souls. We break for commercial.

10:15: James Storm‘s old music hits, but the crazy Sheriff Anderson with beer in tow is the one who comes out. He asks Christy if she likes beer. When she says yes, he says he likes beer, too. He then tells Christy sorry for his “damn breath”. He then goes on to say, again, he likes beer. Storm comes out and asks Anderson if he thinks it is funny. Anderson belches in the microphone. Anderson says he thinks it’s funny and that he whooped his ass. Storm says he just pissed him off and asks Anderson if he wants to go “another round”. Anderson says that his bar is open 24/7 and serves 101 different types of “ass whoopin” (102). He runs after Storm and they start beating each other up. They end up in the ring where Storm hits Anderson with The Last Call. It looks like it will be Storm vs. Anderson at Slammiversary.

Gunner asks Shaw if he can see Shaw’s drawings. Shaw says he can. We break for commercial.

10:26: Gunner looks at Shaw’s drawings and asks about them. They are of his mother, his room, and Christy. He’s also working on one of Gunner.

Madison Rayne vs. TNA Knockouts champion Angelina Love for the Knockouts Championship

Madison starts off strong with a drop kick and by throwing Love in the corner. Love hits Madison with an elbow, but Madison counters and then goes for a pin attempt. Velvet distracts the ref and Madison, making a way for Love to knock Madison out of the ring. Brittany comes out for support and Madison tells her not to do anything. Love gets distracted by Brittany, so Madison takes advantage. Madison hits Love with several moves followed up with a quad face smash. Velvet Sky gets on the apron again and when the ref’s back is turned, sprays Madison in the face with hair spray. Love rolls her up for the win. Brittany leaves Madison in the ring and walks away.

Winner: Angelina Love

MVP tells EC III not to mess it up. EC III reminds them that he, EC III, is undefeated.

10:39: Madison asks why Brittany didn’t help her. Brittany told her she did what Madison told her to do earlier: nothing.

Bully Ray, Austin Aries, TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young, and Samoa Joe vs. MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, and EC III: 8 Man First Blood Tag Match

Aries and King start things off. King mouths off and Aries slaps him hard on the chest. He puts King in the Last Chancery, but King gets out and tags in EC III. Aries tags in Young. Young keeps EC III down and tags in Bully Ray. EC III rolls out of the ring. Ray provokes MVP to come in the ring. MVP and Ray hit the opposite ropes and hit each other a couple times. MVP gets Ray down and tags in Kenny King. Bully gets King down and tags Joe in. Joe slams King’s face in a turnbuckle and gives King an eye rake. King rolls over and tags in Lashley. We break for commercial.

10:51: When we return, Joe hits Lashley with a kick to the face. Joe tags in EY. Lashley hits EY with an elbow and then lifts EY up for a back drop. He throws EY in his own corner and tags in MVP. MVP gets in gut shots in the corner. He bounces EY off the ropes and tries to open up EY’s forehead with deliberate blows. He tags in Lashley who scrapes his boot across EY’s face. Lashley tags in EC III who runs EY’s face into the turnbuckle. He tags in King who digs his elbow in EY’s face. He tags in MVP who runs his boot, elbow, and fist into EY’s head. He throws EY in the turnbuckle some more and then tags in Lashley. Lashley rakes EY’s face across the ropes and then tags in EC III. EC III throws EY into the mat itself several times. EY fights out of EC III’s grip, but EC III gets him in the sleeper hold. EY fights out and finds his way to Joe. Joe knocks EC III out of the ring. Lashley spears Joe. EY takes out Lashley. MVP takes out EY. Aries takes out MVP. That leaves Bully Ray in the ring. EC III comes from behind. Bully Ray soon gets the better of EC III and then hits him with his chain. EC III bleeds and Bully’s team wins.

Winners: Bully Ray, Austin Aries, TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young, and Samoa Joe

Lashley, MVP, and King are beating up EC III. Dixie Carter breaks it up and tells MVP he’s got a war on his hands as we go off the air.