TNA Bound For Glory 2010

Total Nonstop Action – Pay-Per-View
October 10 , 2010 – Daytona Beach, Florida


The Motor City Machine Guns (c) defeated Generation Me (TNA Tag Titles)
Tara beat Angelina (c) and Velvet and Madison (TNA Knockout Title)
Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) defeated Eric Young & Orlando Jordan
Jay Lethal (c) defeated Douglas Williams (TNA X-Division Title)
Rob Van Dam defeated “The Monster” Abyss (Monster’s Ball Match)
Kevin Nash & Sting & The Pope defeated Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe
Team 3-D is retiring but wants a title match so they can retire as champions
EV2.0 w/Mick Foley defeated Fortune w/Ric Flair (Lethal Lockdown Match)
Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson (vacant TNA World Title)
[after interference from Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan]

TNA Bound For Glory

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Generation Me (Max & Jeromy Buck) to retain the TNA World Tag Team titles: The crowd was super hot for this match!

Christy Hemme & Madison Rayne & Tara: Christy Hemme asked Madison if her plan has backfired now that Tara has a chance to win the TNA Knockout title tonight. Madison called Christy a phony bitch, and Christy asked “weren’t you blonde last week?” Madison fired back saying “zip it, pig!” Madison denied that her plan was backfiring, because Tara is indebted to her for life. Tara didn’t look too happy about that. Madison also sent a message to Mickie James, saying there was only room for one queen bee in TNA!

Tara defeated Angelina Love (c) and Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne to win the TNA Knockout title: Mickie James came out to act as the special guest referee for this important match. Tara and Madison Rayne came out together on the motorcycle. Then Angelina Love and Velvet Sky came out doing their Beautiful People gimmick. Taz was confused because it wasn’t a tag team match, but a fourway instead. Taz also noticed that Mickie James looked good holding the Knockout title. Tara inadvertantly knocked Madison off the ring apron onto Angelina, and then botched a roll-up on Velvet to win the match and capture the Knockout title! Madison jumped up and screamed at Tara for the betrayal. Mickie tried to intervene, but Madison shoved her away. Mickie got up and punched Madison down on her ass and gave Tara the “look”.

Christy Hemme & Eric Young + Orlando Jordan: Eric Young was covered with crayon tatoos acting like a goofy badass. Christy asked Eric about his relationship with Orlando Jordan – saying it was kinda weird. Eric said Orlando thinks he’s his dad, so he’s going to take him under his wing. Eric said most of Orlando’s family disowned him because of his lifestyle… adding “who care if he’s bi-polar?!” Jordan showed up wearing a white outfit and mask and took EY to prepare for their match.

Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) defeated Eric Young & Orlando Jordan: Comedy match with a strange finish. Eric Young sorta turned on his partner and ended up standing in the opposite corner. Shannon Moore went for a tag but found Eric standing there. Orlando asked Eric what he was doing, and EY slapped him and beat him up in the ring. This was all done very goofy for no real logical reason. Young posed for the crowd and Ink Inc. finished off Orlando Jordan with their finisher. Eric raised the arms of his opponents and acted like he was part of the group now. Orlando got up and wanted to get revenge, but he got a look at Eric’s ass. Eric turned around and hugged Orlando. Weird, but the crowd had a great time watching.

Christy Hemme & Jeff Hardy: Jeff Hardy cut a weird promo hyping the threeway main event for the TNA World Heavyweight title..

Jay Lethal defeated Douglas Williams to retain the TNA X-Division title: Douglas Williams hit a bunch of suplexes but could not get a three count on the champion. Jay Lethal won the match and celebrated his successful title defense by going into the audience. Suddenly, The Shore (Robbie E & Cookie) appeared from the crowd and attacked Jay Lethal! Robbie threw Lethal into the ring and destroyed him while Cookie (Becky Bayless) encouraged him from ringside! Robbie said Lethal was a disgrace to New Jersey and put the X-Division belt over his shoulder. Robbie said when he wins the title he is taking it back to New Jersey and add some class to it. Cookie added “Jersey’s in the house, BITCHES!”

Rob Van Dam defeated “The Monster” Abyss: Before the match, Abyss was about to reveal who “THEY” were, but he was interrupted by Rob Van Dam’s entrance. RVD hit the ring and started kicking, punching, and choking Abyss furiously. RVD was wearing a shirt, presumably to hide the “puncture wounds” for the the attack several months ago. They talked about this being Abyss’ last match, because Dixie Carter has already done the paperwork to fire Abyss after the match. RVD tossed a barbed wire board into the ring. Abyss took a bump chest first into the barbed wire and pretended to be stuck. RVD went for rolling thunder, but Abyss got out of the way and RVD hit the wire. A few minutes later, Abyss was on a table at ringside and RVD did a running somersault over the top rope putting Abyss through the table! The barbed wire was set up between the ring apron and guard rail. Back in the ring, RVD kicked a chair into the face of Abyss. RVD set up for the Van Terminator (Coast To Coast) but Abyss got up and threw the chair at RVD, sending him crashing down through the barbed wire board at ringside! Abyss set up a second barbed wire board in the corner of the ring. He tried to slam RVD into it, but RVD squirmed out and pushed Abyss into the barbed wire! RVD covered Abyss with the board and successfully hit a super hardcore Van Terminator this time! RVD went for a frog splash but Abyss moved out of the way to avoid contact. Abyss left the ring and grabbed Janice (his 2X4 with spikes in it). Abyss brought Janice into the ring and swung it at RVD, who ducked and decked Abyss with a chair! RVD looked down and picked up Janice! RVD swung it and hit Abyss in the gut. RVD kicked Abyss down and hit the five star frog splash to win the match! Abyss was bleeding from the mouth due to “internal injuries”.. RVD celebrated and left, while Abyss looked into the camera and said “10.10.10 get ready because here WE come!”

Kevin Nash & Sting & Pope D’Angelo Dinero defeated Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe started the match and was dismantled by Nash/Sting/Pope for 10 minutes not able to get a tag. Finally Joe made it to the corner, but Jeff Jarrett dropped off the apron and abandoned his partner! Joe went after all three opponents and was fighting for his life, but the trio was too much. Everybody was stunned at what Jarrett just did. Nash came in and planted Joe with a Jacknife Power-bomb to win the match!

Christy Hemme & Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson cut a promo hyping the threeway main event for the TNA World Heavyweight title. Anderson apologized to Kurt Angle, his family, and his friends, for ending Kurt’s career tonight.

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Brother Ray bragged about Team 3-D’s accomplishments blah blah blah. Ray said he was proud to work for a company that respects tag team wrestling and has the best tag team division in the world. Ray said there was nothing left for them to do in wrestling, so they were officially retired. Ray pretended to fight back tears while making the announcement. Ray added that they wanted one more match with the best tag team in the world, the TNA World Tag Team champions, the Motor City Machine Guns. Team 3-D got a cheap pop and went over to shake hands with Taz & Mike Tenay..

Christy Hemme & Ric Flair & Fortune: Christy Hemme was pumped up as she talked about the cage dropping right now. Hemme was all smiles listening to Ric Flair hype the Lethal Lockdown match! Flair said Foley was going to kiss his ass tonight, then he’s going to find Christy and kiss her ass. Each member of Fortune got a chance to talk smack about EV2.0.

EV2.0 (Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards & Raven & Rhino & Sabu w/Mick Foley) defeated Fortune (A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Matt Morgan w/Ric Flair): Mick Foley led the entire EV2.0 team to the ringside area. Then Ric Flair led Fortune out to ringside. They will all hang around ringside, as opposed to coming out from the locker room one at a time. Foley attacked Flair and they started brawling before the match even started. They were pulled apart by their teams, and Flair was already bleeding. Stevie Richards and Kazarian started the match. A.J Styles entered next, followed by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer was bleeding mmediately. Robert Roode entered next, followed by Sabu. Sabu took on all three members of Fortune, allowing Dreamer & Richards to recover. EV2.0 took control of the match. James Storm entered next to help Fortune regain the advantage. Raven entered the cage to even the odds again. Matt Morgan was the final member of Fortune to enter the cage. Morgan power-bombed Sabu neck-first into the side of the cage. Just noticed that Sabu was bleeding. Roode was also bleeding. Raven was bleeding. Rhino entered the cage and took down all members of Fortune including a GORE on James Storm! Rhino called for the roof to be lowered onto the cage making a series of weapons available to the participants. Suddenly Ric Flair and Mick Foley started fighting at ringside, taking all the attention of the referees. EV2.0 were quick to reach for the weapons and use them to their advantage. There was a particularly heated exchange between Raven and Morgan. Morgan went for a carbon footprint but missed and kicked the cage door. Richards then launched Kazarian into the door, which busted off and sent Kazarian to the floor. Stevie chased Kazarian around the cage and they climbed up on top of the roof. Everyone spilled out of the cage and Kazarian threatened to launch Stevie off the top. Stevie fought back and set up a table on the roof. Kazarian was bloeeding a little bit. Kaz put Stevie on the table and climbed up a ladder. Suddenly, Brian Kendrick popped out from under a blanket and pulled Kaz down! Kendrick back-dropped Kaz through the table and started meditating. Dreamer and Styles were in the ring alone and Dreamer hit a Dreamer-driver onto a chair and got the 1-2-3 to win the match for EV2.0! They cut right to the back for an interview.

Christy Hemme & Kurt Angle: Christy Hemme talked about Kurt’s retirement stipulation. Kurt said wrestling was what he loves to do and he put that pressure on himself. Kurt promised to walk out of Daytona Beach with the TNA title and then dedicated the match to Hulk Hogan.

Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson to win the vacant TNA World Heavyweight title: TNA management made the match No-DQ, No-Countout, and No Time-Limit! They showed Dixie Carter sitting at ringside ready for a match of the year contender to unfold. Of course it was an amazing match! Late in the match, referee Brian Hebner was accidentally taken out by a stiff Kurt Angle clothesline. Eric Bischoff came down with a chair and it looked like he was going to screw Kurt Angle. Suddenly Hulk Hogan showed up and Bischoff looked shocked! Hogan was on crutches and was there to stop his business partner from screwing Angle. Hogan could barely walk and it took forever for him to get in the ring. Bischoff threw the chair away and “washed his hands” of it. Hogan confronted Bischoff and poked him in the chest. Bischoff took one of Hulk’s crutches and they were about to hit each other, but Jeff Hardy got between them. Hogan gave Hardy his crutch and he squared off with Bischoff. Hardy turned around and shattered the crutch over Angle’s back! Hogan had a smirk on his face, and Bischoff said “that was awesome!” Hogan & Bischoff celebrated, as Hardy broke the second crutch over Anderson’s back. Hardy hit Anderson with the Twist of Fate and pinned him to become TNA World Heavyweight champion!!! Dixie Carter did not look impressed. Bischoff presented Hardy with the championship. Jeff Jarrett came out with a smile on his face, followed by The Monster Abyss. It then became apparant that this is the group that Abyss referred to as “THEY”. Rob Van Dam ran down and asked Jeff what he was doing?? Hardy bashed RVD with the title and continued celebrating with his new group! It’s the new nWo.