IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory 2020

Impact Bound For Glory Results
October 24, 2020

Nashville, Tennessee (Skyway Studios)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The show opens up with a Bound For Glory video package.

We then go live to an empty Skyway Studios (no fans) with Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary.

Impact X-Division Championship – Intergender Scramble Match
Rohit Raju (c) vs. Chris Bey vs. Jordynne Grace vs. TJP vs. Trey Miguel vs. Willie Mack

After the ring introductions, the bell rings. Jordynne Grace takes out Willie Mack.  The action is all over the place.  Chris Bay and TJP are going back and forth.   drop kicks both men by Try Miguel.  Miguel drop kicks Bay on the back.  Willie Mack is in the ring and takes down Try Miguel.  Jordynne Grace is attempting to take out Mack. She goes with a shoulder tackle and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  TJP has Miguel and Mack in a double death lock.  Miguel now has all other four competitors in a submission attempt. Rohit is punching TJP.  TJP then kicks Bay in the gut.  The action in this match is all over the place.  Rohit kicks Grace in the back.  Grace attempts to fight back.  Rohit sends Miguel to the floor and then grabs Grace and gives her a suplex. He goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Willie outside the ring pulls out Grace to the floor.  Mack back in the ring, clotheslines everyone and then gives a crazy spinning elbow to TJP.  Rohit is getting slapped and kicked by all the other challengers.  Mack does a standing moonsault on Rohit, and goes for the pin, but the it’s broken up by all the competitors.  The action goes to the outside of the ring.  Willie Mack back in the ring does a helo dive over the top rope on all everyone.  TJP and Miguel are on the ring apron.  With Miguel on the shoulders of TJP, Chris Bey drops kicks both men onto the floor.  Back in the ring, Rohit goes for a pin on TJP, but only gets the two count.  TJP applies a crucifix slam on Rohit and goes for the pin, but it’s broken up by Grace.  Miguel and Grace are on the top rope with TJP and Chris Bey taking each other out in attempt to get on the top rope.  All are the top rope and they all go down on the mat.  Rohit stops on Grace who is locked up on the ring.  He goes for a pin, but the count is broken up by Mack.  Rohit takes out Mack, then Mack reverses with a stunner.  Chris Bey they takes out Mack. Miguel connects on the back of Chris Bey.  TJP comes in with a submission, but then Grace breaks it up, but TJP reverses it and is put in an ankle lock.  Miguel breaks it up and then TJP puts Miguel in wrist lock.  Grace pus Miguel in a Grace Driver and goes for the three count, but its broken up by Rohit.  Rohit then takes out Miguel and gets the pin to retain the X-Division Championship.


Josh and Don ran down the rest of the card for the night.  We then go to a backstage segment for a wedding that is supposed to take place between John E. Bravo and Rosemary.

We then go to Rhino and Heath.  The production crew did a count down of 3,2,1 and then they started their skit.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match
If Heath Slater or Rhino wins, Slater receives a full time contract; if neither wins, Rhino is fired; Rhino enters first and Hernandez enters last

Rhino vs. Heath vs. Acey Romero vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Brian Myers vs. Havok vs. Hernandez vs. Larry D vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Tenille Dashwood vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. TBA

Rhino and Shawn Davari the TBA entrant start the match.  Both men go back and forth. Rhino goes for a gore, but Davari goes to the outside.  Both men are fighting on the outside.  The action continues outside the ring.  Davari clotheslines Rhino into the ring post. Larry D is out next. Larry D splashes Rhino.  Both Davari and Larry D double teams on Rhino.  Crazzy Steve is out next.  Crazzy Steve goes after Larry D and is biting him on top of the head. Acey Romero is next out and goes after Crazzy Steve, and Romero and Larry D double smash Crazzy Steve.  The action is all over the place in this match.  Tenille Dashwood is next out.  Kaleb with K comes out with Dashwood and takes pictures of her while she comes down the ramp.  Dashwood has yet to enter.  Kaleb with a K is in the ring. Havok is next out and gives a high kick to Kaleb with K who is still in the ring.  Havok power bombs Kaleb with a K, and then gets eliminated.  Tenille then enters the ring.  Brian Myers is the next entrant.  He goes after everyone in the ring.  Myers drop kicks Crazzy Steve.  Steve gets hip tossed over the rope and is eliminated.  Swoggle is the next entrant. He attempts to hug Myers but Myers is then taken out.  Davari gets eliminated by Swoggle and Brian Myers.  Myers then throws out Swoggle.  Tommy Dreamer is out next.  He is wearing Road Warrior Animal shirt and his face it painted with Animal face paint and has an Animal haircut.  Swoggle is back in the ring and he and Dreamer do a Doomsday Device on Myers.  Alisha is out next.  Dreamer has a kendo stick.  Meyers throws out Dreamer. Alisha smacks Myers with the Kendo stick.  He then picks up Alisha and dumps her over the top rope.  Kiera Hogan is the next entrant.  Myers and Dashwood stop to take a selfie in the ring.  Myers pick up Dashwood and dumps her over the top rope.  Hogan kicks Havok in the chest area in the corner.  Taya Valkayrie is out next and is slapping Larry D in the chest.  She then drop kicks Larry D.  Fallah Bahh is out next and is holding up his shirt with cash.  Havok and Hogan are both eliminated.  James Storm comes out next drinking beer and runs to the ring.  He goes after Larry D and kicks Larry D in the back of the head. Storm takes out Triple XXX.  He eliminates Larry D.  Adam Thornstowe one half of Reno Scum is out next.  He goes after Bash and Storm with kicks to the gut.  Meyers goes after Storm. Luster, the other half of Reno Scum is out next.  Reno Scum double teams Bahh. Oscar The Legend kicks storm in the gut.  Heath is next out.  He goes after Myers first and kicks him down.  He then knee kicks Luster.  Heath and Larry D exchange blows.  Heath eliminates Larry D.  Heath then eliminates Myers.  The next entrant is Sami Callihan.  He runs to thing and goes after Reno Scum and then throws punches on Rhino.  He attempts to eliminate James Storm, but is not successful.  He gouges the eyes of Storm in the corner of the ring.  Hernandez comes out and is the final participant for this match.  Reno Scum and Hernandez splash Bahh in the corner of the ring.  Hernandez eliminated Bahh after the cash comes out of his shirt.  Reno Scum takes out Rhino with punches and drop kicks. Rhino eliminates Thornstowe.  Rhino eliminates Luster.  There were other eliminations that happened in between all the other action.  James Storm was eliminated.  Heath was eliminated by Callihan who said he doesn’t care about his kids. It is now down to Rhino and Callihan.  Callihan piledrives Rhino and goes for the three, but only gets a two and argues with the referee about the count.  Callihan then grabs a chair from under the ring.  The referee tells Callihan to get rid off the chair.  He turns his back and Rhino then gores Callihan to get the win.


We go to the cinematic match with Moose and EC3.  Moose drives to an undisclosed location.  EC3 is shown in the ring beating up enhancement talent.  Moose enters the location with the TNA title demanding EC3 show his face and come out.  Moose and EC3 are in the ring and then exchange blows.  There are what appears to be enhancement talent outside the ring wearing masks cheering on EC3.  There is music playing in the background. Both men continue to inflict punishment on each other.  Moose kicks ECE is the groin. He then goes down.  Moose picks him up and EC3 is bleeding from the head.  He continues to throw punches on EC3 in the face.  Moose has blood on his pants.  EC3 is down and is bleeding heavily from the face.  Moose goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Moose asks EC3 why he is tormenting him. EC3 then comes back and goes after Moose. Moose, with bloody clothes kicks EC3 in the face who rolls out of the ring.  EC3 then hits Moose and slams his face the ring steps.  Both men are on the outside of the ring.  EC3 throws Moose into a guardrail and then picks him up and slams his face into the ring post twice.  He then grabs Moose and slams his face into the ring post for a third time.  Moose then rolls in the ring.  A very bloody EC3 says he is going to take everything and then grabs the TNA Title and says it belongs to those who carried the company and is a legacy. He tells Moose he needs to become a real champion, a wrestling god, and needs to earn the title.  A bloody Moose then spears EC3.  Both men slowly get up.  Moose has the title and smacks EC3 in the face.  He asked EC3 if this is what he wants – to be a monster.  He continues to slam the title in the face of EC3, then repeatedly punches EC3 in the face. EC3 is down and Moose gets up with the title in hand and takes off his bloody tank top.  He asks EC3 if this is what he wants. EC3 yells yes, then the those on the outside start chanting Moose.  EC3 then tells Moose to control his narrative.  Moose says thank you and then knocks out EC3 with the TNA Title and then leaves the ring.  The enhancement talent outside the ring pick up EC3 and its over.

Ken Shamrock w/ Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

Shamrock attempts to throw punches at Edwards.  Shamrock hits Edwards with a huge punch.  Both men are locked up and now Shamrock is trying to punch Edwards in the face. Edward gets out of a submission hold and then does elbow punches to the face.  Shamrock then continues to punch Edwards. Edwards is thrown to the outside by Shamrock. Shamrock knee kicks Edwards to the face several times.  Shamrock goes back in the ring, then goes back to Edwards who on the outside, gives him a knee to head and then continues to punch Edwards in the face.  Both men are back in the ring.  Shamrock kicks Edwards and then knee kicks Edwards to the face.  Shamrock backs up and then knee kicks Edwards again.  Edwards attempts a liver punch to Shamrock, but its blocked by Shamrock.  Both men are locked up.  Edward then takes the offense and drops Shamrock on his back.  Edwards gives two dragon screw leg drops on Shamrock who rolls outside the ring.  Edwards then drives through the ropes and takes out both Shamrock and Callihan who is now holding his elbow.  Edwards throws Shamrock into the ring, and then goes to the top rope and drop kicks Shamrock. Edwards goes for the pin, but only get a two count. Edwards knee kicks Shamrock to the chest.  He then goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Edwards connects on Shamrock with a jump kick to the side of the head on Shamrock.  Both men are down.  Edwards picks up Shamrock and Edwards headbutts Shamrock.  Edwards applies a backpack stunner on Shamrock.  Shamrock gets up and puts Edwards in a sleeper.  Edwards headbutts Shamrock who is bleeding just above his left eye.  Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party.  Edwards goes for a submission.  The lights go out and Callihan is in the ring with a bat.  Edwards takes out Callihan with a kendo stick. Shamrock then puts Edwards in the ankle lock and Edwards gives up and Shamrock gets the win.


Impact World Tag Team Championship
The Motor City Machine Guns (c’s) vs. The Good Brothers vs. The North vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

On the entrance ramp, Josh Alexander piledrives Alex Shelley.  Before hand, Chris Sabin was taken out by Ethan Page.  The doctors are tending to Alex Shelley.  Shelly is being picked up by the medical team.  His left leg isn’t moving.  Sabin wonders what this means for the match. Sabin takes off his jacket and he goes at it without Shelley.  Sabin takes out The North.  Page then kicks Sabin to the face.  Sabin is choked out by Madman Fulton. Fulton then picks up Sabin kicks Sabin.  Alexander tags himself in.  Alexander continues to beat on Sabin.  The North then double team Alexander.  Page is tagged in by Alexander. Page and Alexander continue to do quick tags and take it to Sabin.  Page then kicks Sabin in the chest and goes for a three count with a boot to the chest, but only get a two count. Alexander on the top goes for a moonsault on Sabin, but misses.  Fulton tags himself in and drives Sabin’s head into the top turnbuckle.  Ace Austin is tagged in and knee kicks Sabin to the back.  Austin legs drops Sabin on the throat.  Fulton is tagged back in the ring.  Fulton throws down Sabin. Sabin attempts to fight back. Austin is tagged back in. Sabin DDT’s Fulton.  Austin is trying to revive Fulton.  Karl Anderson is tagged in and goes after Austin. Anderson gives a spine buster on Austin. Doc Gallows is tagged in and goes for a three count on Austin, but only gets a two count.  The North are now in the ring, but Gallows takes them both out. Sabin tags himself in and DDT’s Page who rolls out to the ring.  Sabin drop kicks Anderson from the top rope then takes out Gallows on the outside. He then goes for a three count on Anderson who then rolls up Sabin, but only gets a two count.  Both men trade shots to the face.  Austin comes in and gets kicked by Sabin.  Sabin then takes out The North off the ring apron with kicks.  Sabin and Austin are in the ring. Sabin kicks Austin.  Sabin slams down Austin and goes for a three count, but Page breaks up the count.  Page is tossed outside the ring.  Austin and Sabin are on the top rope. Sabin headbutts Austin. Alexander then punches Sabin.  The North double teams Sabin, and then Alexander goes for the pin, but only get a two count.  Gallows is in and kicks Page.  Austin takes out Gallows who goes outside the ring.  Alexander enters the ring. The North take out Fulton and Austin and then attempt to take out Anderson.  Gallows uppercuts Page. Ethan page hits Anderson in the face with a tag team belt when the referee back was turned and we have new tag team champions.


Impact Knockouts Championship
Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Kylie Rae

Deonna grabs a mic and says she intends to defend her title as Kylie Rae doesn’t come out. Kimber Lee is with Purrazzo. Su Yung’s music then plays and Young comes out to the ring. Nobody seems to know where Kylie Rae is.  Madison Rayne is on commentary for this match with Mathews and Callis.  Purrazzo looks shocked as Young comes to to the ring.

The bells rings and Young goes after Purrazzo.  Purrazzo then goes after Yung, but Young reverses it and chokes Purrazzo.  Both women on are the outside on the ting apron trading shots to the face.  Yung picks ups Purrazzo and drops her on the floor.  Both women are back in the ring.  Yung palm strikes Purrazzo to the face.  Purrazzo kicks Yung in the chest in the corner of the ring.  Purrazzo has Yung in a submission armbar move.  She then stomps Yung on the back.  Purrazzo then clotheslines Yung and goes for the three count, but only gets a two.  Both women exchange blows.  Purrazzo has Yung in a submission hold with her legs wrapped around Yung’s neck.  Purrazzo goes for a three count, but only gets a two count.  Purrazzo goes for a knee drop, but Yung moves out of the way. Purrazzo ties Yung tied up in here own body on the bottom rope and then runs and kicks Yung outside of the ring.  Yung is back in the ring and Purrazzo stomps on Yung.  Purrazzo gives Yung multiple German Suplexes.  Yung then counters with a DDT on Purrazzo.  Both women are down and the referee begins the ten count.  Both women are up and trade shots to the face and chest.  Yung back elbows Purrazzo to the face.  Yung bulldogs Purrazzo. Both women are now ion the outside of the ring.  Yung pushes Purrazzo shoulder first into the ring post and then puts Purrazzo on a chair. Yung takes out Purrazzo with a flip from the ring apron.  Both women are now back in the ring.  Yung goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Yung then pulls out an old bloodstained glove and attempts to put it in Purrazzo’s mouth.  Purrazzo goes for a pump kick, but hits the referee who is down. Yung takes out Purrazzo and goes for a pin, but the referee is down.  Kimber Lee comes in with a steel chair and hits Yung in the back.  Lee grabs Yung.  Yung gets Purrazzo with the claw and then takes out Lee with mist to the eyes.  Purrazzo has Yung in a submission. Purrazzo then pumps kicks Yung who is now bleeding from the mouth.  The referee is still slowly getting up.  Yung applies a panic switch on Purrazzo and gets the three count.


Impact World Championship
Eric Young (c) vs. Rich Swann

David Penzer does the ring introductions in the ring for tonight’s main event IMPACT World Championship Match.

The bell rings and here we go.  Eric goes after Swann dives over Young.  Swann has Young in a headlock.  Swann attempts to dive over the top rope onto Young who is on the floor but stops.  Young continues to circle the ring.  He pulls Swann to the outside.  Swann takes out Young who goes into chest first in the ring post.  Swann chops Young to the chest twice as both men are on the outside of the ring.  Swann is back in the ring and Young walks up the entrance ramp.  Swann takes out Young on the outside with a flip.  Both men are on the outside of the ring.  Swann chops Young as the referee counts.  Swann attempts to jump on Young, who then lands head first on the ring apron.  Young in back in the ring and Swann is on the outside holding his neck and beats the count to get back in the ring.  Young now hammer fists the back of Swann’s neck. The then power bombs Swann off the top rope and goes for the cover and only gets a two.  Young attempts again and only gets a two.  Young then kicks Swann in the back of the head and shoulder.  Swann is down holding his shoulder.  Young flips Swann who lands on his stomach and face.  Young then grabs Swann and has him in a choke hold. Young attempts a three count but only gets a two count.  Young then applies a neck breaker on Swann and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Young kicks Swann and yells for him to stay down.  Swann then chops Young on the chest.  Swann then takes a brain buster from Young.  He goes for a three count, but only gets a two. Young then yells that this world belongs to him.  Young then has a boot to Swann’s neck.  Young then kicks Swann in the side of the head and kicks him in the back of the neck.  Young then yells this is not Swann, this is on IMPACT, this is on Scott and then kicks Swann again.  He tells Swann he just won’t learn. Young then punches Swann and then tells him to go away. Young continues to punch and slap Swann and tells him to go away.  Swann is up on his feet holding his neck and then Young punches him to the face and tells him to stay down.  Swann shakes his head no. Young then tells Swann the world belongs to him and keeps punching him and tells hims to stay down and go away.  He punches Swann again.  Swann then starts punching Young.  Swann kicks Young. Both men are down as the referee counts.  Swann is bleeding from the mouth.  Swann hits Young with repeated back kicks.  Young is down. Swann is on the top rope and lands a huge frog splash on Young. Swann goes for the three count, but Young kicks out at two.  Swann has Young on the top rope, but Young fights back and bites Swann on the face. Young leaps off the top rope with an elbow on the neck of Swann.  Young then puts Swann in a crossfire.  You can see blood on Swann’s tongue.  Swann was able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold.  Both men now trade punches and slaps as Young screams at Swann to go away.  Swann kicks Young in the face.  Swann goes for a hand spring, but Young catches him and slams him down and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Swann catches Young with a back elbow.  Young then applies an ankle lock on Swann, who then grabs the bottom rope to break the count.   Young tells Swann he will get the ankle.  Swann kicks Young in the chin with a side kick.  Air raid offense from Swann on Young.  Swann only gets a two count.  He continues to clutch at his shoulder.  Swann goes to the top but Young wraps Swann’s ankle on the turn buckle as Young then bends it.  Swann hits Young with two cutters and then goes for the top with a phoenix splash and we have a brand new IMPACT World Champion in Rich Swann!


Swann hugs the referee as the locker room empties out with both babyface and heels as they raise Swann up.  The show then goes off the air.