TNA Destination X 2014

TNA Destination X
Location: New York, NY
Date: July 31, 2014
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

IMPACT starts with Austin Aries in the ring earlier in the day talking about how big tonight is. Aries says tonight he’s taking it all in and tonight he will defeat Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

First In-Ring Segment:

Dixie Carter comes out with Spud, EC3, Rhino, Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky. She says once we figure out the game, she changes the rules. She says that all the fans are living in the past, seriously! Rhino tells us to show some respect because they are Carters. She rambles for a few minutes, to be honest, I zone out. We pick up where EC3 takes over and he goes on to introduce his army in the ring we have Ezekiel Jackson. We also have Snitsky. He brings up how the fans chant ECW, but instead we should chant Snitsky. He goes on to hype Rhino, which gets a pop. EC3 declares war on Team 3D, he wants one final battle. They will tear down the building and then build right back up. He will put them down forever and then slams down the mic.

First Match: TNA Tag Team Championship Match
TNA tag team champions The Wolves vs. The Hardy Boyz

Matt and Eddie lock up, a quick tag to Richards which leads to a trip/drop kick combo. Matt with a jab and slams Richards face into the turnbuckle which leads to a tag to Jeff. Jeff hits a spinning back kick, he is sent to the apron, but Richards misses a clothesline and Matt is tagged in. Matt off the top with an elbow to the arm of Richards. A quick tag to Jeff, they hit a double team clothesline. More quick in and out tags by the Hardy’s, they hit a double suplex which leads to Matt continuing to work the arm of Richards. Richards inches his way to Eddie, but Matt cuts him off with a clothesline. They throw Richards into the corner, for a double team move, but Richards clotheslines Jeff. Richards kicks off Matt and tags in Eddie, who clears house. Jeff attacks him from behind, they go for a double back suplex, but instead Eddie hits a double hurricanrana. The Wolves hype up the crowd and hit a double suicide dive to the floor taking out the challengers. Back in the ring, they throw Jeff into the corner, Eddie with a forearm and Richards with a back suplex. they hit a double German suplex for two.

The Wolves attempt a double suplex, but Matt makes the save and the Hardy’s send them to the floor. Here comes Jeff with a launch off the back of Matt crashing to the floor on the champs. Back in the ring, Jeff puts the boots to Eddie. Matt tagged in; they hit the springboard leg drop in the corner followed by the side effect by Matt. Jeff goes to the top and hits the swanton bomb. Richards sends Jeff to the floor, but then Matt sends Richards to the floor. Matt to the top rope and hits the moonsault for two as Richards breaks it up. Matt sends him to the floor; he picks Eddie up and locks in the guillotine choke. Jeff locks in the same submission to Eddie, will they tap? However, Richards shoves Jeff into Matt to break it up. Jeff misses a wild dive to the floor. Matt and Eddie trade knuckles, Matt gets the better, but they Wolves reverses it and they hit a double team kick. Wolves with a missile dropkick to the back and then chest for two! Eddie takes out Jeff with an outside dive and Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Richards for a near fall in the ring. Matt goes for it again, but Richards rolls him up for two. Matt with a clothesline followed by right hands. Matt sends Richards into the corner to the turnbuckle, he goes for a Twist of Fate on the top, but Eddie kicks him in the face and goes for a sunset flip. Matt blocks, Richards head butts him and they hit a powerbomb/knees to the back combo to Matt for the win. Awesome finish

Winner: Still TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves

Second Match: X Division Qualifying Match
Manik vs. DJ Zema Ion vs. Low Ki

Manik and Low Ki trade kicks, they stare off as DJ Z looks on and hits a springboard dropkick. DJ Z with a shoulder block to Low Ki and then a dive taking out Manik. Back in the ring, DJ goes for a DDT, but Ki blocks it and hits a knee to the gut. KI with some serious elbows to DJ Z. Manik gets in the ring which leads to Ki hitting a back kick to the face of Z. Manik with uppercuts, he kicks Ki in the face and hits a head scissors on DJ Z. KI misses a dive on Manik and Manik locks in a leg submission on DJ. Ki kicks Manik in the chest which worsens the leg submission. KI goes for a suplex, but blocked. Manik grabs DJ from behind and KI hits a dropkick on both men. KI heads to the top rope, but knocked down. DJ with a knee to Manik, but only for two. DJ heads to the top, but KI kicks him off which sends DJ crashing to the ramp. Low Ki hits a double stomp to the chest of Manik followed by a cradle powerbomb for the victory.

Winner: Low Ki

James Storm is in the ring, he starts talking about how it was not a teacher turning on the student, but a student waking up and turning on his teacher. A revolution is upon us and he is the damn leader. He brings out Sanada.

Third Match: X Division Qualifying Match
Crazzy Steve vs. Brian Cage vs. Sanada

Cage takes out Steve with a clothesline and a neck breaker on Sanada. Cage hits a hip toss into a back breaker followed by a clothesline to Steve. He taunts Steve, but Sanada attacks him from behind. Cage with two back breakers on Sanada. Steve goes toe to toe with Cage, he wants to test strength with him, but kicks his toe. He runs into a shoulder block by Cage. He picks up Sanada and Steve, which leads to a double fall away slam. Sanada sends Cage face first into the turnbuckle, he runs into a big boot by Cage. Sanada is sent to the floor and Steve climbs the top rope where he is suplexed by Cage, but wait, Steve blocks it and hits a sunset flip off the top. Sanada slides in to break up the pin attempt. Steve with a double chop to Sanada, he rolls him up and sends Sanada back first into the corner. Cage with a uppercut to Steve, and then a big time suplex. He misses a springboard moonsault and Sanada pulls Steve down by his hair. Sanada with a German suplex for the win.

Winner: Sanada

Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer are in the back; Ray says they will tell everyone what they want to know.

We see Bobby Roode bringing up when Austin Aries cashed in on him a few years ago in the backstage area.

Second In-Ring Segment:

Team 3D and Dreamer made their ring entrance. Devon opened and said he’s been gone for a little bit, but Ethan Carter must be stuck on stupid. He said if it’s one thing they know how to do, it’s start a war, but they are even better at finishing them. Dreamer said he needs to make something very short and sweet. He said he’s been involved in wars with Team 3D, against Team 3D, and guys who would sweat and bleed for the fans. He said hardcore isn’t just about the tables and the blood, it’s about a work ethic, and guys in TNA work just as hard as they did in the original ECW.

He mentioned Roode, Eric Young, and said he would go to war with them anytime. Dreamer demanded they end it right now. EC3 walked down the ramp and said they would go to war on Carter time, and it would take place next week. Bully grabbed a mic and said nobody wants to go to war next week. He asked Ethan if he knew where he was. He told him he was in New York City baby, and you’re going to die. Bully said he could start a riot right now if he wanted to right now. Bully said if the war is next week, they were going to name the terms.

He said it was going to be an eight man weapons hardcore war. Bully then promised that next week, Dixie Carter would go through a table. Oh brother, Testify

The Beautiful People are in the back; Angelina Love says next week she has a huge announcement.
Samoa Joe does a quick promo prior to his match. He says that he brought back the ring, but more importantly he brought back the guys everyone wants to see. He says that he declares that he will be the X Division champ.

Fourth Match: X Division Qualifying Match
Samoa Joe vs. Tigre Uno vs. Homicide

Homicide drop kicks Joe and takes out Uno. Homicide with a head take over that sends Joe to the floor. Homicide with a front senton taking out Joe and Uno on the floor. We’re back; Uno hits a dropkick on Joe and a leg drop on Homicide. Uno hits a bulldog on Joe and then a dropkick to the face of Joe. Uno runs into a double kick to the gut by Homicide and Joe. Now, Joe and Homicide square off, they trade knuckles. Joe shoots off the ropes, but Homicide reverses and hits an RKO type move for two. Joe hits a belly to belly suplex, then a splash followed by a Pele kick to Homicide in the corner. Joe with a series of knees to Homicide, he goes for a powerbomb, but Uno hits a dropkick to Joe.

Uno nails a sidekick to Homicide and then a leg drop off the top rope. Joe breaks up the pin attempt, Joe with jabs to Uno. Joe with a big boot to the face of Uno, but misses a back splash. Uno hits a twisting corkscrew on Joe, but broken up by Uno. Homicide hits a springboard DDT to Uno for a near fall. Homicide goes for the gringo killer, but Joe slaps Homicide and hits a clothesline on Uno. Joe runs into a knee to the gut, Homicide goes for the DDT once more, but blocked and Joe hits a big time power slam. Joe sets up the muscle buster, but Homicide rakes the eyes of Joe. Uno goes after Homicide; he misses a dive off the top on Joe. This leads Joe to hit the muscle buster on Homicide for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

A video package was shown for Bram and Abyss. Backstage, Abyss said he’s gone through everything in a wrestling ring, but when Bram buried Janice in his chest, it took everything to a new level. Next week, he had two tickets to the Monsters Ball, and he would show Bram just how sharp Janice could be.

Fifth Match: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
TNA world heavyweight champion Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Aries

Aries with kicks to the champion, Aries rolls through and goes for last chancery, but Lashley slides out. Aries with more kicks to Lashley, Aries with a shoulder block and then drop kicks him to the floor. Aries heads to the top rope, he goes for a dive, but caught by Lashley, who turns it into a belly to belly suplex.

We’re back, Lashley is on the attack and targeting the midsection of Aries. Lashley stays in control for the next few minutes, Lashley goes for a power slam, and Aries slides out. Aries with chops in the corner, he lands a few right hands. Lashley shoves him off, he misses a tackle, which leads him to the floor. Aries with a double axe off the top rope to the floor on the champion. Aries hits a flying forearm shot and we head back into the ring. Aries to the top and hits a missile dropkick. Aries is caught in midair and Lashley hits the big time power slam. Lashley goes for the spear, but Aries blocks and locks in the last chancery submission hold. Will he tap? No, Lashley gets out due to his power. Aries goes for the brainbuster, but blocked and Lashley throws him face first across the ring. Lashley misses the spear and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Aries hits a missile dropkick on Lashley. Aries with the big time forearm shot, he hits a dropkick in the corner. Aries goes for the brainbuster, and hits it for a near fall! Aries heads to the top rope, but Lashley rolls to the floor. Aries goes for an outside dive, but Lashley moves and Aries eats the steel railing. Back in the ring, Lashley hits the spear and this one is over!

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley