TNA Destination X 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling – Destination X
Location: Louisville, KY
Date: July 18, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling’s Destination X show starts out showing X Division starts from the past, present and the future. They are line-up as one of them will be the new X Division Champion. The camera shows Chris Sabin backstage as he is getting ready for his match tonight. A video starts showing Chris as a little child. He said people thought he would never be a professional wrestler. He overcame the odds. He is now going for the TNA World Champion after turning in the X Division Title. He fights Bully Ray. Main Event Mafia is behind him, so he can do it? Chris says he only needs one shot to beat Bully.

The camera shows the arena where Destination X is live. The crowd is on their feet. They are cheering and clapping. They are ready for this show. Aces & 8s music hits. Bully Ray comes through the entrance stage. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring with the TNA World Title. We hear that Taz is not commentating tonight as it is Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash. Bully grabs a mic and wants his music shut off. He says the crowd wants him really badly. (The crowd boos.) Ray says he heard all week about this one little boy. They all want to talk about Chris Sabin. The crowd chants Sabin’s name. Ray says that he has no chance to win the title. He says the crowd sounds like there is a parade going on for him, but they should be planning a funeral for him. Ray states that he is the most hated man in wrestling. The tables are set for him to beat Sabin and for his members to destroy Main Event Mafia. It’s going to be a perfect night. Now, he wants to talk to Brooke Hogan, his wife. Come on out here!

Music hits and here comes Brooke Hogan. She gets on the stage. She calls him Mark and asks him what else he wants from her. She says he tricked everyone on top, Hogan, Sting, Dixie, and herself, but what else does he want? Brooke wants to move on and so should he. She walks down the ramp and is right on the ring apron. Ray gets all sympathetic and then yells that she will move on when he tells her to move on. Just then, Hulk Hogan’s music hits. Hogan comes out with a mic and tells him to knock it all off. Enough is enough. The crowd is going crazy! Hogan meets Brooke on the apron. Hulk says Ray took everything from his family and he is going to lose the title. Enough is enough. Hulk grabs Brooke and they walk up the ramp. Ray states that he will never lose the title and will not get a divorce from Brooke. Hulk turns around and marches down the ramp. Brooke tries to stop him. Kurt Angle appears on the Titan Tron and starts to laugh. He says the Aces & 8s will have to deal with the Main Event Mafia. The group is shown as they appear behind and to the side of Kurt. Ray deals with Chris Sabin while the others deal with the MEM. It’s a fair fight.

Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay are shown the camera as they talk about Chris Sabin cashing in his title. They show last year’s Destination X when Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode for the World Title.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage. The camera man asks him if Destination X brings back bad memories. He says it does. He lost last year. Now it is about the Bound for Glory Series. He doesn’t have any points yet, but that will change.


Gail Kim is shown backstage as she is live tweeting fans. Tweet her: @GailKimITSME.

The Bound for Glory leaderboard is shown and we see Magnus with 49 points. He is far beyond anyone else.

Bobby Roode’s music plays and here comes The It Factor. He has his robe on as he continues to the ring. Austin Aries’ music plays and he comes out with a cape on. He makes his way to the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries in a “Bound for Glory” Series Match

Both move around the ring. They lock-up and Roode has a headlock applied. Aries sends him in the ropes. Roode continues and Aries does an armdrag takedown. Roode gets out and locks his legs around Aries’ head and smashes him face first into the mat. Both get up. They look around the arena. They lock-up again. Aries has a headlock. Roode sends Aries in the corner. Aries does a float over. Roode comes back and takes Aries down with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Aries rolls to the corner. Roode kicks Aries in the gut and tries to lives him for a suplex, but Aries turns it around to a back body drop. Roode falls to the floor below. Aries climbs the corner and flies to knock Roode elbow first into the head and back. He brings Roode in. Aries climbs the corner and flies, but Roode does a huge dropkick in mid-air. Both are down. Aries rolls out of the ring. Roode goes on the apron, runs, and knocks Aries down with a flying closeline.


Roode gets Aries up. Aries punches Roode in the gut multiple times. He runs into the ropes but he runs right into Roode’s spinebuster. He covers but Aries kicks out. Roode brings him up and takes him to the top rope. Roode climbs. Aries fights back with punches and forearms. He bangs the heck out of Roode’s ears and Roode falls. Aries does a huge 450 splash, but Roode kicks out at the last second. Both get up. They punch back and forth. Aries has more and does a huge chop to the chest. He whips Roode in the ropes. Roode holds on. Aries runs but Roode lifts him over. Aries lands on the ramp. He does a shoulder block and jumps back in the ring. Roode gets out of the ring. He beside the ramp. Aries runs and does a huge suicide dive. Roode lands right on the steel steps. Aries gets him up and back in the ring. Aries climbs the corner. He jumps and does a missile dropkick. Roode goes into the corner. Aries runs and does a huge flying dropkick. He lifts him up for the Brain Buster, but Roode slides out. He lifts Aries up, but Aries slides behind and does a roll-up. Roode turns it into a crossface!

Aries leans back for a cover, but Roode turns it around for a cover. Aries kicks out. Roode does another roll-up but Aries kicks out. They get up and Aries drops Roode on his head. Both slowly get up. Roode is in the corner. Aries runs for the flying dropkick, but Roode blocks it. He runs into the ropes and comes back for a spear, but Aries blocks it and goes for the Brain Buster. Roode gets out of it and takes Aries down. He covers but Aries kicks out. Roode goes for the Fisherman suplex, but Aries get out and hits the disc shot. He goes for the Brain Buster, but Roode gets out. Aries slides away and hits the Brain Buster and gets the pin.

Winner & 7 points: Austin Aries

Aries celebrates as he goes backstage. Bobby Roode slowly gets out of the ring and holds his head. He goes to the commentators’ desk, grabs a television monitor and slams it on the floor. He stomps on it and destroys another monitor. He tosses chairs all into the ring. He destroys a bottle and liquid flies everywhere. Roode finally walks away.

Hernandez and Homicide are backstage. Chavo Guerrero comes in and yells, “LAX!” They all welcome each other. Homicide leaves after a little conversation. Chavo says he will be the new X Division Champion tonight and Hernandez will be the new TNA World Champion at Bound for Glory. Then, next year, they will fight each other in a huge match.


Mr. Anderson is leading the Aces & 8s backstage. He tells them that Doc got upset last week and turned in his cut. That isn’t going to stop them though. Do they know what they are going to do? They all do and Anderson leads them the way.

Christy Hemme is shown as she announces the next match. Homicide comes out first. He gets in the ring. Petey Williams comes out next. Finally, Sonjay Dutt comes out and gets in the ring.

Homicide vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt in a Qualifying Match to Determine the X Division Champion

Petey goes right after Homicide, but Dutt comes in and Petey is hit in the leg. Sonjay takes Homicide in the ropes. Petey comes back and they all try for a roll-up. They get up and Homicide goes to the apron. Dutt comes over but he goes out of the ring. Petey comes and he goes out too. Homicide gets in and runs out and knocks both men off their feet. Homicide brings Petey in and they battle it out. Dutt enters and does a hurricanrana on Homicide. He goes out of the ring. Dutt and Petey fight now. Petey goes for a submission lock on the legs, but Homicide runs to them. Petey does a hiptoss and then goes for the submission. Homicide climbs the corner, flies, and lands on Petey. He breaks the hold. All three are down. All three get up now and Dutt hits Petey. Petey punches back. Homicide gets involved between both of them. He takes both of them into separate corners. He runs to both of them. He does a hiptoss to Sonjay and covers. Dutt kicks out. Homicide gets Dutt up on the top rope. Homicide climbs but Dutt knocks him down. Dutt goes for a moonsault, but Petey knocks him down. Homicide goes for his finisher on Petey, but Petey slides out and goes for the Canadian Destroyer. Petey goes to Sonjay, but Sonjay does a suplex type move from the corner on Petey. Homicide grabs Petey and does his finisher. He covers but Dutt breaks the count. Dutt takes Homicide down, climbs the corner, and does a moonsault but lands on his feet for the double foot stomp. He covers and wins.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt


Chavo Guerrero and Kenny King are in the ring. Manik comes out next and he gets in the ring.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Kenny King vs. Manik in a Qualifying Match for the X Division Title

Kenny goes right after Manik. He takes him down in the corner but Chavo comes after King. He attacks him and takes King out to the apron. Chavo goes after Manik now, but Kenny gets back in and takes Chavo out. King does a huge kick to the back of the head of Manik. He does a baseball slide to Chavo. He gets up and goes right after Manik with stomps. He gets him up and whips him in the ropes. He goes for a tilt-a-whirl, but Manik locks in a submission and then takes King down and has a leg lock on. Chavo gets in but Manik does a suplex to him while the lock is in. He unlocks it, but Chavo whips him in the ropes. Manik holds onto the ropes. Chavo does a dropkick and Manik falls out of the ring. Chavo goes after King now. He takes him down a few times and covers him. King kicks out. Manik enters as he climbs the corner. He takes both of them down with a flying cross body. Both get up and Manik continues to fight both of them. He pushes Chavo into King. He runs to Chavo, but Chavo lifts him up and Manik takes King down. Manik and Chavo fight but Chavo goes for the three amigos. He hits only two as he switches it to King. He hits all three suplexes. Chavo gets up and goes to the corner. He climbs. Manik gets to the corner. Chavo fights him off. Manik lands on his feet. King hits Manik from behind and he goes right into the corner. Chavo falls. King goes to Chavo but King gets down and then jumps up and does a huge kick to Chavo. Chavo falls to the outside. Manik and King fight it out. Manik takes King down and gets the win.

Winner: Manik

Main Event Mafia is backstage. Sting says this is the reason why they formed… to take out Aces & 8s. Kurt gets up and asks if they are ready. Rampage says he wants to knock someone out. They start to walk away. Magnus points out to Joe that Rampage is planning to knock someone out.


A video plays that was played earlier in the night about Chris Sabin going after the TNA World Title.

Sabin is backstage with Hulk Hogan. Hogan tells Sabin that he knows what he has been through, but didn’t know Chris’ injury would lead to destiny. He tells Chris to make sure the people remember him, just like he told Ray at Lockdown, but also bring the title back home.

Main Event Mafia’s music hits and all five members come out: Sting, Kurt Angle, Rampage Jackson, Magnus, and Samoa Joe. Sting grabs a mic and says this group is custom-made because they are looking for him. Kurt grabs the mic. He says this fight will be brutal and more violent than they think. Aces turned this company upside down and tonight they are going after them. This group has the best champions, fighters and wrestlers every assembled! Tonight, they are going to prove it. Magnus gets the mic. He says Kurt is ready. Joe, Sting, Jackson, and he are ready. Is Louisville ready? The crowd is going crazy. Magnus tells Aces to come down and meet the family. They look around the ring.

Mr. Anderson appears on the Titan Tron. Aces members are behind him. He says they go when they want to go. They don’t go when MEM want them. Anderson asks if his members are ready. They are. Ken says MEM should come to them. Joe grabs the mic and says they are probably back there drinking. Well, Main Event Mafia are thirsty. He asks Jackson if he is thirsty. Jackson is. Joe says they should go. He leads the way. They go up the ramp and go backstage.

Mr. Anderson is shown. He leads them to a room. They all go in. Ray comes out and grabs Kurt. He slams Kurt face first into the wall and then puts him in the back of a truck. He closes the hatch and the truck drives away. Devon closes the door of the room that the MEM went into.


Austin Aries is in front of a monitor as he is tweeting away for the second hour of this show.

A video replays of the last segment between Aces & 8s and Main Event Mafia.

Christy Hemme is in the ring. Here comes Rubix. He comes out and gets in the ring. He is ready to go. Rockstar Spud comes out next. He slides in the ring and taunts for the camera. Greg Marasciulo comes out next.

Rubix vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Greg Marasciulo in a Qualifying Match for the X Division Title

Rockstar meets up with Rubix and Greg. He talks smack, but both of them push him back. Rubix and Greg go after it. Spud gets back in but he slides out of the ring before getting attacked. Greg goes after Rubix. He does a knife edge chop and then runs into the ropes. Rockstar grabs Greg’s leg, but Greg kicks Rockstar and he goes back into the guard rail. Greg goes after Rubix. Rubix goes into the ropes but goes past Greg and does a suicide dive on Spud. Greg gets out and knocks Rubix down. Greg gets Spud in the ring. Spud attacks Greg now. He punches him and then puts him in the corner. He punches him again. Spud does some taunting. Greg fights back and goes for a body slam, but Spud slides out and does a roll-up. Greg kicks out. Rubix get in. Spud fights him. He runs in the ropes, but Rubix catches him and takes him down. Rubix runs and does a dropkick to the face. He covers but Spud kicks out. Spud goes to the apron. Rubix takes him to the corner. Greg runs and knocks Spud off the apron. Rubix goes to the apron. He jumps to the top rope and takes Greg down with a hurricanrana. Spud enters and Rubix does a German suplex with a bridge. Spud kicks out. Spud gets up in the corner. Rubix runs but Spud moves. Rubix crashes and burns.

Rubix stomps on Rubix and does a huge kick to the back of the head. He covers but Rubix kicks out. Spud punches Rubix in the face, does some taunting and goes behind Rubix, but Greg jumps on the top rope and Rubix moves. He does a dropkick to Spud. Spud goes right out of the ring. Greg runs and jumps over the top rope and lands on Spud. He brings Spud in and Greg climbs the corner. Rubix jumps and kicks Greg in the head. Rubix climbs a corner as Greg is sitting in one. Rubix jumps and does the coast to coast kick. He brings Greg out of the corner and covers but Spud breaks the count. Spud takes Rubix out and goes after Greg. He headbutts him, but Greg lifts him up, takes him down in between his legs and drops him down. He hooks the leg and gets the pin.

Winner: Greg Marasciulo

Bully Ray is backstage on the phone. He says the person should have saw Kurt’s face once he hit the gas pedal. He says he is glad Wes took one for the team and then says Rampage is all trigger happy. Finally, take Kurt to the spot they talked about, but before you do anything, do it Mafia style and, “Give him an offer he can’t refuse.”


A truck pulls up in the parking lot. It is the truck that took Kurt Angle away. Someone gets out and… it’s Kurt Angle! He is holding his head, but he takes off his jacket and gets back in the arena.

Mickie James is in the ring. She talks about last week. She says it is about determination. It was amazing. She wants us to think that she is talking about the Ladder Match, but she plays the footage and it shows Mickie James’ concert that was held last week. That event will be listed as one of the top moments in history, she says. The video ends and Mickie says that was amazing. That is what being the best Knockout Champion ever. Gail Kim’s music plays and she comes out. She gets in the ring with a spicy dress. She grabs a mic and says that everyone is talking about her Ladder Match. She says she will get her Knockout title shot next week and she will beat Mickie. Mickie says she needs the space and enough oxygen to fight. Mickie brings up her Ladder Match last week, but she says her concert last week got 5 stars. Let’s count: 1-2-3-4-5… Mickie goes to slap Gail, but Gail ducks and slaps Mickie. Mickie falls. She gets up after Gail takes off her shoes. Mickie tackles Gail down and they fight back and forth. Referees enter and break them up. Mickie goes to the outside and holds her title up. Gail still wants to fight. Gail exits the ring and Mickie slides her way through to fight more.

Austin Aries meets up with Chris Sabin backstage. Aries tells Chris it is alright. He just wants to talk. Aries says the only way Chris is sitting here right now is because of Aries. Yeah, Chris beat him, but Aries is a tester. He tests people to see if they can handle it. Aries beat Bully Ray before. Chris beat Aries. He needs to finish that equation!


AJ Styles is backstage sitting on a staircase. What does he think of when he hears about the X Division? He thinks of himself. He then brings up Jeff Hardy. He will fight Jeff next week. People don’t need a hero. He will beat the hero and take his points.

Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash are shown as they hype up the TNA World Title match.

Chris Sabin’s music plays and he comes out on the stage, walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Bully Ray’s music plays and here comes the TNA World Champion. He slowly walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the ring to introduce the stars.

Ray gets right in the face of Chris. He tells him that he shouldn’t be here. He will take him out just like he took out Sting and others. He asks Chris if he hears him. Ray walks away. He turns around and goes to another corner. Chris goes to him. Ray turns and Chris goes to his face. He says he is going to be the new World Champion. Ray pushes him down. The bell sounds.

Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray (champion) for the TNA World Title

Chris gets up and goes to Ray. Ray takes him down and grabs his leg. He then chokes Chris with his foot. Ray takes Chris around in circles as he holds his foot. Chris kicks him off. Chris gets up and tries to kick Ray in the leg and side. He tries to punch him but Ray isn’t budging. Ray does a huge chop to the chest. Chris turns away and then comes back to fight. Ray does another huge chop. Chris is getting fired up. He does a huge kick to Ray’s gut. Ray does another chop. Sabin’s chest is red and he wants more. He tells Ray to come. Ray roes but Chris ducks and does punches and elbows to Ray’s face. He puts him in the corner and keeps punching. Chris comes down and kicks Ray in the gut. Chris goes in the ropes and comes for a kick, but Ray grabs the leg and takes Sabin down. Ray plans his elbow right to Chris’ knee. Sabin rolls to the ramp. Just then, Aces & 8s walk out. They are right above Chris. Just then, Main Event Mafia come out. Aces get off the ramp and move around the ring. It’s equal now.


Ray has Chris on the ramp. He lifts Chris’ leg up and drops it down knee first on the ramp. Chris is hurting. Ray gets him up and tosses him in the ring. Sabin lands right on his back. Ray gets in the ring and climbs the corner. He trash talks Jackson as he is at ringside. Ray gets down as Chris stands up. Ray kicks Chris in the back of the leg and he falls. Chris gets up and Bully does it again. Bully starts trash talking Kurt. He turns and grabs Sabin’s leg and smashes it into the ring mat. He has Chris on his stomach and wraps his legs around Chris’ leg. He starts loosening the boot on that leg. He pulls the boot down and hits the leg again. Chris stands and fights Ray off. He punches him one after another. He is limping and hoping on one foot. Ray takes him down though with a closeline. Ray punches Sabin right in the face. Ray now works on the kneepad and takes it off. Ray grabs the leg and bends it back. Chris crawls to the ropes and uses them to get up. Chris takes Chris down as he chops the leg again. Ray grabs the leg and DDTs it into the mat. Ray tells Rampage to shut up. Ray crawls to him and tells him to punch him. Ray turns around and Chris is up. He punches Bully as Bully goes to him, but he knocks Chris down with another closeline.

Ray starts doing Hulk’s taunts and the crowd boos. Ray hits the leg again and Chris starts to crawl away. Ray starts yelling at Rampage again. Chris gets to the corner but Ray takes him out and smashes the leg into the mat. Ray does a huge chop to the chest as Chris is lying on the mat. You can hear the smack. Ray asks Aces if he should take off the other knee brace. Ray goes to Magnus and yells at him. Ray punches Chris in the head and tries to work the boot off the foot. He gets Chris up and puts him in the corner. He punches him and whips him into the opposing corner but Sabin can’t even run as he falls. He crawls to the corner. Ray goes to him, but Chris fights back. Ray stumbles back. Chris goes and climbs the corner. He can barely climb. Ray comes over, climbs the corner, and does a superplex. He covers but Sabin kicks out. Ray gets him up and goes for the Bully Bomb, but Sabin gets out of it and does a huge kick to the side of Ray’s head. Chris goes to the corner and climbs. He jumps and does a missile dropkick. Ray falls into the referee. Chris goes and covers but the referee is down. He has more than a 3 count. Ray crawls over and we see Mr. Anderson handing Ray the hammer. Magnus enters the ring and knocks Anderson back. Aces enter and so do the Main Event Mafia. Everyone is fighting. They fight on the ramp and now they go up the ramp. They are now backstage. Ray has the hammer and goes to swing to Chris, but Sabin kicks him in the gut. He drops the hammer. Chris grabs the hammer, but Ray kicks him in the gut. He lifts him up for the powerbomb, but Chris hits him on top of the head with the hammer! Ray falls and Chris grabs the legs. The referee slowly counts and Chris wins!

Winner and New World Champion: Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin grabs the title and he holds onto it. He looks at it and then climbs the corner. He raises it in the air as the arena goes crazy! The show fades.