TNA Genesis 2013

TNA Genesis
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: January 13, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz.

The show opens with a video package highlighting Jeff Hardy talking about his 2012, and the Triple Threat match he faces later tonight.

The pyro hits and Todd Keneley welcomes us to the PPV. He immediately begins hyping the World Title match between Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode that will take place under elimination rules. They throw things down to the ring for the first title match of the evening.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are the first two men to make their way down to the ring. They get a decent pop on their way down.

Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero are out next, and they get a really nice pop from the Impact Zone crowd.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match 
Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Ryan and Chavo look to kick things off for their respective teams. The crowd is solidly behind Chavo. We get a lock up and Ryan backs Chavo into the corner. He breaks clean, but eats a clothesline, then an uppercut. Hernandez tags in and catches Ryan in a bear hug before launching Ryan overhead. Chavo tags back in and hits a slingshot senton in on Ryan. Hernandez tags back in and slams Chavo down on Ryan before hitting Joey with a running splash. Chavo tags in again and hits a running low dropkick to Ryan’s face. Joey avoids a dropkick and slingshots Chavo into a forearm from Morgan.

Morgan tags in and whips Chavo across the ring hard before tagging Ryan back in. Ryan gets in a couple of shots and avoids a rally from Chavo by hitting a dropkick. Ryan goes for the pin but only gets two. Ryan sends Chavo into the corner, but then he runs into a back elbow and Chavo flips around, tagging out to Hernandez. Hernandez comes in and splashes Ryan in the corner before hitting a huge back drop. Ryan is able to make the tag and Morgan comes in slowly. After a brief staredown, Ryan slaps Hernandez’s back and Morgan uses the distraction to get in a couple of cheap shots and a short arm clothesline.

Ryan tags back in and kicks Hernandez in the chest before clamping on a front face lock. Hernandez backs Joey up, but Ryan knocks Chavo from the apron and puts Hernandez back down to the mat. Morgan tags back in and hits Hernandez with a kick to the gut, then a big head butt. Morgan tags right back out to Ryan who comes in and chokes Hernandez with his boot in the corner. Morgan calls for the tag and he flat out chokes Hernandez with his bare hand in front of the ref. Hernandez starts to fight out of the corner, but Morgan hits a big discus clothesline and wipes out Hernandez. Morgan shoves Hernandez back into the corner hard and tags out to Ryan.

Ryan gets in a couple of quick shots before tagging right back out to Morgan. Morgan whips Hernandez across the ring, then tells Ryan to do the same. Ryan tags back into the match and he charges Hernandez in the corner, but Hernandez dumps him face first into the turnbuckle. Chavo tags into the match, but the ref misses it and he’s put back out on the apron while Morgan and Ryan switch places. The ref refuses Morgan and Ryan’s ‘tag’ as well, bringing Ryan back into the ring. Ryan tags Morgan legally and Morgan comes in with a kick to the stomach of Hernandez. Morgan holds Hernandez for Ryan to get in a couple of shots. Ryan tags in and Morgan hits a head butt to the back of Hernandez’s head, setting up a near fall for Ryan.

Ryan hits the ropes but runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Hernandez makes the tag and Chavo is all over Ryan. Chavo hits a headscissors out of the corner, kicks Ryan in the gut and hits the three amigos series of suplexes. Chavo heads up to the top rope, but Morgan stands in his way. Hernandez comes in and hits a big shoulderblock and Chavo hits a missile dropkick, but Morgan is still on his feet. The champs hit a double dropkick on Morgan that causes him to trip over Ryan. Hernandez hits Ryan with a disgusting looking powerbomb, and Ryan is lucky to be alive. Chavo hits the frog splash, and gets the three count.

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero

JB is backstage with Mr. Anderson. He says he’s tired of talking about Aces and Eights. He says everyone needs to grow up. He’s just hanging out having a really good time. Joe is blaming Anderson for Kurt Angle’s demise, and the same thing that was going to happen to Kurt is going to happen to Joe in just a couple of minutes. He says see you in a few, then walks off.

Samoa Joe makes his way out to the ring for the next match and he gets a nice pop from the crowd on his way down the ramp.

Mr. Anderson is out next, and he stops at the top of the ramp to call down his mic. Anderson lets the crowd know that he hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and his name… his name.

Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson

The bell rings and Joe gets right in Anderson’s face, pointing his finger and knocking off Anderson’s hat. Anderson doesn’t look too happy about it, but he listens to Joe. Joe pie faces Anderson and Anderson pauses against the ropes. Anderson tosses his shirt in Joe’s face and hits a couple of rights, but Joe takes Anderson into the corner and hits him with a series of rights and a bunch of nasty stomps. Joe hits Anderson with a big jab and misses a splash in the corner. Joe hits a splash of his own and catches Anderson with a nasty enzugiri. Joe takes Anderson into the corner and rocks him with a big chop. Joe hits a snap mare and a couple of kicks to Anderson’s chest before dropping a knee across his throat.

Joe jabs at Anderson and Anderson comes back with a knee to the gut. Anderson hits the ropes but he runs right into a back elbow from Joe. Anderson drops to the outside and Joe follows. Joe slaps Anderson and drives his head into the ring apron. Joe hits a big forearm and continues to stalk Anderson. Joe breaks the count and walks right into a right hand from Anderson. Anderson slams Joe’s head into the apron, but Joe blocks a second attempt, and hits a nasty chop. Anderson is able to pull Joe into the ring steps, where he clips his knee. Anderson kicks Joe in the back of the knee before backing him into the ring apron.

Both men head back into the ring where Anderson hits a quick clothesline that’s good for a two count. Joe tries to rally, but Anderson drops him with a swinging neckbreaker that’s good for another two count. Anderson backs Joe into the corner with a couple of forearms before burying his shoulder in Joe’s midsection. Joe turns things around with a series of jabs, but Anderson comes back with a low dropkick to the knee before clipping Joe’s injured leg from behind. Anderson takes Joe into the corner and hits an open hand chop to the chest before wrapping Joe’s leg around the middle rope. Joe tries to fight back, but Anderson back up and hits a dropkick to the leg that’s tied up, setting up another two count.

Anderson draps Joe’s leg across the bottom rope and drives down all his weight against Joe’s knee. Joe is able to toss Anderson to the outside and hit an elbow suicida that wipes out both men. Joe and Anderson are slow to get to their feet and they head straight back into the ring. Joe hits another series of rights in the middle of the ring before hitting an inverted atomic drop, a kick to the chest, and a running senton dropping all his weight down on Anderson’s chest. Joe only gets a two count. Joe sends Anderson into the ropes, hitting a snap powerslam for another near fall. Anderson kicks at Joe’s hurt knee and hits a dropkick that puts the big man down. Joe pops right back up and tries for the rear naked clutch, but Anderson fights it off. Joe comes right back with an STO out of the corner.

Joe tries for the muscle buster, but he’s distracted by Mike Knox in the crowd. Joe turns around into a mic check from Mr. Anderson, allowing Anderson to get the three count.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

They throw things right to the back where JB is alongside Kenny King. King says he’s a freight train, and the only thing that can stop him is Superman, and Superman isn’t Jamaican. He says he’ll rip out every one of York’s dreds to get to RVD. He beat RVD clean and he asked to team with him to confirm something, RVD’s gone soft. He’s not the same RVD that kicked Sabu in the face and fought Jerry Lynn, and after tonight King will be the new emperor of the X Division.

Christian York makes his way out for the next match and gets a decent reaction from the crowd.
King is out next, and he too gets a decent pop from the crowd.

#1 Contender’s Match for the X Division Championship 
Christian York vs. Kenny King

York and King lock up and King backs York up into the corner. King breaks clean and the two chain wrestle for a bit. King takes York over with a nice arm dram and York is quick to respond. Both men try for dropkicks and both miss. King gets in York’s face and shoves him away before slapping him. King pulls the ref in front of himself after riling up York. King catches a slap to the face from York, who follows it up with a kick to the gut and a couple of big chops. York hits a low dropkick to King’s back, but the walks into an inverted atomic drop. York comes up with a leg lariat, slam and then drops a knee on King. King is able to send York to the outside, dumping him through the ropes. King goes for a corkscrew press, and lands on his feet when he misses. York responds with a headscissors that sends King over.

York brings things back in the ring where King begs off for a second. York sees through it and attacks. York heads to the top turnbuckle and tries for a tornado DDT, but King dumps York out onto the apron and kicks him out to the floor. King follows and slams York face first into the ring steps before bringing things back into the ring. King slams York’s head repeatedly down against the mat before taking things into the corner and choking York with his boot. King slams York down to the mat and he goes for the cover but he’s only able to get a two count.

King toys with York, but when he leaps in the air, York catches him and suplexes him. York clothesline King in the corner, then follows up with a leaping knee that’s good for a near fall. York blasts King with a big right, but King comes back with a jawbreaker. King dumps York out to the apron and tries to suplex him back into the ring, but York pulls King out to the apron. King tries for the cartwheel kick, but York comes up with one of his own. York brings things back into the ring and he heads to the top, coming off with a double stomp to King. York blasts King with a kick to the side of the head, but King pops right up with a leg lariat before slamming York down to the mat with a big slam.

King takes York up to the top turnbuckle, but he’s thrown off by York. York hits a cross body, but King rolls through and gets his feet on the ropes. The ref spots it and won’t count for King. York suplexes King across the ring, but misses the kick in the corner. King hits shotgun double knees to York that’s good for a two count. King tries for a backslide, but can’t gets it. King pulls York down by his hair. York rolls up King and gets the three count.

Winner: Christian York

Following the match, King hits what looks to be a reverse Attitude Adjustment on York, laying him out.

Rob Van Dam’s music hits, and the next match is up.

X Division Championship Match 
Rob Van Dam vs. Christian York

Van Dam tosses down the belt and checks York out. He goes to check on the challenger, telling him he doesn’t have to do this. RVD helps York to his feet, and York blasts him with a right hand. RVD hits him with a couple of kicks before hitting rolling thunder. RVD goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.

RVD traps York in the surfboard, before pulling York back into a pin, getting two. Van Dam tells York to stay down, but he won’t stay down for three. RVD clamps on a headscissors, wearing York down before hitting a leg drop down across the throat of York on the ring apron. RVD goes for the pin but still only gets two. RVD buries his shoulder in York’s midsection, but misses a kick. York hits RVD with a big kick and a nasty flying knee off the second rope. York hits RVD with a couple of kicks before running into a kick from RVD. RVD hits a flying single leg dropkick from the middle rope to York, but York still almost rolls him up for three. Van Dam hits York with a rolling kick, then heads to the top. RVD tries for the five star frog splash, but York avoids it. York goes for a roll up and gets another two, but eats an immediate thrust kick from RVD.

Van Dam is able to crotch York on the top rope after some difficulty, and RVD heads to the top, hitting another single leg dropkick. RVD heads to the top and hits the five star frog splash. He pins York for three.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

Following the match RVD helps York up to his feet. RVD claps for York, showing respect for the challenger.

JB is backstage with Joseph Park. Park says he’d be lying if he said he didn’t have a lot of butterflies right now. It reminds him of his first court case, but tonight, he’s here to fight. His strategy for his fight is to use the training he got from OVW. Aces and Eights held him hostage and deprived him of his rights, and tonight he gets his retribution. Tonight he’s not an attorney, he’s a trained pro wrestler ready to do battle.

We get a video package of Park training at OVW. It’s pretty good, if a little silly.

Devon is the first man out for the next match, and of course he makes his way out to the ring through the crowd. Devon gets an OK reaction out of the Impact Zone fans.

Joseph Park is out next, and he gets a decent pop from the fans.

Devon vs. Joseph Park

The bell rings and the crowd is immediately behind Park. Park looks nervous, but he talks himself into it, and tells Devon to bring it on. We get a lock up and Devon goes behind, shoving Park away. Another lock up and another go behind, this time Devon slaps Park’s head repeatedly before shoving him away. Another lock up and Devon goes for the arm, chaining around Park’s body into different holds before shoving him down to the mat and slapping him in the back of the head again.

Devon gets down into referee’s position, calling for Park to do what he can. Devon is able to get off the mat, but Park puts him back down with a suplex. Devon rolls to the outside, flustered, and yells at fans to shut up. Devon asks if Park has lost his mind on his way back into the ring. Devon buries a fist in Park’s gut, sending him crumpling to the mat. Devon hits the ropes and Park hits a hip toss, then an arm drag. Park picks up Devon and slams him to the mat, but he misses a splash and ends up tossed to the outside by Devon.

Devon follows to the outside, slamming Park’s head into the ring steps. Devon blasts Park with a right hand to the side of the head, then sends him back into the ring. Devon picks Park up and hits him with another series of rights. Devon tries to send Park head first into the turnbuckle, but Park avoids it and hits Devon with a right hand of his own. Park hits the ropes and runs right into another big right from Devon. Devon heads to the middle rope and leaps off, but misses the flying head butt. Park takes Devon to the mat with a takedown and rains down with right hands. Park hits a couple of clotheslines, then looks to the corner. He tests the ropes slowly before climbing up to the second rope and leaping out with a giant splash. Park covers Devon, but only gets two.

Park takes Devon into the corner, but Devon drives Park head first into the turnbuckle that apparently was exposed at some point. Park is bleeding slightly, and he hulks up, hitting a couple of clotheslines and the black hole slam. Park calls for the chokeslam, bringing Devon up, but dropping him down to his feet. Devon rolls Park up for a three count, and this one is over.

Winner: Devon

Following the match, Devon attacks Park from behind, laying him out. Devon holds the Television Title up and gloats over Park.

JB is standing backstage with Austin Aries. Aries says tonight Jeff Hardy will be unsuccessful in what will be his last pro-wrestling match. Aries and Roode have agreed on one thing, they will take Hardy out of the picture, then they’ll find out who truly is the greatest professional wrestler, but Aries already knows the answer to that question. Tonight, Aries walks out once again the TNA World Champion.

Gail Kim is out to the ring for the next match, getting a decent pop from the crowd on her way out. Miss Tessmacher is out next, and she gets a nice pop from the fans in attendance.

Knockouts Gauntlet Match

Brooke takes Kim out and rains down with right hands. Kim comes back, but ends up in a victory roll for another two count. Brooke takes Kim into the corner and stomps away, but misses a running hip throw. Kim hits a running clothesline that’s good for a two count. Kim brings Brooke through the ropes and drives down all of her weight on Brooke’s back. Kim heads to the top, but Brooke stops her with a kick that sweeps out the legs. Brooke hits a couple of big clotheslines before whipping Kim into the corner. Brooke leaps up into the corner and brings Kim out with a facebuster that’s good enough for two. Kim hits Brooke with Eat defeat and gets the three count.

ODB is the next competitor out to the ring, and Kim charges her on the entrance ramp, but Kim bounces right off ODB. ODB takes a swig from her flask, then brings things into the ring where she hits Kim with a couple of big smacks to the bottom. ODB takes Kim into the corner hard before seating her on the top turnbuckle. ODB drives Kim into the corner, then hits her with a running splash and a bronco buster. Kim tries for a cross body, but ODB catches her and hits a fall away slam, kipping up and shouldering Kim. Kim fights out of it and runs right into a kick to the gut. ODB heads to the top, but she’s pulled to the mat by Kim. Kim rolls up ODB and pulls the tights to get the three count.

Mickie James is out next and Kim catches her with a series of kicks on her way into the ring. James fights right back with a couple of kicks and a bit dropkick that’s good for two. James tries for a DDT, but Kim backs her into the corner and hits a running shoulder block. Kim heads to the apron, but James brings her back into the ring the hard way, hitting a reverse neckbreaker. James blasts Kim with a couple of forearms, then hits a big enzugiri. Mickie drops Kim with a flap jack, then she heads to the apron. Kim rolls to the outside, to Mickie follows, hitting a headscissors and taking Kim down to the floor. Mickie sends Kim back into the ring and she goes to the top, but Kim grabs the ref. James rolls up Kim, but Kim rolls through and is able to hook the tights for another three count.

Velvet Sky is the final competitor out to the ring, and Kim is hiding on the far side of the ring. Kim attacks Sky out of nowhere and takes her out on the floor. Sky is able to make it into the ring before the ten count. Kim puts a knee across Sky’s throat, getting a two count. Kim tries for two more pin attempts, but still can’t keep Sky down for thee. Sky is able to roll up Kim for a two count. Sky sends Kim into the corner, but she’s rolled up by Kim. The ref catches Gail trying to use the ropes to cheat again. Sky hits in your face and pins Kim, but Kim gets her foot under the ropes. The ref counts three, and Sky is proclaimed the winner.

Winner and #1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky

JB is backstage once more with Christopher Daniels. Daniels makes fun of Storm’s accent, saying they aren’t part of Storm’s demographic. Daniels is an inspiration, which is why Hogan has decided to give him a title shot when he wins. Daniels is going to finish his apple-tini, then he’s going to head to the ring and beat Storm. He’s sorry Storm won’t be able to get another shot at the World Title, but he does have permission to worship them now.

Christopher Daniels makes his way out to the ring for the next match, and of course he’s got his buddy Kazarian in tow. James Storm is the next man to the ring, and unsurprisingly he gets what is probably the biggest pop of the night to this point.

#1 Contender’s Match 
Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm

The bell rings, and Kaz shows off his official manager’s license to the referee, allowing him to be ringside for this match. Both men lock up and Storm takes Daniels to the mat with a head lock takeover. Daniels fight up, but finds himself in the same situation all over again. Daniels fights up to his feet, then eats a shoulderblock, and a hip toss. Storm takes Daniels over into a headlock for a third time. Daniels tries to fight his way out of the hold, pinning Storm for two and causing him to break the hold. Storm lets Daniels get to his feet and he clotheslines him over the top rope and to the outside.

Storm follows to the outside, slamming Daniels into the barricade before running Kaz off. Storm seats Daniels on the ring steps and hits him with a series of right hands before bringing things back into the ring. Daniels begs off, but Storm doesn’t care, hitting Daniels with a big back drop and backing him into the corner with a series of rights. Daniels ties Stor up in the ropes and Kaz grabs on to him, distracting him and drawing him out to the apron. Daniels hits Storm and sends him crashing out to the barricade on the floor. Kaz attacks while Daniels distracts the ref.

Back in the ring, Daniels goes to work on Storm’s arm, wrapping it around the ropes and yanking hard. Daniels stomps away at Storm before going back to the arm, wrenching it and driving Storm down to the mat with a top wrist lock. Storm kicks away at Daniels, breaking the hold. Daniels pokes Storm in the eye and drops him to the mat. Daniels clamps on an arm bar, pushing Storm to the mat, then standing on his arm, and dropping an elbow down on top of it. Daniels goes for a submission, but Storm won’t quit.

Storm fights up to his feet, fighting his way out of the hold. Storm hits Daniels with a Russian leg sweep and both men are down. Both guys are slow to get to their feet, but when they do, they trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Storm hits the ropes and hits a big clothesline, then he drives Daniels head into his own knee. Kaz distracts Storm again, but not for long. Storm heads to the top and leaps off with a giant elbow drop that’s good for a two count. Storm tries for the closing time, but Daniels blocks it and goes right back to the arm.

Daniels heads to the top, but he’s stopped by Storm. Storm connects with the eye of the Storm, but he only gets a two count off of it. Storm sends Daniels into the corner and ends up backdropped to the apron. Storm kicks Daniels, then heads back into the ring and hits an Alabama slam. Storm hits the closing time, and calls for the last call superkick. Storm misses the superkick, and Daniels connects with an immediate angel’s wings, but it’s not enough to keep Storm down for three. Daniels tries for the BME, but Storm gets a boot up. Storm hits closing time again, then he blasts Kaz with the superkick. Daniels sends Storm to the mat off the distraction and pins him with his feet on the ropes. Daniels gets the three count.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

We get a recap of Bully Ray proposing to Brooke Hogan this past Thursday on Impact. It’s pretty obvious from the giant sneer on his face that Hogan was not happy with this development.

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan make their way out to the ring next all dressed up, so it looks like we’re going to get an interview segment.

Bully grabs a mic and says first things first, Brooke looks hot tonight. Ray introduces himself and his fiancee, and says they are getting married this Thursday night in the Impact Zone on Spike TV. Ray asked Brooke who should be invited to the wedding. They have to invite the Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga… everyone. Brooke says they should invite all the fans in the Impact Zone. Bully pulls out his phone, calling it his fire breathing Twitter machine. Ray says he wants everyone on video saying whether or not they’re coming to the wedding.

Ray thanks Brooke for saying yes, and thanks the fans for having his back in this situation.

We get a video package highlighting the return of Sting, and the match he will be having tonight with Aces and Eights member DOC.

DOC is the first man out to the ring for the next match, and just like his compatriot Devon, he makes his way to the ring through the crowd.

Sting is out to the ring next, and the crowd goes nuts seeing the Icon in his return to action.

DOC vs. Sting

DOC attacks before Sting can even make it to the ring, but Sting ducks a clothesline and sends DOC crashing into the ring steps. Sting slams DOC into the barricade before hitting him with a couple of big right hands. Sting fights DOC back through the crowd out where DOC entered the building. Sting locks on a rear chin lock, but he’s attacked from behind by other members of Aces and 8?s.

DOC brings things back to the ring, and the bell is rung for the first time in this bout. DOC goes right for the cover, but he’s only able to get a two count. Sting catches DOC with a low kick, but DOC comes right back with a powerful right hand. Sting falls to the outside, and DOC is quick to follow, coming in with a big nasty kick. DOC blasts Sting with a big right hand before launching him into the ring steps. DOC comes in and kicks at Sting hard before slamming him into the steps again.

DOC kicks at Sting and fights him up the entrance way, blasting him with repeated right hands. DOC hits Sting with another big boot before bringing things back into the ring. Sting kicks away at DOC’s ankles, cutting him down to the mat. DOC is quick to respond with some nasty stomps and right hands. DOC goes for the pin but he only gets a two count. DOC clamps on a rear chin lock, trying to wear down the Icon.

Sting is able to fight to his feet, but DOC takes him right back down and hits a big splash. DOC hits Sting with an elbow to the back of the head before choking away at the Stinger. DOC rips at Sting’s face in the corner, but when he breaks, Sting comes back with a chop block. Sting tries for the Scorpion death drop, but DOC holds on to the ropes. Sting is persistent, and he’s able to drop the big man to the mat. Sting attacks the legs of DOC, then hits a couple of clotheslines. Sting sends DOC into the corner and hits a Stinger splash. He drops DOC with the death drop, and pins him for the quick three count.

Winner: Sting

After the match, other members of Aces and 8?s pour out to ringside, pulling DOC from the ring and surrounding Sting. Bully Ray makes his way out from the back and he chases off the members of Aces and 8?s.

JB is backstage one more time with Bobby Roode. Roode says he and Aries are going to act as a team tonight and take out Jeff Hardy. They agree that he doesn’t deserve to be a World Champion. When you think of World Champions, you think of men like Austin Aries, and more importantly Bobby Roode. So they’ll get rid of the garbage, and then the light can shine on the two best wrestlers in the world today. Aries might have a fluke victory in the past, but tonight will be different as Roode will leave with the World Championship.

This leads into a video package, highlighting the events over the past few weeks that have led up to this match.

Austin Aries is the first man to make his way to the ring for the main event, and the Greatest Man That Ever Lived gets a great reaction as he makes his way out to the ring.

Bobby Roode is out next, and Roode doesn’t draw much of a reaction out of the crowd at all.
The Champion, Jeff Hardy, is the final man to make his way to the ring for this match, and he gets a nice pop from the crowd, definitely one of the biggest of the night.

After formal ring introductions from JB, we’re ready to kick off the final match of the evening.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match 
Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

The bell rings and Aries and Roode each call for the other to help them. They have a quick talk, then double team the champion, beating him down in the corner. Roode kicks away at Hardy, then the two whip Hardy across the ring. Hardy hits Roode with a back elbow and Aries with a headscissors. Hardy hits Aries and Roode with a bulldog/clothesline combo. Hardy tries to take Roode out early, but it’s broken up by Aries. Hardy hits the low dropkick on Aries, but he’s attacked from behind by Roode.

Hardy is able to toss Roode to the outside before throwing Aries across the ring. Hardy heads out to the ring apron and launches himself off at Roode, throwing a giant flying clothesline. Hardy rolls Roode back into the ring and follows behind, trying for the twist of fate. Roode pushes Hardy off and hits the spinebuster. Roode gets a two count, which frustrates him, so he mounts Hardy and rains down with a series of right hands. Roode plants Hardy with a belly to back suplex, putting him down to the mat hard.

Hardy hits Roode with a couple of right hands before Roode takes him into the corner and beats him down. Aries is able to take Hardy off his feet from the outside. He hits a springboard corkscrew press, and continually tries to pin Hardy. Hardy won’t stay down for more than two. Aries heads to the middle rope and dives off with an elbow to Hardy’s back.

Hardy begins to fight back, catching Aries in the corner with a series of right hands. He turns around and fights off Roode before whipping him into Aries. Hardy hits Aries with poetry in motion in the corner. Hardy stacks Aries and Roode side by side and goes to the top, but he’s stopped by Roode and Aries. Roode hits Hardy with a stomp to the gut before choking Hardy with his boot. Aries and Roode hit a double back elbow that’s good for another two count.

Roode and Aries place Hardy on the top turnbuckle, then fight about who gets to give him a superplex. Roode heads up and is the one who gets to execute it after a bit of arguing, but Hardy still won’t stay down for a three count. Hardy attempts to fight back, but Aries places him on the top turbuckle. Roode gets Aries on his shoulders, and Aries tries for a belly to back superplex from Hardy, but instead, Hardy hits a big kick to Aries who’s in doomsday position.

Hardy hits Aries with a leaping clothesline, then he sends Roode from the ring and crashing into the barricade. Hardy is surprised by Aries who shoves him out to the floor. Roode holds up Hardy for Aries to hit the heat seeking missile, but Hardy moves and Aries drives Roode into the barricade. Hardy sets up the ring steps and uses them to launch himself into Aries up against the barricade. Hardy heads back into the ring and throws himself back to the outside, wiping Roode out with a body press. Hardy tosses Roode back into the ring and he goes to the top, but he’s pushed off by Aries.

Hardy brings Aries back into the ring, suplexing him on top of Roode. Hardy hits Roode with the swanton bomb, but Aries breaks up the pin. Roode is able to come up with a spear out of nowhere to take out Hardy. Roode picks Hardy up and Aries blasts him with a rolling elbow, but it’s still only enough for two. Roode hits a sort of Vader bomb, but it’s still only enough for a near fall. Hardy and Roode take turns chopping and punching at Hardy in the corner. Aries back up and hits Hardy with the corner dropkick before picking him up and dropping him with the brainbuster. Aries goes for the pin but Hardy still kicks out.

Roode tells Hardy to go to the top. Aries heads up and tries for the 450, but Roode rolls him out of the way. Roode hits Aries with the fisherman’s suplex, but only gets a two count. Aries shoves Roode and blasts him with a series of left hands before hitting him with a rolling elbow that’s good for two. Aries picks Roode up to his feet and tries for the brainbuster, but Aries ends up being tossed away by Roode. Aries catches a charging Roode and is able to lock on the last chancery. Roode gouges Aries’ eyes to force him to break the hold. Roode takes Aries down with the crossface, but Aries rolls back into a pin to break the hold. Roode shoulders Aries, but Aries falls off and charges into the corner. Roode catches Aries and seats him on the top rope. Roode tries for a superplex, but Aries fights him off, sending him back to the mat. Aries hits a huge missile dropkick, then follows with the corner dropkick. Aries picks up Roode and tries for the brainbuster, but Roode counters into a roll up for two. Aries goes for the backslide and Hardy assists, getting the three count.

Bobby Roode is eliminated

Aries turns around and is immediately caught with the twist of fate. Hardy tries for it again, but ends up pushed to the outside. Hardy hits a twist of fate through the ropes, the climbs to the top. Hardy hits the swanton bomb, and gets the three count on Aries.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

The show ends with Hardy celebrating with his title, and his fake silly belt, in the ring while Aries sits by dejectedly on the outside.

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