TNA Hardcore Justice 2010

Total Nonstop Action – Pay-Per-View
August 8, 2010 – Orlando, Florida


Taz cut a promo about the history of “Extreme” to hype the show.
The FBI defeated Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger & Kid Kash
Too Cold Scorpio defeated C.W. Anderson
Stevie Richards defeated P.J. Polaco (aka Justin Credible)
Rhino defeated Brother Runt and Al Snow (Three-WAY Dance)
Team 3-D w/Joel Gertner defeated Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney
Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer (w/Beulah McGillicutty & kids)
Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso defeated Sabu w/Bill Aldonso

TNA Hardcore Justice

Taz: Original ECW ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis introduced Taz, who did the Joey Styles-type introduction welcoming the fans to Hardcore Justice. The fans chanted “ECW!” and “Taz!” Taz said he has been backstage and looked into the eyes of the extreme athletes who are going to perform tonight, and he tells the fans it is going to get extreme! Taz said the work ethic and passion is going to bleed out in more ways than one. The fans continued to chant E-C-Dub! Taz said there have been some doubters about what they did back in the day, saying they were just a bush league blood-and-guts promotion. Taz said if people think they were only about violence, they were wrong, because they were about revolutionizing this friggin’ business. Taz said they were the true renegades of this industry and that’s a shoot! Taz said they were the little engine that could and they friggin’ DID! Taz said he had a message to anyone who wants to piss on what they did. Taz said they never got it, and they’re never ever gonna get it, so they might as well kiss his ass! Taz said his name is Taz and he is THE human suplex machine – beat me if you can (crowd takes over) survive is I let you!

The FBI (Guido Maritato & Tony Luke & Tracy Smothers w/Sal E. Graziano) defeated Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger & Kid Kash: Ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis introduced original ECW referee John Finnigan. Sal E. Graziano was also with them, and they announced him as living with Snooki on the Jersey Shore. Guido Maritato was “Little Guido,” and Tony Luke was “Tony Mamaluke” – both forced to change their names due to WWE intellectual property issues. Tracy Smothers was a little bit older looking a little bit like Terry Gordy. They announced him as being from Nashville, Italy and called him the Wide Eyed Italian Boy. Kid Kash is not a kid any more, and has some really gross tatoos. Diamond has packed on some pounds, but Swinger is still in amazing shape. They introductions took a long time, but they deserved it. Guido and Kash started the match, and that’s probably the best combination this match will see. A few minutes into the match, Simond Diamond grabbed the microphone and said “Ladies and gentlemen, Simon has a problem!” The crowd started chanting “shut the f*** up!” Diamond said they were not a well oiled machine because of Kash. Diamond said they couldn’t out-wrestle the FBI, but they can beat them in a dance-off. They hit the music and Diamond/Swinger started dancing really badly in the middle of the ring. Smothers said Michael Jackson just rolled over in his grave. Smothers said if they can’t do better than that then everybody dies! They music played and all three members of the FBI started dancing. Sal E. got involved and then the moves started getting cheesy. Sal E. got a big pop when he started grooving to the music. The heels jumped the FBI and threw them out, but Big Sal took out Diamond/Swinger. They brawled on the floor until Kid Kash did a running jump off the referee’s back spring-boarding down onto the floor to take everyone out! Tony Luke tried to fly but he crashed and burned. The heels regained the advantage and the match continued in the ring. Kash was not in sync with his teammates. It was sloppy but the fans loved it! Kash killed Luke with a stiff Pile-driver! Guido pinned Diamond to win the match!

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Taz said Mike Tenay has never called a single match for ECW and must feel out of place. Tenay said he would have gladly given up his seat for Joey Styles, but he is contractually obligated to another company. Tenay said tonight he is a fan, a student of the game, and someone who appreciates what the original organization accomplished and the part it played in wrestling history. Taz said he thinks Styles would give Tenay his stamp of approval. Aw. Tenay & Taz revealed that Jerry Lynn (RVD’s opponent tonight) had a back injury and would be replaced by the suicidal, homicidal, genicidal, SABU!

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Tod Gordon.. talking via a taped message from his office in Philadelphia. They also had comments from the Blue Meanie & Gary Wolf. Gordon thanked the fans for making his dream possible. “Pitbull” Gary Wolf had a Jack Russell Terrior in the front seat of his car – seriously? Blue Meanie thanked Dixie Carter and said hello to his second family – and also thanked the fans for their support.

I REMEMBER – SEGMENT: A.J. Styles talking about Tommy Dreamer vs. Sandman where the loser had to get 10 whacks with a singapore cane. Sandman whacked Dreamer and all he said was “thank you, sir, may I have another?” Angelina Love said she didn’t get to see “that program” in Toronto until the last year that it aired. Love said she loved the great crowd reaction because they were insane for it!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Al Snow was yelling at HEAD and telling it to stop chanting those three little letters. Stevie Richards tried to calm Snow down, but Snow was stressed about all of the legal issues coming out of tonight. Snow went on a crazy rant about Stevie ending up on some secondary show. Snow asked if Stevie knew any good therapists (a shott the Dr. Stevie gimmick). Suddenly Nova showed up and Stevie greeted him and talked about getting the band back together (band = blue World order). Snow yelled that they can’t even legally use the (bWo) shirt. Suddenly a fake Blue Meanie showed up (played by Big Tilly) and Snow yelled “oh my God, they can’t even use the real guy!” Nova talked about TV shows like Roseanne changing the daughter and it’s pro-wrestling it doesn’t matter! Snow threw his arms up and stormed out of the room. Stevie said tonight was his chance to prove to the fans what he can do. Stevie stormed out to get ready. Some other guy showed up and was picking his nose, then he and Blue Meanie started picking each other’s noses. Al Snow is hilarious and belongs on TV, but the other stuff was pretty bad.

Too Cold Scorpio defeated C.W. Anderson: I was never a big fan of C.W. Anderson, but he was looking lean and healthy. Scorpio is older and a bit thicker, but hasn’t lost a step. Taz talked about teaming with Eddy Guerrero against Too Cold Scorpio & Dean Malenko. Late in the match, Scorpio missed a top rope moonsault and Anderson took over. Scorpio made a come-back and connected with a spectacular backflip off the top rope into a leg drop for the win! Scorpio offered a handshake after the match and Anderson accepted.

I REMEMBER – SEGMENT: Madison Rayne talked about the ECW-style (as if she was old enough to watch) and compared it to how TNA is today – from the hot girls to the badass guys. Rayne said it was all about being fearless. Morgan said he spent his summers on the Jersey Shore and was a bouncer at a bar where “the Philadelphia promotion” ran some shows. Morgan said he had a free seat and it was a cool experience. Mr. Anderson talked about the wrestling product being PG at the time and the “Philadelphia-based promotion” was different – it was edgy, violent, sexy, and went places where others were afraid to go.

TNA World Heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam & Bill “Fonzy” Alfonso: RVD welcomed manager Bill Alfonso, who looked like a 90 year old grampa, but still has the energy of a 9 year old. RVD talked about facing Jerry Lynn tonight and Fonzy said RVD’s matches with Jerry were off the hook. RVD said Jerry knew they had great matches so he was training so hard and unfortunately suffered an injury. RVD said the show must go on, so when Dreamer asked him who he wanted to wrestle, he gave it a lot of serious thought. RVD talked about a lot of storylines not complete from back in the day, but it was something bigger than that. RVD said it was about paying tribute to the Hardcore spirit. RVD said he wanted to wrestle someone who could capture the entire legacy of that time – it’s gotta be SABU! RVD said it was awkward because Fonzy managed both RVD and Sabu. Fonzy said he would call it right down the middle out of respect for the Sheik.

Stevie Richards (w/The Blue Tilly & Hollywood Nova) defeated P.J. Polaco (aka Justin Credible): P.J. Polaco was playing the heel here, and they talked about him teaming with Lance Storm as the Impact Players. The Blue Tilly was “Big Tilly” playing a fake Blue Meanie, and he was wearing a shirt with BW2.0 on it. Nova was great. Both were doing their goofy bWo gimmick, but Stevie Richards was in incredible shape and was determined to make an impact. During Palaco’s introduction, the crowd started chanting “JUST INCREDIBLE!” As the match started, the fans went back and forth chanting “Stevie Richards!” and “Just Incredible!” Late in the match, Polaco planted Richards with a Pile-driver, but Nova jumped up on the ring apron and caused a distraction. Polaco turned around and started yelling his catch phrase, “that’s not just the coolest, that’s not just best, that’s just” but took a superkick before he could finish his WWE trademarked phrase! Richards got the pin and won the match. After the match, Polaco destroyed Richards with the singapore cane until the lights went out and Sandman showed up! Sandman looked really out-of-shape. He hit Polaco with the White Russian Leg Sweep and killed him with a singapore cane shot to the head! Big pop.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Francine looking absolutely adorable with clear skin and short hair sitting at home via taped message. Francine said she got the call to appear on the PPV but couldn’t make it because of her new career as a mother. Francine said she was very happy with her role as wife and mother, but wanted to thank TNA for sending a camera crew over. Francine thanked the boys in the locker room and Paul Heyman, wishing everyone well with whatever they decide to do with their lives. Francine said she had a 15 year run and had the best time and thanked the fans for cheering and booing her. Francine said she was done with wrestling but they will always be in her heart.

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Taz really put over Francine strong as the hardest working women in wrestling, remembering when she took the Total Elimination from the Eliminators. Mike Tenay then payed tribute to the Men & Women that are no longer with us – without naming any names (which would have been nice). We got a screen shot that said: To all the men & women that are no longer with us, our thoughts and prayers will always be with you. Our hearts go out to you & your families. Your contributions to the company will never be forgotten.

Rhino defeated Brother Runt (aka Spike Dudley) and Al Snow w/Head: Brother Runt was dressed in full Spike Dudley gear and acting totally whacko. Al Snow upstaged little Spike by acting even whackier. They passed out a bunch of manniquin heads for the fans to hold up. Rhino came out to a huge ovation, and Tenay mentioned that he was the final ECW champion. A few minutes into the match, there was a weak “This is Wrestling!” chant brewing but it didn’t catch on. The referee was bumped, and Al Snow knocked out Rhino with HEAD! Runt slid in with a chair and hit the ground, tossed the chair to Snow, and played dead. Snow looked around, hit the ground, and also played dead. When the referee woke up he didn’t know what happened, so he just threw the chair out of the ring. Al Snow was eliminated by Brother Runt after doing the run up the corner finisher. Seconds later, Rhino gored Runt to win the match!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mick Foley was reading Hulk Hogan‘s book and put it down to talk about the Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven feud. Foley talked about being a friend and enemy to Dreamer, and pointed out that he was not a follower of Raven. Foley said this will be the final showdown and they needed someone who was physically and mentally available to make the count!

I REMEMBER – SEGMENT: Brutus Magnus talked about the influence of the Hardcore wrestlers and how they raised the bar on how to make yourself known in the business. Chris Sabin talked about finding Sabu vs. Terry Funk in a barbed wire match on TV and became immediately hooked. Sabin said his favorite wrestler was Rob Van Dam, calling himself Josh Van Dam, and his friend was Mattu after Sabu.

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon w/Joel Gertner) defeated Axl Rotten & Kahonus (aka Balls Mahoney): Balls Mahoney had to be referred to as “Kahonus” because of trademark issues. That didn’t stop the crowd from chanting “Balls! Balls! Balls!” Axl Rotten looks healthy compared to 10 years ago, having cleaned up his act. Balls cut a heel promo before the match, saying they were the most extreme tag team in the history of the business. Balls issued an open challenge to anybody in the back (if you got the guts! if you got the nuts!). Joel Gertner came out wearing a fur coat and shorts, yelling “well, well, well!” He came out to the ring with Team 3-D, who were dressed in full old-school Dudley gear. Taz commented on Gertner’s fur coat, saying “must have been a giant racoon.” Gertner’s promo; “It is I, the bacon in her eggs, the man for whom she begs, and the face between her legs.. the lyrical miracle, and the sexual intellectual, and the quintessential studmuffin… Joel -Lady Gaga advocates celebracy, what an absolute disgrace, if she won’t let me stuff her muff, then I’ll just Pokerface!- GERTNER!” The crowd popped and chanted “That’s Hardcore!” Gertner continued with his speech, introducing Team 3-D and calling them the best tag team yesterday, today, and forever! The match finally started and it got hardcore quickly. The brawl split off into the crowd putting the fans in danger. Lots of weapons and cheesy hardcore spots, but the crowd was in love with all of it. Balls found a toy Light Saber, and Brother Ray got one too, and they did a nerdy sword fight in the middle of the ring. Ray stuffed the Light Saber in Balls’ crotch and did his old Dudley dance. Axl took down Ray but could only get a 2-count. Devon went after Axl. The fans chanted “this is awesome!” One half of the audience chanted “we want tables!” and the other half chanted “we want fire!” All four men got into a chair-swinging contest. Balls & Axl tried to double-team the referee for no reason but Team 3-D whacked them with chairshots! Team 3-D hit the Wassup headbutt on Balls’ crotch. Ray told Devon to “GET THE TABLES!” Devon slid a table into the ring and the fans went bonkers. Ray set up the table and Joel Gertner produced some lighter fluid from his pocket. Ray doused the table with lighter fluid and Devon set it ablaze! Team 3-D put Kahonus through the flaming table for the finish. Team 3-D celebrated and the fans chanted “thank you!’ Ray proclaimed that Team 3-D was the greatest tag team in the world. Suddenly, the Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa) showed up with a bunch of weapons including a kitchen sink. The Gangstas destroyed Team 3-D with their music playing on the sound system. New Jack even had a staple gun and used it on Devon. The beat-down took a long time. New Jack destroyed a guitar over the head of Joel Gertner, who played dead. Team 3-D got up and hugged the Gangtas (a lot of background history between them) and Balls/Axl joined in the mutual admiration. New Jack in a TNA ring – WOW.

PROMO: Raven talking about his history from Tommy Dreamer. Raven said when they were kids, he wasn’t that popular, but Tommy was popular, and he wasn’t a good athlete, but Tommy was a great athlete, and he wasn’t that tough, but Tommy was tough. Raven said Tommy was a loyal friend because when people would pick on him, Tommy would stand up for him. Raven said they bonded because of their love for professional wrestling. Raven said Tommy always wanted to be a wrestler, but he (Raven) never thought he would be big enough. Raven said but then he got a little bigger, became a better athlete, then a little tougher, then a lot tougher, then incredibly tough. Raven said his career took off while Tommy wallowed in obscurity. Raven said then the friendship dynamic changed because now that Tommy wasn’t the big show he couldn’t handle it. Raven said Tommy knows if you hurt someone physically the pain will eventually go away, but if you hurt someone emotionally sometimes it takes a lifetime to go away. Raven said Tommy stole his girl and had the family and the life that he (Raven) should have had. Raven said as smart as Tommy is, he is smarter. Raven said he waited 10 years to get the betrayer back, but finally here is his moment of glory and he will take it away. Raven said Tommy broke his heart, and now he will shatter Tommy’s soul. Raven is always an amazing promo guy!

I REMEMBER – SEGMENT: Jesse Neal talked about seeing some of the Hardcore PPV’s and truly felt the energy from the crowd. Neal also talked about being trained by Team 3-D. Kazarian talked about training with Killer Kowalski and chain wrestling with some of the Hardcore originals like Chris Candido. Kazarian said the roots of the X-Division came from that Philadelphia promotion, mentioning Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn type matches. Kazarian actually said “ECW” but they edited it out.

TRIBUTE: Brother Ray said he wished Joey Styles was there sitting behind the announce table with Taz. RVD said Joey Styles was the best in the business at what he does. Jerry Lynn talked about channeling his inner Joey Styles and saying “I MY GOD!” Simon Diamond said Joey Styles always made him sound a lot better than he actually was. Rhino thanked Joey Styles for calling his matches and all his belief in the company. Sandman just said “Joey.. wish you could be here buddy!” Stevie Richards said everyone misses Joey Styles and his spirit is out there in the iMPACT Zone. Tommy Dreamer said it was HIS PPV and had to thank Styles for everything he did!

Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer with special guest referee Mick Foley : Mick Foley came out first with a brand new home-made referee shirt, made with a thrift store shirt and a black permanent marker. Raven walked over and said something to Theresa (aka Beulah McGillicutty, wife of Tommy) and her kids, who were sitting at ringside next to Dixie Carter. Tommy came out and kissed his wife before entering the ring amid chants of “Thank you, Tommy!” Mick Foley told the wrestlers; “I’m gonna give you guys a lot of room, anything goes, you can do whatever you like, because this will be the FINAL SHOWDOWN and there will be a WINNER!” Raven bagged Dreamer and the bell rang to start the fight. Taz told a story about soaking in the knowledge while driving to shows with Tommy Dreamer Paul Heyman. Taz wondered what Paul was thinking watching this show tonight. A few minutes into the match, Tommy took a drop toehold into a chair and was bloodied right in front of his kids. Dixie Carter stood up and asked security to escort the family away from ringside. The little girls never should have been there in the first place. Raven kept pounding on Dreamer and sent him into the ring steps. Tommy was bleeding profusely. There was a fan holding a sign that said “Tommy, use my sign!” so Tommy grabbed it and bashed it over Raven’s head. Tommy ripped off the sign revealing a heavy DEAD END road sign underneath! Dreamer pulled a ladder out from under the ring. The fans chanted “this is hardcore!” Raven was bleeding now. Tommy used the ladder as a platform on the second rope, but his feet slipped and he crotched himself. Raven launched himself off the top rope with a knee drop on Tommy’s bloody head. Raven helped Tommy up, only for Tommy to plant him with a Death Valley Driver! Tommy set Raven up in the tree of woe and stepped on his crotch! Tommy put the road sign over Raven’s face and did a running baseball slid into it! Tommy found a short strand of barbed wire under the ring and wrapped it around Raven’s head and face while in the crossface. The barbed wire went right across Raven’s mouth. Suddenly, Nova and the fake Meanie ran down and attacked referee Foley & Dreamer. The Blue Tilly missed a top rope splash and Tommy took both of them out. Raven hit Tommy with the Evenflow DDT but Tommy kicked out after two! Raven harassed Foley until he fought back and beat Raven down before giving him the Sock! Then another Raven lacky named Lupus came out and hit Tommy with a top rope leg drop. Foley got up and gave Lupus the Sock (mandible claw) with barbed wire wrapped around his hand! Back in the ring, Raven hand-cuffed Tommy’s hands behind his back. Foley got back in the ring and tried to talk some sense into Raven. Raven helped Tommy up to his knees and prepared to kill him with a chairshot. Theresa (Beulah) ran back down and got between Raven and Tommy, begging Raven to show mercy. Raven bashed Tommy in the head anyway, and then threatened to hit Beulah. Foley got in the way to save her, and then he got crotched and took a chairshot to the back. Beulah then crawled over to Raven and crotched him! Tommy (still hand-cuffed) managed to DDT Raven, but could only get a 2-count. Tommy tried for another DDT, but Raven whacked him on the knee with a chair! Raven planted Tommy with an Evenflow DDT and got the pinfall to win the match! Tommy got up and left with Beulah as the fans chanted “EC’Dub! EC’Dub!”

Jeremy Borash & So-Cal Val + The Gangstas (Mustafa & New Jack): Jeremy Borash & So-Cal Val talked about the TNA website before the Gangstas crashed the party. New Jack made fun of Jeremy Borash. Mustafa took Val away against her will, and New Jack said that makes Borash HIS BITCH.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Taz said Paul Heyman was the Godfather of Hardcore Wrestling. Al Snow said Paul Heyman was the man who gave wrestlers the opportunity to use their passions the way they wanted to use them. Rhino said Paul Heyman was a mad scientist. Foley said Paul Heyman inspired confidence and brings out the best in everybody around him, and gives people the freedom to create. Raven said Paul Heyman meant everything to Hardcore and everything to him. Stevie Richards brought his passion and passed that passion onto them like a virus that you actually wanted to get. Snow said the performers were allowed to go out and be themselves. Raven compared himself and Heyman to Scorsase (sp??) and Deniro – they knew what the other was thinking. Simon Diamond said Heyman was the first to let the Internet into professional wrestling. Sandman said Paul E. came up with some unbelievably brilliant plans for everybody and he was the master at what he did as booker at that point.

Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso defeated Sabu w/Bill Alfonso: RVD came out with Bill Alfonso, who was blowing his whistle the whole time! Taz said he was getting nightmares about the whistle because Bill Alfonso managed him and was a big part of his success. Taz called the match SO COOL. Fonzy jumped out of the ring and ran up the ramp so he could take off his jacket and escort Sabu to the ring. When has a manager ever managed both wrestlers in a singles match? I really hope Fonzy gets a job with TNA after this. Taz said his career wouldn’t have been the same without Sabu. By the way, Sabu is BALD. The fans chanted “this is classic!” as the match got underway. A chair was brought in and used as a weapon in the ring. Sabu did the triple-jump spingboard over the guard rail onto RVD in the third row! At some point, Sabu was split open on the back of his head and bloodied. They went at it for a while longer. They eventually brought a couple tables into the ring. Sabu put RVD on one of the tables and climbed to the top rope. Fonzy tossed a chair up to Sabu, who jumped off for an Arabian Face-buster but RVD moved and Sabu crashed through the table. RVD hit a five-star-frog-splash and scored the pin to win the match! Fonzy jumped in and celebrated with RVD. Fonzy called it down the middle but Sabu was upset with Fonzy anyway. RVD let Fonzy hold his title while he tried to shake hands with Sabu. Sabu blew off the handshake only to give RVD a very respectful hug! Sabu was either over-selling a rib injury or possibly suffered a legit rib injury.

CONCLUSION: Everyone came back out for a BEER BASH! Even Dixie Carter cracked open a can of beer. The fans chanted “F*** you, Vince!” Tommy Dreamer got on the microphone and thanked Mike Tenay & Taz. Taz got up and joined the celebration in the ring. Tommy thanked Atlas security for working the building. Tommy thanked Dixie Carter for making the show happen. Brother Ray walked over and picked up Dixie and helped her into the ring. Tommy thanked everybody in TNA, saying they set the bar, and expect them to raise it. Tommy said for everyone who said they were too old, that was one hell of an F’n PPV!