TNA Hardcore Justice (2) 2013

TNA Hardcore Justice
Location: Norfolk, VA
Date: August 15, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. Kazarian makes his way to the ring. AJ Styles makes his way to the ring. Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring.

Bound for Glory Ladder Match: Austin Aries vs. Kazarian vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

Kaz leaves the ring, and grabs a ladder. Kaz tries to get in, but the other wait for him. Aries jumps to the ramp, taking out Kaz with elbows. In the ring, Hardy and Styles fight in the corner. Aries pushes Kaz off the ramp, and dives on top of him. Hardy kicks Kaz on the floor, through the ropes. Styles takes Hardy to the floor, then diving on him with a Plancha. Kaz gets the ladder into the ring, and starts to climb. Hardy fights him off, and whips him. Kaz runs back up. Aries grabs him, pushing him groin first into the ladder. Hardy fights Aries, as they trade fists and elbows in the corner. Aries whips Hardy into the other corner, as he is taken to the floor with a Headscissors Takedown. Hardy remains, as he sets up the ladder. Styles moves it, and they face off. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Styles pushes him to the floor. Hardy is smashed into the announce table. Aries is hit with a shoulder by Kaz, as he floats into a Slingshot DDT. Aries nails Kaz the same way, following with a neck snap in the ropes. AJ then pushes the ladder into him. AJ is taken to the floor, as Aries remains in the ring with the ladder. Austin climbs it, but Jeff fights him off. Aries fights off Hardy in the corner, as Kaz takes AJ out on the ring post. Kaz attempts to get in the ring, but is taken out with Aries. Austin continues the attack on Hardy before climbing again. Hardy takes Aries, and puts him into the corner. Aries gets away again, as he fights Kaz and Styles on the floor. Aries goes to climb, as Hardy follows. The ladder tips, as it falls on AJ and Kaz on the apron. All me fall to the floor.


Aries slams Hardy into a ladder, as he then climbs it. Kaz takes Aries down, slamming him head first into the ladder. Aries kicks a ladder in the ring, to Kaz on the floor. Kaz is then slammed from the ladder. AJ connects with a Springboard Elbow to Aries, as he is sent to the floor. Aries rolls back in, as Styles tries climbing the ladder. Kaz fights off the two men with a ladder, as he hits Aries and AJ with it. Kaz sets up another ladder and climbs it. All four men climb the ladders, as they all climb for the clipboard. Aries connects with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to Hardy, taking him to the floor. Kaz goes for a Suplex to AJ off the ladder, but Styles fights off. Both men get off the ladder, as Styles takes Kaz off with a flurry of punches. A ladder is set up in the corner, as Aries connects with a Spinning Wheel Kick to AJ. Aries climbs, and Hardy follows. Hardy is caught in the ropes, as AJ comes up from behind. AJ pulls him down, going for the Styles Clash. Kaz comes up to AJ, connecting with a Reverse STO. Aries is hit with the Styles Clash on the way down. Kaz climbs, as Hardy follows. Aries goes to the top rope, as he takes them both out with a Missile Dropkick. Aries struggles to climb, as Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode come out. Aries is distracted, as AJ leaps to the ladder. They fight for it, as Hardy pushes the ladder over. Aries is driven into the ladder in the corner, as AJ falls to the floor. Kaz is then whipped into the same cornered ladder. Hardy finishes with a Twist of Fate. Daniels distracts the ref, as Roode gets in the ring. Hardy is pulled down, but kicks Roode. Kaz climbs the ladder, and throws an Appletini into the eyes of Hardy. Hardy is taken off the ladder, as Kazarian collects the points.

Winner and +20 Points: Kazarian


Backstage, Sabin is asked how he prepares for his Main Event. Sabin speaks of his favorite moment in wrestling being the Dudleyz putting people through flaming tables with tacks. Sabin knows they are ruthless, but still beat him. Sabin looks to make it 3-0.

In the ring with the Main Event Mafia, Dixie Carter speaks of Kurt Angle being in rehab. Dixie speaks of everyone having Angle in their thoughts, and support him. Aces and Eights interrupt. Anderson speaks that they only have one week to find a replacement. Anderson says they are all so excited to have the bragging rights, of having ended the pro career of Rampage before it began. Anderson goes through, speaking of the possibilities of ending Samoa Joe or Sting’s career. Anderson mocks Magnus, saying he was going to be the future of Impact Wrestling. Magnus says the only future they need to concern themselves with is their immediate one, as he says a punch in the mouth is in his future. Magnus says they have one week to find a replacement, but believes this audience is Mafia territory. Magnus says if they can’t find someone in the back, they will recruit from the crowd. Magnus says one of them will go home with a pink slip. Anderson says tonight Bully Ray regains his tittle, and the week after, one of the MEM will be eliminated. Anderson goes for a headcount, as they attack the Mafia members. The two groups brawl, as Aces stands tall.


No DQ Three Way Dance: Knockout’s Champion Mickie James vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB

ODB makes her way to the ring, immediately attacking James and Kim. ODB takes out both women in different corners. ODB goes top rope, but is tripped. James grabs a chair, as Jim takes it away. ODB kicks the chair into her gut. With the distraction, James connects with a Neckbreaker. James wedges the chair in the corner, as ODB is whipped into it. Both Gail and Mickie attempt to pin. James rolls up Gail, but a kick out. James and Kim trade fists in the middle of the ring. ODB falls to the floor, as Gail grabs her from the floor. ODB is thrown back into the ring, as Gail looks under the ring. James attacks Gail, as she gets in the ring with a Kendo Stick. ODB is hit across the back with it a few times. James goes top rope, as she choke ODB with the stick. ODB pulls James off the top rope with the stick. ODB begins blasting Gail and James with the Kendo Stick. ODB takes her bra off under her clothes, and chokes James and Kim with it. ODB hands Gail in the ropes with it, as James kicks her in the head. ODB is sent into the ring post, as James goes under the ropes. Gail ties ODB’s legs in the ring post, into a Figure Four. James get the arms, but they both fight in the ring. ODB gets up, and takes a swig of her flask. ODB spits it into James face, as Gail hits with a Kendo Stick. ODB dodges an attack, and plants Kim onto the chair with a TKO.

Winner: ODB via pinfall

Backstage, Sting speaks of getting a replacement. Joe says one of their careers are on the line. Sting says they all hate him, but needs to talk to Austin Aries for help.


Sting talks to Aries, as they speak of Aces and Eights. Sting says they want to get rid of the group, as they both have mutual hate for them. Sting asks for help, as Aries says he has a lot to think about it. Sting says they don’t have to be friends, but have that common enemy.

Backstage, Bobby Roode speaks of changing the landscape of the Bound for Glory Series. Roode says if he wins his Tables Match tonight, he will be in second place.

The Main Event Mafia speak about Sting, as he tells everyone that Aries declined. Rampage says he has something to address in the ring, as he leaves.


A Chris Sabin and Bully Ray video package is shown.

Backstage, Bully Ray is on the phone speaking with Brooke Hogan. Ray says he will win the World Championship back and will celebrate. Rays say he will tell the world the truth, next week.

Rampage Jackson, with Samoa Joe makes their way to the ring. Jackson says he is new, and that is new. Rampage speaks of old MMA fans and how that relates to him. Rampage says he hopes he has their support, because he belongs in TNA. Jackson says he didn’t come here to get his ass kicked. Rampage says he needs to ask an old friends help. Jackson calls Tito Ortiz out.

Jackson speaks of their upcoming fight in MMA, but says they need to put that aside. Right now, he asks for his help for the Mafia. Rampage says they can take over this sport too. Ortiz says he came here to make headlines. Bully Ray interrupts.

Ray mocks them all, saying if he didn’t have a match later tonight, he would beat the piss out of both of them. Ray says he already has Jackson’s number. Ray says if Ortiz crosses him, he will be made Bully’s bitch. Ortiz flips, as he is held back.

Mr Anderson makes his way to the ring for his match.


Magus makes his way to the ring. Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring.

Bound for Glory Tables Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode

Magnus attacks Roode on the ramp. as he gets the upperhand. Roode is taken out in the corner, as Samoa Joe fights Anderson on the floor. Bobby takes out Magnus from the corner with a fist. Roode goes to the floor, attacking Joe and Anderson. Roode introduces the first table, sliding it in the ring. Roode sets up the table in the corner, as he goes back to the attack on Magnus. Magnus is whipped into the table, but Joe pushes him out of the way. Joe then connects with a Scoop Slam to Roode. Anderson picks up Joe, as Magnus kicks Anderson down. Magnus runs the ropes, taking out Anderson with an elbow. Roode attacks Magnus, choking him in the corner. Roode sets up the table in the middle of the ring, as he runs the ropes. Joe and Magnus take him out. Joe and Magnus go for Roode and Anderson, respectively. Joe and Magnus is taken out. Roode gets another table on the floor, as he fights Joe. Magnus fights Anderson, as he throws him into a table against the ring post. Joe gets the ring bell, and lays it on Roode’s lap. Joe then slams the hammer into the bell, ringing Roode’s bells. Magnus goes to Powerbomb Anderson, but is hit with a low blow. Joe connects to Roode with a wicked chop, as Anderson continues the attack on Magnus. Joe makes the save, sitting him in a chair. Joe runs at him, connecting with a Yakuza Kick. Magnus, in the ring, sets up a table in the corner. Magnus picks Roode up, but he gets out. Magnus is planted with a Spinebuster. Anderson on the floor chokes Joe. Roode has the upperhand on Magnus. Anderson and Joe enter the ring. Roode and Anderson begin pushing each other around. Anderson and Roode whip Joe and Magnus into each other. Joe takes out Roode, as he rolls to the floor. Joe runs the ropes, taking out Roode with a Suicide Dive. Magnus takes Anderson, connecting with a Jackhammer. Magnus sets up the table, but is planted with a Mic Check. Joe gets in the ring, putting Anderson on the top rope. Joe goes for a Muscle Buster through the table, but Roode moves it away. Joe and Anderson go to the floor, as Magnus is put on the table from Rood. Bobby goes top rope, but Joe trips him up. Kazarian runs down, going for Joe. Daniels throws another Appletini in the eyes of Magnus, as Bobby Roode Powerbombs him through the table for the win.

Winner and +2o Points in the BFG Series: Bobby Roode


Backstage, Sting is asked about Ortiz. Sting wonders if he will be an asset to the Main Event Mafia. Sting says he believes he will help the group.

Backstage, Anderson talks with Bully Ray as they argue. Anderson asks if he can beat Sabin. Ray says he doesn’t get any help, as Anderson says all they do is try to help. Ray says they don’t seem like his ally.

Bully Ray makes his way to the ring.


Chris Sabin makes his way to the ring.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: Chris Sabin (c) vs. Bully Ray

They lock up, as Ray slams him to the mat. Sabin gets up, as the circle the ring. They lock up again, as Sabin is slammed. Ray is pushed by Sabin. They circle the ring, as they lock up again. Ray picks up Sabin, as he throws him across the ring. Ray goes to attack Sabin in the corner, but he connects with Arm Drags. Sabin connects with a Dropkick. Sabin goes for a Corner Elbow Strike, and a Dropkick. Sabin runs the ropes, as he is thrown into the cage. Sabin climbs, but dives on Ray. Pin, but a kick out. Sabin takes out the legs of Bully. Sabin climbs the cage, but is tripped into the ropes. Ray kicks his face into the cage. Ray throws Sabin into the other side of the cage.


Ray throws Sabin into the cage again. Sabin tries to fight back, but he is taken out. Ray connects with a Running Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Ray drags his forearm across Sabin’s face. Sabin is put in the corner, as he fights out with forearms. Sabin tries to pick up Ray, but fails. Sabin is picked up, as he gets out. Sabin reverses into a Backslide. Pin, but a kick out. Ray takes out Sabin with a Lariat. Bully throws strikes to Sabin’s head. Chris is then locked in a Bear Hug. Sabin elbows out, as he is hit with a Back Body Drop. Bully goes for a Powerbomb, but Sabin reverses into a Sleeper Hold. Ray backs Sabin into the corner. Sabin connects with a Tornado DDT from the corner. The two exchange chops and forearms. Sabin connects with an Enziguri. Sabin rips of the jacket of Bully, and connects with a Death Valley Driver. Sabin begins whipping Bully with the jacket. Ray runs to him, connecting with a Big Boot. Pin, but a kick out. Bully connects with a Samoan Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Bully goes to climb, as Sabin stops him. Sabin throws kicks to Ray, while standing on the ropes. Sabin connects with a Frankensteiner off the top rope. Bully sells his shoulder, as Sabin is hit with a Suplex. Bully goes for the door, as Sabin pull him in. Sabin runs out, but is caught. Bully picks up Sabin, as the ref is taken out. Bully rams the ref into the cage, as Sabin Dropkicks Bully into the cage. Sabin then connects with a Missile Dropkick. Pin, but the ref is down. Sabin climbs to the door, as Anderson slams it shut. Rampage and Ortiz runs to make the save, as Anderson is pushed to the floor. Ortiz then grabs a hammer and hits Rampage. Sabin is distracted, as he connects with the Powerbomb for the win.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray via pinfall