TNA Lockdown 2010

Total Nonstop Action – Pay-Per-View
April 18, 2010 – St. Louis, Missouri


Rob Van Dam beat James Storm (Winner gets Lethal Lockdown Advantage)
Homicide beat Brian Kendrick & Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley (Xscape Match)
Kevin Nash defeated Showtime Eric Young (Steel Cage Grudge Match)
Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love & Tara (All Titles)
Kazarian beat Shannon Moore & Homicide (vacant TNA X-Division Title)
Team 3-D beat Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (Steel Cage Falls Count Anywhere)
Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson (Escape the Steel Cage Grudge Match)
A.J. Styles defeated Pope D’Angelo Dinero (TNA World Heavyweight Title)
Abyss & Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam w/Hulk Hogan
Sting & Desmond Wolfe & Robert Roode & James Storm w/Ric Flair


TNA Lockdown

OPENING VIDEO: The production team is really getting good at these..

RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Taz welcomed the viewing audience to TNA Lockdown! They announced that Douglas Williams had been grounded in the UK due to the volcano erruption in Iceland, and has been stripped of the TNA X-Division title. They also announced that Sean Waltman has no-showed the event. They also said that Eric Bischoff had not yet made it to the building…

Rob Van Dam defeated “Cowboy” James Storm: James Storm took his time getting into the cage, standing outside the door delaying his entrance, so RVD ran and kicked the door into Storm’s face! RVD jumped out of the cage and they brawled around ringside for several minutes. RVD climbed the side of the cage and did a leg-drop on Storm, who was draped over the guard rail. Storm mounted a come-back and took a drink of beer. He placed the bottle inside the steel cage. They finally entered the cage and started the match. RVD was already bleeding pretty badly. After several minutes of back-and-forth, Storm missed a super-kick, and RVD drilled him with a kick of his own. RVD finished Storm off with a Five-Star-Frog-Splash!

Christy Hemme & Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hogan said it wasn’t exactly a bright sunny day in California, because Team Hogan has been beat up pretty bad lately. Hogan talked about Beer Money burning Jeff Hardy’s head off and Desmond Wolfe running Abyss over with a car. Hogan said that Team Hogan was in the building regrouping and that says something. Hogan said no matter what happens out there they’re going to leave their mark. Hogan said RVD just beat James Storm and that means they have a little momentum. Hogan said he heard Ric Flair has been stylin’ and profilin’ in St. Louis already. Hogan said if Ric Flair destroyed Team Hogan he will pack his bags and leave. Hogan addressed Eric Bischoff not being in the building, saying he Eric is going to be Eric and he’s done with it.

Homicide defeated Brian Kendrick and Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley: They announced that the winner of this match would replace Douglas Williams in the triple threat match later for the vacant TNA X-Division title. Even though it was every man for themselves, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin worked together. Homicide and Kendrick decided to work gogether as well. Kendrick was bleeding from the forehead. Homicide double-crossed Kendrick and snuck over the side of the cage to win the match!

“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash defeated “Showtime” Eric Young: Kevin Nash punished Eric Young, who refused to give up and kept telling Nash to “bring it on!” Young had brief flurries of offense, but Nash’s power was too much. Nash was slower than slow, while Young worked his ass off to make something out of the match. Nash rammed Young head-first into the steel cage and then planted him with a Jacknife Power-bomb for the win! Eric Young was knocked unconcious and bleeding from the forehead. Every match has had blood so far. Nash grabbed the microphone and said he would be Scott Hall’s tag team partner tonight! Nash pulling double-duty?

TNA Knockout Tag Team champions The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne w/Lacey Von Erich) defeated Tara & TNA Knockout champion Angelina Love to win the TNA Knockout title for Rayne!: If Tara & Angelina won they would win the TNA Knockout Tag Team titles, but if Velvet or Madison score the pin they win the TNA Knockout title for themselves. The match was relatively short and confusing. Tara hit Madison Rayne with the Widow’s Peak, but Velvet Sky made the save. Lacey Von Erich entered the cage and knocked Tara out with a belt shot to the back of the head! Madison Rayne pinned Tara to win the TNA Knockout title!!! Angelina Love was furious at Tara for losing the match.. Angelina helped Tara up to her feet, but then Tara bashed her from behind and rammed her face-first into the steel cage!

Jeremy Borash & Team Flair (Ric Flair & Sting & Desmond Wolfe -w/Chelsea- & Robert Roode & James Storm) + A.J. Styles: Ric Flair was full of woooooo’s as he proclaimed that St. Louis was Flair country! Flair said they appreciate the youth of Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam but Beer Money is the future of TNA. Flair said Abyss has been taken out twice by Desmond Wolfe! Flair said Hogan has Jeff Jarrett, but he’s got The Icon Sting! Wooo! Flair said blood, sweat, and tears, this would be Hulk Hogan’s last night at TNA! Jeremy Borash also interviewed TNA World Heavyweight champion A.J. Styles who bragged about being the longest reigning champion in TNA history! Styles said he was not sweating the Pope tonight.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Shannon Moore and Homicide to win the vacant TNA X-Division title: A few minutes into the match, Homicide hit a double Ace Crusher on both of his opponents from the top rope! There were light chants of “this is awesome!” throughout the match. Kazarian hit his sick finisher on Homicide to win the vacant TNA X-Division title (the belt was still in the UK with Douglas Williams)..

Christy Hemme & Pope D’Angelo Dinero: Christy Hemme said the X-Division title just changed hands, and earlier the Knockout title changed hands, before wondering if the World title would change hands later. The Pope cut a promo on A.J. Styles and called him “Arther.”

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) defeated The Band (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall): Team 3-D came down and told the referees to keep the cage doors open because it was going to be a St. Louis Street Fight fought under Falls Count Anywhere rules! Team 3-D attacked Nash & Hall during their entrance and they brawled all over the arena. The crowd was going crazy for the up-close action. The Band ended up in the cage alone with Brother Devon, while Brother Ray desperately tried to get in to help! Ray bashed Nash’s fingers with a chair and finally got in the cage to clean house! Devon left the cage and brought a table into the ring. Team 3-D set it up and put Scott Hall through it with a 3-D for the win!

Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson won possession of the key to the door on iMPACT, so he had the advantage going into the steel cage. Anderson began the match with the key on a chain around his neck. Anderson tried to use the key within seconds of starting the match, but was unsuccessful. The key ended up getting stuck in the padlock. Kurt Angle did realize that the key was inserted, but continued the beat-down Anderson. Anderson countered and launched Angle head-first into the steel cage, opening up a bloody gash on Angle’s forehead. Anderson bashed Angle’s bloody head into the cage and then smeared Angle’s blood across his chest. Anderson went for the door again, but Angle stopped him. Anderson pushed Angle violently into the wall again. Anderson suffered a gash on the top of his head, causing some blood to flow down his blond hair. Anderson used some of his wrist tape to wrap around Angle’s neck and choke him down. Angle hulked up and countered with an underarm back-suplex – with a bad landing for Mr. Anderson. Both wrestler regrouped and then took turns trying to knock each other out! Anderson hit his rolling Green Bay Plunge, but realized that pins were useless. Angle recovered and proceeded to hit his trademark series of German-suplexes. Angle stood up and looked at the cage door, but decided to pull down his strap and put Anderson in the Anklelock – even though you can’t win by submission. Anderson got out of it and planted Angle with a stiff Mic Check! Anderson crawled towards the door and unlocked the door and pushed it open. Angle pulled Anderson back into the cage and then re-locked the door! Angle threw the key over the cage wall into the crowd! Anderson paniced when he realized he was trapped inside a steel cage with Kurt Angle. Anderson tried to climb the cage, but Angle pulled him down. They continued to fight, and ended up standing on the top rope between ring posts. Angle German-suplexed Anderson down to the mat and the crowd popped! Angle looked up and was showered by chants of “THIS IS AWESOME!” Angle laid out Anderson and climbed up the cage to perform an intensely insane moonsault off the top of the cage!! Angle took in the crowd response and then proceeded to open the door (I guess he kept the key). Angle looked over his shoulder and saw Mr. Anderson giving him two angry middle fingers! Angle decided not to leave the cage and went after Anderson, who caught Angle with a desperate Mic Check! Anderson crawled towards the door and actually touched the floor with his hand. Angle grabbed Anderson by the ankle and dragged him back in via the Anklelock. Anderson started tapping out, but that was useless. Anderson miraculously countered and sent Angle flying into the side of the cage. Anderson tried to slither out of the cage, but Angle caught him once more and choked him out with the original chain. Anderson lost conciousness. Angle spit on him and then kicked him in the crotch before walking out of the cage. Amazing intensely dramatic match!

A.J. Styles w/Ric Flair defeated Pope D’Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title: Ric Flair came down with A.J. Styles but he was immediately sent to the back. A few minutes into the match, A.J. Styles climbed to the top of the cage and jumped off but he missed and landed in the ring! The Pope pounced with a pin attempt, but could only get a two-count. The Pope hit his finisher and went for another pin, but Styles kicked out again! The Pope lined up Styles for the DDE (D’Angelo Dinero Express), but Styles moved. Styles reached through a hole in the cage and took a pen out of the cameraman’s pocket. Styles jabbed the Pope in the eye with the pen and hit him with a Styles Clash! Styles pinned the Pope and retained his TNA World Heavyweight title!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeremy Borash spotted Eric Bischoff arriving at the building. Borash said “it’s a little late for you to be getting here, isn’t it?” but Bischoff just blew him off and kept walking.. Taz said that Eric Bischoff is used to being THE Boss, and right now he is only A Boss.. Taz said that Hulk Hogan shouldn’t trust Eric Bischoff!

Team Hogan (Abyss & Jeff Jarrett & Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy w/Hulk Hogan) defeated Team Flair (Sting & Desmond Wolfe & Robert Roode & James Storm w/Ric Flair & Chelsea): The first two participants were Abyss and Robert Roode. When Abyss came out the headline on the screen said “Team Flair,” but he was actually the captain of Team Hogan. Abyss was selling a hip injury that he suffered when he was hit by a car driven by Desmond Wolfe at iMPACT last week. Abyss tossed Roode face-first into the cage, but there was no blood. After the five minute period, Rob Van Dam came out to make it a 2-on-1 advantage for Team Hogan. After the two minute period, Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea joined the match. Roode low-blowed Abyss and distracted RVD while Wolfe entered the ring and took control for Team Flair. Another two minutes went by and Jeff Jarrett entered the match! Jarrett went after Roode & Wolfe, allowing RVD & Abyss to recover. Jarrett threw both heels head-first into the cage! The heels recovered and regained control despite being at a numbers disadvantage. Wolfe tried to get the Hall of Fame ring off of Abyss for Chelsea. The next person to enter the match was James Storm, who was still hurting from his match with RVD earlier. RVD’s gash was re-opened and the blood began to flow out of his head again. The period ended and Jeff Hardy was supposed to come out, but he was attacked backstage by Sting! The heels dominated the babyfaces in the ring. The final period ended and “The ICON” Sting entered the match with a baseball bat. The roof of the cage was lowered with weapons and the Lethal Lockdown officially began! Each member of Team Flair climbed up and pulled a weapon down to use on their opponents. The four members of Team Flair dismantled the three members of Team Hogan. Jarrett was the first to fight back, bashing everyone with a trash can, but he was cut down by Sting’s baseball bat. Beer Money speared Jarrett through the cage door, and followed him out to the floor for more damage. Abyss found a bag of tacks and poured them out in the ring. Abyss ripped off Sting’s leather jacket and threatened to choke-slam him onto the tacks. Storm jumped in and saved Sting by breaking his beer bottle over the head of Abyss. Team Flair celebrated, but they were interrupted by Jeff Hardy’s music. Hardy ran down holding his ribs, but swinging a kendo stick at Beer Money! Jarrett climbed up and grabbed his guitar, and then bashed it over Wolfe’s head! RVD climbed up and hit a Frog Splash on Wolfe! Hardy guarded the door in case Beer Money tried to get back in. Inside the ring, Abyss choke-slammed Sting on top of the tacks! Hardy climbed up the side of the cage and stood on top, challenging Beer Money to join him! Roode & Storm climbed opposite sides of the cage but were caught by Hardy at the top. Beer Money countered and bashed Hardy with a chair. Beer Money set up a table. Hardy fought back and destroyed a kendo stick before hitting Roode with a Twist of Fate and placing Storm on the table. Hardy set up a ladder and climbed to the very top and jumped off, putting Storm through the table in a spectacular moment! Ric Flair’s music played and the Nature Boy jogged to the ring and went after Abyss, trying to pull the Hall of Fame ring off of his finger. Flair literally tried to chew Abyss’s finger off. Hulk Hogan’s music hit and the Hulkster hobbled to the ring to deal with Flair. Hogan picked up Sting’s baseball bat and threatened Flair. Eric Bischoff ran down and tried to reason with Hogan. Bischoff stood between Flair and Hogan. Bischoff took the bat away from Hogan and pulled out a set of brass knux. Bischoff teased that he would give them to Flair, but ended up giving them to Hogan! Hulk put the knux on his hand and started bashing and bloodying Flair with vicious punches. Hogan rammed the bloody Flair into the cage over and over. Flair then took a bump into the thumb tacks with no shirt on. Abyss gave Wolfe a Black Hole Slam and pinned him to end the match and gain victory for Team Hogan! Hogan helped all his team members up and they paid tribute to Jeff Hardy on top of the structure. Flair was a bloody mess. Bischoff applauded and acted like a team player.