TNA No Surrender 2013

TNA No Surrender
Location: St. Louis, MO
Date: September 12, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

AJ Styles is walking backstage. This footage was from earlier today. It then shows Austin Aries entering the arena with a coffee in hand. Then Bobby Roode with water in hand. Finally we see Magnus in a great looking suit. They are all here for the show.

A video plays showcasing the whole Bound for Glory Series. We saw them fight so hard for the past 3 months. It has commentary from Aries, Styles, Roode, and Magnus. It’s a dream to showcase the biggest PPV in the company. They all fought hard. They didn’t surrender. There’s only four men left and they battle tonight. That one person will be destined for greatness. They will be bound for glory. Who will win tonight? A quote is shown and the video switches to the story line with Bully Ray. He has been against Hogan since the day he joined Aces & 8s. As the grouped developed, so did Ray. He brought in Tito Ortiz and Brooke Tessmacher. He is his own power now. The group started on the downfall. Mr. Anderson rises up to the occasion and threatens to take the title from Ray. Will he beat Ray tonight?

The camera shows the arena. The crowd is on their feet. Music plays and they quickly boo. Here comes the TNA World Champion Bully Ray. Brooke Tessmacher is at his side. They walk down the ramp and then stop as they hug. Ray trash talks to the camera and then continues to the ring. Brooke helps him in the ring. He raises the title and grabs a mic. He wants his music off NOW! Ray says he is in a very bad mood. It’s in everyone’s best interest to not piss him off. Just let him say what he has to say. Things in Aces haven’t been right lately. He and his VP aren’t on the same page. The crowd chants, “You suck.” Ray states that he is willing to forgive Ken. All of their problems are all because that “piece of crap” Hulk Hogan. Just then, the crowd chants, “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan.” They get what they asked for. Hogan’s music plays and Hulk has a mic as he mocks Ray by crying. The crowd does a huge pop. Hulk says his back is cracking and his ears are burning. He is falling apart, but did some idiot mention his name? First of all, Hulk welcomes everyone to No Surrender and thanks Spike TV for it being free here in Missouri. We will know the main event for Bound for Glory tonight. Before placing the blame you “big crybaby”, Ray should be worried about putting that title on the line against one of his brothers, “brother”. Ray says he knows Anderson will do the right thing. Hulk says Ray should be worried about putting that title on the line against one of his family members. Ray states that if he is here, he wants him to tell him right to his face. Just then, Aces 8s music plays. Mr. Anderson comes out and sees Hulk. Hogan extends his hand, but Ken walks right past it and goes right in the ring. He has a mic.

Ray wants the music off. Ray wants Hulk to notice that he didn’t shake his hand and turned his back on him. The colors are strong. All Ken has to do is apologize and it will all be over. Ken asks if he ONLY has to apologize. Ken stalls. He then states Ray is right. Ken was out of line. And he can’t wait to get out of line tonight. Ken then punches Ray right in the face. Bully falls and rolls out of the ring. Ken says he will be the new TNA World Champion. That’s Mr. Anderson… Anderson! Hulk tells Ray, “Good luck” and then states tonight’s main event will be a Last Man Standing Match! Ray is furious. Hulk’s music plays as he leaves the stage. Mike Tenay and Taz are shown. They hype up the main event and then the BFG Series.

Austin Aries’ music hits. Christy Hemme is shown as she introduces the first stars of the first match. Aries comes down and gets in the ring with his cape. AJ Styles’ music plays. He slowly comes out with the hood on his head. He walks down the ramp and then stops. The music changes to his original song. He takes the hood off and gets in the ring.


Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles in the Bound for Glory Series Final Four Match

They slowly walk around the ring. They pick up the pace and then lock-up. AJ pushes back but Aries puts AJ in the corner. They go back and forth to put their opponent in the corner. Aries backs up as AJ is left in the corner. They move around again and lock-up. Aries works on the arm but AJ turns it around and works on the arm of Aries. He twists it around. Aries comes back and gets out of it and works on AJ’s arm and then applies a headlock. AJ pushes Aries in the ropes. They continue. Aries stops himself on the ropes and then runs. He goes behind AJ. AJ runs in the ropes but Aries does a dropkick and AJ goes through the ropes and on the ramp. He then walks around the ring. Aries climbs the corner and flies. He hits AJ right on the head and back. AJ falls. Aries brings him in the ring and Aries climbs the corner again. He goes for a missile dropkick but AJ moves out of the way. AJ whips Aries in the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. Aries rolls out of the ring. AJ does a slingshot but Aries moves and AJ hits the floor mats. Aries goes for a suicide dive but AJ hits him with a forearm to the head. Aries goes back quickly. AJ gets back in the ring.

He stomps on Aries. He gets Austin on his feet and puts him in the corner. He does a knife edge chop but Aries turns it around and does a chop to the chest. AJ returns the favor. AJ now hits Aries in the face with punches. He goes to lift him up but Aries fights it. Aries lifts AJ up for a suplex but AJ blocks it and kicks Aries in the gut and then punches him in the face. Aries punches back and AJ falls to his knees.


Aries has AJ in the corner. He whips him in the opposing corner. Aries runs to him but AJ moves. Aries goes right into the corner chest first. AJ attacks him, but Aries turns it around and tries for the Face Buster. AJ blocks it and punches Aries in the face. Aries punches back and elbows AJ in the head. He continues. He runs in the ropes and comes back but AJ hits him right in the face and Aries falls. He gets up and AJ goes for a closeline, but Aries spins around for a crucifix. AJ blocks it, lifts Aries up and hits him with a backbreaker. He covers but Aries kicks out. AJ gets Aries up to his feet. He hits him with an elbow. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Aries holds onto the ropes. Aries gets to the apron. AJ hits him and Aries falls to the announcer’s table. AJ does a springboard and hits Aries this time. Austin is down. AJ stands and gets Aries to his feet. He rolls him in the ring. AJ gets on the apron. Aries stands and turns. AJ goes for a springboard, but Aries hits AJ and he falls right on the ring apron. Apparently face first. He falls and holds his mouth. Aries grabs AJ as he gets to his feet. Aries lifts him up for a suplex, but AJ blocks it. AJ goes for a suplex but Aries blocks it. Aries hits AJ and he falls to the outside off the apron. He tries to get in the ring but Aries keeps blocking him. Aries goes for a suicide dive, but AJ jumps on the top rope and does a springboard forearm. He covers but Austin kicks out.

AJ gets on his feet. AJ grabs Aries for the Styles Clash but he is trying to block it. He turns it into the hurricanrana. AJ goes into the corner. Aries runs and goes for the running dropkick but AJ kicks him in the gut. AJ runs into the ropes but Aries pops up and kicks him right in the face with a dropkick. AJ and Aries gets up. AJ goes for a suplex, but Aries blocks it and turns it into the Face Buster. He covers but AJ kicks out. Aries then twists over and applies a submission. AJ is not tapping. Aries unlocks and hits AJ with headbutts. He climbs the corner but AJ gets to his feet and follows Aries. Austin elbows him in the face and then claps his head. AJ falls. Aries goes for a 450 splash but he lands on his feet. AJ slowly gets up in the corner. Aries runs and goes for a dropkick but AJ ducks and Aries goes on the top rope. AJ hits the Pelé. He climbs the corner and grabs Aries for the Styles Clash. He hits it off the ropes! He covers and gets the win!

Winner: AJ Styles

Magnus is preparing for his match tonight. Sting and Samoa Joe are around him. Sting asks him if he is ready. He then goes on to tell Magnus that the Main Event Mafia started out as all World Champions. They respect him and he is only two wins away to fight for the title. Magnus thanks Joe and Sting for everything. He then states he is sick and tired of being named the future. He says the future is now. Magnus sits back down and finishes preparing.


Roode is already at ringside. He is yelling at Taz and Mike Tenay. He wants Magnus now! Magnus’ music hits and here he comes!

Bobby Roode vs. Magnus in a Bound for Glory Series Final Four Match

Roode goes right after Magnus. He has him in the corner and stomps the heck out of him. He gets Magnus up and puts him face first into the opposing turnbuckle. He does several chops and then whips him in the opposing corner. Magnus comes out and closelines Roode down. Roode gets up and is able to whip Magnus in the ropes but Magnus holds on as Roode goes for a dropkick. Magnus goes for a leg lock but Roode rolls to the outside. Magnus goes to get him, but Roode takes his legs out from under him. He rams his back into the apron and then face first against the steel steps. Roode rolls Magnus in the ring and stomps on him. He gets him up and whips Magnus in the ropes. Roode knees him. He whips him again and does another knee to the gut. Roode lifts him up and hits a back suplex. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Roode does a suplex and covers. Magnus kicks out. Roode places Magnus throat first on the middle rope and chokes him. Roode goes for a punch but Magnus blocks it and punches Roode multiple times. He goes to whip him but Roode blocks it and hits a knee to the face. He then takes Magnus down with a closeline. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Roode applies a headlock. Magnus is fading. Magnus starts getting power. Roode stops it though. Magnus comes back and gets to his feet. He punches his way out. Roode headbutts him and then does a knife edge chop. Magnus whips Roode in the ropes but Magnus kicks Roode in the chest. He then hits a closeline and Roode falls. Both get up in opposing corners. Magnus runs but Roode kicks him in the face. He gets to the second rope and jumps, but Magnus catches him and drops Magnus down. He covers him but Roode kicks out. Roode gets up as he rakes the eyes of Magnus. He does a spinebuster and covers. Magnus kicks out.

Roode gets Magnus up and puts him in the corner. He puts him on the top and Roode goes for a superplex. Magnus drops Roode face and chest first down. Magnus jumps for the elbow drop and hits it. He covers but Roode kicks out. Magnus waits for Roode to stand. He stands. Magnus lifts him up but Roode slides out and goes for a roll-up. Magnus kicks out. Magnus goes for a closeline, but Roode does a crossface. Magnus gets out and locks in the Cloverleaf. Roode goes for the ropes but Magnus pulls him away. Roode tries and finally reaches the ropes. He rolls out of the ring. Magnus goes after him and rolls him back in. Magnus goes to get in the ring but Roode kicks the ropes. He goes for the Fisherman suplex, but Magnus gets out, takes the legs out from under Roode and does a flip over covering and pinning Roode!

Winner: Magnus


Roode is backstage. He is sitting in a chair scratching his head. He then stands and grabs a chair and smashes it. He starts making a mess. Daniels and Kazarian enter to try to calm him down. Roode tells them that no one is going to make it to the finals. Daniels and Kaz have his back.

Hulk Hogan is sitting backstage with TJ Perkins. Hulk says he is on a role when he puts on the mask. TJ asks if he can have Jeff Hardy. Hulk says Jeff is in trouble as he it is a done deal. Just then, Dixie Carter enters. She asks TJ to leave… he does. Dixie then tells Hulk that she got a call from Bellator attorneys and they don’t want Tito or Rampage on the show anymore. They said it elevated too much. Hulk is fine with that. After their match on November 2nd, maybe they can serve them on a silver platter.

Bully Ray is backstage with Aces & 8s. He says the group is falling apart. He doesn’t know what is happening. He turns to them and says he thinks they want him to lose tonight. He thinks they want Ken Anderson to win the title. Do they want the VP as champion? He asks them all. They say nothing. He doesn’t think they do. He says he loves them. He says they should wear their color proud. He wants them to know that. Ray takes off the sunglasses of Wes Brisco and stares at him. He then slowly walks out as the other members look at him.


Mr. Anderson is walking backstage. His match is next.


Video plays from earlier today showing the ending of Aries vs. AJ and Roode vs. Magnus.

A video plays showcasing the story behind Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray. Ray makes Ken the VP of Aces & 8s and he is proud to make him the VP. Ken tried to help Ray against Sabin, but Sabin was able to come back and win. Ray states he only needs Tito and introduces him into the club. Ken doesn’t like it one bit. Ray doesn’t care as he is the president. Ken goes to help Ray against Sting, but decides against it. He is now battling him for the title.

Mr. Anderson comes out to the Aces & 8s music. He gets right in the ring. The music keeps playing as Bully Ray comes out with Brooke Tessmacher. He has the title over his shoulder. He walks down the ramp. He tells Brooke something. Just then, Ken comes on the ramp and goes right after Ray. He punches him right in the face and the bell sounds.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray (Champ) for the TNA World Title in a Last Man Standing Match

Ken continues the punches. He grabs Ray and tosses him in the ring. Ken continues the attack. He puts Ray in the corner and pounds his shoulder into the gut. He then whips him in the opposing corner. Ray falls to the mat. Anderson gets on top of Ray and punches him in the face. He grabs Bully and tosses him out of the ring. Ken gets out. Ray tries to have Taz to help him but he can’t. Ken smashes Ray’s face into the commentator’s desk and then leans him against the guard rail. Ray gets up and grabs Christy Hemme as a shield. Ray then runs away and goes around the ring. Ken follows and punches Ray in the face. He smashes his face into the apron. Ray runs away. He turns to Ken and rakes his eyes. Ray looks around and then goes to Ken. He punches his face and throws him right into the steel steps. Ken is down. Ray yells at Brooke to get a steel chair. Ray gets Ken up and smashes his face into the steel steps. Ray closelines Ken down. He raises his arms and the crowd boos. Ray punches Ken right in the face. Ken tries to get away but Ray elbows him on the top of the head now. Ray grabs a chair but Ken kicks him in the gut and grabs the chair. Ray is on his hands and knees. Ken swings and smashes Ray right in the back with the chair. Ray tries to crawl away. Ken punches Ray in the face multiple times and then pounds his back. Ray rolls in the ring.

Ken brings the chair in the ring. Ray backs up in the corner and then elbows Ken in the face. Ray climbs to the middle rope but Ken low blows him and has him on his shoulders. He does a roll through. Ken slides out of the ring and taunts Brooke and then says, “Anderson, get the tables!” Ken looks under the ring and grabs a table. He brings it in the ring. Ken gets in the ring but Ray does a huge big boot to the face. Ken is down. Ray grabs the chair and goes to hit Earl. Earl gets out of the way. Ray then switches and hits Ken in the back with the chair. He turns and sets up the table in the corner.


Ray still has Ken down on the mat. Ray grabs a chair and smashes it on Ken’s back. Ray has the momentum and the pace is slow. Ray puts Earl Hebner in the corner and tells him that he can do what he wants. He tells Earl to not tell him what to do. Just then, Earl fights back and tells Ray off. He turns around but Ray pushes Earl and he goes right into the corner. Ray turns as Ken is about to stand. Ray goes for a big boot but Ken ducks. He grabs Ray and hits the Mic Check face first on the steel chair. Ken uses the ropes to get up. He crawls to Earl to get him up. Earl is down though. Ken stands but is the only one standing in the ring. It is well past a ten count. Ken lifts Ray up to his feet. Just then, Bully hits Ken with the Bully Cutter. Both are down. Ray rolls around. Wes Brisco, Knux, and Garett Bischoff come out and stand at the end of the ramp. They then get in the ring. They look at Ken and then at Ray. They start staring at Anderson. Anderson is crawling back. Garett picks him up. They are confronting him. Brooke enters and low blows Anderson. She kisses Ray and then leaves the ring. Ray tells them to put Ken down. Knux lifts him up. They hold him too and triple powerbomb him. They leave the ring. Ray gets Earl’s head back in place and he starts to count. He is at 6-7-8-9-and Ken is up. Ray can’t believe it. Ray gets in his face and tells Ken that he should stay down. Ken punches back multiple times. Ray pushes him back and closelines him down.

Ray crawls and grabs the chain that is at ringside. He wraps it around his fist. He shows Taz and then turns around. He drives it right into Ken’s head. He is down and out. Ray raises the chain as the crowd boos. Earl counts as Ken is now busted open. Earl is at 8. 9… but Ken stands using the ropes. Ray can’t believe it. Ken is swaying back and forth. He wants Ray. Bully runs and spears him right through the table! Earl counts. Ray grabs part of that table just in case Ken stands again. Ken isn’t moving. Earl counts to ten.

Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Bully Ray

Brooke enters the ring and celebrates with Ray. He gets his title and raises it in the air. Ken is barely moving. Officials come out and check on him. They quickly put a neck brace on him. They pull him over and put him on a stretcher. They pick him up and slide him under the ropes. They put him on the set of wheels and wheel him to the back. Just then, Ray runs to him and says he is the last person he will ever hear and the last person he will ever see. Ray then tips the stretcher over. Ray throws the stretcher away and then takes the neck brace off. He takes the vest off of Ken and whips it. He hands it to Brooke. He gets Ken up to his feet. He lifts him and does a piledriver on the stage! Ray states, “Do you know who I am? I am Bully Ray and I’m the World Champion. I am the guy who just took you out.” Ray stands and raises his belt above his head.


A video plays showing ODB backstage. She says a lot has changed over the past year. She got married and is now using coasters. She has been training for her match next week. She hasn’t been champion in three years. She almost gave up drinking… but that is not going to happen. BOOM!

James Storm and Gunner are in the ring. James has the mic and says it looks like they are in the right place tonight right here in St. Louis! James talks about his beer bottle and says he is drunk as hell. There must be a lot of beer drinkers in the arena tonight. People cheer. James asks Gunner if he remembers that they were going to sit back and see who wins the series. James says he wants to sit back and watch, but Gunner wants to fight. So, why can’t they do both? All they need is opponents. Either Bro-Mance or Kaz/Daniels/Roode or Aces and Idiots. Everyone in the back needs to stand up and fight. All of a sudden, music hits and here comes Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero. They come into the ring and says they are willing to fight. Bound for Glory… they won the TNA Tag Titles last year at BFG. James is a great tag team wrestler. James is part of one of the greatest tag teams of all-time, but not THE GREATEST as that is whatever team Chavo is in. He turns and says Gunner is jacked. Does he bench 300 pounds? He is one of the strongest guys but not THE STRONGEST as that is Hernandez. So, how about Chavo and Hernandez vs. James and Gunner. James and Gunner have been on a losing streak and if they fight, the losing streak will continue. Gunner grabs the mic and says they like to throw challenges out. His partner likes beer and Johnny Cash, but he likes to fight. So, how about fight next week? Chavo and Hernandez like it. Gunner tells them that if they stick their fists into their faces again, then he will hit them in the face with the tag titles.

We see AJ Styles backstage walking. We then see Magnus. Their match is next.


Video plays showing the ending of the Last Man Standing Match. It then shows the aftermath as Ray took Ken out with a huge piledriver.

Magnus’ music hits and he comes right out. The crowd lights up. He gets in the ring. AJ Styles’ music plays. He walks out with the hood already off. The other music then plays. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. AJ’s back looks to be hurting him. Jeremy Borash is in the ring. The bell rings three times and he introduces the participants in this main event.

Magnus vs. AJ Styles in the Finals of the Bound for Glory Series

They move around the ring and lock-up. They are even. They move around again. They lock-up. Magnus places AJ in the corner. Magnus backs up. They walk around again. They go to lock-up but AJ goes behind Magnus and locks his arms. He then applies a headlock. Magnus lifts him up but AJ does a roll through as the headlock still is in. Magnus gets up and goes to whip AJ but AJ continues to have the headlock in. Magnus gets up, but AJ takes Magnus down again with the headlock. Magnus stands once again. He goes to take him down and he finally does with a back suplex. He covers but AJ kicks out. Magnus now applies a headlock. AJ stands and punch his way out of it. AJ runs in the ropes but Magnus does a back body drop. He covers but AJ kicks out. Magnus sends AJ in the corner. He runs but AJ does a drop toe hold and Magnus falls face first into the middle turnbuckle. AJ gets Magnus up and places him in the corner. He does several shoulder blocks to the gut. AJ takes him out of the corner but Magnus fights back with punches. AJ falls to his knees. Magnus whips AJ in the ropes but he reverses it. Magnus kicks AJ in the chest. He goes into the ropes but AJ hits him with an elbow and does a snapmare.

He goes for a knee to the face, but Magnus moves. Magnus keeps AJ down and goes for an elbow drop, but AJ moves. They get up but Kazarian and Daniels run in the ring and attack Styles and Magnus. Roode now gets in and he does a spinebuster to Magnus. Daniels takes Styles out. Referees come out and try to get the three out of the ring. It isn’t working as Daniels attacks Daniels and so does Roode. They go after Magnus and now they move to the outside. They slowly walk up the ramp.


Both are on their feet. Magnus punches AJ but AJ punches Magnus. Magnus does an uppercut but AJ does a huge kick to the head. Magnus falls. He gets up using the ropes. AJ stands and runs to him, but Magnus kicks him. He runs to him and both go down. The referee counts. Both get up at 8. They turn and Magnus goes for a punch but AJ blocks and punches him. He elbows him and then does a roundhouse kick. Magnus goes to the corner. AJ runs but Magnus lifts him over and AJ lands on the apron. AJ punches him and then goes for a springboard, but Magnus does an uppercut. Magnus lifts him up and takes him down with the finisher. He has the cover but AJ kicks out. Magnus grabs AJ’s legs, but AJ grabs the head and applies a chokehold with his legs. Magnus has AJ’s shoulders down but AJ lifts it up. Magnus lifts AJ up on his shoulders, but AJ slides out and goes for a cover. Magnus kicks out. Both get up and AJ does the Pelé kick. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Both get up. Magnus goes to AJ, but AJ ducks and locks in the Calf Killer. Magnus is shaking no as he won’t tap. Magnus tries to reach for the ropes. He is crawling. He finally reaches for the ropes and gets it. Magnus gets in the corner as his leg hurts. AJ stands and runs to him and hits a big splash. AJ goes for a spin kick, but Magnus grabs the leg, lifts AJ up, and hits a spinebuster. He covers but AJ kicks out.

Magnus hops up. He gets AJ and puts him in the corner. Magnus goes to the top for the superplex, but AJ punches Magnus and he falls. Magnus comes back with a forearm shot. AJ fights back with punches. Magnus gets up and punches back. Magnus starts to slip on the ropes, but AJ punches Magnus in the head nonstop. Magnus finally falls and is down. AJ stands on the top and does the Spiral Tap. He covers and gets the win!

Winner: AJ Styles

The referee lifts AJ’s arm as he stands. The crowd is roaring. He celebrates in the ring. Magnus looks on as he almost had it. Magnus surely thought he was going to win from the start. AJ grabs a mic. He says that he was going to do it and he did do it in St. Louis. He couldn’t have done it without, “You, you, you, you…” as he points to people around the ring. AJ says he received a lot of response from what he said several weeks ago, but he didn’t get anything from one person. He didn’t get a call, text, or tweet… and we know how Dixie likes to tweet. He tells Dixie to tell her office assistant to remind her to be there next week. We thought he said it all, well he has more explosive things to say, so be there Dixie! The show fades.