IMPACT Slammiversary 2023

IMPACT Slammiversary Results
July 15, 2023
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Sportsplex at St. Clair College)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

According to Fightful Select, Steve Maclin has a groin tear, which will keep him out of action for an undetermined amount of time. The report further notes he will not need surgery.

The show opens with a history of TNA Wrestling and then as it evolved to IMPACT Wrestling.

Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt welcome us to the Sportsplex at St. Clair College. We start off with the Ultimate X Match. Ring announcer Dave Penzer is doing the introductions. As the competitors are coming out, the lightening and the crowd look really good. The building is full.

As the match is about to start, music hits and its Jake Something who is going to be part of the match, making himself the sixth man.

IMPACT Wrestling Ultimate X Match: Jonathan Gresham vs. Mike Bailey vs. Kevin Knight vs. Alan Angels vs. KUSHIDA

The bell rings and here we go. Jake is clearing the ring and grabs Kevin Knight. Kevin is up on Jake’s shoulders trying to grab the X, but is grabbed by Jake and launched over the top rope onto everyone on the outside. Jake tries to climb, but Angels grabs Jake down. Bailey and Gresham have formed a team to take out Jake. All the other competitors took out Jake. Angles and Jake are on the outside. Bailey, KUSHIDA, Knight and Gresham are brawling it out. Gresham and Knight are working on Bailey and KUSHIDA. Gresham then flies to the outside and lays out Jake, followed by Bailey taking out Jake. The fans begin to chant this is awesome! Bailey and Gresham are climbing up grab the X and are exchanging headbutts. Angels gets up on the top rope and grabs Gresham and Bailey and drops them with a huge Spanish Fly! Angles in now going up to get the X, but KUSHIDA has Angels on his shoulders as Kevin Knight drop kicks Angels off KUSHIDA onto the floor! Knight is all by himself as he tries to climb to the X. KUSHIDA is now on the other side. Bailey is up and Kicks down Knight. Bailey does an ultimate moonsault off scaffolding crashing down on everywhere else below! Bailey is up on the second rope and he fights off Jake Something. Bailey is met with a steel chair by Angels. Angels is taking out everyone on the outside with a chair. He gives Jake Something six chair shots to the back! Angles is back in the ring. He jaws the crowd and is climbing the truss and is on the cables. Knight is trying to take him down. Knight has Angles on his shoulders and drops him backwards! The fans chant again this is awesome! Angels and Gresham are up on the truss. Angles hits Gresham with a low blow as the fans boo. Jake Something is back in the ring and shoves Angles face into the steel truss. Jake is up on the cables and making his way to the X. Angles clips his legs and his falls to the mat. KUSHIDA and Angles are up on the cable. Bailey is now making his way as they are in the center. Angles hits Bailey with a low blow and he drops. KUSHIDA grabs the X and drops down on the mat to win the match and earns a future X-DIVISION Title shot!


We go to replays showing the highlights of the match.

The commentary team introduces former Team Canada member A1, who is shown in the crowd. They then run down the rest of the card for the night. They showed footage of Kenny King winning the Digital Media Championship and then we go to a backstage interview with Gia Miller taking to King being interviewed who said he danced and stripped Joe Hendry of the Digital Media Championship. King then runs down all the other champions and calls them lame and that they suck, so they are called Twitter.

We go to a video package highlighting what brought us to the next match, which is the Knockouts World Tag Team Championship Match.

David Penzer makes all the introductions as the challengers come out first, followed by the tag team champions.

IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championship Match: The Coven (KiLynn King and Taylor Wilde) (c) vs. Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly

The bell rings and we begin…Kelly and Wilde face off. Wilde slaps Kelly. Now all four women are in the ring. Masha drops kicks Widle, followed by a pump kick. Kelly is taking down Wilde and then nails her in the face with a knee and forearms shots. She then launches herself into Wilde. Kelly covers Wilde, but she kicks out at two. Masha is tagged in and drop kicks Wilde and covers her for only a two count! Wilde then takes down Masha and covers her as Masha kicks out at two. Wilde and King double team Masha. King tosses Masha across the ring and misses a running knee. Masha stomps Kelly and covers her, but Kelly kicks out at two! King and Masha double team Kelly and then she is covered by King, but there is a kickout at two. Kelly is set into the middle rope as Wilde is tagged in and then kicks Kelly in the ribs and mocks her. Wilde pushes Kelly to the corner to tag in King who nails Kelly with a back elbow as she drops the mat and then gets double knees to the jaw. King covers Kelly who kicks out at two! King goes to the second rope and flies down, but Kelly moves and then tags Masha as King tags Wilde in. Masha takes out Wilde with a heel kick and covers her, but its not enough as Wilde kicks out! Masha kicks Wilde and covers her, but the three count is broken up by King. King then fires back with a huge headbutt on Kelly! The Coven double team Masha as Kelly comes in and hits Wilde with firefly suplex. Masha nails King with a missile dropkick! King comes in and takes out King. Wilde then hits Masha and covers her for only a two count. Masha then takes out Wilde with a snowplow and covers her for the three count as we have new Knockouts Tag Team Champions!


We go to a video package on the feud between Scott D’Amore and Bully Ray and how we got to this match at Slammiversary.

Special Enforcer Darren McCarty is introduced first to big ovation. He walks around the ringside area hi-fiving the fans. Deaner is out next and Kon is with him. Bully Ray’s music hits and he is out next to a lot of boos. Scott D’Amore is out next to a great ovation from the fans. Scott’s mystery partner is next as music plays and the lights are out. The Team Canada music plays and its Eric Young as predicted. We see shock on the faces from the fans who give Eric a nice welcome back. Scott hugs his mom who is at ringside. At least to start, Eric is face. He wearing a team Canada jacket. Bully has a puzzled look on his face.

Special Enforcer Darren McCarty: TBA and Scott D’Amore vs. Bully Ray and Deaner

Young is looking at Deaner as the bell rings. Deaner looks shocked as the fans chant Eric’s name. Young is smiling at Deaner. Deaner trash talks Young and tags in Bully to boos. Bully and Young lock it up. Young works on the arm of Bully and backs up as Young tags in Scott. Bully trash talks Scott. Bully then tags in Deaner to boos. Scott and Deaner lock it up as Deaner goes to the eyes of Deaner, but Scott takes down Deaner with a leaping leg lariat and kicks Deaner in the face and then a leg drop as the fans chant you still got it! Young is tagged in as Scott and Young drop Deaner with a death drop and then Scott covers him for only a two count. Scott then drops Deaner with a sit down powerbomb ad covers him for only a two count. As Scott tries for a Canadian Destroyer, Kon hits the apron and McCarty stops him, but the ref gets distracted as Bully cheap shots Scott and then Deaner bites Scott in the forehead. Deaner then tags in Bully who tosses Scott to the outside on the floor and trash talks Scott’s mom, calling her a bat (funny!). Scott then continues to trash talk Scotts mom and hits Scott and calls her and old lady. Bully tosses Scott back in the ring. Bully then nails Scott as he goes down. Scott gets up and asks for more. The fans start to sing the Canadian National Anthem. Bully then kicks Scott with a low blow. Bully is asking for a DQ and Eric Young says no don’t do it. Bully then shoves the ref and takes his shirt off and walks off. McCarty then gets in the ring and puts on the ref shirt and stands up to Bully Ray as we have a new referee and the match continues. Bully turns around and trash talks McCarty only to turn back around and is speared by Scott who tags in Young! Bully tags in Deaner. Young nails Deaner with a huge clothesline and then nails Bully! Young drops Deaner with a piledriver and covers him, but Kon pulls the ref out. A-1 comes in to take out Kon! McCarty then hits Bully with a stunner! McCarty and Young grab Bully and spread his legs as Scott goes to the top and nails Bully in the groin with a headbutt! Young and Scott say get the tables! Young, McCarty and Scott et up a table in the ring. Bully is up and Scott and McCarty slam Bully through the table. Deaner is in with a hockey still but misses as Scott drops Deaner with a Canadian Destroyer, followed by a big elbow drop from Young to cover Deaner for the three count! A-1 comes in the ring as the faces stand tall!


We go to a backstage vignette with Nick Aldis talking about how its Alex Shelley time to prove he is a champion and if he can handle the pressure and emotion. Aldis called himself a closer.

We go to a video package with Lio Rush and Chris Sabin hyping up the match for X-Division Championship.

IMPACT X-Division Championship Match: Chris Sabin defends against vs. Lio Rush

Rush is out first. The champ is out next as Rush goes right after Sabin and takes him out even before the match starts, with a huge kick to the head. Rush caught Sabin way off guard. Sabin is on his back holding his head as ref is checking on him. Rush is in the ring mocking the fans and laughing. A medical official comes out to check on Sabin as he is down. Sabin up and pushes the ref out of the way. Sabin crawls into the ring as the bell rings. Sabin is kicked again as he tries to get his jacket off. As Sabin tries to get up, Rush nails Sabin with a huge spin kick. Rush goes to the top and drops on Sabin and covers him as Sabin kicks out at two. Rush then goes up to the top rope again for another huge drop from and covers Sabin. The ref makes the count and we have a new X-Division Champion in Lio Rush.


We go to a backstage interview with Gia Miller asking Alex Shelley his thoughts on Chris Sabin losing and if the MCMG era is coming to and end. Shelley says nothing and walks off.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Four-Way Match: ABC (Chris Bey and Ace Austin) (c) vs. Subculture (Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews) vs. Brian Myers and Moose vs. Sami Callihan and Rich Swann

Chris Bey and and Mark Andrews start. The fly around the ring as Bey tags in Ace who takes down Mark and puts him in a head scissors. Mark gets out of it and takes in Flash who nails Ace and covers him for only a two count. Ace and Flash lock up. Flash drops Ace with a moonsault off the ropes. Swann is tagged in as Callihan comes in as they double team Flash. Callihan is in and nails Flash with a knee as Myers comes in and hit Callihan with a knee of his own. Moose tries to powebomb Swann who gets out of the hold and then runs and levels Myers on the floor. Moose then is dropped to the outside as Bay runs and flips onto Moose who catches him and powerbombs him on the apron. Myers then spears Flash on the apron! in the ring, Callihan takes out Flash who rolls to the outside. Callihan tags in Swann who made it back up on the apron. Swann and Callihan double team Flash as Callihan drops Flash with a death valley driver, followed by a splash from Swann who covers him for only a two count! Swann kicks Flash as Swann goes up top but misses Flash with a drop. Ace is tagged in and then tags in Bey as the champs take out Swann. Bay covers Swann, but its broken up by Moose and Myers. Moose tags in and grabs Swann and then tags in Andrews. Moose is too much for Andrews, but Andrews drops Moose as Callihan takes out Moose, Andrews and Flash. Ace comes in and kicks Callihan in the face. He recovers and clotheslines Flash and Andrews. Moose then climbs the ropes but is dropped with a cutter by Bey and Swann as we get a holy s— from the fans. Ace tags in and kicks Swann with lightening kicks. The champs work on Flash who then hits Bey with a cutter. The Rascalz come out to interfere and take out ABC on the outside. Flash and Andrews take down Myers and Andrews drops on Myers with a huge 450 and covers him – 1, 2, 3! New tag team champions!


We go to a video package hyping up our next match. This is the rubber match between the two.

Frankie Kazarian (w/ Traci Brooks) vs. Eddie Edwards (w/ Alisha)

The bell rings and we are underway as both men lock up. Eddie has Frankie in the corner and slaps him. Frankie drops Eddie and puts him in a side headlock. Frankie is taken down by an elbow from Eddie. Frankie attempts a three count on Eddie, but he kicks out at two. Frankie nails Eddie and then Frankie is tripped up by Alisha when the ref’s back was turned. Eddie chops Frankie and Eddie turns around as Traci grabs Eddie’s leg to even things up in that aspect. Frankie nails Eddie from behind and takes down Eddie with a headlock. Frankie is then shoved to the outside, but hits the apron on his way down. On the outside, Eddie chops Frankie and continues to work on him on the outside. Eddie tosses Frankie back in the ring as the fans chant Boston sucks! Eddie then suplexes Frankie and then Eddie covers him, but he kicks out at two! Eddie then rips on the face of Frankie and nails him in the chest with a huge chop as he goes down. Frankie tries to come back with a chop, but Eddie slaps Frankie and he goes down! Eddie has Frankie in an armbar and attempts a lariat, but Frankie counters and tosses Eddie. Frankie then makes a pin attempt on Eddie who kicks out at two. Eddie rolls to the outside. Frankie is on the outside and chops Eddie in the chest and tosses him in the ring. Alisha from behind, hits Frankie as he followers her around the ring only to be met by Traci, but Eddie runs and leaps through the ropes, taking out Frankie on the outside. Eddie then chops Frankie and tosses him over the steel steps as Boston sucks chant start up again. Eddie goes back to the chest, chopping Frankie. Both men then exchange headbutts! Frankie is back in the ring as Eddie follows. Eddie brushes his boot across the face of Frankie. The ref checks on Frankie as the fans boo loudly. Eddie grabs Frankie who gets to his feet and slaps Eddie, but only to be nailed with a boot, but Frankie comes back and nails Eddie with a boot of his own to the face of Eddie. Frankie clotheslines Eddie and then delivers a springboard leg drop on Eddie and covers him, but its not enough for a three count! Frankie is up on the second rope as Eddie kicks Frankie in the head. Eddie then drops Frankie with a backpack stunner. Eddie covers Frankie for only a two count! Eddie then chops Frankie who is sitting on the top rope. Eddie climbs up and delivers a huge superlex on Frankie as both men are down. The ref begins the ten count. Both men are up and Eddie attempts a chicken wing, but Frankie avoids it. Frankie drops Eddie and covers him for only a two count! Eddie suplexes Frankie near the ropes as both men go over the top and drop to the floor. Frankie is in and as Eddie attempts to come in, Frankie brings him back in the ring with a cutter! Frankie covers Eddie but Eddie kicks out at two. Eddie accidently takes out the ref as Alisha then grabs a kendo stick and is in the ring. Traci enters the ring and we have fight between Alisha and Traci! Alisha is taken down by Traci. Frankie puts a chicken wing on Eddie who is tapping, but the ref is out. Frankie goes out of the ring and gets the ref in the ring. As the ref is still down, Eddie drills Frankie with the kendo stick, followed by the Boston knee party as the ref comes to and counts three on Frankie.


We go to a video package hyping up the Knockouts World Championship Match, leading up to how we go to the Knockouts Title Match.

Trinity comes out to a fairly nice ovation. The lights go down and we have lady on a violin playing the introduction to Deanna Purrazzo’s ring entrance. Deonna’s music hits and she comes out to almost crickets.

David Penzer does all the introductions as both competitors are now in the ring.

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo (c) defends against Trinity

The bell rings and we are underway. Both women stare each other down. Both women lock up as Deonna takes down Trinity who gets up to chants of her name. Both women lock up as Trinity takes down Deonna with an arm drag. Deonna went for her armbar finisher on Trinity who pulled away. Deonna rolls to the floor and asks for a time out. Trinity then goes after Deonna and drops her to the floor as she leaps over the top rope. Trinity sends Deonna back into the ring. Deonna comes back and kicks Trinity down. Deonna works on Trinity and steps on her hand and then stomps on the left arm of Trinity. Deonna covers Trinity, but she kicks out at one! Deonna grabs Trinity’s hair. Deonna continues working on Trinity’s arm. Deonna picks up Trinity and drops her with a suplex as Deonna covers her and Trinity kicks out a two. Deonna continues to work on the arm of Trinity. Deonna comes back with a low drop kicks on the left arm of Trinity. Deonna covers her, but Trinity kicks out at two! Trinity attempts to fight back, but its too much for as Trinity goes down holding her left arm. Deonna grabs the left arm of Trinity then covers her for only a two count. Deonna whips Trinity in the corner as Trinity falls down. Deonna then dumps Trinity in the center of the ring. Deonna has Trinity tied up as Trinity is able to get out of the hold. Deonna tosses Trinity to the corner as Trinity kicks Deonna in the face and uses her right arm to clothesline Deonna. Trinity then follows up with a Samoan Drop on Deonna. Trinity then kicks Deonna in the face and covers Deonna for only a two count. Both women try pin attempts. Trinity was going for a head scissor take down and then is caught by a piledriver from Deonna, who covers Trinity for only a two count! Trinity comes back but Deonna follows up and puts Trinity in her armbar finisher, but Trinity makes it to the bottom rope. Trinity is up and drops Deonna face first to the canvas and then plants Deonna with a split legged moonsault. Trinity covers Deonna – 1 – 2 – NO! Deonna kicks out! Deonna and Trinity are on the apron. Deonna then drops Trinity with a queens gambit on the apron. Deonna rolls in Trinity and covers her – 1 – 2 – NO! Trinity kicks out! Deonna is in shock. The fans start to chant this is awesome. Trinity is up on the top rope. Deonna climbs up and heabutts Deonna. Trinity and Deonna drop to the mat hard! Trinity has the starstruck locked in on Deonna as it becomes too much for Deonna who submits!


We go to a video package showing the history of the Alex Shelley winning the IMPACT World Title and Nick Aldis coming back, and turning heel which has brought us to the title match. Before introductions the commentary team run down the tale of the tape for each competitor.

Nick Aldis is out first to boos from the sold out crowd. The champ is out next and is jawing at Aldis as he walks down the entrance ramp.

David Penzer does the introductions for our main event of the evening.

IMPACT World Championship Match: Alex Shelley (c) defends against Nick Aldis

The bell rings and here we go! Shelley spits water in the face of Aldis and works on Aldis as he comes back and drops Shelley. Aldis then applies the clover leaf but Shelley makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Aldis stomps on Shelley but he comes back and kicks Aldis. Its not enough to take down Aldis, who kicks Shelley and sends him into the top turnbuckle face first. Aldis has Shelley’s neck on the second rope and is pushing on his head. Aldis picks up Shelley and drops him with a suplex. Shelley hits Aldis with a dragon screw on the knee of Aldis. Shelley then comes back and kicks Aldis in the right leg. Shelley continues to work o the leg of Aldis. Shelley gets caught up in the apron on the ring as Aldis goes to the outside and hits Shelley. Aldis pickts up Shelley and drives him into the ring post and then tosses Shelley into the ring post face first. Aldis rolls in the ring to break the ten count and rolls back to the floor. Shelley comes back and hits Aldis with a stunner and then kicks the arm of Aldis as he drops to the floor from the apron. Both men are on the outside. Shelley sends Alids to the ring post and then grabs the fingers of Alids and sticks them in the steel part of the turnbuckle and twists them and then stomps on them. Shelley drops Aldis with a dragon screw. As Shelley comes back at Aldis, he grabs his head and thumbs his eyes. Aldis charges Shelley and drops him. Aldis covers Shelley, but he kicks otu at two! Both men are on the top rope. Shelley delivers a huge superplex on Alids Shelley chops Alids as he then slaps Shelley who then chops Aldis in the chest. Shelley then sends Aldis face first in the middle turnbuckle. Shelley attempts a superkicks, but Aldis counters it. Alids tries a cloverleaf, but Shelley counters with a sliced bread on Aldis. Shelley then has Aldis’ fingers split and pulls on them. Aldis then piledrivers Shelley and covers him for only a two count. Aldis goes to the top and delivers a huge elbow drop on Shelley and covers him for only a two count! Aldis goes to the outside and grabs the title belt. Shelley then grabs the belt and the ref takes it from him. As the ref has his back turned, Aldis low blows Shelley and then drops him and covers him for only a two count! Shelley DDT’s Aldis on the belt and Aldis gets up bleeding. Shelley drops Aldis with a shell shock and then covers him for the three count to retain!


Post-Match – Shelley is celebrating to a huge ovation from the fans. We go to replays of the main highlights of the match. Back from the replays. Shelley is still celebrating in the ring thanking the fans…music hits as we think the show is going off the air. Josh Alexander’s music hits! He comes out to a big ovation and walks to the ring and goes eye to eye with Shelley as the fans chant Walking Weapon. Shelley looks around. Josh looks around. Josh asks for a mic. The fans chant welcome back at Josh. He says he is back and drops the mic as his music hits. Shelley jaws a bit at Josh as the show now goes off the air.

The crowd was interesting. They seemed flat is many places, but came to life or seemed really excited in certain parts of each match. With the sold-out crowd, the yellow ring ropes, the great lighting and all the title changes, IMPACT did a great job making the show have a big time feel. The commentary team did a great job and sounded like they were having fun. If the crowd was ore alive at times, the show would have felt much more big time. With all that said, this show is worth the replay if you didn’t order it live. It can be ordered on FITE for $39.99).

Thank you to Alex Kahrs for recapping Collision and Battle of the Belts for me so I could recap Slammiversary.