GFW/IMPACT Slammiversary 2017

GFW/Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results
July 2, 2017
Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
OWW Staff 

The show opens with shots of Impact World Champion Lashley and GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron arriving at the Impact Zone in Orlando at Universal Studios. Heavy sports pre-show vibe with the music they used showing them arrive.

A video package runs looking back at the last 15 years of TNA.

A graphic hits the screen talking about tonight being 15 years in the making. We see the Anthem owl take off and land inside the six sided ring. Robert Flores and Don West are the first to welcome us to the show tonight at ringside.

CRASH, Pro Wrestling NOAH and AAA executives are introduced. Anthem’s Ed Nordholm, announced as the President of Impact Wrestling, is also introduced.

A graphic hits the screen specifically stating that GFW Tag Team Championships are on the line. Ring announcer David Penzer mentions this match is scheduled to feature both the GFW and Impact Tag Team Championships are on the line.

GFW and Impact Tag Team Championships Match
LAX (c’s) vs. Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori vs. AAA’s El Hijo del Fantasma and Drago vs. CRASH’s Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid

West and Flores state this match is under lucha rules tonight.

We start with Santana and Marufuji to begin. Series of counters early. Santana with a shoulder tackle, springboard arm drag and then both attempt a double dropkick leading to a stand off. Marufuji and Santana exchange chops. Marufuji with a huge kick to the head of Santana and follows with a dropkick. Laredo Kid gets the tag and kicks Marufuji in the gut. Laredo Kid with a kick to the head and splash off the ropes on Marufuji. Ishimori gets the tag and chops away at Laredo Kid. Ishimori connects with a springboard splash and then connects with a springboard kick to the head. Ortiz is in and attacks Ishimori in the corner. Ortiz and Ishimori exchange chops. Ortiz with a northern lights suplex into a bridge for a two count on Ishimori. Garza Jr breaks up a pinfall attempt attacking Ishimori. Garza with a head scissors, but eats an elbow from Ortiz in the corner. Garza with an impressive springboard off the ropes, lands and tosses Ortiz aside. Drago and Fantasma in with kicks. Fantasma plants Santana with a backbreaker. Drago drops a leg over Santana with help from Fantasma. Fantasma with a knee to Marufuji and they drop Ishimori. Fantasma is tripped up with Diamante at ringside. Santana with a superkick to Fantasma. LAX plants Fantasma with a powerbomb and Drago breaks it up. Ortiz splashes Drago and Santana finishes with a dive in the corner. LAX with a backbreaker and leg drop combo on Drago. Laredo Kid and Garza break it up. The action is incredibly fast. Laredo Kid, Garza and LAX all tumble from the corner. Garza is down from a superkick. Marufuji and Ishimori drop Laredo Kid and it gets broken up by Fantasma and Drago. Fantasma with double knees to Marufuji. Fantasma with a Frankensteiner. Drago slips and falls. Fantasma drops a leg to follow up. Fantasma kicks Ishimori. Drago with a tornado DDT on Ishimori. Santana with chops to Fantasma and Drago. Santana plants Drago. Laredo Kid and Garza with moonsaults off the top turnbuckle. Marufuji dives over the top to catch Santana. Ishimori tosses Drago out and then also dives out. Diamante attempts a huricanrana on Garza, but Garza dumps her over the rest on the outside. Fantasma with a big kick to Garza. Fantasma hits a modified tombstone. Marufuji and Fantasma chop away. Homicide distracts the referee. Diamante gets launched over the top rope and is favoring her ankle or her knee. Homicide and Garza exchange shots. Homicide with a Gringo Killer on Garza on the ring apron. Drago with a tornado DDT on Ishimori. Drago with a corkscrew plancha to Ishimori. Laredo Kid kicks Santana and they flip off the top rope. LAX with a powerbomb and blockbuster off the top rope on Laredo Kid to get the win.

Winners and still GFW and Impact Tag Team Champions: LAX (Santana and Ortiz)

After the match, Konnan announces they will introduce a new LAX member soon.

Backstage, Joseph Park reveals to Jeremy Borash that the tag team match they have tonight against Scott Steiner and Josh Mathews will be under No DQ rules.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis vs. Impact Grand Champion Moose and DeAngelo Williams

They brought in cheerleaders for Moose and DeAngelo Williams’ entrance.

We start with Moose and Chris Adonis. Moose takes Adonis off his feet early with a big dropkick. Moose with a springboard cross body off the corner. Eli Drake gets the tag and he wants DeAngelo Williams to get the tag. Williams gets the tag and Drake mocks him. Drake with a shoulder tackle on Williams early. Williams with a flying arm drag after a pinfall attempt on Drake. Moose gets the tag and he chops away at Drake. Moose and Williams with shots to Drake in the corner. Moose with a hesitation dropkick to Drake in the corner. Adonis gets the tag and they double team Moose in the corner with kicks. Drake botches coming off the top and kicks Moose in the gut on the ground. Tag back to Adonis who chops and kicks at Moose who is fighting to his feet. Moose flips off Adonis. Adonis kicks back. Moose levels Adonis with a clothesline. Hot tag to Williams who connects with a flying shoulder tackle on Drake who got the tag. Williams with a big samoan drop and connects with a standing moonsault on Drake! Williams with a jumping neckbreaker on Drake. Moose and Williams with splashes over Adonis. Williams jumps on the back of Moose and they both drop over Adonis with a double senton splash! Williams dumps Drake and Adonis over the top rope. Williams with double kicks to Adonis and Drake. Moose with a second rope splash over Adonis and Drake at ringside. Williams and Moose put a table inside the ring. Drake throws Williams into the steel steps. Adonis with a backbreaker and Drake drops an elbow over Moose. They setup the table and Adonis puts Moose on top. Drake is up top. Williams dumps him off. Moose boots Adonis in the face and puts him over the table. Williams goes up top, connects but the table doesn’t break. Williams over shot the jump a bit. Williams gets the pinfall on Adonis for the win.

Winners: Moose and DeAngelo Williams

After the match, Moose and DeAngelo Williams celebrate the win. Moose goes up the ramp and goes after Eli Drake. He drags Drake back inside the ring. Moose powerbombs Drake through the table. Moose leads a “MOOSE” chant in the Impact Zone.

Backstage, EC3 says James Storm is a foundation he will take apart brick by brick.

Leather Strap Match
EC3 vs. James Storm

The referee attaches the strap to EC3 and Storm before the match.

The bell rings and here we go. Storm with right hands to EC3 right away. Storm slaps EC3 over the back a few times with the strap. EC3 tries to escape, but Storm pulls him back in and cracks the strap over EC3’s back a few more times. Storm pulls EC3 into him using the strap and connects with a spinebuster to the side of the ring! EC3 drops the jaw of Storm off the top rope and starts choking Storm with the strap. EC3 pulls Storm into him and connects with a clothesline on the floor. EC3 cracks the strap over the back of Storm a few times. Storm gets to his feet fighting the pain. Storm with an atomic drop and neckbreaker combo on EC3. Storm with a kick to the back of EC3’s head from the ring apron. Storm goes up top and EC3 pulls him off the top using the strap. Storm gets handcuffs and cuffs EC3 to the corner. EC3 yells, “Eat my ass!” EC3 spits on Storm. Storm cracks the leather strap over the back of EC3 repeatedly. The referee lets EC3 free and Storm hits the One Percenter on EC3. EC3 kicks out. On the outside, EC3 pulls Storm into the steel ring post at ringside after taking off his strap. The referee reattaches the strap to EC3 as the action returns to the ring. EC3 hits the One Percenter on Storm. Storm kicks out. Storm with the Last Call on EC3. Storm then appears to pass out. The referee seems to suggest to EC3 that he quickly pin Storm. EC3 picks up a lifeless Storm and connects with a hook driver. EC3 turns over a lifeless Storm, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: EC3

After the match, EMT officials appear at ringside and address James Storm.

Backstage, Dutch Mantell is on the phone trying to reach Bruce Prichard. Karen Jarrett walks up and mentions trying to reach him as well tonight.

Back live, EMT officials and referee staff are helping Storm out of the ring.

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero joins Don West and Robert Flores on commentary.

Scott Steiner and Josh Mathews vs. Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash

We start with Josh Mathews and Joseph Park. Mathews springboard kicks Park. Mathews attempts a cross body off the ropes, but Park doesn’t move when he connects. Park attempts a hip toss and Mathews lands on his feet. Jeremy Borash gets the tag. Scott Steiner gets the tag and Borash isn’t happy. Borash quickly tags in Park. Steiner with forearms to the back of Park and throws big right hands. Park with rights. Mathews kicks Park in the back and Steiner with a clothesline. Steiner drops an elbow. Mathews jumps off the top rope taking out Park. Steiner literally pulls off a ring barricade and throws it at Borash and Park. They brawl to the back. Borash bails and Park chases after him. Steiner and Mathews get in a golf cart. “I want to run their fat asses over,” yells Steiner. Borash and Park spray a fire extinguisher on Steiner and Mathews. Steiner tosses a guy out of a car nearby. Mathews drives as they go after Borash and Park. They get near a hotel. Borash tosses Mathews in a pool and then dives in himself over Mathews. Mathews is choking Borash underwater. Steiner tosses Park into a door. Shark Boy is back and bites the ass of Mathews in the ring. A loud “SHARK BOY” chant starts up in the Impact Zone. James Mitchell is back and hands Park the Abyss mask yelling, “Happy Slammiversary!” Borash is back and heading to ringside. Steiner and Mathews are walking him down. Robert Irvine from The Food Network shoves Mathews down at ringside. Steiner throws Borash back inside the ring. Mathews misses a Swanton Bomb off the top on Borash. Borash with a spear on Mathews. Steiner is attacking Borash now. Mathews puts the Steiner Recliner on Borash. Shark Boy hits the ring attack Mathews. Steiner with an overhead suplex on Shark Boy. Steiner with a belly to belly suplex on Shark Boy. Here comes Abyss. James Mitchell is walking out on stage. Abyss is inside the ring behind Steiner and Mathews. Abyss with clotheslines to both. Abyss splashes both in different corners. Mitchell hands Abyss a bag. Abyss spreads the bag of thumbtacks on the ring. Mathews hits Abyss from behind. Mathews avoids a chokeslam attempt, but Abyss grabs Mathews and gives him a Black Hole Slam over the tacks! Borash with a splash off the top on Mathews. Borash lands in the tacks and rolls away. Abyss covers Mathews for the pinfall.

Winners: Abyss and Jeremy Borash

After the match, we see the bloody hands of Jeremy Borash filled with tacks. Abyss celebrates with Borash along with James Mitchell and Shark Boy at ringside.

Backstage, GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron talks about being ready for tonight’s main event and how his father Dos Caras has been beating up people all over the world for decades now. El Patron leads a “SI SI SI” chant to end the segment.

Full Metal Mayhem Match
Eddie and Alisha Edwards vs. Davey Richards and Angelina Love

Eddie and Alisha Edwards attack Davey Richards and Angelina Love right away on the ramp. Alisha connects with a flying cross body over Davey and Angelina. Angelina hits Alisha with a trash can lid. Angelina brings a ladder inside the ring. She dumps Alisha back first off the ladder. Richards drops Edwards on his left knee on the ring apron. Davey and Angelina prop a table up in the corner and bring in more weapons. Richards cracks Edwards with a kendo stick. Alisha suplexes Angelina over a steel chair. Richards grabs the chair and hits Edwards with it. Richards with repeated kicks to the chest of Edwards. Edwards launches Richards over his head into the ladder propped up in the corner. Eddie and Alisha take turns hitting Davey and Angelina with trash can lids. Edwards puts a trash can over Angelina and Davey. Alisha grabs two kendo sticks. Alisha and Eddie crack the kendo stick over the sides of the trash can. Edwards powerbombs Alisha over Richards for a two count. Angelina cracks a kendo stick over the back of Edwards. Richards with a brainbuster on Edwards over a steel chair. Angelina and Richards pour thumbtacks in the mouth of Edwards. Richards kicks Edwards in the face. Alisha breaks up the pinfall attempt. Alisha fights off Richards and Angelina. Alisha with a low blow to Richards. Edwards with a running high knee to Richards. Angelina is busted up over her nose. She dumps Alisha to the outside. A table is setup near a ladder. Alisha powerbombs Angelina through a table near the ladder. Another table is setup by the ladder. Richards and Edwards are brawling at the top of the ladder. Edwards with a sunset flip powerbomb on Richards over the top of the ladder and through the table below. Edwards gets the pinfall.

Winners: Eddie and Alisha Edwards

X Division Championship – Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Low-Ki

Counters early including reversals with a test of strength. Low-Ki goes for an armbar early and Dutt gets his foot on the ropes. Low-Ki with uppercuts. Dutt with a huricanrana takedown into an arm drag. Low-Ki catches Dutt with a huge dropkick launching Dutt across the ring. Low-Ki goes up top and Dutt catches him with a right hand. Low-Ki rolls through countering Dutt off the corner and hits his double stomp to get the pinfall.

Low-Ki wins the first fall.

The referee starts the count as Dutt remains down. Dutt dumps Low-Ki to the outside and connects with a baseball slide through the ropes sending Low-Ki into the barricade. On the ring apron, Low-Ki drives Dutt into the steel ring post. Low-Ki misses another Warriors Way attempt. He grabs his ankle and Dutt with a quick sitdown dropkick to Low-Ki for a two count. The referee checks on Low-Ki and his ankle. Low-Ki pulls the referee into Dutt. Low-Ki with a springboard kick on Dutt and gets a close two count. Low-Ki misses Warriors Way on Dutt over the steel steps. Dutt with a second rope moonsault on Low-Ki to the outside. Back inside, Dutt with a Walls of Jericho into a single leg Boston Crab. Low-Ki breaks free. Dutt catapults Low-Ki to the corner. Low-Ki jumps off and hits Warriors Way. They wrap up on the matt and Dutt gets the shoulders of Low-Ki down for the pinfall.

Sonjay Dutt wins the second fall.

Low-Ki with repeated elbows and rights to Dutt. One of the rights appears to land awkward and Low-Ki starts to favor his right hand. Low-Ki with a Michinoku Driver on Dutt for another close two count. Low-Ki and Dutt exchange chops. Low-Ki dumps the face of Dutt off the top turnbuckle. Low-Ki drops Dutt down in the tree of woe. Low-Ki is up top. Dutt pulls Low-Ki down by his tie back into the ring. Dutt with a moonsault off the top rope and stomps over the chest of Low-Ki! Dutt picks up the pinfall.

Winner and still X Division Champion: Sonjay Dutt

Unification Match
Knockouts Champion Rosemary vs. GFW Women’s Champion Sienna

Hall of Famer Gail Kim heads to the ring before the match.

Kim holds up the GFW Women’s Championship and Knockouts Championship.

The bell rings and Rosemary and Sienna start brawling right away. Laurel Van Ness and KM are walking to the ringside area as the match begins. Rosemary with a russian leg sweep off a head scissors takedown attempt. Laurel Van Ness is up on the ring apron distracting Rosemary. Seinna tosses Rosemary aside and throws some kicks. Rosemary throws Sienna right into Laurel. Sienna tells KM to take Laurel to the back. “Do not mess this up for me,” yells Sienna. Rosemary comes off the top rope and takes out Sienna on the outside. Sienna with a big german suplex on Rosemary. Rosemary does a creepy rise up off the mat and Sienna gets in a kick to stop it. Sienna bites the finger of Rosemary and sends her into the corner hitting kicks. Rosemary with an elbow and locks Sienna up in the ropes upside down. Rosemary is up top with Sienna. Rosemary is down in the tree of woe. Rosemary reaches up and launches Sienna off the top with a german suplex. Rosemary connects with a missile dropkick on Sienna and follows with a belly-to-belly. Sienna splashes Rosemary. Rosemary with a high kick to Sienna in the corner. Sienna with her Silencer charge on Rosemary. Rosemary kicks out and Sienna can’t believe it. Rosemary hits Red Wedding. Laurel Van Ness is back at ringside and pulls the referee out. Referee Earl Hebner is trying to send her to the back. Allie is running and chasing Laurel Van Ness to the back. Inside the ring, Sienna hits Rosemary with the GFW belt. Rosemary kicks out. Sienna blocks Rosemary attempting her mist. Sienna rakes the eyes of Rosemary and gets her locked in a guillotine choke. Rosemary quickly taps out.

Winner and unified Knockouts and GFW Women’s Champion: Sienna

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with a mic. He introduces the founder of Impact Wrestling, the founder of Global Force Wrestling and the King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett addresses the Slammiversary audience

Borash hugs Jarrett. Jarrett grabs the mic. He’s aware he was going to have this opportunity all day long. Jarrett wants to make this short and sweet. He said 15 years ago he had a dream. That dream become a reality and that reality become something very, very special. Jarrett said he couldn’t be more grateful. He mentions his family and his “wrestling” family are here tonight in Orlando. Jarrett says the wrestling fans have put groceries on the table for the Jarrett family for the last three decades. He thanks anyone that has purchased a ticket, Pay Per View, t-shirt or sent out a tweet: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Jarrett says Lashley and Alberto need to bring their A game next because he will be watching.

A video package runs hyping Lashley vs. Alberto El Patron tonight.

Unification Match
Impact World Champion Lashley w/ King Mo vs. GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron w/ Dos Caras

King Mo is joining Lashley tonight at ringside along with American Top Team members. Dos Caras is joining Alberto El Patron at ringside tonight as well.

Jeremy Borash handled ring introductions for the Impact World Champion Lashley and the current GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron for this unification match. Jeff Jarrett holds up the Impact World and GFW Global Championships. He shakes hands with both.

The bell rings and here we go. Lock up and they both pull apart early. King Mo is the only one remaining in the corner for Lashley, while Dos Caras remains in Alberto’s corner. Lashley catches Patron with a back elbow and misses a kick when Patron ducks. Patron with a quick back suplex on Lashley. Patron dumps Lashley over the top rope and then launches himself over the top rope where Lashley catches him with an uppercut. Lashley slams Patron face first against the announce table at ringside. Lashley gets in the face of Dos Caras. King Mo walks up. Dos Caras chops King Mo away. Lashley then props Patron on his shoulder and slams him down hard over the steel steps. Back inside, Patron side steps Lashley and connects with a spike DDT. Patron with clotheslines to Lashley. Lashley with a spinning neckbreaker that drops Patron. Lashley is going up top and Patron crotches him. Patron with a superplex on Lashley off the top rope. Lashley with shoulder charges to Patron in the corner followed by right hands. Patron with a big kicks and right hands to Lashley. Patron with right hands. Lashley has Patron up and connects with a running powerbomb. Patron gets a shoulder up during a pinfall attempt. Patron with an armbar on Lashley over the ropes. Patron breaks it, slides back in and connects with a backstabber on Lashley. Lashley kicks out. Patron with a nasty fall to the floor. Back inside, Lashley with stomps to Patron near the corner. Patron with a roll through tornado DDT on Lashley and then rolls right into the armbar. Lashley is trying to fight the armbar. Lashley turns over, lifts Patron up and dumps him down in a powerbomb. Up top, Lashley drags Patron up and connects with a death valley driver off the top turnbuckle! Patron kicks out. Lashley is slapping Patron repeatedly. King Mo has a steel chair at ringside. Lashley is taunting Dos Caras with the slaps. Patron with an arm breaker and superkick combo on Lashley for a close two count. Patron stomps the chest of Lashley from the corner. Lashley kicks out. Patron gets in the face of King Mo and shoves him. Mo shoves back. Back inside, Lashley jumps and rolls through getting an armbar on Patron. Patron rolls it over, breaks free and Lashley catches him with a spear. Patron again kicks out. Patron catches Lashley with a dropkick and then tackles him through the ropes to the outside. Dos Caras low blow kicks King Mo at ringside. Lashley pushes Dos Caras. Lashley goes after him more and tries to push him up the ramp. Patron kicks Lashley in the head on the ring apron. Patron sends Lashley face first into the steel post. Lashley is hanging off the ropes. Patron with his stomp on the chest of Lashley off the ropes. Patron gets the pinfall. Alberto El Patron is now the unified champion.

Winner and new unified World Champion: Alberto El Patron

After the match, Jeff Jarrett, Ed Nordholm, Scott D’Amore, members of Jarrett’s family and members of the roster head to the ring to celebrate with Alberto El Patron.

An in-ring celebration with the new unified World Champion closes the broadcast tonight live from Orlando at Universal Studios.

Thanks for joining us tonight!

Quick Match Results:

* LAX def. Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori, El Hijo del Fantasma and Drago and Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid to retain the GFW and Impact Tag Team Championships
* Moose and DeAngelo Williams def. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis
* EC3 def. James Storm in a Leather Strap Match
* Abyss and Jeremy Borash def. Scott Steiner and Josh Mathews
* Eddie and Alisha Edwards def. Davey Richards and Angelina Love in Full Metal Mayhem
* Sonjay Dutt def. Low-Ki in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match to retain the X Division Championship
* Sienna def. Rosemary to unify the Knockouts and GFW Women’s Championships
* Alberto El Patron def. Lashley to become the unified World Champion