TNA Turning Point 2013

TNA Turning Point
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: November 21, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

We start the show with footage of Bobby Roode attacking James Storm at a local bar in Orlando, working him over with a pool cue before shoving some cash down his throat to cover the tab.

We go to the opening video, then Dixie Carter comes up to Samoa Joe backstage to say she watched her segment last week over and over again to be the best she can be. While her performance was outstanding, Joe’s wasn’t, so she’s going to warn him that if he ever takes that tone with her again, he’ll be wrestling in third world countries for pesos like his buddy AJ Styles. Also, if Joe wins the TNA World Title, he better get a unification match with AJ out of his head because he won’t ever be back in her company again, and he’s lucky to be here. Since she’s sure the people would rather see her first, she heads out to the ring to address her adoring public.

She thanks the fans and says it’s great to be back in Orlando, and also thanks Sports Illustrated for writing a great article on her called Dixieland and tells us to check it out at Now she unfortunately has to address AJ Styles, and she knows the fans are so upset at him for being so mean to her, and since he decided not to join Team Dixie, he’s been wrestling in third world countries for minimum wage. He illegally took her intellectual property and misrepresented it around the world, and that stops today because she has lawyers all over the world ready to shut him down. She says consequences are coming AJ’s way, but before she can elaborate on that thought, James Storm comes out to the ring with a bullrope in hand. He knows she saw what happened at the bar last night and that Bobby Roode is trying to keep him from winning the World Title, but even though he has a bullrope in his hand, he wants tables, ladders, barbed wire, and anything else he can get his hands on tonight. Because they’re back in Florida, he wants a FLORIDA DEATHMATCH. Dixie doesn’t care about his barroom escapades because the Wheel of Dixie has spoken, but Storm says the cops that showed up last night asked if he wanted to press charges, but he won’t do that because he’s James Storm and he’ll fight him like a man. If Dixie doesn’t give him his match, he’ll call the cops to come arrest Roode and kill his chance in the tournament, and then he’ll pull out of the tournament as well. Dixie gets upset at his tone, so he’ll ask nicely…madam…will she please give him and the people this match because it will benefit the both of them and it’ll make the cops go away. Dixie says only because he asked her nicely, and only if he calls the police right now and says there’s no problem at all on her show. Storm asks again if he’s got the match, and Dixie confirms that he does, indeed, have the match. Well, that’s kind of a cool change!

Later tonight: Joseph Park will take on Abyss, and Bully Ray faces Ken Anderson in a Club vs. Career match with no DQ! But first, let’s go to the next match in the TNA World Title Tournament!

TNA World Title Tournament First Round Match – Falls Count Anywhere: Brutus Magnus vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is backstage and appears on the big screen, he says it’s Falls Count Anywhere and he came here to scrap, so he wants Magnus to come backstage and start this right now. Magnus heads to the back as we head to commercial!

We’re back, and Joe is beating Magnus up as we look back at the commercial break when Joe tossed Magnus into just about everything he saw. They fight out to the top of the ramp where Magnus takes Joe down and drops an elbow for 2. Mike Tenay tells us to follow Dixie Carter on Twitter as Joe and Magnus fight down the ramp to ringside. Joe fires some jabs, but Magnus nails Joe and rolls him into the ring. Magnus goes to the second rope, but Joe catches him coming off, hits an inverted atomic drop and big boot, but Magnus rolls away from a running senton. He charges Joe and gets caught with a snap powerslam for 2, but dodges a corner charge and plants Joe with a Michinoku Driver for 2. Impressive strength by Magnus as he stalks his former partner before picking him up and hitting a snap suplex. The crowd is booing Magnus as he climbs to the top rope, but he takes too long and Joe nails Magnus and goes up after him. Magnus drops to the apron and drills Joe with a leaping kneestrike that knocks Joe into the ring, and Magnus quickly climbs back to the top and hits the flying elbow drop. He makes a cover, but Joe gets out at 2, so Magnus tries for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Joe kicks Magnus off and hits the STJoe when Magnus charges him in the corner. Magnus rolls out to the floor, so Joe waits for him to get back to his feet and then DRILLS him with a diving forearm through the ropes. Joe covers Magnus on the floor, but only gets 2. He makes a stupid mistake by turning to the camera to make some remark, but Magnus grabs him and yanks his face into the ring apron. I LOVED THAT! Keep your eye on the prize and save the BS for after the match! Magnus takes a chair out from under the ring and wedges it in a corner between the middle and bottom rope, but Joe catches Magnus in the Kokina Clutch and starts to put Magnus to sleep. Magnus backs into the apron to make Joe break the hold, then stands in front of the corner he placed the chair in. Joe charges, Magnus moves, and Joe crashes headfirst into the chair and goes down, and Magnus covers the unconscious Joe and gets the three count.

Winner: Brutus Magnus

Great match, and pretty much went the way I thought it would. Magnus advances and will face another former Main Event Mafia member, Kurt Angle, in the semifinals.

Joseph Park is backstage saying that tonight, he ends the speculation and faces his brother Abyss one on one. He stops to take a breath, then says we’ll see what happens.

Bad Influence is in the ring as we come back from commercial, and Kazarian tells us it is indeed Turning Point, and they’re here for our viewing pleasure. They wouldn’t miss tonight for the world, because an unprecedented match will happen when Joseph Park takes on his brother Abyss, and they’ll take a seat at ringside and give the fans an opportunity to WORSHIP US! Park comes out and says he thinks he speaks for everyone at home when he tells Bad Influence to sit down and shut up. He’s spent 18 months searching for his brother Abyss, and for the first time ever, he’s going to face his brother Abyss right here tonight. That ought to kill the rumors, but he’s also doing this to prove to the world that he’s not a loser, and if it means getting his butt whooped by his brother, so be it.

Abyss tells Christy to go ahead and introduce his brother, and Abyss’ music hits, but Abyss doesn’t show. Kazarian gets a mic and asks where the monster Abyss is, and since the people came here to be entertained, he ought to do the truffle shuffle or something entertaining. Daniels says that in any other instance, someone getting into wrestling this late in life and getting onto the Impact Wrestling roster would be an inspiration. But Park isn’t an inspiration because he’s not a man, he’s a bag of water in a cheap track suit. He’s a loser, his brother isn’t here to face him because he’s an embarrassment, and that’s why nobody in his family wants to be around him. He asks Park what he’s going to do and then asks him if he’s crying, but he knows what sets Park off: some blood. He says he has exactly the ticket for that, and Kazarian dumps a bucket full of fake blood over Park’s head. Park looks like he’s going to cry as Daniels asks him what he’s going to do and where the monster is. He knows Abyss isn’t here because Park is a disappointment and a waste, and he doesn’t deserve to be in his ring, his business, and this planet. Park shakes his head and turns to walk off as Daniels calls him a waste and human excrement, and Park keeps walking up the rampway while Daniels yells at him to keep walking. Kazarian says that’s not ketchup and not to eat it, and Park looks completely defeated as he walks to the back and we go to commercial.

Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa are in the ring, and it’s week two of Gail’s open challenge, and if any other girls think they can beat her, to come on out.

Knockouts Title Match: TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim vs. Candice LeRae

Awesome, Candice LeRae rocks! She rushes the ring and gets some early offense in on Gail, but Gail quickly turns the tide and kicks the crap out of her and covers for 2. Candice hits a nice flying headscissors and a rolling sunset flip for 2. Candice charges Gail and unloads with a series of forearms, but Gail dodges a second charge and hammers Gail with some forearms. Candice comes back with some forearms of her own and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Gail counters to a sit out powerbomb for 2. Gail quickly hits Eat DaFeet and covers Candice for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Eh, it looks like they lost their way a few times, but it actually seemed like Gail was the one who was slow on the spots they missed. Decent match, and if any girl on the Indies deserves a shot in TNA, it’s Candice LeRae.

James Storm is backstage, and he’s…COLLECTING WEAPONS! He’ll face Bobby Roode in the title tournament…NEXT!

We see another spot paid for by the Friends of AJ as we see him defending the TNA World Title in Japan, then we go backstage to James Storm preparing for his match with Bobby Roode. Gunner comes in and says he doesn’t need all the weapons to beat Bobby Roode, but Storm says there’s a difference between need and want. He thanks Gunner for being a tag team partner and a friend like Roode never was, and Gunner reminds him that he’s got Storm’s back. From there we go to a video package looking back at when Roode cheated to beat Storm for the TNA World Title, and when we’re back after commercial, it’s Storm vs. Roode once again in the first round of the TNA World Title Tournament!

TNA World Title Tournament First Round Match – Florida Death Match: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Storm doesn’t even wait for Roode to make his entrance, attacking him with a Singapore cane and then beating him up all the way down the ramp and to ringside. Just for reference, this is a Last Man Standing-style match that ends when one man can’t answer the ten count. Roode gets a shot in on Storm and tries to whip him into the steel steps, but Storm reverses the whip and sends Roode crashing into the steps and he tumbles clear over them and into the barricade. Storm is already busted open as he rolls Roode back into the ring, then channels his inner New Jack by tossing the trash cans full of weapons into the ring. Storm with a crutch to the ribs of Bobby Roode, but Roode gets ahold of a cookie tray and bashes Storm in the face with it. Storm is down on the mat counting birdies as Roode wedges a trash can into the corner, then proceeds to work Storm’s ribs over with the crutch. Storm manages to turn the tide and knock Roode on his butt in the corner, then he puts the trash cans between Roode’s legs and hits it with the Singapore cane, smashing it into Roode’s ding ding. Storm with a shot from the cookie tin to the back of Roode’s head, but Roode beats the count back up, rolls through a tornado DDT attempt, and catapults Storm into the corner. Storm lands on his feet and avoids going into the trash can, then uses the trash can to massage Roode’s skull. Storm picks up another trash can and waits for an unsteady Roode to get to his feet, then smashes him in the skull with it and Roode goes down like a ton of bricks. Roode barely beats the ten count, so Storm picks him up and goes for the Eye of the Storm, but Roode slips out and gives Storm a spinebuster onto the trash can. Both men are down and the referee starts the count, but they make it back to their feet and grab the trash can lids. They take turns bashing each other with the trash can lids over and over until they both go down in a heap and the referee starts counting. Roode is up first and he grabs the crutch and charges Storm with it, but Storm drills him with the Last Call as Roode rolls out to the floor. He pulls a beer bottle out from under the ring and bashes Storm in the head with it, just like he did when he beat Storm for the title, and Storm is out as the referee starts counting. Roode raises his hands in victory, but Storm fights his way to his feet and tells Roode to come on. Roode obliges, running Storm over with a clothesline and then bringing some chairs in from ringside. He sets them up in the middle of the ring and picks Storm up in a fireman’s carry and hits the Attitude Adjustment through the chairs. Storm is motionless as Roode pulls himself back to his feet, but Storm again manages to get to his feet, so Roode picks the crutch up, yells at Storm to die, and destroys him with the crutch. The crowd is behind Storm big time as Roode pulls a barbed wire board out from under the ring. He picks Storm up by the hair and goes for another Attitude Adjustment onto the barbed wire, but Gunner comes running out and throws the towel in to submit on behalf of his partner.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode slowly drops Storm to the mat as he smiles at Gunner and walks off as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Storm is losing his mind over what just happened, yelling at Gunner for blowing his shot at the title. Gunner explains that he was looking out for him, but Storm is so mad that he just walks off on him.

We look at the updated tournament brackets, and our semifinals are set: Jeff Hardy faces Bobby Roode while Brutus Magnus goes at it with Kurt Angle.

We go to Christy Hemme at Sam Shaw’s apartment, and in addition to insisting on being called Samuel Shaw, he’s also an artist and shows us some of his drawings. They end the segment, but the cameras keep rolling for some reason and we see Shaw ask Hemme out for dinner. Hemme gives him her number and leaves, and he gets all OCD and puts the pen and pad meticulously back where she found them.

We go backstage where Ethan Carter III catches up with Norm Fernum and the other guy he kept beating up, and he explains that he flew them out to Orlando just to tell them he’s done wrestling them because he’s here to fight one of the guys who helped build this company, because he’s a Carter and the world needs them.

Jeremy Borash tries to introduce Bully Ray for a promo, but Knux kicks him out so Brooke can interview Bully Ray instead. Bubba says TNA turned their backs on him just about a year ago, and he took care of Anderson. Anderson should treat him like a god, but he’s going to piledrive him through the stage and then he guarantees he’ll take care of Anderson’s pregnant wife.

Kurt Angle is backstage saying that Magnus is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now, and he poses a big threat to him in the semifinals. A stagehand comes in and tells Angle that Dixie Carter needs to see him right now, and Angle says he’s really looking forward to wrestling Magnus before leaving to chat with Dixie.

Ethan Carter III vs. Shark Boy

I was hoping the founding father of TNA would be Cheex, but I guess this will do. Carter sucker punches Shark Boy and drops him with the one punch. Shark Boy gets up and unloads on Carter with right hands, but Carter bails out to the floor to break Shark Boy’s momentum. Shark Boy chases Carter around ringside, and Carter tries to get the drop on him with an elbow drop as he comes back in, but Shark Boy dodges and continues the assault. He goes for the Stunner, but Carter blocks and flapjacks Shark Boy on his face, then hits the 1% and covers for 3.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

It was great to see Shark Boy back, I love his Stone Cold shtick and the guy can work. Carter reminds us that he is EC3, he’s a Carter, and the world needs them.

We see a video package looking at the history of the relationship between Bully Ray and Ken Anderson leading to the incident where Bully Ray put Anderson on the shelf with the piledriver on the stage, and then Anderson’s return when he cost Bubba his rematch with AJ Styles. Anderson and Bubba are both backstage, and they’re…WALKING! They face off with everything on the line…NEXT!

Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode are both in Dixie Carter’s office asking each other what they’re doing there, but Dixie comes in and says she asked them both here because they made it to the final four of the tournament. Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, so they’re going to do what everyone does on Thanksgiving and pretend to like each other. She wants them to give us the best main event they can and lead teams of four against each other in an eight man elimination match.

It’s main event time!

Aces & Eights vs. Anderson’s Career: Bully Ray vs. Ken Anderson

The TNA locker room empties as everyone wants to see what happens here, and they stand at the top of the ramp as Jeremy Borash makes introductions, but Anderson doesn’t wait for Borash to finish before spearing Bubba, doing ANDERSON…ANDERSON in the mic, then hitting a pair of low blows before knocking Bubba to the floor. The fans are solidly behind Anderson as he goes after Bubba, who holds Brooke in front of him as a human shield until he gets an opening and sucker punches Anderson. Bubba goes to the eyes and pulls a table out from under the ring as we go to commercial.

We’re back and they’re trading blows until Bubba drills Anderson with a big boot and then grabs his chain. The TNA guys at the top of the ramp look concerned as Bubba starts whipping Anderson with the chain before stopping to give Brooke a kiss. Bubba wraps the chain around his arm and goes for an elbow drop, but Anderson moves out of the way and then grabs the chain from Bubba and starts whipping him with it. Hmmm, those long tights Anderson is wearing give me a feeling he’s going to take some big bump. He takes a few shots at Bubba until Bubba ducks a punch and flattens Anderson with a Uranage. They go out to the floor and Bubba pulls back the ringside mats before setting up for a piledriver, but Anderson backdrops Bubba instead, and Bubba goes splat on the floor. Anderson tries to piledrive Bubba on the floor, but Knux comes in and sucker punches Anderson. He tries to whip Anderson into the ring post, but Anderson reverses and sends Knux into the post. Anderson yells at Brooke to get out of his way, pulls back the mats, and piledrives Knux on the floor before ripping his cut off. He holds it up for everyone to see, but doesn’t notice Bubba running in to attack him from behind. Bubba brings Anderson inside and goes to the second rope, but Anderson nails him and goes for the Mic Check. Bubba fights out of that and spears Anderson through a table he had set up in the corner, which he used to beat Anderson last time they fought, but this time Anderson kicks out at 2. Bubba sends Brooke to get the hammer from Taz, but she overshoots when tossing it to Bubba and Anderson gets ahold of the hammer. He drills Bubba with it, makes a cover, and that’s all she wrote for Aces & Eights.

Winner: Ken Anderson (Aces and Eights must disband)

Anderson holds up Bubba’s cut and then points at Taz, who says there’s no way he’s handing his cut over. The TNA guys at the top of the stage surround Taz and menace him, but Taz finally takes his cut off and tosses it at Angle, who runs it down to ringside and tosses it to Anderson, who holds both cuts high as we call it a week.