WWE Results History – 1996


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01/21/1996Royal RumbleResults from Fresno, CA
02/18/1996In Your House #6Results from Louisville, KY
03/31/1996WrestleMania XIIResults from Anaheim, CA
04/28/1996IYH #7 – Good Friends, Better EnemiesResults from Omaha, NE
05/26/1996IYH #8 – Beware of Dog IResults from Florence, SC
05/28/1996IYH #8 – Beware of Dog IIResults from North Charleston, SC
06/23/1996King of the RingResults from Milwaukee, WI
07/12/1996IYH #9 – International IncidentResults from Vancouver, British Columbia
08/18/1996SummerSlamResults from Cleveland, OH
08/24/1996WWF XperienceResults from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
09/22/1996IYH #10 – Mind GamesResults from Philadelphia, PA
10/20/1996IYH #11 – Buried AliveResults from Indianapolis, IN
11/16/1996Survivor SeriesResults from New York City, NY
12/15/1996IYH #12 – It’s TimeResults from West Palm Beach, FL

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