WWE Results History – 1998


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01/18/1998 Royal Rumble Results from San Jose, CA
02/15/1998 IYH: No Way Out Results from Houston, TX
03/29/1998 WrestleMania XIV Results from Boston, MA
04/04/1998 Mayhem in Manchester (UK) Results from Manchester, England
04/26/1998 IYH: Unforgiven Results from Greensboro, NC
05/02/1998 IYH: Over the Edge Results from Milwaukee, WI
06/28/1998 King of the Ring Results from Pittsburgh, PA
07/26/1998 IYH: Fully Loaded Results from Fresno, CA
08/30/1998 SummerSlam Results from New York, NY
09/27/1998 Breakdown Results from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
10/18/1998 Judgement Day Results from Rosemont, IL
11/15/1998 Survivor Series Results from St. Louis, MO
12/06/1998 Capitol Carnage (UK) Results from London, England
12/13/1998 Rock Bottom Results from Vancouver, British Columbia

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