WWE ECW 11 18 2008

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Location: Atlanta, Georgia | Date: November 18, 2008

John Morrison & Mike Mizanin: Miz & Morrison broke down the Survivor Series Elimination match that they will be in on Sunday. The Miz talked about their captain, John Bradshaw Layfield. Morrison talked about their partner, Montel Vontavious Porter (and his losing streak). They then talked about their “other” partner, the Big Red Machine KANE. Miz & Morrison then talked about their opponents. The Great Khali (who makes out with fat chicks), Rey Mysterio (made fun of his height), Cryme Tyme (who they have feuded with lately), and their captain Shawn Michaels. The Miz said they hoped that Shawn Michaels was the last man standing for his team. Morrison said Shawn Michaels is a stepping stone for them to become two of the greatest super stars in the history of the WWE.

DJ Gabriel w/Alicia Fox defeated Sal Rinauro: Alicia Fox is the former wedding planner from the Edge-Vickie wedding a couple months ago. DJ Gabriel recently wrestled as “Jack Gabriel” in FCW, but is best known to fans in the UK as Steve Lewington. His opponent was a very well known indy wrestler named Sal Rinauro, but he was made up to look like the biggest jobber of all time in this match! Poor Sal is way better than that! Gabriel’s gimmick is a goofy disco break dancer – I give it four weeks.

Jack Swagger defeated Tommy Dreamer by DQ: They were wrestling under the point system, and Tommy Dreamer was disqualified for intentionally kicking Jack Swagger in the ribs! Dreamer grabbed the microphone and said “oops! my bad.. you win!”

Tiffany & Ricky Ortiz + Jack Swagger + Theodore Long: Tiffany was flirting with Ricky Ortiz when Jack Swagger burst in complaining about what just happened. Tiffany said she didn’t see what happened, and Swagger yelled at her for being a terrible assistent and not watching the product. Ortiz stuck up for Tiffany and had an altercation with Swagger. Theodore Long came in and Swagger said that Tommy Dreamer embarrassed his amature background. Long said that Swagger will face Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match next week!

Matt Striker: Matt Striker explained the rules of the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match, and pushed that it was truly unpredictable. Striker proclaimed “the Thanksgiving tradition is almost upon us!”

Mark Henry & William Regal & Cody Rhodes defeated Matt Hardy & Fit Finlay & Kofi Kingston: The match started with Finlay vs. Regal – yes!!! Mark Henry pinned Kofi Kingston to win the match for his team….