WWE ECW 11 25 2008

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Location: Providence, Rhode Island | Date: November 25, 2008

Jack Swagger defeated Tommy Dreamer: They used kendo sticks, steel chairs, and trash cans, before Tommy Dreamer set up a table inside the ring. Swagger used a Drop Toe Hold to send Dreamer face-first into a chair! Swagger then Power-bombed Dreamer through the table and pinned him to win the match!

John Morrison & Mike Mizanin + The Boogeyman: The Miz & Morrison called this year’s Survivor Series the greatest ever and plugged the replay. Miz praised the Casket match, while Morrison talked about the Jeff Hardy/Edge situation. Of course they put over John Cena like a brick of gold, but said the greatest thing about Survivor Series was them debuting their new matching outfits. Suddenly the Boogeyman showed up chased them away – I’m the Boogeyman and I’m comin’ to get ya!

ECW World Champion Matt Hardy + Jack Swagger: Matt Hardy said that his brother Jeff was at home healing but he can speak for himself. Jack Swagger approached Hardy and said now that he’s done with Tommy Dreamer he’s coming after Hardy’s title!

Hornswoggle + Mark Henry & Tony Atlas: Mark Henry took some candy away from Hornswoggle and said it was bad for him, just like he (Henry) will be bad for his daddy (Finlay).

DJ Gabriel w/Alicia Fox defeated Jared Gaynum (?): DJ Gabriel & Alicia Fox did some really funky (aka bad) dancing for about two minutes before the match. They did not introduce the jobber, but Striker briefly referenced him as “Jared Gaynum” and said he was trained by Spike Dudley.

Todd Grisham & DJ Gabriel & Alicia Fox: Alicia Fox said that she took her business overseas and it’s the best decision she ever made because she met DJ. Alicia said she called up some of her friends and got him booked here on ECW. DJ Gabriel said that he and Alicia share a passion for winning. This led to more funky (aka bad) dancing.

Fit Finlay w/Hornswoggle vs. Mark Henry w/Tony Atlas ended in a No Contest: Tony Atlas went after Hornswoggle on the floor and Finlay jumped out and whacked Atlas on the knee with the shillelagh. The match was thrown out as Mark Henry came out and pulled Atlas to safety..