WWE ECW 12 02 2008

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Location: Washington DC | Date: December 2, 2008

Jack Swagger + Theodore Long & Tiffany + Ricky Ortiz: Jack Swagger introduced himself, and bragged about never being pinned in college, and never being pinned in ECW. Swagger bragged about defeating Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match last week. Swagger invited General Manager Theodore Long to the ring to officially name him the #1 Contender to the ECW World title. Theodore Long (with Tiffany) walked to the ring to address the issue – and Tiffany asked “what about Ricky Ortiz?” Ricky Ortiz came out and Tiffany started blushing from head to toe. Ortiz said that he is undefeated too, and made fun of Swagger’s lisp. Theodore Long booked a number one contenders match to start right now!

Jack Swagger defeated Ricky Ortiz: Jack Seagger continued his winning streak and ended Ricky Ortiz’s 6-0 winning streak – on his way to becoming the #1 Contender to the ECW World title..

Theodore Long & Tiffany + Montel Vontavious Porter: MVP was greeted by Theodore Long and said Long was the first person to recognize his talents. Long told Tiffany about when he signed MVP and wondered how MVP didn’t win enough matches to get his incentive bonus. MVP geared up to face ECW World champion Matt Hardy tonight.

Fit Finlay (w/Hornswoggle) + Mark Henry (w/Tony Atlas): Fit Finlay came out and talked about his match with Mark Henry last week and challenged him to come out so they could finish it. Mark Henry came out to the stage and said Fit Finlay messed with his life, and now he’s going to mess with Finlay’s. Henry threatened Hornswoggle, and said Finlay won’t be able to watch him every second of every day. Henry (with Atlas) challenged Finlay & Hornswoggle to a tag team match. Finlay said it was between him and Henry and told him to come to the ring. Henry pushed the issue, and Hornswoggle said he wanted to do it – so Finlay accepted!

DJ Gabriel w/Alicia Fox defeated Josh Daniels: They danced before the match, and they danced after the match. Are they supposed to be heel or babyface?

ECW World champion Matt Hardy defeated Montel Vontavious Porter: MVP’s entrance no longer has pyro, fire works, or the inflatable tunnel. Since he lost his incentive bonus he doesn’t get his gimmicks!