WWE ECW 12 09 2008

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut | Date: December 9, 2008

Tommy Dreamer + Vladimir Kozlov + Jack Swagger: Tommy Dreamer started to talk about his history with ECW when he was suddenly attacked by Vladimir Kozlov! Kozlov grabbed the microphone and challenged ECW World champion Matt Hardy to a match at Armageddon. Kozlov gave Dreamer a spine-buster and told Hardy “this is your future!” Kozlov jumped over the rail and left the scene of the crime. Jack Swagger then confidently walked to the ring and kicked the fallen Tommy Dreamer. Swagger then planted Dreamer with his modified power-bomb finisher!

RAW HIGHLIGHTS: John Morrison & Mike Mizanin winning the Slammy for “2008 Tag Team of the Year”

John Morrison & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated Jimmy Wang Yang & Kung Funaki: Here’s a thought; why don’t they bring in “cowboy” type wrestler from developmental and dress him up like a Japanese wrestler and team him up with Jimmy Wang Yang?

Mark Henry + Tony Atlas: Tony Atlas came in wearing his old red, white, and blue ring gear and asked Mark Henry how he looked. Mark yelled at Mr. USA and said he didn’t care about how he looked because the match isn’t about him. Mark put Mr. USA in his place and told him to keep carrying his bags.

RAW HIGHLIGHTS: Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair winning the Slammy for “2008 Match of the Year” – and then Shawn Michaels having his award taken by John Bradshaw Layfield.

Todd Grisham & Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy said Vladimir Kozlov challenged him because he couldn’t beat him in the Beat the Clock match on SmackDown!..

The Boogeyman defeated Scott Reed: After the match, the Boogeyman grabbed his bag of worms, pulled out a big handful, shoved them into his mouth and spit them into poor Scott Reed’s mouth!

Fit Finlay & Hornswoggle: Fit Finlay looked concerned and told Hornswoggle to listen to everything he says tonight.

RAW HIGHLIGHTS: Chris Jericho winning the Slammy for “2008 Superstar of the Year”

Mark Henry & Tony Atlas defeated Fit Finlay & Hornswoggle: Late in the match, Mark Henry was about to splash Hornswoggle when Finlay jumped in and pushed Hornswoggle out of the way just in time – but ended up “taking the bullet” for his son.