WWE ECW 01 26 2010

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Byron Saxton
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio | Date: January 26, 2010

William Regal + Ezekiel Jackson + ECW Champion Christian + Kane: William Regal said it was his pleasure to introduce the next ECW champion to the ring, Ezekiel Jackson! Ezekiel entered the ring and said that Christian only has 5 days left. Ezekiel said last week they left him laying there sprawled at his feet, and that image is going to repeat itself on Sunday. Ezekiel said as Christian drifts in and out of consciousness he will hear Ezekiel getting announced as the new ECW champion. Ezekiel said the end has come. Christian came out on stage! Christian asked Ezekiel if he liked biblical quotes, and then said he does to, because after all, he is Christian! Christian said he has his own quote from the book of Ezekiel, and he copied Sam Jacksons bible quote from Pulp Fiction, changing some words with peeps and captain charisma. Ezekiel asked him if he was a comedian, and said Christian has never faced anyone like him. Christian said he hasn’t, but he is a 2 time ECW champion, and has defended it against all American Americans, ECW originals, and creepy white pale British dudes! Christian said Ezekiel might be the biggest strongest freak in the ECW, maybe even in all of WWE, but that he is looking forward to facing him one on one Sunday night. Christian said Ezekiel left out the part from last weeks beating when it was 2 on 1. Christian said he has managed to even the score for tonight, and the big red machine Kane came out! They walked down to the ring for a tag match.

Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal defeated ECW champion Christian & Kane: Christian and Regal started off with some grappling and technical stuff before Regal got the tag to Jackson. As soon as Jackson got in the ring Christian tagged in Kane to even the odds. Kane could barely budge Jackson until he hit a running clothesline. Kane made the tag to Christian who quickly got grounded with a body slam. Christian made the tag back to Kane and Jackson whipped him into his turnbuckle, then tagged in Regal who began stomping on Kane’s left knee. Jackson and Regal took turns beating on Kane until he managed to get the tag to Christian. Christian could barely move Jackson until he hit a nice missile drop kick! Christian went for the killswitch but Jackson countered it so Christian hit an inverted DDT instead. Christian knocked Regal off the apron and threw Jackson out of the ring and hit a springboard cross body block on both of them! After commercial Kane was working on Jackson. Kane tagged in Christian, who went for an Irish whip but Jackson countered it and Irish whipped Christian right over the top rope! Jackson and Regal worked on Christian for a while, hitting a nice butterfly suplex for 2. They continued to isolate Christian from Kane, not letting him get the tag. Christian finally got the hot tag to Kane who went to town on Regal! Kane hit his top rope lariat on Regal and went for the chokeslam but Jackson entered the ring and stopped it. Kane and Jackson began fighting outside while Christian attempted the killswitch on Regal, who countered it into a T-bone suplex! Jackson threw Kane head first into the ring post while Regal went for the knee trembler on Christian, who countered it and went for the killswitch a third time! Christian finally hit it, but Regal managed to get the tag to Jackson right before it connected! Jackson hit the urinagi and got the 3!

Shelton Benjamin + Vance Archer: Shelton Benjamin said it doesn’t matter if you’re the first guy in the Rumble, the last guy, the longest in, or the shortest in, all that matters is if you’re the last man in the ring. He started to talk more but Vance Archer attacked him! Vance said hopes and dreams are all Shelton has, because that’s reality.

The Hurricane & Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust defeated Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft & Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes : Goldust started against Croft. Goldust was way out of Crofts league, reversing everything and staying one step ahead of Croft at all times. Rosa Mendes wouldn’t shut up the whole match. Goldust tagged to Hurricane and Croft tagged to Ryder, Ryder was thrown out of the ring by Hurricane, Trent and Croft got into the ring but Yoshi and Goldust followed and they retreated so the match could go to commercial break. After the commercial Yoshi tagged in Goldust and he took care of Croft and after Croft made the tag, Trent. Goldust tagged in Hurricane who hit a hurricarana and went for the shining wizard, but Trent got out of the ring, so Hurricane drop kicked him instead. Trent tagged in Ryder who began working on Hurricane. Ryder hit the rough Ryder leg lariat and tagged in Croft. The heels worked on Hurricane for a few minutes, getting him in rest holds and kicking him a lot, isolating him from Goldust and Yoshi. Hurricane reversed a schoolboy from Croft into a shining wizard, and got the hot tag to Yoshi! Croft got the tag to Trent but Yoshi went to town on him with all sorts of kicks, and nearly got a 3 but Ryder broke up the pin. Goldust backdropped Ryder over the top rope, and threw Croft out of the ring. Yoshi kicked Trent in the side of the head and got the 3! Goldust Hurricane and Yoshi celebrated in the ring as the show ended.