WWE ECW 02 02 2010

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Byron Saxton
Location: Memphis, Tennessee | Date: February 2, 2010

Tony Atlas + Abraham Washington + ECW Champion Christian + Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes: Tony Atlas introduced Abraham Washington and said his guest host for tonight was ECW Champion Christian. Abraham thanked the booing fans, over and over. Abraham said his show was critically acclaimed, and introduced himself again. Abraham said the reason he hasn’t been around for the last 3 weeks is because NBC was trying to get him to replace Conan O’Brian. He asked Tony why he didn’t take the job and Tony said “because your not that good?” and belted out laughing. Abraham called him a big dummy and said the reason he turned it down was because of the WWE Universe, and that he knew they would all miss him way too much. Abraham said they owe him 40 million dollars now. Abraham said he is not only entertaining, he is loyal as well, what more could they want from him? Tony said how about if he was actually funny. Abraham said tonight Vince McMahon is addressing the future of ECW, and he thinks it would be funny if Tony Atlas wouldn’t be around in the future. Abraham introduced Christian! Abraham said he wanted to be the first to congratulate Christian for beating Ezekiel at the Royal Rumble. Abraham reminded Christian he has the longest title run right now out of anyone else holding onto a title in the WWE. Christian said he is proud of his title run, and that he has beaten every challenger. Zack Ryder came out with Rosa! Zack told everyone to “hold up”. Zack said no one cares about Christian, he wants to talk about real news. They showed a picture of Gregory Helms’ mug shot on the titantron. Zack said he finds it funny how someone going around claiming to be a super hero got arrested for a drunken bar fight. Zack said Gregory is a great role model, and stand back, there’s a criminal coming through! Zack said that is why he wants people to refer to him as the heart and soul superhero of ECW. Christian asked if Zack was really upset about what Helms did, or if he is just jealous that Helms did something Zack has always wanted to do, been on TMZ! Christian said Zack is jealous of Helms because they have both been on television, but Helms actually gets recognized! Zack got mad and said he was in the Royal Rumble. Christian said he must have blinked and missed it. Zack got angry, and said since Christian is the champ he should have a problem with Helms embarrassing everyone. Christian said Helms made a mistake, but that everyone makes mistakes. Christian said Tiffany made a mistake when she gave Abraham his own talk show! Christian said he made a mistake when he agreed to be on it! Christian said Zack makes mistakes too, like how he thinks his hair is really cool! Christian said Zack’s biggest mistake is when he hooked up with Tila Tequila over there (Rosa Mendes)! Zack pushed Christian and yelled “Woo woo woo” at him (Editors note: A very intimidating battle cry), so Christian pushed him onto the couch. Abraham broke things up and said that was all the time they had for tonight.

Vance Archer defeated Shelton Benjamin: Shelton Benjamin exploded on Vance with punches and kicks. Vance left the ring and Shelton jumped over the top rope onto him! Shelton threw Vance back into the ring and Vance kicked him in the throat while he was entering. It was a failed comeback attempt because Shelton hit a belly to back suplex. Vance exited the ring again and when Shelton tried to jump on him he moved, causing Shelton to hit the guard barricade! During the commercial break Vance threw Shelton into the steel steps, and took control. Vance worked on Shelton’s arm. Vance continued to wrench on Shelton’s arm. Shelton eventually got out by kicking Vance in the side of the head. Vance went for a knee at the turnbuckle but Shelton moved, and then began going for Vance’s leg. In an awkward moment, Shelton tried to pin Vance by the ropes but Vance sat on Shelton. Vance grabbed the ropes and the ref saw, but then a second later Vance pinned Shelton again and put his feet on the ropes, and the ref didn’t have a clue.

Yoshi Tatsu w/Goldust defeated Trent Barreta w/Caylen Croft: They started off with some fast paced action. Yoshi nearly took Trents head off with a kick but Trent got out of the way just in time. Trent punched Yoshi and started working on his jaw. Yoshi got out of a chin lock and hit Trent with a big back drop. Trent hit a nice frankensteiner off the top rope and almost won with a pin. Trent started to yell at the ref and Yoshi kicked him in the face and got the 3!

Vince McMahon: Mr. McMahon said that in 3 weeks ECW will be off the air! Vince thanked all the technicians, camera men, producers, and superstars (Editors note: He couldn’t be bothered to thank anyone from the original ECW though). Vince said the WWE Universe would be responsible for the success of a new program, being broadcast at the very same time. Vince said it would be the next evolution of the WWE, and the next evolution of television history. Vince thanked everyone and left.

Gregory Helms + Ezekiel Jackson w/William Regal + ECW Champion Christian: Gregory Helms introduced his guest at that time, Ezekiel Jackson (who was in wrestling tights for some reason), to the ring. Helms asked Ezekiel how he planned on getting past what happened on Sunday. William Regal asked Gregory if he has had a bad week. Gregory said he has, but he plans on getting past it. William said unfortunately its about to get a lot worse, and Ezekiel attacked Gregory! William and Ezekiel beat the crap outo f Gregory. Christian ran down to the ring and attacked William and Ezekiel with a kendo stick, so they ran away.

ECW champion Christian defeated Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes by DQ: Christian had the upper hand for the opening moments but Zack hit him with a big tackle at the apron. Zack tried to vertical suplex Christian out of the ring but Christian got out of it, did a baseball slide out of the ring, and pulled Zack off the apron! Christian tried to go for a missile drop kick, but thanks to Rosa distracting him for a bit, Zack caught Christians legs. Christian got out of a rear naked choke but Zack hit him with the rough Ryder leg lariat. Zack went for a superplex, but Christian pushed him off and hit the cross body block for 2. Christian dominated Zack for a while, but Zack almost got an upset victory reversing a pin attempt! Christian hit the killswitch but before he could capitalize Ezekiel Jackson ran down to the ring with William Regal and they attacked Christian! Ezekiel and Regal stood over Christian laughing as the show went off the air.