WWE ECW 02 09 2010

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Byron Saxton
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Date: February 9, 2010

Entire ECW Roster + ECW General Manager Tiffany: The entire ECW roster was sitting around backstage talking to each other, most likely about the upcoming cancellation of the show. ECW General Manager Tiffany came in and stood at a podium. Tiffany asked for everyone’s attention and reminded everyone that in 2 weeks the show will be cancelled. Tiffany said it’s not a bad thing, it’s a great thing, because now they are all free agents and can be on any show they want, and that they can all be a part of WWE NXT. Tiffany said she knows she hasn’t always seen eye to eye with everyone, but that it has been an honor to serve as the general manager. Tiffany asked if everyone knew what they were scheduled to do, and said to have a great show. Tiffany told them to look as the next 2 weeks to impress everyone in the WWE Universe, seize the day, and have fun. Tiffany pulled out some kind of alcoholic drink, and said she knew she would. Tiffany started to leave but Zack Ryder asked her where she was going. Tiffany told Zack to lighten up, they only have 2 weeks left, Marti Gras is this week, and the Saints won the Super Bowl. Zack asked if she was just going to party it up, and Tiffany said “woo woo woo, you know it!”

Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust defeated Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta: The winners receive a unified tag team title shot on the final episode of ECW. Yoshi & Goldust started out in control like usual. Barreta got Yoshi to the corner and managed to tag in Croft, who took control. Croft tagged Barreta back and they worked on Yoshi. Yoshi got out of a sleeper hold and managed to get the hot tag to Goldust who took control. Goldust chased Barreta around, who got the tag to Croft without Goldust noticing. Goldust cornered Barreta so Croft snuck up behind Goldust and knocked him down. Croft worked on Goldust’s left leg. They isolated Goldust from Yoshi and worked on his leg. At one point Barreta knocked Yoshi off the apron and was immediately taken down by Goldust, but since Yoshi wasn’t on the apron Goldust couldn’t get the tag in. Goldust reversed a school boy and hit the powerslam! Goldust managed to tag in Yoshi who blew up on Croft and nearly got the 3, but Barreta broke the tag! Goldust took Barreta out and Yoshi hit his kick to the face of Croft for the 3!

Ezekiel Jackson w/William Regal defeated Perry Wallace: Basic squash match. After the match William Regal got into the ring and said that he hoped the general manager wasn’t too wasted to hear what he had to say because it’s important. William said that what happened at the Royal Rumble was a travesty. William said that being ejected from ringside like a common non entity exposes the blatant bias against them, not just from the GM, but from all of them! William said Tiffany’s legacy will be that of someone who spent the majority of their time making everything they touch into a travesty, and setting back management in the workplace by females back 26 years, but he was offering her a chance to make her final GM decision be her finest. William said next week on ECW to please give Ezekiel a rematch for the ECW championship, he deserves to be champion. Ezekiel said if Christian chooses to accept the rematch, next week ECW and his reign as champion will come to an end. Ezekiel said being their final ECW champion, will only be the beginning of his rise to dominance! Ezekiel said as it is written in the book of Ezekiel “The end has come, it has awakened against you”! He then deleted all traces of intelligence by roaring like a moron.

ECW Champion Christian: Christian said William Regal was like a rash that just won’t go away. Christian said he accepted the rematch challenge, but for the final episode of ECW they should do things big! Christian said they should do it in an Extreme Rules match!

Shelton Benjamin defeated Vance Archer: (Editor’s note: I think it’s hilarious how they call this match a no DQ no count out match, yet next week’s match is an extreme rules match, like there’s any real difference.) Shelton Benjamin cut a promo before the match, saying that when he came to ECW, he was not happy. Shelton said he was the gold standard, too good for ECW, and too talented for ECW! Shelton said in his first week, Yoshi Tatsu kicked him in the head and pinned him in 10 seconds. Shelton said that was his wake up call, because every week after that the young superstars showed him the kind of heart and passion it takes to make it in the business, and they earned his respect. Shelton said he has made some friends he never thought he would make, and he’s done some things he never thought he would do, and WHO DAT! Shelton said he can also say he is going to miss all of those young superstars, with one exception, Vance Archer! Shelton said Vance is the type of person who hangs in the shadows, and waits for you to turn your back so he can stab you. Shelton said they have a no DQ match (forgot the no count out part) , and he can’t wait for his last ECW moment to be him wiping Vance’s stupid smile off his face, and beating you like you’ve never been beaten before! Shelton out wrestled Vance in the early moments of the match, so Vance retreated outside to regroup. Vance got back in the ring and began slapping (or very weak punching) Shelton into the turnbuckle. Shelton out wrestled Vance again and got a single leg Boston crab singed in. Vance got to the ropes but since its no DQ, the rope break doesn’t work! Vance got out and went for a top rope move but Shelton knocked him off and out of the ring! When they returned from commercial Vance had a kendo stick, but Shelton countered it with a chair! Shelton ran at Vance so Vance picked him up and slammed him on the barricade, Shelton began bleeding. Vance threw Shelton into the ring but the ref held him back as the doctor ruined the momentum of the match by cleaning up Shelton’s cut(he shouldn’t have bladed in the first place if this was going to happen!). After about 30 seconds the doctor finished up and the match resumed. Vance managed to hit a spine buster off the turnbuckle to take control! Vance ripped the turnbuckle padding off, and slammed Shelton into it! Vance started attacking Shelton’s left arm and rib cage. Shelton managed to regain control moments later and hit Paydirt for the 3!